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tibco spotfire training | tibco spotfire online training | tibco spotfire course

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  • TIBCO Spotfire BasicsTIBCO Spotfire VisualizationsPerforming Data FilteringLearning More Through Data DrillDownThe underlying data and expected format of a data tableInformation links related to Data LoadingTIBCO Spotfire Introduction

  • Properties of TablesColoringInterpreting Bar ChartsTrellis Visualizations Properties of Bar ChartsProperties of Line ChartsInterpreting Line ChartsCombination Chart IntroductionCombination Chart PropertiesTIBCO Spotfire Visualizations

  • Filter TypesFiltering Display OptionsOrganizing FiltersDefining Filtering SchemesFilters

  • Marking DataDetails On DemandMultiple MarkingsTIBCO Sportfire Highlighting Items

  • Scatter Plot Introduction, overview and PropertiesUsing Scatter Plots3D Scatter Plots3D Scatter Plot Introduction3D Scatter Plot PropertiesUsing 3D Scatter PlotsScatter Plots

  • PIE Chart IntroductionPIE Chart OverviewPIE Chart PropertiesUsing PIE ChartsPIE Charts

  • Summary TablesCross TablesGraphical TablesDifferent types of Spotfire Tables

  • Tree MapsHeat MapsParallel Coordinate PlotBox PlotsOverview of Maps and Plots in Spotfire

  • Coloring and their featuresCalculate and Replace ColumnHandling Multiple Data TablesText Areas in TIBCO Spotfire

  • Filtering OptionsBook MarksDeriving More Information from Raw DataApplications of Custom ExpressionsNode Navigation MethodsAS statementLimiting Data in VisualizationsColumn, Data Table Document PropertiesLines and CurvesRelating Across Visualizations

  • Information LinksGeneral Workflow for using information designerLoading Data on DemandPagesFilters and Filtering SchemesCreating Links to WebsitesTIBCO Spotfire Statistical Tools


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