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Magazine for and from Atlas Copco Compressor Technique employees # Volume 46, Edition 327 - October 2013 innovations TM
  • Magazine for and from Atlas Copco Compressor Technique employees # Volume 46, Edition 327 - October 2013



    Environmental Award goes toGA VSD+ team

    The Belgium Pleiades help you toreach for the stars

    Welcome to CT Logistics

    Responsible editorLotta Bynke (Phone 9106)

    Editor in chiefIsabel Vancoillie (Phone 9860)

    Contact persons within the divisions:Christine Belhomme (Phone 2012)CTS

    Lieven van den Bosch (Phone 2412)Airtec

    Sarah Geerts (Phone 2777)Industrial Air

    Kevin Schoeters (Phone 4991)Oil-free Air Elsie Vestraets (Phone 9811)Portable Energy

    Veerle Kienen (Phone 2912)ASC

    Mercedes Hernandes (Phone 2484)CRS

    Jeroen Hoen (Phone 9419)Quality Air

    Responsible seniorsAndr Westyn

    Produced by Atlas Copco Airpower N.V.

    Layout: Brand Studio

    First in MindFirst in Choice .................. 03

    Edwards and Atlas Copco join forces under CTs new Vacuum Solutions division ........... 04

    INNOVATION ............................................. 06

    New Medical Air Plant complying with the latest medical standards ............................ 06

    COMMITMENT .......................................... 08

    Environmental Award goes to GA VSD+ team ......... 08

    Precision machining company needs cutting-edge tools ........................................... 09

    Lets be serious about our Intellectual Property! .... 10

    INTERACTION ........................................... 12

    The Belgium Pleiades help you to reach for the stars ...................................................... 12

    Master in Sales Program ........................................... 13

    The Atlas Copco Kiosk: takeaway news ................... 14

    Atlas Copco launches video portal ........................... 15

    Compressor Technique Newsroom .......................... 16

    Now available: the first Compressor Technique general catalog ........................................ 17

    CT WORLDWIDE ........................................ 18

    Michelin saves 300 000 thanks to Atlas Copco .... 17

    Environmentally aware Frito-Lay chooses our compressed air solutions ................................... 18

    Atlas Copco helps ZF Wind Power optimize air usage and minimize energy consumption ......... 19

    Shengda welcomes CT management team ............ 20

    CT IN ACTION ........................................... 21

    Airtec is alive! ............................................................ 21

    Welcome to CT Logistics ........................................... 23

    Pack I: renewed and refreshed environment ........... 25

    10 years of CT-IS ........................................................ 27

    CTS Event Club Cabane .......................................... 29

    Sustainable productivity through service................ 31

    Water for All Belgium 2.0 .......................................... 32

    08 12 23

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  • First in MindFirst in Choice

    Dear colleagues,

    There are two main paths of growth for a company growth by acquisition and organic growth.

    Compressor Technique has regularly complemented its business with acquisitions such as dealerships and service companies, in addition to acquiring companies with similar or related technologies. Acquisitions represent a faster way to grow, but organic growth is generally more profitable and comes with less risk.

    We have a long legacy of organic growth in Compressor Technique. However, we now need to refocus on this strategy, which requires planning, structure, good management and hard work. There are many ways we can grow organically; for example, we still have plenty of opportunities to further grow our market shares in many parts of the world. Dynamic product and segment management are keys to create a strong environment for growth.

    On the product side, a steady flow of innovations, such as the GA VSD+, the Z Mark II and SMARTLINK will contribute to profitable growth and help to secure our long-term development.

    Other important growth parameters are stable and predictable processes for lead times, delivery performance and quality. Also, product companies must continually develop and improve their response times to provide quick

    solutions to customers who have technical issues on site.

    I hope that you are all geared up for growth and that you leave no stone unturned in order to find the answers and implement the strategies that develop our business and improve the overall customer experience.

    Enjoy the reading. n

    Stephan KuhnPresident

    Atlas Copco Compressor Technique

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  • The headquarters of Edwards, Crawley, UK.

    Edwards and Atlas Copco join forces under Compressor Techniques new Vacuum Solutions divisionAtlas Copcos announcement on August 19 about the acquisition of Edwards Group, a leading developer and manufacturer of vacuum and abatement solutions, and the creation of the Vacuum Solutions division heralds a new, well fitting growth area for Compressor Technique and the Group. The acquisition is expected to be closed in the first quarter of 2014.

    This acquisition is very important to Atlas Copco, as it is a strategic move into vacuum, said Stephan Kuhn, President of Atlas Copco Compressor Technique. We have identified vacuum as a growing segment, and we consider Edwards to be the clear technology and market leader in this segment with a strong growth potential.

    Creation of a new divisionAt the announcement of the Edwards acquisition on August 19, it was also announced that a new division, Vacuum Solutions has been formed within the Atlas Copco Compressor Technique business area. Geert Follens, previously president of the Industrial Air division, has been appointed president of Vacuum Solutions. The division will be Atlas Copcos competence center for all vacuum business and have its base in Crawley, United Kingdom.

    Atlas Copcos current rough vacuum business, which previously operated under the Industrial Air division, includes a range of robust, oil-sealed vacuum pumps used in industries such as printing, packaging and bottling. Edwards sophisticated, high vacuum products and abatement technology are integral to the manufacturing of products such as semiconductors for high-tech electronics, solar panels or LEDs. They are also used to help create pure environments that can be vital in scientific and advanced R&D applications.

    The Edwards brand is very well recognized in the vacuum business and the brand will remain and be further developed under the ownership of Atlas Copco. n

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  • Edwards a closer lookEstablished in south London in 1919 and headquartered in Crawley, United Kingdom, Edwards has over 3,200 employees operating in approximately 30 countries worldwide. The company has eight manufacturing facili-ties in six countries, the principals being in South Korea, the Czech Republic, Japan, and the United Kingdom, which is also the location of the global research and de-velopment center.

    Edwards vacuum products include a broad range of dry pumps, turbo molecular pumps and other vacuum pumps used to create highly controlled, low-pressure, particle-free environments for a diverse set of manufacturing processes.

