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Teamgate Inbound Sales CRM

Date post:07-Feb-2017
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Inbound Sales CRMStart selling the same way your prospects buy

Reliability more and more enterprises choose Teamgate as a trusted CRM vendor.Reaction very short reaction time to mistakes, which are fixed in a prompt way.Customer Service fast and high-quality customer support. Awarded for an Exceptional Customer Support.Integrity and flexibility software is friendly to external systems. Open API key and its simple development. Professional team team of professionals with an international experience.Security highest standards of data security. Innovativeness updates 1-2 times per month: lots of new, user-friendly features.

TEAMGATE advantages:

Sales process managementLeads managementDrag & Drop pipeline navigation Communication historyActivity planning/ delegation Calendar syncFlexible filtersCustom fieldsEmails historyFiles managementMapsRoles and permissions RemindersLead ScoringDuplicatesEmail sync

Sales CRM

Insights track your performance with just a click.

Activity and effortsGoalsPipeline and its forecastSales FunnelPipeline trajectory Sales resultsProfitabilitySales durationWon/loss reasonsMarketing sources efficiencyActivity efficiencySales pipeline movementTop customers chart


Import your Google Contacts straight to Teamgate.When you connect your Teamgate account with your Google Contacts, Teamgate will automatically pull in your Google contacts so you can get started right away.

SmartDialer allows to call directly from Teamgatewith a native dialer, no manual entry required so you can make smarter calls faster with Teamgates built-in automatic dialer. Teamgate takes calling to a whole new level.Mailchimp integration lets you send personalized, well-targeted emails to specific lists of customers from Teamgate. Simply define your segment criteria in Teamgate, and click on the MailChimp top of the list to export the contacts into MailChimp.Teamgate events sync with Google Calendaris very useful if you use Googles mail service, or you have an Android operating system based smartphone.Also, the bundling can be useful if you have other tools, declaring synchronization with Google services.

Automatethosetime consuming tasksof transferring databetween Google Drive and Teamgate. Dont waste any more time copying and pasting loads of data: sign-up for your own free trial and give Zapier a spin!


Zapier integration enables you to automate tasks between other online apps(like Trello, Evernote, Google Docs and Gmail). This helps you to use complementary apps side-by-side! With Zapier there is no more waiting for app developers to build integrations. No more expensive freelance programmers. No more unreliable interns. No more lengthy deployment times.

Sometimes you need an additional notification about upcoming planned action with your Leads, Deals or Contacts.You could easily send emails or SMS-messages as reminders with Nexmo integration from Teamgate.Nexmo provides innovative communication APIs that bridge traditional voice and text services with cloud communications.Google maps arealready integratedinto your account.Now you just need to navigate to Leads/Deals/Companies or People. Click on the contact name, for example, and then click on the address youve entered as detailed information. The Google Maps will show you location!If you wish to see all of your communication history in one place(appointmentsand copies of emails youve sent), the Teamgatesystem willallow you to attach copies of sent and received emails to the companies or contacts cards.The emails are sent, not from the Teamgate system, but from your usual email source.

More information www.teamgate.com