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San Francisco Best Places to Work Roadshow | Centrify

Date post:12-Apr-2017
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    Centrify is Having Fun Stopping the Bad Guys

    Tom Kemp Founder, CEO

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    We deliver a next-generation enterprise security platform

    purpose-built to protect against the leading point of attack used in data breaches compromised Identities


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    For End Users, We Give 1-Click Access to All Your Apps

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  • So How Do You Build a Company that People Love Working At?

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    #1 Starts with the Type of People You Want to Hire

    Ask: Besides expertise and experience etc., what type of people do I really want to hire?

    Centrify focuses on: Smart Non-political Collaborative Collegial Comfortable in their own skins Self-starter and self-motivators

    In other words, define the match.

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    #2 How Do You Get a High Hit Ratio of the Match?

    Candidates should interview at least with > 6 employees.

    Hiring managers must do reference checks (vs. recruiters).

    Do formal background checks: Did they not reveal an employer? Did they misstate their education? Etc.

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    #3 Invest in Your People

    If people feel that they are learning and growing through being with your company, they are far more likely be more happy and engaged in their jobs.

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    #4 Empower People

    Involve people in setting goals and aligning with the company strategy. Expand peoples sphere of influence by giving them authority to make decisions

    and take action.

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    #5 Help People Feel like Part of the Big Picture

    Make sure that people know how vital their contribution is. Align employees individual goals to those of the company.

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    #6 Share Information

    Share your own enthusiasm for the company's goals and successes. Help them form relationships with their coworkers in other departments.

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    #7 Dont Take Yourself Too Seriously

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    #8 Set Expectations and Give and Get Honest Feedback

    Everyone can be a good time manager but that is kicking the can down the road. Clearly define expectations.

    Do 360 degree reviews

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    #9 Final Thoughts

    Our most valuable assets go home every day.

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    Thank You

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