    Abatement systems include stand-alone and customized solutions which integrate vacuum and exhaust manage-ment technologies. Abatement products are used to re-duce or remove exhaust gases and other process byprod-ucts extracted by dry pumps. Abatement is required both to prevent adverse chemical reactions within production processes and to comply with strict regulatory emissions controls.

    The service offering includes equipment monitoring, re-pair and overhaul, remanufacturing, service upgrades and provision of spare parts.

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    Atlas Copcos range of Medical Air Plants (uAir series) consists up to 6 dedicated compressors, two air purifiers and the ES Medical Central Controller. The new uAIR Medical Air Plant offers a multiple backup supply in case of failure of individual components and complies to the ISO 7396-1 standard. It is installed, piped and wired as modular, stacked components for fast and easy installation. The Medical Air Plant is suitable for both continuous and frequent start/stop operation and supports different pressure levels. It provides reliable, high-quality air for a variety of applications.

    With the launch of this Medical Air Plant, Atlas Copco is targeting both hospitals and installer companies, says Horst Wasel, President for Atlas Copco Quality Air division. We have a strong history in medical products and during the last few years we have introduced several new innovative and reliable products. Now we are glad to be able to offer a completely new pre-certified Medical Air Plant. This saves the hospital a lot of work and guarantees them peace of mind.

    GA-MED compressorsThe GA MED screw compressor range offers the proven reliability of the latest high-efficiency compression element. GA MED compressors are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217, Ed. 3, Annex C. All GA MED compressors are equipped with an additional safety protection required in medical applications. Even in the event of a single fault condition, air supply is always assured.

    New Medical Air Plant complying with the latest medical standardsAtlas Copco continues to complete its portfolio of Medical Devices. Recently, we presented a Medical Air Plant (uAIR series) which is amongst the most advanced technologies for the medical world. The Air Plant incorporates dedicated GA-MED compressors, the latest generation of medical purifiers MED+ and a Medical Central Controller to manage the complete installation.

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  • MED+ purifierMED+ air purifiers provide ultra-clean air and are designed according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC. Their innovative filtration system is the definitive medical air solution, while a small footprint allows to make the most of the space available. The MED+ offers air purity through seven stages of active purification. This purifier is also certified as a medical device. The MED+ is supplied with Purge Control as a standard feature. This saves up to 70% of compressed air during times of low demand (overnight for example).

    ES-Medical Central ControllerThe ES Medical Central Controller offers a single point of control for the whole Air Plant, ensuring all compressors and purifiers provide optimum performance. The result is high quality and consistency of air supply, and a dependable and energy efficient network, while helping to keep costs at a minimum. The ES Medical Central Controller allows total

    control over the installation, full integration into existing Building Management Systems, and compliance with the medical alarm and monitoring requirements specified in ISO 7396-1. The new ES Medical Central Controller is based on the well-known ES6 system, but deeply reworked to increase safety, reliability and to comply with strict medical regulations. n

    Did you know that Atlas Copco delivers medical air and medical vacuum to the Sint-Antonius hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands?

    Our medical website is renewed? On this website, you can find different videos about the Medical Air Plant, including the story about the Sint-Antonius hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands. www.atlascopco.com/Medicalus/tools/videos/

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    Andrew Walker, Chair of the Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Council and President of the Compressor Technique Service division, comments: Congratulations to the team. This compressor is a huge leap forward in innovation and will benefit both our customers and the environment. This helps cement Atlas Copcos position as the company with the best products, both when it comes to energy efficiency and productivity.

    The prize...The project team will receive 5800 (SEK 50 000) for use toward an environmental initiative or project. The project team has chosen a very green project indeed: the complete prize will be donated to WeForest, a non-profit association involved in sustainable deforestation. With the prize money, no less than 14 500 trees will be planted, covering an area of 14.5 ha in Burkina-Faso, near the Malinese border. The VSD+ forest will contribute to the Great Green Wall, a forest that must protect several African countries against the expansion of the desert. Not only the environment benefits from deforestation, WeForest also offers employment and sustainable food production to the local communities. Read more on www.weforest.org.

    Reaction by Bert DeromIn name of the entire project team, many thanks the recognition for the VSD+ project and the new GA VSD+ compressor range.

    It is a great honor for us to receive this Environmental Award and the recognition that goes along with it. With the results over the first months (already more than 1000 units sold today); and the recent launches to North- and South-America, we are confident that the VSD+ will continue its positive contribution to the environment and sustainability of Atlas Copco, as well as for our customers and business partners.

    We feel honored to receive the equivalent of SEK 50 000 that we can use to support a good environmental initiative! The project team likes to thank the entire Industrial Air Divisional Management for all the support received in order to make this project a success. n

    - Evi Serluppens

    With the Environmental Award, Atlas Copco honors a person/team who achieved outstanding commitment and performance in the environmental area. The 2012 award goes to the project team that realized the GA VSD+.

    Geert Follens, President of Industrial Air and Bert Derom, Product Manager, are very proud of winning this award.

    Environmental Award goes to GA VSD+ team

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  • Precision machining company needs cutting-edge tools

    Di-Spark was founded over 30 years ago and ever since they built an excellent reputation. Their product-ion hall is filled to the brim with state-of-the-art engineering tools, including EDM machines. EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a precision engineering processthat uses the thermal energy of sparks to cut through conductive materials, hence the name of the company. They were one of the first companies in the UK to make use of this kind of technology. Di-Spark always strived to use the latest technologies, explains David Light, Managing Director.

    Small components, big customersDi-Sparks precision engineered components are usually fairly small, but vital components of bigger machines, such as airplanes, Formula 1 cars, satellites and oil rigs.

    Di-Sparks production need reliable compressed air 24/7, so they needed a compressor that doesnt mind working through the night... and saving energy while doing so.

    Cutting-edge toolsDi-Spark wants to stay one step ahead of the competition by combining their know-how with the latest technology. So when Atlas Copco showed Di-Spark what the GA VSD+ can do, they wanted to get in on the ground floor. A GA 15 VSD+ now provides Di-Spark with reliable, energy efficient compressed air that mirrors their fluctuating demand perfectly, 24/7.

    This compact compressor runs so quietly, Di-Spark placed it directly on its factory floor. With a machine that offers more Free Air Delivery for only half of the energy, Di-Spark is ready for the future. They will stay one step ahead of their competitors thanks to their smart choice for a smart machine. n

    - Evi Serluppens

    Small components, but crafted with nanometer-precision. Only the best is good enough for Di-spark, that applies to their products as well as to their tools.

