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Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends for 2012

Date post:17-May-2015
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Learn about what's new in 2012 and how your business can adapt to create more sales! 2012 is going to be huge year.
  • 1. Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends Bernard May President Adam de Jong Marketing Manager

2. Agenda

  • Top 10 Internet Marketing trends 2012
  • Marketing takeaways
  • Your action plan for the new year

3. # 1. Your Reputation is Crucial

  • As online becomes more valuable, so does your online reputation
  • 90%of people trust online reviews
  • 78%search a company online before buying product/service

Nielson report, Global Advertising: Consumers Trust Real Friends and Virtual Strangers the Most, 2009. 4. ..And Reviews Play a Huge Role

  • Review sites have a big impact on sales
  • 4/5 customers REVERSE a purchase after reading negative online review
  • Search results now include reviews
  • You need to gather, verify and
  • syndicate positive reviews

Cone Communications, Online Influence Trend Tracker, 2011 5. #2. Nurture Every Lead

  • As online becomes more competitive, leads are more valuable
  • Every lead must be nurtured via email
  • 50% of leads are not ready to buy right away
  • 10x better response rate of lead nurturing than email blast

Hubspot, Introduction to Lead Nurturing, 2011. 6. #3. 2012 year for SME Mobile

  • Customers now finding products/service on the go
  • Mobile optimized websites are crucial
  • HTML 5 sites means mobile SEO will replace apps
  • 71%of users search after seeing mobile ad
  • 53% purchase due to mobile search
  • 90%of mobile search results in action

Google Smartphone User Study April 26, 2011. 7. How SMEs Use Mobile 8. Local Share of Mobile Market BIA Kelsey: Consumers Trust Real Friends and Virtual Strangers the Most, 2011 9. #4. Local Search Grows in Importance

  • More important than ever
  • Google expanding the importance of local search
  • 4 Billionlocal searches on Google per month
  • 20%of all searches are for local products/services
  • 61% of all local searches result in a purchase
  • 55%of use mobile to buy local products/services

BIA Kelsey: Consumers Trust Real Friends and Virtual Strangers the Most, 2011. 10. #5. Social Media and SEO Merge

  • Google+ impacting search engine rankings
  • Google+ for Business crucial for 2012
  • 70 Millionusers for Google+ since June 2011
  • Social engagement for all major sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) more important to SEO

eMarketer, December, 2010. 11. Google Search Plus Your World 12. #6.Video Search Is Gaining Traction

  • More important as web moves mobile & more interactive
  • Videos bigger part of Google s search results

Google Impact of YouTube Homepages On Brand Engagement, U.S., Dec, 2010. This year internet video will account for over 50% of consumer Interaction Source Cisco 13. #7.Rich Snippets Improve Rankings, Reduce Click Through

  • Rich snippets help rankings, hurt click through
  • Hurts your marketing as page views go down and your sales funnel narrows

14. #8.Linking Strategies Become More Sophisticated

  • Link diversity crucial for SEO
  • Simple anchor texting replaced with varied anchor text to look more natural
  • Reciprocal linking with certain partners

15. #9.Value Based Marketing

  • It is all about sales and leads
  • Key Performance Indicators that drive ROI

16. # 10. 2012 is the Year of End-to-End Marketing

  • SEO alone with not be enough to generate rankings
  • Sites will be viewed for their overall Internet footprint
    • SEO (content, links, onsite programming)
    • Social Media
    • Blogs
    • Profiles
    • Reviews
    • Videos

17. Marketing Takeaways

  • Data-driven approach to marketing success
  • Focus on Key Performance Indicators
  • Forget the vanity metrics

18. Your action plan

  • Go tonationalmobileseo.com
  • and create a free mobile website!
  • Create a Google Places page
  • Create Google+ page
  • Call your Project Manager for
  • a FREE demo ofPositive Reviews Pro

19. Q&A

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