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  • Unsearchable Riches Comprehensive IndexesVolumes 1 108

    Topical Index Volumes 1 95.........................................2Scripture Reference Index Volumes 1 95................173Topical Index Volumes 96 108.................................204Scripture Reference Index Volumes 96 108............255

    May these indexes greatly facilitate the finding of the spiritual treasures expounded in the Unsearchable Riches magazines.

    In both, the topical and reference index, the volume numbers are separated by a semicolon. Volume numbers and page numbers areseparated by a period with the volume numbers preceding the period and the page numbers following. Page numbers are distinguished by a comma. Always check the next column or page for topics or sections which are continued.

    Topical Index

    The Topical Index is arranged in alphabetical order by article titles and major topics and sub-topics. The adjectives A, An, and The, as a rule, are not included as part of the alphabetical order. The main topics are placed flush with the left margin of the column. Usually, the sub-topics relate to the first word of the main entry. Occasionally, a main entry, consisting of more than one word, is underlined, indicating that the sub-topic/s are associated to the underlined words, rather that to the first word only.Below is an explanation of symbols found in the text:

    1) * An asterisk in front of a volume or page number, indicates that the entry is the title of an article.2) : (colon), in most cases, separates the topic entry from the volume-numbers and page-numbers.

    e.g., Aaron, Anointing of: 39.1043) means contrasted with.

    e.g., New Birth New Creation4) ~ represents the main topic word in any sub-topic entry.

    e.g., Eonian, Chosen Before Times: 77.172Definitive ~ Passages: 79.175

    5) + represents a first-level, sub-topic word within any of the first-levels sub-topics.6) represents a second-level, sub-topic word within any of the second-levels sub-topics.

    Scripture Reference Index

    The Scripture Reference Index follows the traditional order of the books of the Bible. Chapter numbers and verses are highlighted in bold. Lines beginning a new chapter are placed flush with the left margin of the column. Any additional lines are indented one tab space until a new chapter is defined. A hyphen and a space bar following a chapter number indicates a comment is made about thechapter as a whole, for example, 4- 88.103. Beginning with Volume 96, a Ch. preceding a chapter number indicates a comment is made about the chapter as a whole, for example, Ch.4 96.237.

    Although this text has been carefully proofread, the reader may find an occasional, erroneous reference. We welcome correctionswhich may be incorporated into future editions of this work.

    Additional copies are available from:

    Concordant Publishing ConcernP.O. Box 449Almont, MI 48003 [email protected]

    http://www.concordant.org/mailto:[email protected]
  • A Volumes 1 95 According


    A or The: *31.269Aaron, Anointing of: 39.104

    Deaths of Miriam and: 76.275Moses and ~ Fail the Test: *76.273

    And ~ Intercede: 76.110And ~ take Credit: 84.164

    Reassurance for: 74.212Yahweh Spoke to: *74.211

    Aarons Absurd Excuse: 73.285Death: 77.35Rod, Almonds on: *76.231Staff: 67.150

    Aaronite and the Levite, The: 82.50Abase, The Proud He Can: *78.206Abba, Father: 26.296; 38.137.40; 40.213; 78.54; *85.75Abdication, Christs: 71.85; 82.82

    Great: *75.197; *76.38Abel? Why Cain and: *30.285

    Yahweh Heeds: *93.61Abels Sacrifice: *46.49 *93.53Abihu, Nadab and: 74.178Ability, According to: 75.59Able, God is: *75.235; 78.228Abner: 93.47

    Joab and: 93.98Abomination of Desolation: 32.160,165; 33.92,253,255Above, That Which is: *32.185; *72.5

    Disposed to That: 78.136,160; 79.90Where Christ is: *47.61

    Abraham: 31.309Abram becomes: 82.224Abram to: 37.16,207; *48.303; 50.183; *64.101Among the Oaks of Mamre: *80.139And Melchizedek: 81.112As a Soldier: 80.140Before and after Circumcision: 72.64Lot, ~ and: 39.188; *49.69; *95.251Call of: 59.119Charan to Egypt, From: *80.73Deadened or Old: 40.231Descendants: 17.240; 18.292Did ~ Know Jehovah? *36.269Example of Justification: 36.173Father of Us All: 77.89Father/JerusalemMother of All, ~: *38.203Gerar to Moriah, From: *80.211Invigoration of: 79.188Isaac: 15.137Promises: 17.334Ransomed or Distinguished: 55.177Righteousness Reckoned to: 95.17,51Shem to Abraham, From : *94.225Son of: *7.259; 10.8; 12.78

