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Stormy Birthday

Date post: 16-Apr-2017
Author: guesta354ee
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ce upon a time ere was a little girl…
Page 1: Stormy Birthday

once upon a time there was a little girl…

Page 2: Stormy Birthday

…who had a little sister…

Page 3: Stormy Birthday

…and a littler brother…

Page 4: Stormy Birthday

…and together they had a little horse

named Stormy they loved more than anything...

Page 5: Stormy Birthday

Together the little girl, her little sister, and their littler brother decided to celebrate Stormy's 18th

birthday... But how to celebrate a horse's birthday? They put

their little and littler heads together and decided to party in the only

way THEY knew how..

Page 6: Stormy Birthday

There would be games AND face painting, there would be swimming AND a 'rainbow

horse', there would be hotdogs AND birthday cake and there would be lots of friends.....

including YOU!! Your whole family!!Date: 20th june weather permitting

Time: 2-7pAddress: 15301 rio terrace driveRSVP: [email protected] for weather, bring bathing suits & life jackets

And if you wanted to bring stormy a present...carrots would be perfect..

Page 7: Stormy Birthday

Thank you...from the little girl, her little sister, their littler brother,

The two hounds,and of course, STORMY…

but say nay-ry a word… It's a surprise!