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  • Preparing You and Your CV for Promotion:

    HMS/HSDM CV & Narrative Workshop

    Carol Bates, MD Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, HMS

  • http://calendar.brighamandwomens.org/events

  • Academic Advancement Resources

    HMS OFA Website for Faculty Promotions General Info & New Guidelines:

    facultypromotions.hms.harvard.edu CV Resources:


    BWH Departmental mentors, chiefs, members of the P&R Committees

    Center for Faculty Development & Diversity cfdd.brighamandwomens.org

  • The CFDD Consultation Service offers faculty and trainees the opportunity to receive a personalized consultation from faculty and/or senior staff possessing a range of expertise. Our faculty and administrative directors are available to provide guidance, identify resources or just listen.

    Common consultation topics include: Academic promotion Authorship and Intellectual Property Career progression Conflict management CV/Resume assistance International/cultural transitions Mentoring Negotiations Retirement planning resources Training and funding opportunities Work/life balance Workplace/lab environment

    Email us for more information:

    [email protected]

    Schedule an appointment online:


  • CFDD Website: cfdd.brighamandwomens.org CFDD Mailing List: cfdd.brighamandwomens.org/about/reports-and-publications/subscribe CFDD Curriculum Guide: cfdd.brighamandwomens.org/about/reports-and-publications/curriculum-guide BWH Health Events Calendar: www.brighamandwomens.org/calendar Meet with us or ask questions: Email: [email protected] Phone: 617.525.7646

  • Embracing your Harvard CV

    Carol Bates, MD Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

    February 2015

  • 7 Office for Faculty Affairs

    The CVs Purpose

    To showcase your accomplishments in crisp,

    organized, easy to read format

  • 8 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Key Messages The big picture: Your narrative

    Teaching critical for everyone Capture all of it Be sure to mention teaching in your narrative

    Reach of your reputation Regional/national/international talks Professional societies, committees, editorial roles, grant review

  • 9 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 10 Office for Faculty Affairs


  • 11 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Features of the Preformatted Template

  • 12 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 13 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 14 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 15 Office for Faculty Affairs

    General CV Formatting Always report activities from oldest to most recent Appointments should match HMS records Each activity/role should be listed only once If a category doesnt apply, leave it off

    Keep a shadow CV that includes all categories Include page numbers Avoid abbreviations known only to your

    subspecialty Your CV will be read by people outside of your field

  • 16 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 17 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Leadership and Committees Major Administrative Leadership

    Includes educational, clinical, research and general administrative leadership positions

    Group by Local, Regional, National, International

    Committee work Group by Local, Regional, National, International

    Grant review, professional society roles, lay society work appear elsewhere

  • 18 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 19 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Grant Funding List (with dates)

    Past funding Current funding Projects submitted for funding Training grants and Mentored Trainee Grants Unfunded projects

    Include total direct costs (all years) if PI, co-PI, site PI on current grants

    Describe the project

  • 20 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Funding Information Current 2006-2010 The role of isoflavones in the management of hot flashes

    NCCAM/R21 1234567A PI ($275,000) The major goal of the study is to use skin conductance measurements to quantify the impact of different isoflavones on hot flash frequency and severity.

    2007-2012 Evaluating decision-making in childhood vaccinations AHRQ/R01 1234567A Co-Investigator The major goals of this study are to evaluate factors that lead to parental refusal to vaccinate and to design an intervention for health care professionals that will increase the acceptability of vaccinations. My role is to design the tool that will measure parental preferences and attitudes toward vaccination and to interpret the data.

    Current Unfunded Projects 2009-2012 Pilot study of the association of the OSCE with performance on Medical Board

    examinations (Mentor)

    I am supervising an Academy fellow in evaluating the association between OSCE performance and Part I of the Medical Board examinations

    (PI -Jones)

  • 21 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 22 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Report of Local Teaching and Training Teaching of Students in Courses Formal Teaching of Residents, Clinical Fellows and Research

    Fellows (post-docs) Clinical Supervisory and Training Responsibilities Laboratory and Other Research Supervisory and Training

    Responsibilities Formally Mentored Harvard Medical, Dental and Graduate

    Students Other Mentored Trainees and Faculty Formal Teaching of Peers (Harvard continuing education

    courses) Local Invited Presentations

  • 23 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Report of Teaching Defined broadly; includes didactic and clinical or

    research supervision

    Should add up to >50 hrs Teaching outside of Harvard does not count towards 50

    hrs, but does speak to reputation Does not include preparation time

    Teaching of Peers CME course with invitation from Harvard Not based on teaching associated with CME credit Grand Rounds is Invited Presentation

