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TMS Domestic Rental Pricelist

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  • The Modal ShopSound and Vibration

    Rental Pricelist

    USA and CanadaEffective February 2017

    International Pricing Available

    All Prices shown in US Dollars.

    Helping you test, model, and modify the behavior of structures.www.modalshop.com

    3149 E Kemper RdCincinnati OH45241 - 1516 USA

    Phone: +1 513 351 9919USA Toll-Free: 800 860 4867Fax: 513 458 2172

  • What's New in Rental

    PCB Piezotronics 351B41 cryogenic accelerometer (Page 5)Uniaxial voltage mode sensor measures down to -320 F / -196 C

    PCB Piezotronics 357B61 high temp accelerometer (Page 11)Uniaxial charge mode sensor measures up to 900 F / 482 C

    Digiducer 333D01 USB digital accelerometer with internal DAQ (Page 12)Eliminates need for external DAQ - works with iOS, Android and more

    Larson Davis HVM200 new human vibration meter (Page 20)New modern portable and rugged design for ISO 2631 and 5349 testing

    The Modal Shop 9200D and 9210D low frequency shaker table and calibrator (Page 14)Test in situ or calibrate accelerometers, prox probes and more as low as 0.7 Hz

    The Modal Shop K2002E01 inertial shaker kit (Page 18)Miniature shaker to excite hard to reach areas

    The Modal Shop 2000X01 head expander for dual purpose shakers (Page 19)Use for mounting large objects to 75 lbf or 110 lbf exciters

    The Modal Shop LT2 new LaserTach rotational speed sensor (Page 21)Jitter-free and powers with as little as 2 mA standard ICP power

    IMI Sensors VO622A01 industrial velocity sensor (Page 16)Velocity output operates with standard ICP power

    PCB Piezotronics 260A01 triaxial force sensor, and FLVT systems (Page 15)Mini voltage-mode 3-component force ring joins existing options

    PCB Piezotronics new dynamic pressure sensors (Page 21)A wider range of hardware now offered

    PCB Piezotronics 740B02 dynamic strain sensor (Page 16)Innovative reusable dynamic strain sensor for aircraft and GVT testing

    VTI Instruments EMX SentinelEX Data Acquisition Hardware (Page 32)Modern DAQ from hardware leader in aerospace and large structure testing

    SINUS Messtechnik Apollo acoustic analyzer products, multichannel SLM projects (Page 31)Multichannel acoustics including intensity, room acoustics and more

    Crystal Instruments CoCo-80x new 2, 4, 8 channel analyzer (Page 30)New hardware with touchscreen and 150 dB dynamic range

    Crystal Instruments CoCo-90-16 16 channel CoCo-90 standalone dynamic signal analyzer (Page 30)No PC required, 24-bit all in one analyzer with display

    Crystal Instruments Spider-20 compact 4-channel standalone data recorder (Page 30)6-hour battery life in full operating mode and built in Wi-Fi

    Crystal Instruments Spider-80X high channel dynamic measurement system (Page 30)Scalable analyzer for high channel count measurements

    Vibrant Technology ME-scopeESS Environmental Surveillance Series (Page 31)Environmental vibration monitoring at multiple sites with databasing

    PCB Piezotronics 378A07 low frequency microphone system (Page 22)Measure down to 0.13 Hz, great for wind turbine noise and much more

    Larson Davis Audiometry Audiometry couplers, artificial ears and cal systems (Page 29)From audiometer calibration to IEC 60318 mastoids and more

    Vibration Testing


    Dynamic Force, Pressure, Strain, Rotation and Velocity

    Data Acquisition

    Accumetrics AT-5000 telemetry system (Page 33)Single channel 12-bit wireless rotor telemetry

    Additional Sensing

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    Table of Contents

    PCB, ICP, IMI and Modally Tuned are registered trademarks of PCB Group. SoundTrack LxT, Spark, Blaze, Echo and EchoPlus are registered trademarks of PCB Piezotronics. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

    Due to continuing research and development, The Modal Shop reserves the right to amend or alter any part of the specification s given in this price list without prior notice. Although care has been taken to assure the accuracy of the data compiled in this publication, The Modal Shop does not assume any liability for errors or omissions. Rental model numbers are subject to discontinuation without notice. Prices are also subject to change without notice. All information is believed co rrect at time of release.

