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Shoestring Issue #4

Date post:10-Mar-2016
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Travel magazine Shoestring in it's 4th issue! Celebrating one year of Shoestring!
  • ShoestringExploring the world - on a budget

    Issue #4 | FreeApril / May 2011

    Mongolia # Yumthang Valley # Oxford tours # Malaysia

    Star ChildrenCaring for autistic youngsters in China

    Teaching abroadJobhunting in South Korea

    Music KickstartOnline fundraiser for gigs

    Baltic to BalkansFrom the sea to the mountains

    Benefits of a Gap YearWhy travelling the world is good for you


    Stay in touch!Tell mum what youre up to

  • Exactly one year ago, I was finishing my

    degree and part of it was to create a

    magazine. Thus, Shoestring was born. Now,

    on its first anniversary, it has grown into a

    32-page travel magazine with worldwide

    readership and globetrotting contributors.

    And for this, I want to thank every reader and

    every contributor from my heart!You are

    making Shoestring possible!

    In this birthday issue, you will see some new

    and some familiar faces. Niamh shares her Malaysian adventure

    about being a scam victim. Our intrepid contributor Erik has had a

    look around in the Eastern parts of Europe. Alex has been working

    with autistic children in China whereas Courtney and Thantcyn were

    exploring the remoter regions of Mongolia.

    As always, some practical tips concerning your travels are also

    included, so Shoestring doesnt just offer experiences and inspiration,

    but also safe and sound advice! Lets keep it this way!

    Happy Travels,

    2 Shoestring

    Issue #4

    Editor-in-chiEf: Cornelia Kaufmann

    PicturE Editor: Cornelia Kaufmann

    dEsign & Layout: Cornelia Kaufmann

    contributors: Erik Jelinek, Niamh Keoghan,Gio Andollo, Tom Stockwell, Pariket Doshi, Brittany

    Kemp, Alex Hofmann, Nicolai Larsen, Lacey Thacker,

    Courtney Niday-Nyan, Thantcyn Nyan, Jennifer

    Levenbook, Dana Couppoussamy

    PhotograPhErs: Cornelia Kaufmann (CoKa),Youth Hostel Association Australia (YHAAU),

    Courtney Niday-Nyan (CoNi), Michael Loyd Young

    (MiYo), Alex Hofmann (AlHo), Kelly Larbes (KeLa),

    Vikash Kumar (ViKu), Pariket Doshi (PaDo), Niamh

    Keoghan (NiKe), Pushpak Banerjee (PuBa), SSG Music

    (SSG), Gio Andollo (GiAn), Erik Jelinek (ErJe), Simon

    Butcher (SiBu), Tom Stockwell (ToSt), Todd Adams


    covEr Photo: Red phone box by Ben Brown

    contact: [email protected]

    WEbsitE: www.shoestring-magazine.com

    G Day!

    CorneliaIn this issue:

    Living in a ger with

    Mongolias herders

    P. 5

    Visit Indias beautiful

    Yumthang Valley

    P. 9

    Teaching English in

    South Korea

    P. 11

    Whats the best way of

    keeping in touch?

    P. 14

    A cautionary tale about

    cons in Malaysia

    P. 16

    Planning a tour with

    fundraiser Kickstarter

    p. 23

    Exploring Eastern Europe

    from Baltic to Balkans

    P. 26

    Meeting up with Mowgli in


    P. 28

    And much more inside!

  • Shoestring 3

    Travel News & Deals

    Musicians Corner

    Musicians Corner, Nashvilles freelawn party featuring music of allforms, will kick off its secondseason on Saturday, May 7th from

    3 to 6 p.m. Inspired by LondonsSpeakers Corner, Musicians Cornerbrings musical diversity to a free,outdoor setting in Centennial Park.

    Kenya flies to Ivory Coast againKenya Airways flights toAbidjan/Dakar were re routedAccra, Ghana on 1st April due tosecurity reasons. But as a result ofthe improved political and securitysituation in Cote divoire, Abidjanflights have been reinstated. KenyaAirways flies daily to Dakar, 3 timesa week via Abidjan and 4 times aweek via Bamako Mali.

    New ride at UK theme park!

    2011 sees the arrival of a brand ne


    ride for thrill lovers, Storm Surge

    at Thorpe Park, Surrey. Visitors can

    climb aboard a life raft and get in


    spin on what is set to be the ulti-

    mate sky-high spinning water ride. I


    offers the chance to go round the

    twist and lose control on the jaw-

    dropping 64ft spiraling descent

    whilst trying to stay dry in the

    line of water cannon fire!

    Check out what festivals theUK has to offer in 2011 atwww.thefestivalcalender.co.uk

    Changing the

    guard at the

    Tower of

    London, Unite

    d Kingdom

    Girls tattoo: Maim

    er pour qui je

    suis - Love me fo

    r who I am

    Sunset over Kande Beach, MalawiDo you have a story to tell?Have you had the experience of

    a lifetime somewhere off the

    beaten track? Discovered some-

    thing new to do? Or taken a

    spectacular photo thats just

    too good to be hidden away?