  • 24 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Report of Local Teaching and Training Teaching of Students in Courses 2000- The Human Body HMS 1st year Medical Students 3hr tutorial sessions per wk/ 8 wks

    Formal Teaching of Residents, Clinical Fellows and Research Fellows (post-docs) 2006-2007 Management of cholelithiasis BIDMC 1st yr Surgery residents One hour lecture per yr

    Clinical Supervisory and Training Responsibilities 2000-2007 Ambulatory Internal Medicine Clinic Preceptor, Childrens Hospital Boston One half session per week

  • 25 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Research Supervision vs. Mentored Trainees

    Laboratory & Other Research Supervisory & Training Responsibilities Focus on level of effort spent on this activity

    Formally Supervised Trainees Focus on individual mentees, what they

    accomplished, where they are now

  • 26 Office for Faculty Affairs

    More on Mentees Formally Supervised Trainees changing to

    Formally Mentored Harvard Medical, Dental and Graduate Students

    Other Mentored Trainees and Faculty

    Can include mentees if not formal supervisor

    Makes clear that peers can be mentees

  • 27 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Who might be listed as mentees? Training directors: only selected trainees

    Research: abstract, grant application, publication

    Medical education: teaching skills, workshop presentation, curriculum development

    Clinical: QI project, guideline, clinical program

    If asked, individuals listed would be expected to endorse that you have been their mentor

  • 28 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 29 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Invited Presentations Categories speak to breadth of reputation

    Local = Harvard and affiliates Regional National (includes national meeting held in Boston) International (includes international society that met in US; must

    sometimes meet outside of North America)

    You can include talks that are scheduled for future

    Include notation on sponsorship/funding

  • 30 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Sponsorship Language Options

    No presentations below were funded by outside entities

    Those presentations below funded by outside entities are so noted and the funder(s) is (are) identified

  • 31 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Sponsorship Language Examples National Presentations Those presentations below sponsored by outside entities are so noted and the sponsors are identified.

    2011 Total Ankle Arthroplasty (CME course)/invited presentation American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons San Diego, CA

    2012 Autism Spectrum Disorders/plenary talk American Psychiatric Association Boston, MA (Pfizer)

    2013 Reduction of emergency room visits for asthmatic children with multifactorial home interventions (Selected Oral Abstract) American Academy of Pediatrics annual meeting, Orlando, FL

  • 32 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Clinical Activities Clinical Activities

    Where and how often do you see patients?

    Clinical innovations Especially important if AOE is Clinical Expertise and Innovation List the innovations and describe

    their influence / potential influence on care how it is used / implemented locally, nationally, internationally

    New section after Clinical Activities on Report of Teaching and Education Innovations

  • 33 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 34 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Education of Patients and Service to the Community

    Talks to lay public belong here not in Invited Presentations

    Recognition includes Best Doctor, Whos Who (not in Honors and Awards) Media recognition

  • 35 Office for Faculty Affairs

  • 36 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Report of Scholarship Research investigations vs. other peer reviewed

    Research investigations include presentation of new data

    Dont use et. al. (list all authors)

    Abstracts only 3 yrs unless award received

    Selected scholarship should largely be since last promotion please circle

    Separately number each category starting at 1.

    Highlight your name (bold/underline)

  • 37 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Report of Scholarship Peer Reviewed Publications in print or other media Research investigations 1. You ME, Lee KY, Chey RY, Menguy R. Electrogastrographic study of patients with unexplained nausea, bloating and vomiting. Gastroenterology 2005; 79:311-4. 2. Arnold TR, Bevalay TT, Chetan BU, You ME. The role of C1q alpha in pulmonary hypertension and acute ischemia. Cardiology 2007; 2(5):3251-3263. Research publications without named authorship 1. Irin MG, Cilli BM, Elman JS, and the Asthma Clinical Research Network *. Quality control of meters for multicenter clinical trials. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2005; 356:1276-281. (*member of the writing group cited in the appendix of the manuscript)

    2. The Asthma Clinical Research Network *. Quality control of meters for multicenter clinical trials. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2008; 356:1276-281. (*member of the writing group cited in the appendix of the manuscript)

    Non-peer reviewed scientific or medical publications/materials in print or other media Proceedings of meetings or other non-peer reviewed research publications 1. Bengtsson S, Cilli BM, Solheim BG, You ME. Enforcement of data protection, privacy and security in medical informatics. In: Lun KC, Degoulet P, Piemme TE, Rienhoff O, editors. MEDINFO 02. Proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Medical Informatics, Sep 6-10, Geneva, Switzerland; 2002. pp. 1561-5. Reviews, chapters, monographs and editorials 1. Weinstein L, You ME, Swartz MN. Pathogenic properties of invading microorganisms. In: Sodeman WA Jr, Sodeman WA, editors. Pathologic physiology: mechanisms of disease. Philadelphia: WB Saunders; 2004. p. 457-72.

