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Summer Solstice 2009

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Gateway to the Pagan Communities Page 1 Summer Solstice 2009 Open Ways Free! Issue 141
  • Open Ways

    Page 1 Summer Solstice 2009

    Summer solstice 2009

    PEn Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities

    Issue 141 Free!

  • Open Ways

    Page 2 Summer Solstice 2009

    Open Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities

    Issue 141Summer Solstice Open Ways is published eight times a year, on the Quarters and Cross-Quarters, by The Nine Houses of Gaia, Inc. Circulation 3400+.

    Newsletter Staff Editor Becca of the Dirty Hippies Distribution Team Ellie, Rob, Dennis Webmaster: Paul of Edgewood

    Submissions Articles, letters, poetry, artwork, etc., are solicited from the community. We reserve the right to edit for length and content. E-mail or send self-addressed stamped envelope for Writers Guidelines. Type-written (single-sided) or word processed manuscripts are welcome, electronic submissions via e-mail preferred. Send submissions to:

    Open Ways Editor NEW ADDRESS PO BOX 6283 Vancouver, WA 98668

    E-mail: [email protected]

    World Wide Web:

    www.ninehouses.org Please do not send the only copy of your work! Manuscripts unaccompanied by a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope will not be returned. All submissions will be accepted at our discretion. Advertising Ads must be camera-ready. Payment must accompany ad. No credit card payments. Deadlines (page 3) apply. E-mailed ads and their payments must be received by the deadlines. No black backgrounds please! Email Editor for more info. Rates & Sizes (W x H) $15 for a business card size (3.5 x 2) $30 for quarter-page (3.5 x 4) $60 for half page (7 x 4.5) $120 for full page (7 x 9) Discount for one-year, pre-paid ads.

    Open Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities Open Ways is printed on recycled newsprint, using soy-based ink. Please help to save our forests recycle! The Nine Houses of Gaia, Inc. P.O .Box 14415 Portland, OR 97293-0415

    Subscriptions Subscriptions are $8 for one year or $16 for two years. (International subscriptions: Canada, $12/year; else-where, $16/year. U.S. funds only.) Please make checks or money orders payable to Open Ways.. Sample copy $1.00. Please send request and payment to The Nine Houses of Gaia at the above address. Mission Statement The Nine Houses of Gaia is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 to sponsor the Northwest Fall Equinox Festival and publish Open Ways. Open Ways serves as an introduction to and an anchor for pagan communities in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest; a forum for the exchange of scholarly, practical, or experiential information, knowledge, and wisdom; a tool for instruction and communication; a journal of events, announcements, ideas, poetry,

    prose, illustration anything of benefit or interest to pagans, wiccans, or other nature spiritualists. Copyright 2008 All rights remain the property of contributing authors and artists. For reprint information, please contact Open Ways. Inquiries will be forwarded to appropriate parties. Statement of Confidentiality Open Ways honors the right to privacy. Information regarding our contributors or subscribers will not be made available under any circumstance. Our mailing list is not for sale or trade. Contributors are encour-aged to use pseudonyms.

  • Open Ways

    Page 3 Summer Solstice 2009


    This deadline schedule includes all articles, artwork, announcements, events and

    Advertisements. Send everything to the Vancouver address for Open Ways on page

    2 . Advertising rates are posted on the bottom of page 2.

    Open Ways Issue Deadline Available

    Lughnasadh 2009 Fall Equinox 2009 Samhain 2009 Yule 2009 Brigid 2010 Spring Equinox 2010 Beltane 2010 Summer Solstice 2010

    June 13 July 25 August 25 Oct. 25 Dec. 01 Jan 25 March 31 April 25

    July 10 Sept. 1 Oct. 10 Dec. 1 Jan. 10 Sept. 1 April 10 June 1

    Pagan Family Pik-nik July 25, 2009 11:00am to dusk

    Creston Park 4476 SE Powell blvd. Portland

    Ritual at 2pm (Pagan standard time) Come display products and wears, flyers etc. Raffle donations for Fall Eq.

    Come see old friends and make new ones. This is a great networking opportunity. Family friendly! We will have games, live music and prizes!

    Bring information about your group or organization to share along with a potluck dish, games and musical instruments.