    For the Di-Spark Group, its all about the details. They are specialized in the production of complex components and deliver those to customers in aerospace,medical, motorsports and other high-stake, scientific industries. Bad workmen blame their tools, smart companies like Di-Spark choose the right tools Such as an Atlas Copco GA VSD+.

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  • Lets be serious about our Intellectual Property!At the beginning of this year, a worldwide campaign on Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets was launched in our business area.

    Focus of the campaign is awareness for how to protect our valuable know-how and prevent it from leakage. Simply said, it is about keeping our confidential information confidential and protecting our intellectual property (in short IP).

    Why is this needed?If we want to stay ahead of our competitors, we need to keep innovating. Innovation is built on knowledge and know-how. We invest heavily in building and broadening this knowledge through R&D investments. We should therefore also protect it and prevent it from leakage, says Stephan Kuhn, President of the Compressor Technique business area.

    Dont we already do that?Yes, we do, but we can do even better. Compressor Technique files patents on its inventions, but did you know that some countries have utility models? This is a different kind of patent which is more easily and quickly granted and can be used as a strategic tool. We should fully use the IP tools that exist to protect our IP.

    But it is much more than patents alone, adds Sabine Tilsley, Legal Counsel specialized in IP law. It is also about making proper agreements when we engage third parties for joint R&D projects. Who will own the results and the IP, if any? Or if we speak to third parties and ask for tenders, do we protect our confidential information that we need to

    deliver to them? Do we actually only share the information that a third party really needs-to-know? If we make new product designs, do we think about protecting our design with design patents? If we develop a marketing campaign or develop software, do we make sure we own the copyright? Did we protect our brand rights and filed for trademarks worldwide?

    The campaign was kicked off with a live and global webinar for our CT management where Stephan and Sabine had a live discussion on the topic and introduced a new policy and an e-learning.

    All white collars from the global CT product companies who work in Engineering / R&D / Manufacturing / Purchase / Marketing /

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  • Communication received an e-mail with a video introduction by Stephan and the invitation to read the policy and take the e-learning.

    We hope that people enjoyed the e-learning and learned more about IP and trade secrets. An important message we wanted to convey also is that it is the job of each one of us to care about proper IP protection., says Sabine. The fictitious business case we added in the second module of the e-learning is aimed at conveying that message.

    The e-learning was targeted at about 2500 people in our organization but is actually open to anyone who is interested to learn more on the topic. Go to the competence portal and search for the e-learning called CT Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets.

    If you want more information on Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets, check out the IP Portal, contact Sabine Tilsley or Ewan Van Minnebruggen, Compressor Techniques in-house Patent Attorney.

    Keep on innovating and watch out for more IP initiatives in the future! n

    - Sabine Tilsley

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  • This years first assembly was appropriately called Efficient networking and building relations. On May 27th the Dutch session and on June 6th the English session was held in the training center.

    There was a large turnout with about 70 participants per session and the reactions we received afterwards were wildly enthusiastic. The event started with a network bingo. The bingo form contained questions intended to get to know the other people. This was clearly an ideal start. In no time everyone was networking.

    As an introduction Kirsten Ujvari spoke about how she experienced networking in the past. I always hated networking (at least in its classical definition). Some people may be born networkers, but in any case I am not. Networking is a buzzword and everyone must network. This goes against my nature. I always dreaded having to go to a network event. It gave me the chills and I always hated hearing that I had to present and sell myself. Meanwhile I have learned that network events can also be a positive experience, to which I look forward. I benefit from them every day. Networking is even fun now.

    With tips & tricks drawn out of her own experiences Kirsten was able to captivate this hall filled with interested people from beginning to end.

    We concluded the event with drinks and snacks. Networking into practice: the ideal way to get to know Atlas Copco colleagues across divisions and departments.

    A preview on the rest of the year:Early October we begin with a repetition of the session innovations in presentations by Sylvie Verleye. In the subsequent network events you will learn more about career management and mindfullness at work. The three-day trainings session on Balanced leadership for female employees in the (middle) management is also repeated. So keep an eye on the training database! (EMC).

    Apart from that there is also a PLUNCH this year, but you will find out more about that later!....

    We look forward to meeting you in one of the events! If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact someone from the Steerco. They can also help you if you are looking for a mentor or if you want to be a mentor yourself! n

    The Belgium Pleiades help you to reach for the stars

    Steering Committee Belgium PleiadesCaroline Dehaemers Claudia Baes Elke Van Overbeke Inge Craninckx Ilse Roegies Josephine Samuelson Katleen De Bauw Mariska Mathieu Veerle Kienen

    Who are we?Belgium Pleiades is the local Belgian team from the Atlas Copco Global Female Business Network.

    Our missionDeveloping an environment that encourages and stimulates women to grow into management functions

    Our visionRaising awareness among our employees that a diversified work environment will contribute to sustainable growth and profit in the company. Provide the necessary tools to managers in order to develop and retain female employees. Support women to develop the necessary skills to grow to the top of the organisation.

    Our target audienceFemale employees in Belgium (Wilrijk, Rumst, Hoeselt & Overijse) + Gas & Process (Germany)

    Did you knowthat the Atlas Copco Global Female Business Network chose the name Pleiades because of Greek mythology, named after the star cluster Atlas and its seven daughters.


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  • Master in Sales Program The Industrial Air division aims for a well-balanced gender diversity amongst its workforce, in line with our Group Sustainability goals. Since the gender ratio has been more or less flat for some years now, around 16% female managers and 18% female employees, the Industrial Air division decided there was no more time to waste

    The ambition to have more females in our organization in combination with the observation that many employees that grow into (general) management roles have a background in sales and marketing, has led to the initiative of the Master in Sales Program (MIS program).

    Early 2012, the Industrial Air division launched an advertisement on the internal job market looking for women to participate in the sales mentorship program expressing an interest to continue their career in a front end sales position after completing the program. In April 2012, the 14 selected women from different countries across the globe (China, US and several European countries) started their journey to become professional sales people. The program lasted for 12 months: participants were continuously trained on the job in combination with 4 weeks of intensive formal training on product and application knowledge, sales process fundamentals, value based selling, negotiation techniques and sales excellence. During the program they were monitored and coached by experienced sales / business line managers.