    Then get published in

    Shoestring. Send your stories and pictures

    to [email protected]

    View from the ste

    ps of the

    Capitolio, Havana, C


  • 4 Shoestring

    In need of a summer job?Work at aYouth hostel!Youth hostels and Backpackers are a great place to meet new people, but also a greatplace to earn the money to fund the next trip. Whether abroad or at home, youth hostelsare always looking for friendly staff. If you cant travel, just work where the travellers are.

    I met my bestfriend workingat Chester YHA!

    Weve probably all doneit before: spent a nightin a youth hostel.

    Whether on a school trip orbackpacking tour, YHAs are anall-time favourite place to stay.And working in a YHA is just asmuch fun as being a guestthere, say David Simister andLauren Moore.

    While his course matesheaded towards home and thesun for the summer at the endof his first year, journalismgraduate David Simisterdecided to stay in Carlisle.

    He had been offered a job atthe Old Brewery, which turnsinto Carlisle YHA every July toSeptember. I worked there forthree summers in a row I justliked it. In fact, he liked thejob so much, that he evenworked at the YHA in Chesterfor a month.

    The YHA is a friendlyorganisation. There was a senseof community that mostcompanies dont seem to have.Everybody there had a goodtime; it was always a laugh andgood fun. And the job isbasically the same in everyYHA David explains.

    His job included working atthe reception desk, cleaningthe rooms and answering anyquestions the guests had. InCarlisle, I was the specialist forbus routes in Cumbria hejokes. I didnt even have tolook them up. And although hewasnt a local or an expert on

    anything in Chester, hemanaged to get by there aswell. The only thing Davidadmits would have helped himon the job was training in aforeign language, ascommunication with foreignguests got tricky sometimes.

    Travel journalist LaurenMoore, who worked at ChesterYHA for nine months, agreesthat language was an issue attimes. I tried to check in aFrench family once and I dontspeak any French. It was a bitawkward she admits.

    However, both Lauren andDavid think that the goodexperiences of working at aYHA far out-weigh the negativeones. People there seem tohave a different mindset. Youget to talk to guests and someof their experiences and storiesare really inspiring. Its stufflike that, that you wouldnt getworking in a bar which makes itgreat says David and has aspecific example in mind.

    There was this retiredcouple from Kent and they hadan old Morris Minor 1000 andtook that car along every mileof the UK coastline that wasjust incredible!

    Getting to meet people is

    one of the best things aboutthe job, Lauren agrees. Itsnot just the guests; its thestaff as well. We were allroughly the same age between20 and 25, and were on thesame wavelength.

    Some of us had beentravelling before; some of uswere planning to go, so it wasa constant exchange. I met mybest friend in Chester! I lovedit!

    While the staff in Carlislemostly stayed the same whileDavid was working there, hesays it changed quite a bitwhile he was in Chester. Itbroadened everybodyshorizons, as the staff was notonly from all over the UK, butalso from all over Europe.

    The Old Brewery has beenCarlisles YHA for 12 years, andopens for 10 weeks everysummer. According to managerDee Carruthers, its a very busy

    time. Weve had 1,700 visitorslast year. Many think we justclose down when the studentsleave, but instead its busierthan ever!

    The location is a majorfactor as well. Many of ourvisitors do Hadrians Wall walkand cycle tours. Theres a realdiversity of people staying withus and some are reallyinteresting groups. Some go onCharity treks, others do it forfun. Theres never a dullmoment.

    So, if youre still undecidedabout what to do over thesummer, or dont fancy goingfar to meet interesting people,why not apply at a YHA?Accommodation is provided andall bills are included, whichmeans the money you earn isyours to keep. And on your daysoff, why not go around and seewhats going on elsewhere inthe country?

    Writer Profile

    Name: Cornelia KaufmannAge: 23This globetrotter caught thetravel bug in 2003 and has nointention of ever getting ridof it again

    Above: Greeting guests at

    the reception.

    Left: Entrance to Bellingen

    YHA in New South Wales,

    Australia. YHAs and

    backpackers can be located

    anywhere, from rural

    settings to big cities, so

    choose one youd be happy

    to work at. Photos:YHAAU

  • Shoestring 5

    lIvIng WIth mongolIanYak and coW herders

    The young herdergirls giggles sailedacross the lengthof vast fields

    Writer Profile

    Name: Courtney Niday-Nyan& Thantcyn NyanThis couple from Texas ispropelled by a whimsicalwanderlust for action-packedfrolicking around the world.

    Experiencing and immersing yourself in other cultures is veryimportant when you are travelling. A Texan couple spent timein gers far away from Ulaan

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