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The decade of the 80’s

Date post: 12-Jan-2015
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THE DECADE OF THE 80’S By Macey Wrede
  • 1. The decade of the 80s
    By MaceyWrede

2. Eruption of Mt St. Helens
This eruption of this volcano happened in the year 1980.
Their was 56 victims in this eruption.
It happened in the morning at 8:32 a.m.
3. U.S hockey teams beat Russia in the Olympic Games.
The team that beat the Russians in the Olympic games was the Ottawa Senators.
This team beat russia by seven points.
4. John Lennon's death
The death of John Lennon was on December 8, 1980.
The way this happened was that he got shot in the back four times.
His killer was Mark David Chapman.
5. Sandra Day O Conner
She was the first woman to serve in the state senate.
She served in the year 1973.
Her husband died in the year 2006 of a disease called Alzheimer's.
6. MTV of the 1980s
Mtv began in the early days of the year 1981
The person who started this was John Lack.
He had started this at 12:01 on august 1, 1981.
This is where the music videos were being played.
7. Iran contra Affair
This affair happened during Ronald Reagans presidency.
That election was during the year 1982.
Then 2 years later the democrats passed the Boland Amendment.
Then in 1985 we were still at war with Iran. But Iran made a request to get more weapons.
Then in 1986 the president denied the request of his soldiers wanting more weapons.
8. Assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan
This attempt occurred on march 30,1981.
This was 69 days into his term.
He had a punctured lung.
The person how attempted the assassination was John Hinckley Jr.
The thriller was written by the famous Michael Jackson.
He wrote this song on December 1983.
The time of the music video was a wamping 14 minutes.
It got 500,000 for it.
10. Liposuction
This procedure was in vented by Jeffrey Klein.
These doctors created this in the year 1985.
They used this so that people would have the perfect skin that they wanted.
11. Cocaine
Cocaine became a lifestyle drug in the 1980s.
It was a 2 stage drug.
1st it was only a recreational drug.
2nd it became a epidemic with millions of people abusing it.
12. South Korean flight 007
This flight happened on September 1983.
The planes from Korea were heading for Alaska.
They were shot down by the soviet union.
And on that plane was congressmen Lawrence Mcdonald.
13. Sally Ride
She was born on May 26,1951.
In the city of Los Angeles, California.
She trained with NASA for 1 year.
She had a bachelors degree in science.
14. Beirut Terrorist Attack
October 23,1983
This terrorist suicide bombers attacked the United states Beirutcomplex.
Killed 299 American and service men.
15. CDS of the 1980s
Some of the topcds of the 80s were as follows.
Joy Division
Robin Tompson
The Go Gos
And the world famous Michael Jackson.
16. Olympics in Los Angeles
Thesesports events took place on July 28,1984.
There were 6,829 athletes that were in the competion.
Out of all of the nations there was 140 that had participated in the olympics.
17. Vanessa Williams
She was born on March 18 1963. she was born in thecity of Millwood, New York.
Some of her job include singer, actress and producer.
She is still alive.
18. We Are the World
This was released on February 12,2010.
The length of the long version was 6:58.
This video was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.
And the Genre of the video was pop, R&B and hip hop.
19. Crack Cocaine
This is a powerfully addictive rock crystal.
The ways it is used is smoked, snorted and injected into the skin.
It was invented in the year 1977.
20. Len Bias
He was born on November 18, 1963.
He was born in the city ofLandover, Maryland.
He was one of the many people how abused crack and eventually died from it on June 19, 1986. he was 22 when he died.
21. Nintendo
The person how invented the Nintendo game console was Fusajiro Yamauchi.
He invented it in the year 1889.
The first game that was invented was donkey kong.
22. Challenger Disaster
This disaster took place on January 28,1986.
It was a cold and windy day at the Airforce bad in Florida.
The challenger launched at 11:38 am.
It involved a school teacher named Christie McAuliffe.
23. AIDS
The real name for this is acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
One of the causes ofthis virus is death between the ages of (25-44).
The only way to get it is sexually transmitted.
24. Supermodel GIA
She was born on January 29, 1960.
She was born in the city of Philadelphia.
Her nationality was American.
She was 26 years old when she died.
She died on November 18.1986.
25. Baby Jessica
She was born on March 26,1986.
She is now the age of 25 years old.
She became a famous actress a eighteen monthsold.
26. Michael Dukakis
This man was born on November 3, 1933.
He is now the age of 77 years old.
He was born in the city of Brooklyn, New York.
He is now the mayor of Boston, Massachusetts.
27. Soviets leave Afghnistan
The war began on December 24,1979.
This was the 40th army to enter the country.
This war ended ten years after it started.
The day that it ended was February 15,1989.
28. Fashions of the times
Some of the fashions were
Sleeveless dresses for women.
The men wore suites that consisted of pants, ties, and jackets.
Women dress clothes.
29. Famous movies of the time
Some of the movies of the 1980s
Back to the future(1985)
Do the right thing(1989)