    After one year, it is amazing to see the progress they have made in terms of commercial skills as well as the fact that they delivered tangible and measurable results to the business. An achievement all participants can be really proud of. Most participants had different challenges, either growing revenues, setting up new sales channels that will contribute in the next years or enabling the sales organization to accelerate business via the back office.

    The program exceeded the expectations: all participants are convinced the mentorship program expanded their knowledge significantly. In addition to creating a global network of female sales people and making new friends, this program added value to the career path of these women.

    Janice Patulot (Atlas Copco Philippines) states following:

    I highly recommend this program to all future sales persons because it enhances not only your sales and technical knowledge but also your interpersonal skills.

    On April 30 2013, the first edition of the Industrial Air Masters in Sales program was officially closed. After finishing the program, most of the former trainees have become active and successful in a sales position in customer centers around the world.

    Victoria Andreeva (Multibrand) says: We won the contract for the biggest Ceccato screw compressor last week thanks to our close interaction with the distributor, a profound understanding of the customer needs and the whole sales process. The program gave me a very good training of value based sales, good understanding on how to gain a customer and offer him the best solution.

    The members of the Program Team (Koen Lauwers, Alain Lefranc & Pascale Penn) confirmed that the division is really excited about the concept of the Program and the first experience. I am convinced that this program will support the division to create a flow of talented females in sales that can further on develop into sales and marketing management capacity, says Alain Lefranc.

    Following the success of this first MIS program, the Industrial Air division will launch the next edition in 2014. If you want to participate in the next Masters in Sales traineeship or act as a mentor, keep an eye on the internal job database after summer holidays! n

    - Pascale Penn

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  • Atlas Copco keeps innovating, and not only its products. Compressor Techniques divisions joined forces to issue 2 tablet apps: the Atlas Copco Kiosk gathers all our leaflets in one place, while the Internal Kiosk holds divisional newsletters.

    Maybe you are already reading this innovations on your tablet. If so, double tap the screen and hit the like button. If not: read on...

    All leaflets, in all languages in one placeDownload just one app, to see all our leaflets lined up in a bookshelf. Originally developed as a sales tool, these interactive brochures are available for everyone.

    Of course our printed brochures will still be around. But this app brings the same product information as well as additional, interactive possibilities: the iLeaflets have animations, movies and spectacular 3D models of our products. Industrial Air, Quality Air and Oil-free Air already uploaded brochures to this app.

    Curious? Then visit the Apple App Store with your iPad, or Google Play with your Android tablet and search for Atlas Copco Kiosk. We also have a PC/Mac version available for download from the Atlas Copco website. Go to www.atlascopco.com, then to media, multimedia and then apps. The Atlas Copco Kiosk is free and the brochures have been translated to different languages. You need a wifi connection to download a brochure, but once downloaded, it remains available offline.

    Take-away news for Atlas Copco employeesThere is a second kiosk, especially for internal newsletters. You will also find this edition of innovations in the internal kiosk, alongside newsletters from Industrial Air, Quality Air, Oil-free Air and Rental.

    These iNewsletters again contain almost the same information as the traditional printed or PDF newsletters, but also some interactive features. Double tap the screen to open up a world of possibilities. You can share a page, which opens a mailbox or file sharing website. And if you like an article, then you can let other readers know by pressing like.

    Of course you wont find the internal kiosk in the app stores. To install the app, browse with your tablet to www.atlascopco.com/internalkiosk. After registering with an official Atlas Copco mail address, you can download the app. There is also a PC/Mac version available for download from the same website. n

    - Evi Serluppens

    The Atlas Copco Kiosk: take-away news

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  • Atlas Copco has launched a video portal where all videos ever produced by Group companies will be posted, accessible to all employees. An external Atlas Copco video portal has also been launched.

    The internal portal will be used for uploading and publishing of all videos produced by any Group company and any brand. At the launch you will find videos produced by all Business Areas and their divisions as well as by Corporate Communications. From this portal the videos published can then be pushed to Youtube and other channels.

    To safeguard knowledge sharing and transparency between the Groups operations three important rules apply to the internal video portal:

    All videos/films produced by any Group company will be posted in the portal.

    All videos can be watched by any Group employee.

    The videos uploaded will be easy to find. The people uploading the videos must therefore carefully provide information in accordance with a predefined template and keywords (metadata or tags) must be added in an organized way. All information entered is in English, the corporate language.

    The comprehensive internal portal is found on the Village: www.acvillage.org/. Go to Tools > Multimedia.

    The external video portal, with a selection of the videos, is found on www.atlascopco.com/us/News/multimedia/

    If you are missing videos produced by your division, contact the communications manager in the division in charge.

    If you have videos to be uploaded, contact Service Desk Web for more information.

    For specific questions regarding the video portal, please contact Atlas Copcos web manager Cristina Cubillo. n

    Atlas Copco launches video portal

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  • A great opportunity to get the latest news, interact and share ideas._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    What it is NOT: Another microsite Another database A group/divisional website

    What it is:An online meeting place for people within the Compressor Technique business area, providing communication/marketing related information, offering possibilities to interact with colleagues in communication and marketing. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Since its launch in May, the Compressor Technique Newsroom has already more than 250 members.

    More and more people around the world share ideas, interact and communicate in forums and blogs, search for the latest news about products, applications and marketing activities.

    If you want to know more or become a member, send an e-mail to [email protected] n

    - Michael Gaar

    Compressor Technique Newsroom

    On 208 pages, Atlas Copco Compressor Technique presents itself with all products and services for the very first time in a new general catalog. Not only the fact that it is the first of its kind, its also the development process which is innovative.

    For the first time, all data and product information have been taken directly from the online product pages. This represents already over 80% of the complete catalog content. This concept gets the production process not only faster, easier and more efficient, it also enables a cost- and time efficient production of catalogs in local versions, because the online product pages deliver product related contents in more than 20 languages.

    Now available: the first Compressor Technique general catalog

    The English version is available in the global business portal under print number 2936022740.

