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The all seasons Collection by Munich-based label SCHAAF
  • T R A N S F E R N r . 0 1

  • The TRANSFER collection by SCHAAF is

    handmade in Munichs Westend and provides

    a series of black, timeless items which we

    produce over and over again in different and

    new fabrics to give them a refreshment every

    once in a while.

    The idea behind TRANSFER was the first step to-

    wards garments that are not part of a conceptual col-

    lection but follow their own rules which would be: cool-

    ness, exclusive materials and comfortable nonchalance.

    Materials like cotton, viscose and virgin wool are select-

    ed carefully and tested and proven to cosiness. The patterns

    supply the laid-back but well-dressed look.

    TRANSFER is available at our studio in Munich, at SCHAAFs

    online-store and at selected stores in Germany.

    A B O U T

    T R A N S F E R

  • Frank William Abagnale, Jr. is an American security consult-

    ant known for his history as a former confidence trickster,

    check forger, impostor and escape artist.

    We proudly present to you F.W. Abagnale - an all seasons coat made

    from 100% woolen high class crpe georgette and makes you feel like

    a dark princess. First you will fall in love with the cut, then

    with the material and in the end you are going to wear

    this coat every single day. [100% WV]

    C O A T

    F . W . A B A G N A L E

  • Tyrone Williams Ty Conn was a Canadian bank robber. He was

    the only person in the last half century to escape over the

    wall from the Kingston Penitentiary, one of Canadas most se-

    cure prisons.

    This gorgeous jersey blazer is perfect if you love to look smart

    and casual at the same time. Ty Conn has two side pockets. Its

    made from rayon and spandex to give you the finest com-

    fort. [88% VI / 12% EA]

    B L A Z E R

    T Y C O N N

  • Jack Sheppard was a notorious robber, burglar and thief of

    early 18th-century London. He was arrested and imprisoned five

    times in 1724 but escaped four times, making him a notorious

    public figure, and wildly popular with the poorer classes.

    This cosy sweatpants are made for you if you just hate getting up in

    the morning, leaving your bed. It enables you to feel relaxed and

    sophisticated at the same time. Made from a rayon and cotton

    mix to give you the finest comfort. [70% VI 30% CO]

    S W E A T P A N T S

    J A C K S H E P P A R D

  • Squadron Leader Roger Joyce Bushell was a South African-born

    British Auxiliary Air Force pilot who organised and led the

    famous escape from the Nazi prisoner of war camp, Stalag Luft

    III. He was a victim of the Stalag Luft III murders.

    This ladylike skirt is made from the finest stretch jersey we could

    find. It has a zipper at the back for a perfect shape. To make this

    item special we draped some soft tulle around the anterior

    hip area to give you a dark diva look. [88% CV 12% EL]

    S K I R T

    R . B U S H E L L

  • Bushells famous escape from the Nazi prisoner of war camp was

    used as the basis for the film The Great Escape. The charac-

    ter played by Richard Attenborough, Roger Bartlett, is modelled

    on Roger Bushell.

    This plain version of the R. Bushell Skirt is made of the fin-

    est stretch jersey to give a timeless elegance.

    [88% CV 12% EL]

    S K I R T

    R . B U S H E L L P L A I N

  • The first diva-look SCHAAF has ever created! Made from leath-

    er, jersey and polyamide tulle. The girls in our team are all cra-

    zy about it and so will be you.

    This skirt was one of the first items of the great escapes

    series and the stiffness of the tulle reflects the harsh

    conditions of a prison. [fabric mix]

    S K I R T

    J A I L B R E A K

  • This is NELIO, the top selling item of SCHAAFs TRANSFER col-

    lection. NELIO is available in black viscose jersey. Its a loose-

    cut jumper with long sleeves, loose crew neck, folding details

    on the rear side and a graduated hem-line. [100% VI]

    J U M P E R

    N E L I O

  • John Herbert Dillinger Jr. was an American bank robber

    of German descent in the Depression-era United States.

    He was charged with, but never convicted of, the murder of

    an East Chicago, Indiana police officer during a shoot-out.

    This was his only alleged homicide, and was likely not his ac-

    tion. His gang robbed two dozen banks and four police stations.

    Dillinger escaped from jail twice.

    Our blouse John Dillinger with a soft and silky touch can be

    closed with a covered zipper. Its batwing sleeves can be rolled

    up to make you feel as cool as a bank robber. [30% CO

    70% RY]

    B L O U S E

    J O H N D I L L I N G E R

  • NUI is a black, loose fit cotton T-Shirt. A big pocket made from

    polyurethane coated polyester is attached to the left side of the

    chest. This contrasts to the gorgeous casual appeal and adds a

    complex detail to the clean T-Shirt. The phrase Nui is

    Hawaiian means important. [100% CO]

    T - S H I R T

    N U I

  • Due to its light weight, AKEAs japanese wool fabric is perfect

    not only for dark and cold winter days, but also for the times when

    cosy winter sun breaks through the clouds. The unique sleeve con-

    struction is eye-catching design and comfortable at once. The

    Hawaiian word Akea describes the loose and oversized

    fit. [85% WV 15% WS]

    J U M P E R

    A K E A

  • We proudly introduce to you this light cardicape, which is made from

    soft Rayon/Cotton jersey with wide sleeves. It is a one-size fit,

    because it looks great on everyone. Flutter is flutter, be-

    cause it is flutter and flattering. [70% RY 30% CO]

    C A R D I G A N

    F L U T T E R

  • Clarence Anglin escaped Alcatraz in the famous June 1962

    escape. She was declared dead by drowning in the San

    Francisco bay, although her body was never found. Rumours

    have it that she might still be alive, making her escape last

    for about 50 years by now.

    The back seam of this asymmetric short coat made from black pop-

    lin is staggered. It has two built in side pockets as well as an as-

    tounding zipper detail: Underneath one of the two front zip-

    pers is a secret pocket - the second one can be used to

    modify Clarences overall look. [100% CO]

    C O A T

    C L A R E N C E A N G L I N

  • S C H A A F

    A T E L I E R , S H O W R O O M , S T O R E

    L A N D S B E R G E R S T R A S S E 5 1

    8 0 3 3 9 M N C H E N

    + 4 9 [ 0 ] 8 9 3 7 9 4 2 0 5 4

    C O N T A C T @ M I R I A M S C H A A F . C O M

    M I R I A M S C H A A F . C O M

    C R E D I T S

    A R T D I R E C T I O N & P H O T O S Y V E S K R I E R

    P H O T O G R A P H Y

    H A I R & M A K E - U P N A T A L I E R E X Y G E L

    S T Y L I N G M I R I A M S C H A A F

    & M A R K U S S E E R

    M O D E L H A N N A H F R I E D R I C H

    G R A P H I C S T O B I A S F . M L L E R

    S P E C I A L T H A N K S M O R I T Z W E L K E R

    & Y I N O H U A N

    P R

    J U L I A M E Y N

    M O N O P O L I S T E N

    A D A L B E R T S T R A S S E 1 0 8

    8 0 7 9 8 M N C H E N

    T + 4 9 [ 0 ] 8 9 8 9 0 5 9 0 4 0

    M + 4 9 [ 0 ] 1 7 6 7 0 0 2 9 9 8 1

    F R A U M E Y N @ M O N O P O L I S T E N . O R G

    M O N O P O L I S T E N . O R G

  • T R A N S F E R N R . 0 1

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