    2. You ME, Hunninghake GW, Gadek JE, Szapiel SV. The human alveolar macrophage. In: Harris CC, editor. Cultured human cells and tissues in biomedical research. New York: Academic Press; 2007. p. 54-6. (Stoner GD, Series editor. Methods and perspectives in cell biology; vol. 1.)

  • 38 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Enhanced Guidance for Scholarship Mentor of primary author

    23. Smith SR,** Browning EB, James SP, Henry RD. Hand fractures in children. Pediatrics 2013;73:165-70.

    ** Denotes trainee for whom I served as primary mentor

    Notable citations of scholarship Herbert S, Morales S, Walker J. Cellular microtubles and sonic

    hedgehog. Nature 2012;111:35-40. Accompanied by editorial Sited by the Faculty of 1000

  • 39 Office for Faculty Affairs

    The Narratives Purpose

    Your opportunity to highlight your unique combination of


  • 40 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Describe major contributions and achievements; impact should be clear to those outside your field

    You need not reiterate your history of training, but explain unusual chronology

    Make clear the extent of your reputation and the key achievements for which you are known

    If you bridge different arenas (i.e. research, clinical care), might clarify connections

    The Narrative

  • 41 Office for Faculty Affairs

    The Narrative Your Area of Excellence and any Significant Supporting

    Activities should be discussed

    Expand on accomplishments find your sweet spot Dont be shy, but dont overstate (many if number is 2)

    Opportunity to describe things that dont have another home Accomplishments as administrative leader Submitted manuscripts

    Be sure to include teaching

  • 42 Office for Faculty Affairs

    The Narrative Answer anticipated obvious questions

    Major change in career focus Large time lapse (or your chief can address but should be somewhere)

    Extent of your regional/national/international impact

    Will be read by professionals outside of your field

    Speak in 1st and not 3rd person Length commensurate with rank

    Assistant Professor candidates 1 page No narrative should exceed two pages.

  • 43 Office for Faculty Affairs

    HMS Resources Websites:

    http://www.fa.hms.harvard.edu/ The Office for Faculty Affairs at Harvard Medical School

    http://facultypromotions.hms.harvard.edu/ Overview of all Area(s) of Excellence Create customized criteria for rank and activities Format your CV using templates and detailed instruction guide

    Dedicated e-mail and phone line for questions E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 617-432-7112

    http://facultypromotions.hms.harvard.edu/http://facultypromotions.hms.harvard.edu/mailto:[email protected]

  • 44 Office for Faculty Affairs

    Maureen Connelly, MD, MPH, Dean for Faculty Affairs

    Carol Bates, MD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs Bethany Westlund, PhD, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs

    Program Directors: Dagmara Cotti, PhD Joelle Lomax, PhD Rafael Luna, PhD Jonathan Matsui, PhD

    Promotions Specialists: Shannon Daly, MA Veronica Leo, MEd Christine Staulters

    Office for Faculty Affairs

  • Thank you!

    Preparing You and Your CV for Promotion:HMS/HSDM CV & Narrative Workshop Carol Bates, MDAssociate Dean for Faculty Affairs, HMS CFDD Monthly FlyerAcademic Advancement ResourcesCareer Consultations & HMS CV ConsultationsConnect with the CFDDEmbracing your Harvard CVThe CVs PurposeKey MessagesSlide Number 9Slide Number 10Slide Number 11Slide Number 12Slide Number 13Slide Number 14General CV FormattingSlide Number 16Leadership and CommitteesSlide Number 18Grant FundingSlide Number 20Slide Number 21Report of Local Teaching and TrainingReport of TeachingSlide Number 24Research Supervision vs. Mentored TraineesMore on MenteesWho might be listed as mentees?Slide Number 28Invited PresentationsSponsorship Language Options Sponsorship Language ExamplesClinical ActivitiesSlide Number 33Education of Patients and Service to the CommunitySlide Number 35Report of ScholarshipSlide Number 37Enhanced Guidance for ScholarshipThe Narratives PurposeThe NarrativeThe NarrativeThe NarrativeHMS ResourcesOffice for Faculty AffairsThank you!

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Preparing You and Your CV for Promotion: HMS/HSDM CV & Narrative Workshop Carol Bates, MD Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, HMS
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