    Please contact your communication res-ponsible if you want this catalog in another language. n

    - Michael Gaar

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  • In full alignment with its leading position in terms of environmental awareness, Frito-Lay, an affiliate of PepsiCo Foods, chose Atlas Copco screw blower technology for its water treatment facility. The water treatment process has lower noise levels and meets carbon economy requirements with an average of 30% energy efficiency.

    PepsiCo Foods Turkey optimizes its production environments to align with the companys vision of environmental sustainability. Investing in water conservation, wastewater recycling, energy saving, energy generation and use of alternative energy resources, the company operates two factories in Turkey with water and energy consumption values below the European average.

    The technology choice Frito-Lay chooses Atlas Copco as its solution provider for compressed air based on the fact that Atlas Copco products are not only efficient but also contribute to sustainable production. All equipment and process air needs in the production facility are met by Atlas Copcos high efficiency, 100% oil-free screw compressors.

    When it came to the selection of screw blowers to be used in the aeration tanks in the wastewater treatment facility, economy and reliability were significant factors.

    Noise level as low as 70 dB(A) at one meterNo unexpected shutdowns due to equipment failure have occurred since the first ZS screw blower went into operation at Frito-Lay in 2010. In addition, the average of 30% energy efficiency achieved helped to lower operating costs significantly at the wastewater treatment facility.

    Unlike traditional lobe blower technology with its high noise levels, the new ZS screw blower range gets full marks for customer satisfaction in terms of safety at work and environmental compatibility. The blowers at Frito-Lays wastewater treatment facility operate for a minimum of 18 hours per day, seven days a week. The noise level at one meter is as low as 70 dB(A) and ear protection is no longer necessary inside the treatment facilitys blower room.

    30% more energy efficient Atlas Copco decided to launch the new ZS screw blower range because traditional lobe technology does not meet todays requirements for low carbon economy. ZS screw blowers meet these requirements, providing an average of 30% higher energy efficiency compared to traditional lobe technology. Industries and applications including wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, energy generation, foods and beverages, pharmaceutical, chemistry, cellulose and paper, textile and general manufacturing achieve higher energy efficiency by adopting the innovative screw blower technology instead of the traditional lobe technology.

    For more information, visit www.efficiencyblowers.com or contact Ben Van Reybroeck - Product Manager Low Pressure. n

    - Ben Van Reybroeck

    Environmentally aware Frito-Lay chooses our compressed air solutions


    i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 | 1 7


    At the Michelin plant in Homburg, Germany, an oil-free variable speed drive ZR air compressor from Atlas Copco is at the core of a new compressor concept that has already saved the company a six-figure sum in energy costs over the first year. The system functions so efficiently that the specific energy requirement for the compressed air supply fell from 0.143 to 0.108 kWh per standard cubic meter.

    The Homberg plant predominantly produces 22.5-inch front truck tires. Homberg is home to the entire production process, right through to the finished tire: from the rubber mixing process to the tire substrate and shell construction, through to vulcanization and quality inspection.

    Speed regulation and master control system save energy costsA master control system and an oil-free ZR 315 VSD FF screw compressor form the core of a new compressed air concept. The ZR 315 VSD FF works at a variable, regulated speed. Thus, instead of constantly generating more than the required amount of compressed air, the exact quantity required can now be produced. According to Winfried Schfer, Technical Manager at Michelin:

    We never look for the cheapest or quickest solution, but always the most reliable and it must be efficient.

    System runs 25% more efficientlyThe solution with the master control system and the new compressor has already provided significant savings: the specific energy demand was previously 0.143 kWh per standard cubic meter, but now reaches an average of 0.108 kWh.

    This means the system now runs almost 25 percent more efficiently,

    reports Winfried Schfer. Four compressors are usually in operation at the same time three turbo compressors and the Atlas Copco VSD compressor, which adjusts to supplement the missing air up to the target pressure of 7.0 bar and compensates for pressure fluctuations.

    Not a drop of oil that could affect qualityThe new compressor is water-cooled and compresses with absolutely no oil and therefore absolutely no risk; another argument that impresses Michelin. The MD adsorption dryer integrated in the compressor, which is also speed-regulated, helps to dry the air and cool it to a pressure dewpoint of -30C.

    Increases in efficiency save EUR 300 000 per yearWith the new system and the new compressor, we have made savings of at least EUR 300 000, projected over a year, based on 10 000 cubic meters of air per hour and the specified increases in efficiency, explains Schfer. Closed circular pipes are used wherever possible in order to prevent loss of pressure. This has allowed the working pressure to be reduced from 8 to the current level of 7 bar, achieving an additional energy saving of approximately 7%.

    Additional VSD compressor could pay for itself within two years Based on our positive experience, a new compressor could pay for itself after just two years, says Schfer. n

    About MichelinMichelin is one of the worlds largest tire manufacturers, with a global market share of 14.8%. The French company sells its prod-ucts in over 170 countries, and manufactures at 70 factories in 18 countries. The five German production locations employ 5 930 of the companys total workforce of around 11 500 employees. The factory in Homburg in the Saarland manufactures more than one million truck tires annually. The plant also recycles 500 000 used Michelin tires every year (MICHELIN Remix). The majority of the new tires are produced for new vehicles, with the rest for the spare parts market. Michelin is also known for its road maps and travel guide books.

    Michelin saves 300 000 thanks to Atlas Copco


    1 8 | i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3

  • The ZF Group is a leading global automotive supplier for driveline and chassis technology. With its ZF Wind Power division, focusing on the design, manufacture and supply of tailor-made gearboxes for wind turbines, the Group has become a major player in the wind power market.

    Identifying potential energy savingsDuring the expansion of ZF Wind Powers plant at Lommel, the company contacted Atlas Copco regarding an increase in compressed air production. Atlas Copco began by performing an energy audit and an analysis of the sites air consumption profile to identify and calculate the potential for energy savings.

    Compressed air plays an important role at Lommel. One example is an air-cushioned transport for gearboxes weighing up to 400 tons, which moves them from the assembly to the testing deprtment. The transport requires about 800 liters of air per second and it was important for the company that the compressed air installation could deliver sufficient air flow with a high level of reliability.

    Automatic monitoring and controlAtlas Copco GA 160 VSD FF oil-injected rotary screw compressors were selected since they would help ZF Wind Power save installation, electricity and service costs. With its integrated Variable Speed Drive, the GA 160 VSD FF keeps energy consumption to a minimum by monitoring and automatically adjusting the air supply to the air demand.

