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Trp top 10 holiday gifts

Date post:07-May-2015
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http://www.thereadyproject.com/ If you’re looking to give the gift of preparedness to a loved one this holiday season, here are The Ready Project’s Top 10 Gifts.
  • 1.If youre looking to give thegift of preparedness to a loved one this holiday season, here are The Ready Projects Top 10 Gifts. Lindon Farms 90 Food Storage is always the first step to emergency preparedness. The Lindon Farms 90 serving bucket is a week supply for one person. It has a large variety of meals.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage

2. 90 Full Servings 9 different meals to choose from; 2,000 calories a day for 1 week for 1 person; 4 Gal Rugged & Stackable, ez store container; $1.20 per serving Capacity: 90 full servings; Delicious just-add- water meals; Each meal in 5-10 serving pouches; Easy to open zip-seal metalite pouchesThereadyproject.comFood Storage 3. Contains: Cinnamon Rice Pudding; Oatmeal Polenta (Corn Grits); Western Chili; Hearty; Potato Soup; Red Beans & Rice; Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew; Chicken Flavored Vegetable Stew; Cheddar Broccoli SoupThereadyproject.comFood Storage 4. Lindon Farms 150 Freeze-Dried Fruit Lindon Farms freeze-dried fruit is always a familyfavorite.These delicious and conveniently packaged foods are the perfect gift for anyone, especially families with small children. All of the fruit has a shelf life of 25 years if stored in a cool, dry place.Thereadyproject.comFood Storage 5. 150 Total Servings in a 4lb resealable pail; $1.07/Serving; Great for snacks and storage; No additives or preservatives Contains: Sliced Strawberries; Sliced Bananas; Sliced Peaches; Diced Apples; Whole; Raspberries; Whole BlueberriesThereadyproject.comFood Storage 6. Lindon Farms 160 Freeze-Dried Vegetables Lindon Farms freeze-dried vegetables are great to eat straight out of the bag, reconstituted, or mixed in with your other favorite meals. Its a great gift to give anyone because of the added nutrition, which youll need in an emergency situation.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 7. 160 Total Servings in a 4lb resealable pail;$1.00/Serving; Easy to open and use; Great forsnacks and storageContains: Sweet Peas; Diced Potatoes; CornKernals; Green Beans; Cauliflower; BroccoliThereadyproject.comFood Storage 8. Lindon Farms Natural Seed BucketReach full self-reliance with Lindon Farmsdehydrated fruit and vegetable seed bucketthat contains over 316,000 seeds. This varietyof 25 different fruits and vegetables have beendehydrated to optimum moisture content forlong term storage.Thereadyproject.comFood Storage 9. Each seed is packaged and is resalable inhermetically sealed triple foil package. Everyseed is open-polinated (non-hybrid) which willallow continuous seedreplenishmentifdesired. These seeds come with instructionsfor planting, harvesting, and collecting seed toreplenish seed for a perpetual garden.Thereadyproject.comFood Storage 10. Includes: Bean, Bush; Bean, Shell; Beet;Cabbage; Carrot; Corn; Cucumber; Kale;Lettuce, Leaf; Lettuce, Romaine; Melon,Cantaloupe; Melon,; Honeydew; Onion; Pea;Pea, Snap; Pepper, Hot; Pepper, Sweet;Spinach; Squash, Summer; Squash, Winter;Tomato; Watermelon; Basil; Cilantro; DillThereadyproject.comFood Storage 11. Zombie Survival KitZombies cant get enough of the living. Theyrecoming after you! Will you be ready? Arrivealive with the Zombie Survival Kit. Use this kitto provide the necessary tools, protection, andhelpful tips to help you survive anything fromyour typical zombie to the most ravenouszombie who is dying for your brain!Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 12. Package contents: (1) Para Bracelet; (1)Survival Card Tool; (1) Snake Bite Kit; (1)Zombie Shank (axe); (6) 4.2 oz Water Pouch;(1) 3600 Calorie Food Bar; (1) Protective Mask;(1) Emergency Poncho; (1) Tissue Packs; (1)Emergency Blankets; (1) Pair of Latex Gloves;(1) Emergency Light Stick; (1) Whistle; (1) FirstAid Kit (40 Piece); (1) Shake Flashlight; (1)Blood Stopper Trauma DressingThereadyproject.com Food Storage 13. 10 rules on how to survive a zombieapocalypse:1. Cardio Use the ERBar to infuse you withenergy to out run a mob of zombies.2. Beware of Bathrooms Keep the pack oftissue on your person at all times. When yougotta go, you gotta go.3. Know Your Way Out Use the handy survivalcompass card tool to help you navigate out ofa zombie attack.