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D - division SIOM

Group members Amruta Birla Shruti Bhagwat Amit Chouhan Sagar Koshti Onkar Gosavi Gitanjali Shinde

Percent of Respondents4%

36% 60%

Frequency of cleaning the teeth30 25 20 15 10 5 0 50


Key factor in purchase25

20 Whiteni ng


Freshne ss


Dental Care


0 50



4 P s of Marketing

HISTORYy Toothpaste has a history that stretches back nearly 4,000 years. y In the 9th century, the Persian musician and fashion designer known to have invented a type of toothpaste, which he popularized throughout Islamic Spain. y Ground fish bones were used by the early Chinese. y In the Middle Ages, fine sand was the primary ingredient in teeth-cleaning formulas used by Arabs. y Table salt was also used to clean teeth y In 1850, Dr. Washington Wentworth Sheffield, a dental surgeon and chemist, invented the first toothpaste

Some Facts ..y India has about 57 million urban and 136 million rural

households y Branded toothpaste penetration is 76.8% in urban areas and 37.1% in rural India y Colgate stands 2nd and Pespodent stands 10th amongst top 10 Indian brands.

Current Market:Leading brands available in the Indian markety y y y y y y

Colgate Pepsodent Anchor Meswak Babool Vicco Dabur

In 1806 Company was started by William Colgate in 1873 Colgate introduced a toothpaste. Colgate introduced a toothpaste in a collapsible tube in

1896. Till 1937 hand-carts were used to distribute Colgate Dental Cream

Colgate (India) today One of the widest distribution networks in India. 4.3 million retail outlets. Net profit Rs 122 crore Volume share of 53.3 per cent The company dominates the Rs. 3500

crore Indian

toothpaste market More than 50% of the market share

y Total market share has increased from 51.7% to 53.3%

in 2009-2010. y Colgate Active Salt and Colgate Sensitive are the major contributors. y Net sales increased 13 per cent to touch Rs 528.8 crore, as against Rs 468 crore last year.

PRODUCTSColgate Max fresh Colgate Kids toothpaste Colgate Active Salt Colgate Max white Colgate Cibaca Colgate Sensitive Colgate Herbal Colgate Advanced whitening

y# 1. Brand recommended by Dentists.

Factors determining the pricey Region where it has been produced. y Brand which produces the toothpaste. y Ingredients of the toothpaste .

Pricey Colgate Active Salt- Rs 57 y Colgate Max fresh- Rs 59 y Colgate Sensitive-Rs 56 y All products of colgate are ranging between 50 to 60


PROMOTIONy Colgate has come up with innovative advertising strategies. y Their main targets are kids, their parents and the dentists. y They have also started a oral health programme and a scholarship programme.


y The only toothpaste brand in India that really put its

mission into action.

y Leading brand in most Asian Countries with Indonesia

and India

Products availabley Pepsopdent complete y Complete 12 y Pepsodent Herbal y Pepsodent Sensative y Pepsodent Milk Teeth Strawbery y Pepsodent Cavity Prevention

Pricey Price of Pepsodent is higher than other products in

this category.y Price of Pepsodent toothpaste is Rs86 for 200 gms. y Even there are variances of Pepsodent which hardly

differ by 2 to 3 Rs.

Promotiony For the promotion purpose Pepsodent launched

12 GHANTE DHISHUM DHISHUM .y They are also promoting through Scholarships and free dental check-ups in schools & colleges.

Brand who is leading the herbal toothpaste market

Dabur India Limited is the fourth largest FMCG

(Fast Moving Customer Goods) Company in India and Dabur had a turnover of approximately US$ 750 Million (Rs. 3390.9 Crore FY 09-10) & Market Capitalization of over US$ 3.5 Billion (Rs 15500 Crore). Dabur (Devnagri: ) derived from Daktar Burman is India's largest Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer.

Dabur Productsy Babool Toothpaste y Meswak Toothpaste y Dabur Red Toothpaste y Promise Toothpaste y These all are herbal products.

Market share of Dabury At 13.5 per cent market share, Dabur s toothpaste

business grew by nearly 20 per cent in 2009-10. y A key driver of growth in this category was the ayurveda based Dabur Red toothpaste, which grew by 17.5 per cent.

Ingredients of Herbal productsIt depends on the specific product e.g.y Babool Toothpaste is a natural toothpaste packed with the medicinal benefits of Babul tree 'Acacia Arabia'. y Meswak is a scientifically formulated herbal toothpaste with pure extract of the Miswak plant 'Salvadore Persica. y Promise Toothpaste is a unique toothpaste containing natural and time-tested Clove Oil.

Price of Dabur Products(50 gms)y Babool Toothpaste-15 Rs y Meswak Toothpaste-15 Rs y Dabur Red Toothpaste-14 Rs y Promise Toothpaste-14 Rs

Placey Basically it follows simple supply chain from

production unit to distributors & then from distributors to retailers. y In any place like malls company is having certain marketing strategy. That which product should be placed where so that they can attract customers attention.

Promotiony Many advertisements are made by Dabur. y Basically telling people importance of Ayurveda and

herbal products.

Dabur Meswak Toothpaste.flv

Rankings with age group250



Colgate Pepsodent Close-up Dabur red Meswak Babool



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