    The integrated variable speed dryer on the full feature version (FF) of the GA 160 VSD provides a superior dewpoint for dry compressed air, while achieving energy savings. The compressors compact, fully integrated concept also reduces floor space requirements and installation costs.

    An Atlas Copco ES central control system provides simultaneous monitoring and control of all compressors. The ES system defines the optimum sequencing of the compressors in the room and helps to further reduce the energy consumption.

    Effective supportCombining a high level of expertise with fast response times, the support provided by the Atlas Copco service team meets the expectations of the plant in Lommel.

    Rob Loos: I need to make sure that production runs smoothly. Atlas Copco provides proper maintenance and rapid intervention if necessary.

    I know that every morning when we start up the assembly lines, the GAs will do their job.

    Now, we dont have to worry about the compressed air and can focus on other activities. In short, we are happy to have Atlas Copco as a partner. n

    Atlas Copco helps ZF Wind Power optimize air usage and minimize energy consumption Today, wind power is the worlds fastest growing energy source. When ZF Wind Power in Belgium needed an expansion of the compressed air capacity at its site in Lommel, Atlas Copco recommended GA 160 VSD FF compressors and an ES central control system to optimize their compressed air usage. Working with companies who understand our business and can support us is of paramount importance, and Atlas Copco was clearly the best fit, says Rob Loos, Senior Technician at the Lommel site.


    i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 | 1 9

  • In June 2013, the CT Management Team visited Shengda. When Stephan Kuhn and his management team came to the workshop of Shengda, they were deeply impressed by the tremendous changes since their last visit one year ago.

    The integration after the acquisition has made great progress; rooms have transformed into clean and bright areas; goods shelves in the welding workshop make the work site more clean and tidy; shelf-style storage is applied in warehouse of raw materials to significantly improve space utilization.

    With great interest, the CT Management Team asked numerous questions when they walked into the assembly workshop and saw the giant semi-finished products of special industrial gas dryer. These products are 6 gas dryers supporting the project of glycol from coal of Yili Group. At present, the manufacturing workshop is making every effort to complete production and to successfully deliver the goods on time to the customer.

    These 6 sets of equipment are specialized in purifying special gas of coal chemical industry which is flammable, combustible and poisonous.

    It is required that our equipment must ensure 100% zero release, because this gas cannot be released to the atmosphere as a result of its certain corrosiveness, low working pressure and dangerous explosive organics contained in the gas. Presently, Shengda is one of the most competitive companies with the ability to design and manufacture this kind of special process gas dryer in China. With the prosperous coal chemical industry in China, Shengda will make innovations and actively explore the market by its dominating competence of research & development and manufacture in this field.

    After the visit of the workshop, Stephan Kuhn also talked with the management of Shengda and introduced members of his team to management team of Shengda. He friendly encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts to continuously create better achievements. n

    - Jeroen Hoen

    Shengda welcomes CT Management Team


    2 0 | i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3

  • Most Atlas Copco employees are familiar with the organization Water for All, but it got rather quiet around this initiative in recent years.

    This changed on Atlas Copcos 140th anniversary. I, Inge Craninckx, was elected as ambassador for Water for All in Belgium and with the support of a few volunteers I organized an information stand in the different Airpower canteens on Wold Water Day at the end of March. We succeeded in attracting 140 new sponsors in less than thirty days!

    Shortly after the global website was updated. On this website you can see which projects are supported by funds from Water for All around the world. (www.water4all.org/us/projects/)

    Meanwhile we have already met a few times with a few volunteers and we have plenty of ideas to give the Water for All organization in Belgium a complete face-lift during the next months but you will hear more about this during the next months. n

    - Inge Craninckx

    Belgium 2.0


    i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 | 2 1

  • Airtec is alive!On Saturday, June 15 nearly 100 sportsmen and women attended the first edition of Airtec is alive!, a day from, by and for Airtec employees. The purpose of the day was to let everyone have a taste of as many sports as possible, thus giving the traditional Airtec soccer tournament a thorough face-lift. No less than 12 teams made an appearance

    2 2 | i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3

  • In numerous well-known and lesser known disciplines the participants competed for the Airtec Is Alive!-cup. In the end Mais-il-est-o le Duvel? came off best.

    Thanks to the organizing committee: Bart Paridaens, Elke Van Gulck, Kris Robbroeckx, Leentje Vermeren, Luc Van Mieghem, Marc Flamant, Marc Mertens, Marc Schols, Mohamed Tadlaoui, Steve Swaap and all their

    respective assistants for a flawless organization! n

    - Lieven van den Bosch

    i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 | 2 3

  • We have worked out a marketing concept in order to profile the CT Logistics organization and make ourself more visible as major playor within the CT business area worldwide. CT Logistics is proud to present five visuals that are a clear identification of the five pillars on which every service center is built. The five deparments are a committed chain and every one of them has an important role. Good communication and smooth teamwork between every department is the key to success.

    So let me introduce you the five pillars of a Service Center.

    Inbound Inventory Warehousing Customer Service Transport and Shipping

    With this concept we want to highlight our international partnership, with the other service centers, cleary stating that wherever you are in the world, we are ONE team, sharing the same values, having the same goal: to serve our customers with the best possible logistics solutions. This campaign is not only limited to the ASC in Antwerp but

    For most of the people our organization is a far away friend, but did you know that all machines being produced in Airpower but also in a number of other factories are passing through the ASC to continue their way to the customer ? ASC is the beating heart of CT Logistics, we are the logistics partner of a number of divisions and take not only care of the full supply chain of spare parts but are also involved in the inflow of both production goods and spare parts and in the outbound flow of machines and parts.

    has been rolled out to our 6 service centers over the world in America, Brazil, China, India, Australia and Russia.

    For every department a unique poster has been designed containing a slogan, an extraordinary background and a short description of the key value every department is proud of. Every poster also includes the complete chain of visuals in order to underline that its all about teamwork! A subtle arrow points out the department in focus.

    The recurrence of three logos with wheels are not only visually attractive, but carry a strong message behind it: we want to express the speed of our operations, but even more that things are rolling smoothly and last but not least that the circle is round.

