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SANHA Piping Systems - · PDF fileSANHA Piping Systems . ... 000 pipes and fittings made of...

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  • All materials from one source

    SANHA Piping Systems


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    The SANHA field service advises and supports in all questions

    and provides on-site assembly instructions for a safe, efficient

    use of the SANHA products.

    The SANHA system fittings are designed in such a way that they

    visibly leak before they are crimped.

    SANHA is fully responsible for the tightness of the connection!

    The SANHA system fittings are approved not only by WRAS, KIWA

    and DVGW, but also by many other important international certification

    bodies for all relevant applications.

    Special hire rates for loan tools

    On-site training and consulting

    Leak path feature!

    Full guaranty!

    Many certifications!5





    SANHA Kaimer GmbH & Co. KGIm Teelbruch 80 | 45219 Essen/Germany

    Tel.: +49 2054 925-0 | Fax: +49 2054 925-250 E-Mail: [email protected] | www.sanha.com

    SANHA UK Ltd. | The Mill House | Boundary Rd | LoudwaterHigh Wycombe | Buckinghamshire | HP10 9QN

    Tel: 01628 / 81 92 45 | Fax: 01628 / 52 59 53email: [email protected] | www.sanha.co.uk

    All materials from one source

    7 good reasons for SANHAConvincing advantagesfor our customers

    SANHA Piping Systems

    More than 8.000 pipes and fittings made of copper, stainless

    steel, carbon steel, bronze, brass and multilayer materials for

    pressing, soldering, welding, screwing and pushing in all standard

    dimensions from 6 mm to 259 mm from our four own production

    factories offer the optimal solution for all kinds of applications.

    Broad product range

    pressable with M-profile

    pressable with SA-profile

    pressable with V-profile

    With this unique pressing jaw and pressing machine compatibility

    SANHA reduces the investment costs for tools and the occurrence

    of defects on the construction site due to wrong tools.

    Extensive tool compatibility2

    1ServiceEverything from one source by a full range

    Security by guarantee agreements

    Individual problem solving by comprehensive field service

    Special hire rates for loan tools

    Product site training courses

    Intensive work training courses

    Tool compatibilityAvoiding mistakes caused by the use of wrong tools

    Existing crimping tools can be used

    QualityEurope-wide production in four own production factories

    Competence due to high manufacturing depth

    Certified QM system

    Consulting serviceTechnical application support +49 2054 925-161/-165/-166

    email: [email protected]


    If required, SANHA supports installers with special hire rates

    for loan tools. This helps, e.g., overcoming shortages in large

    projects as well as processing large dimensions, without the

    need for large investments in your own tools.

  • Complete product range from 15 to 108 mmComplete manufacturing in our own facilities in GermanyNo discharge of undesirable substances into drinking waterSpecial series for gas, solar and industrial applicationsAlso available in silicon-free versionFour different types of stainless steel pipes for optimal solutions

    Extremely broad and deep product range from 12 to 108 mmSuitable for all copper pipes in compliance with DVGWSpecial product series for gas and solar applications

    Fittings in high-quality copper alloy Three different stainless steel pipes can be usedExtremely hygienic, durable and sustainable

    Ideal, e.g., for heating and sprinkler installationsRelatively independent of raw material price speculationCan be combined perfectly with the broad malleable cast iron program

    Slim design with robust metal corePatented holding function without retaining claws providing lasting tightnessTwo O-rings for double safetyFast, reliable installation without bulky tools

    NiroSan Quality Made in Germany

    SANHA-Press The all-rounder

    SANHA-Therm Most extensive product range

    PURAPRESS The smart combination

    3fit-Push A first class push system:swift simple reliable

    Wide product range from 14 to 63 mm Ideal for quick floor distributionMay be installed even under close and difficult conditionsVarious pipe variants with insulation, protective pipe, etc.

    3fit-Press High flexibilitywith maximum safety

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