    Accelerometers pg 413

    Accelerometer Cabling and Mounting 69

    ICP/IEPE Signal Conditioning 10

    Accelerometer Calibration 14

    Vibration Control 15

    Dynamic Strain and Industrial Monitoring 16

    Structural/Modal Impact Hammers 17

    Shaker/Exciter Kits and Components 1819

    Impedance Heads 19

    Noise and Vibration Dosimetry 20

    Pressure Sensors / Rotating Equipment 21

    Precision Microphones 2223

    Specialty Acoustics and Accessories 23

    Sound Level Meters & Audiometry 2429

    Data Acquisition and Analysis 3032

    Additional Sensing Technology 33

    Frequently Asked Questions 3435

    About The Modal Shop Back

  • The Modal Shop 4 Rental Pricelist February 2017

    352C22 l

    393C l393B31 l l l393A03

    393B12393B04 393B05


    l l


    PCB Piezotronics: Accelerometers www.pcb.comadditional models may be in stock

    Single Axis ICP AccelerometersICP is PCB Groups trademarked name for Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors. ICP stands for Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric and is the industry standard. Some reasons why:

    Powers and transmits signal using economical standard coaxial two-wire cables, even over long lengths Minimizes possible noise contamination substantially, compared with charge mode sensors ICP or equivalent signal conditioning often built into analyzers or is cost-effective to rent if required

    (see Page 10)

    IndustrialRuggedized accelerometers from PCBs IMI Sensors feature stainless steel housings, a MIL-C-5015 connector and electrical case isolation to protect against electromagnetic interference, surface noise pickup and ground loop problems.

    Structural Test and Modal AnalysisExcellent phase characteristics and lightweight construction, ideal for structural vibration, multi-channel modal analysis, analytical model correlation, and force-response testing. Many units have TEDS functionality as an option, see information below. A wide range of structural test hardware is also available, including shakers and impact hammers, as well as large-channel cable management solutions.

    ShockDesigned to withstand and measure extreme high-level, short-duration transient accelerations, units also feature internal filtering for resonance suppression. Applications include metal-to-metal tests, impacts and armor testing, explosive studies, pile driver monitoring, and simulated pyroshock events. High-g shock calibration is included with rental of 350 Series units.

    General PurposeThese units cover a wide range of tests ranging from vibration control to machine testing, and product qualification. Sensors detailed measure either 50 g or 500 g ranges, but piezoelectric accelerometers often measure an extremely high dynamic range and are perfectly suited for measurements of quite low vibration levels.

    T333B32 l


    603C01 l

    352B70 l350C03 l 350C04 l

    Seismic/Low FrequencyIdeal for bridges, civil structures, floor and foundation monitoring, optical instrument studies, semiconductor manufacturing, and construction and other site surveys for sensitive equipment. Low frequency certification is included with rental of 393 Series units.

    Uniaxial Accelerometers

    353B04 l353B15 l353B17 l 353B18 l

    352A21 l352A25 l

    352C23 l

    TLD333B50 l 333B and T333B lshown with socket/cable

    Miniature Lightweight units are ideal for high frequency testing with a small size and low mass. Applications include environmental testing, component qualification, structural testing and operational behavior of lightweight or thin objects and fatigue testing.

    When removing teardrop style sensors, it is essential to use the removal tool supplied along with an appropriate debonding agent.

    Single direction, single axis units. Generally, start the selection with the maximum g amplitude range in mind. Next, verify other factors including temperature, range, mounting, and cable configuration. For multi-axis testing, consider a triaxial unit (Page 8-9) or use a triaxial mounting adaptor. Contact us for detailed selection assistance, or for unique requirements not shown.




    628F01 l

    1000 g max

    50 g max

    500 g max

    5 g and less

    357B14Charge Mode

    DC LowFrequency Units

    352C65 l 352C68 l

    350D02 350B21350M90

    Specialty Use Accelerometers

    High Frequency 352A60 to 60 kHz Velocity Output VO622A01 velometer (Page 16) Low Temperature 351B41 to -320 F [-196 C] High Temp Charge 357 Series to 500 F [260 C] and 900 F [482 C] (Page 11) True DC (0 Hz) response 37 Series (Page 13) Digiducer USB accelerometer, 333D01 (Page 12)

    351B41 l 357B61 VO622A01

    333D01 Digiducer



    602D01 l

    352A24 l

  • The Modal Shop 5 Rental Pricelist February 2017

    Amplitude Range

    ( g pk)Sensitivity


    Range ( 3 dB)Resolution

    (g rms)

    Mech. ShockLimit

    ( g pk)Temperature

    Range (F)Connector


    To connect to BNC, use cable type (rented

    separately, Page 3)


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