    Another important goal we had in mind is the creation of a strong brand image of our organization to our employees where they can look up to, being proud about their daily contribution to the team, wherever they are in the world.

    The kick off of this campaign has been given to all ASC staff, explaining the concept and introducing the posters. At the start of this

    introduction they had to puzzle the five different posters that where tagged to Atlas Copco boxes, highlighting that we need to be creative to fulfill the customers needs and that it takes teamwork to build customer satisfaction.

    When you are visiting ASC you will find the posters in the warehouse, offices and meeting rooms and from now on youll understand the background of this campaign.

    Besides the posters we have also created a power point template and the visuals are being used in announcements, visitor reports, etc.

    If you have any questions or need more information, dont hesitate to contact our Communications responsible at ASC. n

    - Veerle Kienen

    Welcome to CT Logistics

    2 4 | i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3


    i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 | 2 5

  • At the launch of the 5S program lead by Chris Van Camp, we asked all our employees to think along creatively about how their work environment could be improved. Two important aspects were put first: working safely and ergonomically! After a tour of the warehouse it was decided to work in phases and in little groups. A first initiative was taken in the picking department, where in each shift two people were put in charge. The pursers on duty are Carine De Maeyer, Margie Plov, Marina Serrien and Shanna Govaerts. Their assignment consisted in collecting ideas, conferring with colleagues and subsequently elaborating the necessary plans to transform the picking zone into a safer and more ergonomic workplace.

    Pack I: renewed and refreshed environment

    The most eye-catching alteration is the change of the storage point and the manner of storing. Formerly all bins were unloaded on a roller conveyor nearby the floor. Employees repeatedly had to lean down to put aside the bins. The space was limited and as a result the bins were often put on the floor. The packers had to collect them and move them to their packing table, which not only lead to additional operations, but especially to extra stress in order to set down the bins on the floor and lift them up again afterwards. An additional problem was the traffic-jam of picking motorbikes that had to clear a path between the team operators office and the roller conveyor.

    In the new situation the bins are delivered in the main hallway through a roller rack that is more easily accessible for the picking motorbikes, which eliminates the traffic-jam and allows for safer traffic. Storage is done at hand level and places less stress on the back and shoulders of the pickers. There is more space and you have an overview, which makes it possible to specifically distribute the bins over the different packing stations. The packer can take over the bins in an ergonomic manner and has less distance to cover in order to put the bins on the

    packing table. Also the storage point of the multibrand products received a larger drop-off point and packages heavier than 10 kg are transferred to a new multibrand packing station in the pack 2 zone.

    In order to realize these changes the stock of empty packing materials that was located in the main hallway first had to be moved. This solved a safety and ergonomics issue; the empty packaging was often stacked high and could sometimes only be reached by standing on the picking motorbike, which of course goes against our safety policy. In order to provide themselves with boxes all packers repeatedly had to cross the main hallway with its heavy traffic, which was a concern with regard to safety. In the new set-up all packaging material is assembled in one hallway and is placed at hand level. Extending the packing tables and a better organization enables more packing material to be stored at the workstation. In this new concept one employee is appointed at the end of a shift to replenish all the packing tables allowing the next shift to start smoothly. In this way we avoid a lot of back and forth from the packers and we can work more safely.

    2 6 | i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3

  • Its often the little things that make a difference in efficiency. In addition to the above-mentioned fundamental changes we have also implemented a number of clever improvements that embellish the workplace and make the work more pleasant. The new bins that are used are nestable. That is, they interlock which enables for more empty bins to be stacked in less space.

    The packing tables working surface was increased to a depth of 100 cm instead of 80 cm, which creates additional space to also process bigger boxes in an easy way. All packing tables are set up identically; the different box types are sorted in a similar way and are provided with a bar code label. Replenishing the boxes is now much easier and everyone can be installed at any table. A shadow board ensures that all work materials can be neatly stored and that the worktable is well organized. Under every packing table a waste bin is provided, which belongs in the green square.

    The goods that follow the MPP flow were formerly put on the roller conveyor in the main hallway right behind the wall, which often resulted in a congestion of picking motorbikes in this busy hallway. It was also often unsafe to unload the goods right there between all that traffic. In the new plan an unloading zone is provided for the MPP flow

    enabling the picker to drive his cart into the unloading zone and to safely put the goods on the roller conveyor.

    Finally the gloves cabinet was also provided with the necessary compartments in order to neatly store and easily retrieve all the equipment.

    The team and foreman Jimmy De Vos closely followed the entire project from layout up to execution. Once every two weeks it is evaluated by means of a checklist whether all the changes and agreements that have been made are respected. During this tour particular points that require attention are noted in addition to the scores of positive evaluation. All this is reported and discussed in the team meetings and also posted on the 5S boards with illustrations if necessary. In this way we are all together trying to keep our work environment tidy in order to make the work pleasant and to avoid incidents.

    Many congratulations to all team members who have enthusiastically lead this project and have achieved a splendid result. n

    - Veerle Kienen



    i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 | 2 7

  • This year we are not only celebrating Atlas Copcos 140th anniversary, but also 10 years of CT-IS: Compressor Technique - Information Systems. This period is characterized by organizational changes and continual improvements.

    10 years of CT-IS

    Organizational changes

    As for organizational changes, we have evolved from a decentralized to a centralized model. Before the year 2000 each division had its own IT department. Everyone did however use the same ERP system, BPCS. In response to the Year 2000 Problem it was decided to host all ERP

    systems on one AS/4000 machine and to merge the departments. This would not only be more cost-efficient, but it would also enable process alignment.

    The latter has been an important factor in the choice to base our organization more on end-to-end processes. Infrastructure and hardware

    were transferred to the former ASAP. Simplification of CT-IS lead to two major pillars: Demand, responsible for all IT demand and projects; and Supply, responsible for development and support.

    A next organizational change was the globalization of CT-IS, as the CT business

    Separate IT departments per division

    Consolidation of all IT departments Start

    of AISStart of the

    SEED Project

    Launch iPMO (iPM Office) + Start

    of complete offshoring BPCS development & Support

    Offshoring BI Support

    Launch of iPM R3

    Start of CT-IS + Launch of iPM R1

    (integrated Project Methodology)

    First BPCS implementation outside Europe (Brazil + China)

    Start of our current organization setup with Demand and Supply + GoFIT

    Start up APAC Demand Team

    located in Shanghai











    2 8 | i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3

  • area continued to grow through worldwide acquisitions. Since 2012 we therefore have an APAC Demand team, supporting our entities and customers in China and India.

