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The UK Dilemma and the English Language

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The madness of the English can be seen in the way their language developed. How did centuries of association with Zionist Jews turn the tongue of Britain to Germanic? What sway does the UK wield over the world? http://pinterest.com/ChenkuangYAP/my-calling-to-serve-god/
  • 1. The English Language&the UK Dilemma

2. The language of a people tells a lot about their culture. How a language formed or cameinto use tells a lot about their history. Analysing the culture and peoples of the UK, and their spiritof conquest, diplomacy, and economy, can be done through analysis of their language and how itdeveloped.The Celts came into being, from being a simple neolithic-age tribal people, when civilisedJews and Phoenecians fled the brutal Assyrian empire, settling in Brittany and what is now Ireland.They even named Ireland home of the Hebrews initially. 3. By the time of Caesar, Celts were a diverse group known as the Germani (warriors) or thebarbarians (uncivilised, relatively). There were among them, speakers of proto-modern languagesincluding English.The evidence for major mistakes made by the UK, comes through in the way Englishdeveloped or was forced to absorb foreign structure and terms. 4. This is also a fact elsewhere in the world such as then, Malaya where colonialists enrichedBahasa Melayu with many foreign words after subduing the sultans of the day. Should Europehave developed logically, the dominant language would be French.Joan of Arc who died at the stake, upon capture by the English for witchcraft, died in aRenew period in the A.B.Y. personality calendar. A similar renew period is seen in the Englishwitch, Mother Shiptons prophetic rhyme:Of rotting bodies of beast and manOf vegetation crisped on land.But the land that rises from the seaWill be dry and clean and soft and freeOf man-kinds dirt and therefore beThe source of man's new dynasty 5. There was a conspiracy before the 100 years war to place wealthy men into the Frenchnoble houses. Because of this, taxes had to be levied on the poor. Should the status quo havecontinued, and Joan of Arc never raised up, much of France and maybe Germany would havedecayed immediately. Who was Joan of Arc anyway, huh? 6. Did the Hebrew influence cause the English to have no economic fervour other than todepend on sheep as in the battle for Gods love between Cain (a farmer) and Abel (a shepherd)? 7. Are the roots of Zion-Israel deeply ingrained into the English language, resulting in awholesale adoption of the common mans Germanic Middle English following the 100 years war?The Promised Land was divided following the Joseph, son of Israel / Jacob affair.Joseph was given the northern regions called Israel or Zion, while his brothers formed the southernkingdom named Judah. Under assault from the Assyrians, it is possible that the Jewish migrants toEurope were mainly the supporters and distant family of Joseph and bore his traits and teachings. 8. Joseph dies in Egypt at the age of 110. Before dying, Joseph makes his children promise thatwhen the Israelites eventually leave Egypt, they will take his remains with them. In the story ofthe Exodus (13:19), Moses does just that, carrying Joseph's bones on the way to Israel. -myjewishlearning.comJoseph, for all his adventures and cutting judgements, was, like his father Jacob / Israel,not someone anybody loved except for the love of his father. What conclusion can you drawfrom the prophecy and high office given to him in spite, seemingly, of his personality, other thanthat he and Jacob were to back up Gods plan by forming Zionism - the militant and conspiratorialhalf of the Jews which holds sway over the nations; still hated by anti-Semites throughout the worldfor its high-handed methods. Is the U.K. secretly bearing out distasteful prophecy; just a countrywith bad judgement; or both?ConclusionWhy did Breytonic give way to Old English, and lose the favour of the Holy Land? Why didZionistic English supplant all the other established languages in the U.K. within just severalhundred years? Was there a falling away from family values, and religious adherence? Did theleadership in England take politics and spirituality for granted or pervert it (witchcraft), leaving thelower classes dissatisfied and a law and an eclectic language unto themselves? 9. CreditsThanks to all the websites and organisations who did the hard research which I sampled,along with various graphics, URLs of which are mentioned in the underlined text links.AppendixHow does the UK dilemma affect the world at large? With two World Wars fought in Europe;terror between 2 branches of Islam; the Turkic race pit against the Roman Catholic Church; doesthe Englishman stand guard over the fire as it burns?The 2014 leadership crisis in Egypt, the 2013 Moro Army invasion of East Malaysia, theattack on MH370, the South Korean ferry disaster, the Boston Marathon bomb, 9-11, the list goeson and the pattern is getting clearer. See graphics below: 10. Boston - Kuala Lumpur (technology city - spiritual city)Petaling Jaya - Cambridge (linked by top universities?)Was that why the marathon was attacked -to destroy World Government alliances? 11. Are the Czechs and Slovaks the brains of Europeand the White people? Did the balance of powerin the East push Germany to war? Why did the Turks, Italy and Japanswitch sides from WWI to WWII? Did the Allies want controlover the Balkans, maybe even the Holy Land? Was Russia underthe weak Tsar & Wiccan Anastasia easy meat for UKsKarl Marx and his communism? 12. Why is the gun of Islam pointed at Karachi, capital of Pakistan? Arent all Muslimsfriends? What force has been destabilising the Turk and the Arab - the Shia and the Sunni? 13. Both the Star and Moon, and the Fish are symbols from mans early birthplace - Sumeria.What has been destroying the Church of Rome and spreading anarchy among the mystic Moslemsunder the crescent flags, including Cypress, Egypt; Malaysia and their assailants, the Morro Army? 14. Is the burning tower of Nostradamus a wake up callto the ignorant and sheltered among us?

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