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 14. 4. Keep Your Blade Sharp A blade can be yourbest friend. Use the Gator machete to defendyourself, a zombies head is its weakness.5. Beware of Dark Areas Use the self chargedflashlight or the glow stick to secure the area.6. Shelter Zombies are enough to worryabout, have a place to rest.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 15. 7. Blend in Use the latex gloves to spread the scent of zombies on your clothing or poncho. (Dont let it touch your skin). 8. Fashion and Function The Para Bracelet not only looks good, but it can be used as rope.Thereadyproject.comFood Storage 16. 9. Stay hydrated Use the water packets for drinking or use them as weapons, like water balloons. 10. Beware of Bites A Zombie bite is a sure way to turn into the undead, but you may have one last chance with the Zombie Bite Kite. The kit might remove zombie venom.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 17. Ready FuelGive the Gift of heat! In need of a reliable wayto start a campfire, Ready Fuel is a light,inexpensive solution. The clear, odorless, non-toxic, water-soluble gel can be easily ignitedand burns at 1,200 degrees for up to 15minutes. It is non-explosive is safe to transportby aircraft or through the mail.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 18. It will also boil water, cook food and dry wetclothing. The gel comes in 1.25-ounce foilpouches and converts to sand residue makingit easy to clean up.Ready Fuel Case of 120 Fuel PacketsEnough Fuel to Boil 30 Gallons of water (abouta 1 month supply of fuel for 1 person)Thereadyproject.comFood Storage 19. WaterBricksWater is the first priority in an emergencysituation. Make sure that your loved ones areprepared with the water brick. A revolutionarydelivery and storage system for people in needof bulk water, food, and other life essentials;Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 20. WaterBricks are unique water containers andfood storage containers that can be re-used asbuilding blocks for transitional shelter whileeliminating plastic waste worldwide. Perfectfor emergency preparedness, disaster relief orany outdoor activity. A water container thathas many uses.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 21. Katadyn Hiker Pro MicrofilterHigh performance version of the HikerMicrofilter. Includes Filter Protector to extendcartidge life and quick release hoses for easypacking. Also includes hydration adapter toconnect directly to most hydration packs.Carbon core reduces chemicals and makeswater taste fresh.Thereadyproject.comFood Storage 22. Lightweight design is easy to pump andprovides 1 qt./liter per minute. Replaceablecartridge capacity: up to 200 gallonsdepending on water quality (more when usingFilter Protector). Includes bottle adapter,modular pre-filter, and carry case. Weight: 11ounces.Sells for $79.95Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 23. Guide 10 Plus Adventure KitKeep your power hungry phone juiced andready for you to use. More Angry Birds! Powerup your tablet for 25% longer. Never buybatteries again. Recharge up the AA or AAAbatteries right from the sun.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 24. Just add sun. Small and compact enough tocarry with you always and power up anywhere.Handy built-in LED flashlight to help you searchin your dark backpackor purse. AArechargeable batteries included.Thereadyproject.comFood Storage 25. Gerber LMF 2 InfantryThis makes the perfect gift for any adventurousman or woman. Tan Handle, Black Blade,Combo, Nylon Sheath Down behind enemylines? Left to fend for yourself? These are thescenarios that inspired the LMF II. Use it to cutthrough the skin of a fuselage.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage 26. Or sever a seat belt. Or egress through thePlexiglas of a chopper. Plus, the LMF II does aslick job cutting firewood and building shelter.The over-molded handle successfully limitsblistering.Thereadyproject.comFood Storage 27. There is complete separation between thetang and butt cap, so the knife absorbs theshocks from hammering and prevents theshocks of electricity. Smartly situated groovesand lashing holes even let the LMF II convert toa spear. 420HC stainless. Overall length:10.59. Blade length: 4.84. Wt: 11.4 oz.Thereadyproject.com Food Storage

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