    Table of Contents

    4 - Ritual Celebrations, Community

    events and Announcements

    5 - The need for integration of Body,

    Mind and Spirit by Silverstar Red Crow

    6 - Summer Dawns on the Obamaverse:

    Wiccan Priestess on Obama and the

    Summer Solstice by Erick Peterson

    7 - Festivals: when and contact info

    8 - Midnight Wisdom - Back to the Be-

    ginning by Victoria Ana. Lightfoot

    9 - Laxmi at Fall Eq. Sari - Saree

    by Ophio Kleitera

    11 - Letters from the Community

    12 - Summer Solstice: Season of the

    Phoenix by Staci Elliott

    13 - Untitled by Rev. Dr. Byron Warren

    13 - What is Spiritual Anarchy?

    14 - Advice from the Priesthood

    by Sienna

    15 - Ongoing Activities

    16 - Saying God damn and Jesus Christ,

    why? by AliZara

    17 - Pagan Community Directory

    20 - Summerstar registration

    21 - SunFest registration

    22 - NorthWest Fall Eq. registration

    Artwork provided by Liz P.

  • Open Ways

    Page 4 Summer Solstice 2009

    FREE COMMUNITY EVENTS AND RITUAL CELEBRATIONS!!! All events on this page are FREE. Event hosts may accept a small donation.

    Donations are optional and very much appreciated.

    No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

    To have your Events listed here, please make sure they fit these criteria:

    1) It is offered at no charge.

    2) It is within our geographical area, generally, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, Northern Califor-

    nia, Nevada, Southern BC and Alberta.

    Ritual Celebrations Community Events and Announcements

    June, 6 2009 Open Full Moon Ritual Starts at 6pm with

    drumming afterword until 9pm. Held at Essential Elements

    Herbal Apothecary, 3135 SE Hawthorne blvd. in Portland. All

    full moon rituals are free but donations are gladly appreciated to

    help offset costs. For more information call Essential Elements

    at 503-231-2831 or Thuri at 503-956-7258 as well as email

    [email protected]

    June 20 2009 Summer Solstice Celebration for Women.

    Journey Up the Pyramid of the Sun. Starts at 12:00 noon.

    Meet at Michelles Meadow, NW 53rd Drive, 1/2 Mile N of Cornell Road. Call the SisterSpirit office for directions: 503-736


    June 21, 2009 Summer Solstice Gathering, 3-7pm. Join

    TERRA for a family/dog friendly event at Ft. Steilacoom Park

    in Lakewood. An awesome huge fenced off-leach dog park,

    lake, trails and play equipment. Feast, play, get acquainted, and

    enjoy the advent of summer. Location: 8714 Elwood Drive

    SW in Lakewood. For info and directions http://


    June21 2009 Open Summer Solstice/Alban Hefin Ritual,

    3pm. Come and join us as we celebrate the sun at the peak his

    power, as we turn the wheel of the year once again. Please bring

    drums or other instruments. You are welcome to share a story,

    poem etc. $5 donation for the food bank appreciated. Potluck

    afterwards, so bring a dish to share. Location: 21803 NE Lucia

    Falls Rd. in Yacolt. For info call 360-910-5960.

    June 21 2009 Public MidSummer Ritual 5pm. This is a

    potluck event and open to all. We will be gathering at 5pm for

    crafts and other activities. Orientation will begin at 5:30pm and

    call to circle at 5:55pm. Location: 108 Ave SE Kent. For direc-

    t i o n s em a i l t im . h @ q . co m. W eb s i t e :

    www.covenantofthebluemoon.org. Phone: 253-886-7797.

    Tuesday June 9th - Inner Journeys 7pm

    A journal writing circle for women. Bring your own journal or

    come start a new one. Topic: Journal exercises to listen to listen to

    the wisdom of (fourth) heart chakra, heal imbalances, connect with

    and celebrate the power of love, unity, and compassion for others.

    All women welcome. Held at the SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Bel-

    mont # 102. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5 + donation appreci-


    Wednesday June 10th - Womens Healing Circle, 7pm. Topic: Healing with the properties of Air, astrological sign Gemini.

    All women welcome. Held at the SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Bel-

    mont # 102. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5 + donation appreci-


    Wednesday June 17th - Natures Magick Group, 7:30pm. All women welcome. Held at the SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Bel-

    mont # 102. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5 + donation appreci-


    Thursday June 18th - Dream Conversations, 7pm.

    Come and share your dreams and insights with other women! All

    women welcome. Held at the SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont

    # 102.. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5 + donation appreciated.

    Thursday June 25 - Womens Writers Group, 7pm He

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