    Continual improvementsWe are made for continual improvement. Every step has lead to cost reduction, improved service or increased efficiency. Just think of the standard BPCS template that we began to use in 2006 in order to provide ERP for other production companies. Another example is

    our project methodology that we have refined through the years. While we previously often provided custom-made solutions, we are now trying to buy more off-the-shelve solutions.

    Although our existence is only a fraction of Atlas Copcos, we are quite proud and satisfied about our accomplishments during the past decade. That is why we are very much looking forward to what the next years will bring us in terms of challenges and continual improvements. n

    Sune Karlsson 1999 - 2002

    Frans Temmerman 2002 - 2006

    Karel Van De Mieroop 2006 - 2012

    David Mampaey 2012 - ....

    IT Managers CT-IS

    - Suki Maesen

    Separate IT departments per division

    Consolidation of all IT departments Start

    of AISStart of the

    SEED Project

    Launch iPMO (iPM Office) + Start

    of complete offshoring BPCS development & Support

    Offshoring BI Support

    Launch of iPM R3

    Start of CT-IS + Launch of iPM R1

    (integrated Project Methodology)

    First BPCS implementation outside Europe (Brazil + China)

    Start of our current organization setup with Demand and Supply + GoFIT

    Start up APAC Demand Team

    located in Shanghai











    i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 | 2 9

  • Andrew Wal

    ker explains

    where we

    stand today

    with the divis


    Lock Out - Tag Out

    Alcohol Vision Test

    Last Minute Risk Assessment

    Last June, the Service division organized its biannual information session in Club Cabane.During this rather informal event, all employees were briefed about what is going on within the division.

    CTS Event Club Cabane

    Four different themes were presented in four different booths:In the first booth, Andrew Walker gave his presentation on where the division stands today. The results of the first six months were discussed and the goals for the future were presented.

    The strategy of the division was explained where specific products will get special attention in order to secure the future growth of the service business.

    Safety is a topic that concerns all of us so it deserves the necessary attention. During a practical session all employees could find out for themselves what Lock Out Tag Out means. A small simulation of a

    compressor installation made all the potential hazards visible when working on a compressor without properly disconnecting it from all power supplies.

    The importance of Last Minute Risk Assessment was illustrated by means of some practical examples. Everybody received a poster and sticker with the 4 steps of LMRA: 1.Identify the hazard 2. Evaluate the risk 3. Take action and 4. Start work safely.

    Did you know that 50% of the fatal work accidents happen on the road? That is why road safety was also a topic during the event. In collaboration with the BIVV (Belgian Institute for Road Safety) people

    3 0 | i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3

  • Alcohol Vision Test


    The Service Sales Process


    could take an alcohol vision test (a pair of glasses that simulate drunkenness). Here everybody could experience what happens when you are drunk and why it is irresponsible to drive and drink

    In another booth, the Multibrand strategy was explained by means of a quiz. The interactive participation of everyone made this a lively but instructive session. Through questions and answers, the participants got informed about the facts and figures of the Multibrand business.

    A last topic was the Service Sales Process. A huge banner illustrated the process that was further explained by the colleagues of Operations and Marketing. The focus was on the importance of sales leads that reach us through different channels phone calls from customers, marketing activities, the Atlas Copco website and via SMARTLINK (the connectivity system from Atlas Copco where compressors send data

    about service needs). Only through good follow-up of service leads can we improve the sales process that will actually generate customer orders. Once we have the order, we can start building customer loyalty.

    The official program was followed by some sports activities where team spirit was the main drive.

    The evening ended with some food and drinks. The weather was fine and people enjoyed the nice atmosphere . n

    - Christine Belhomme

    Quiz Multibrand

    i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 | 3 1

  • How AIRScan will help our customers to save energyCTS offers to help our customers to save energy: Atlas Copco offers to share its expertise in a consultancy service called AIRScan. Our trained Energy Consultants will audit their complete compressed air installation to assess the supply, distribution and demand of compressed air.

    Sustainable productivity through service

    WHY do our customers need AIRScan? Compressed air is widely used in a range of processes in the industry. Many customers want to buy the most energy efficient products at the time of purchase because they know that saving energy means saving money. Over time, the customers air requirements may change. However, most companies dont follow up on this change in demand.

    WHAT is AIRScan? In the AIRScan audit, the Energy Consultant will establish required pressure levels at point of use, measure pressure drops and define waste in demand or distribution. As a result of the audit, he can propose actions to start eliminating that waste, for example by improved regulation of the compressors or changing the size of the air vessels that represent the buffer capacity of the air supply system.

    WHO performs the AIRScan?CTS are currently training and certifying Atlas Copco Energy Consultants worldwide, to get them up to speed with the latest software simulation tools. These tools calculate the efficiency improvements that we propose and attaches a real cost saving to them. The next training will take place in September in Wuxi, China for the Asian region. In October, there will be a training for the NASA region in Rock Hill, USA and another session for EMEA region will be organized in November in Belgium.

    The AIRScan team is ready for our next challenge: help customers to a more sustainable future. n

    Some questions our Energy Consultant will ask when auditing the suppliers compressed air installation:Is your compressed installation still running at its optimum effi-ciency for your current demand? Have the requirements for your compressed air not been overstated in the past? Or do you still meet the necessary requirements in order to safeguard your processes and compressed air applications.

    Most customers dont have a clue on what the answer to these questions is. In the best case, they have been monitoring the energy consumption of the compressed air installation and they can relate that to the production level. But in many cases, even that is not re-ally monitored.

    - Bart Talboom and Inge Craninckx

    3 2 | i n n o v a t i o n s T M - O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3

  • Ik stop en controleer voordat ik start!

    Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) is een hulpmiddel om potentile gevaren te herkennen en te verhelpen alvorens aan de slag te gaan.

    Veiligheid staat altijd voorop!

    LMRA_B_50x70cm_DUTCH.indd 1 26/09/13 15:32


    I stop and check before I start!

    Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) is a tool to detect and remove potential hazards before a job is started.

    Safety always comes first!