    Syrian, ~ was a: 38.203Type of Christ: 16.296; 59.123Walk of: *37.15Was fully assured: 80.216

    Abrahams Blessings: 71.193Faith: 9.150; *21.165; *49.243; 77.89; 80.213; 86.14Failure in ~ Faith: 37.15,18Justification: 21.74Physical Side Suppressed: 94.229Reward, Yahweh was: 95.55Seed: 72.262Soil, Sand and Star Seeds: *49.267Unfolding Faith: *80.215

    Abram: (See: Abraham) 39.187Administration of Promise: *48.111And the King of Sodom: 95.23And the Nations: *95.9Believes God: *95.51Becomes Abraham: 82.224Believed God: 36.280Doubts: 37.182Faith of: *36.197,275; *81.51,99Nations, ~ and the: *48.339To Abraham: *95.59

    Abrams Justification: 48.119; 49.33,*123,174Righteousness: 36.284Visitors (mortal messengers) 49.37

    Absent from the Body, Present...: 6.185; 54.204Absinth (wormwood) 35.284Absaloms Conspiracy: 95.159Absolute: 8.209; 10.73

    Nature of The Mystery: 1.53Power of God: 5.57; 10.157Relative and: *65.223Truth: 17.381

    Abstaining from Evil: *60.230Abyss, The: 16.116; 42.152,203Acceptable Era, A Most: 66.169; 77.50; 83.62; *91.73,217Acceptance Lieth Peace, In (song) 52.2Accepting Christ, Receiving and: 77.119Access to God Through Thresholds: 52.65

    ~ to Divine Presence: 51.217~ with Confidence: 76.238

    Acclaim Yahweh, for He is Good: 78.87Acclamation is Confession, Self: 78.104

    A Psalm for: 75.2Unforced ~: *29.79

    Acclaiming Confessing: 89.35Accomplishments, Gods Eonian: 82.274Accord With Gods Delight, In: 79.275; *82.23

    with Gods Purpose, In: 74.75According As: *31.36; *59.232; 79.275

    Christ: *79.223[God] is Intending: *61.137

    According To: 31.41; 79.275

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  • According Volumes 1 95 Adam

    Ability: 75.59Allotment ~ Promise: 82.116Gods Intention: 83.43Gods Purpose: *75.259Love: 78.262Promise: 81.39The Scriptures: *84.89Walking ~ Love: *78.259

    Accords of Ephesians, The: 79.276with Grace, Faith: *77.117with Reconciliation, Headship: 82.128

    Account, On Thy: *78.75Your: 59.237

    Accountability: 26.343; 60.182Achieve His Goal, God Will: 75.240Achievement, We Are His: 77.23,87,117,169,209,256;

    78.27,75,115,175,227,269; 79.81,131,171,231,261Christs Unconditional: 84.111City of Human: 94.158Gods ~ Stands: 84.98We are Gods: 32.102; 69.128; *72.105

    Achievements, Creation and Divine: 85.234Yahwehs (Ps.104) 75.168

    Acquaintance with the Sacred Scriptures: *75.265Acquainted with Scripture: 46.235Acquired Characters: 17.69Action, The Necessity of: 79.232

    Initial ~/s of God, The: *90.117Active Expectation: 59.27,94,127,161,229,278;

    God is: *85.225 [ 60.24,79,123,184,230Acts: 1.89,161,226,333; 2.29,89; *7.209; 13.19;

    14.9,65,101,203,269; 15.35,101,165,225,277,361;16.37,99,231,295,355; 17.23,159,211,277,357;18.21,87,163,235,291,347;19.109,179,275; 20.31,107,159,237,365;36.113,133,136; *54.191,240

    Acts 17Yet Some Believe: *73.181Actors in: *48.129,239Antioch Ministry: 18.242,348Apostles: 14.17Bodies in: 11.231; *48.51; 49.63Call of Saul: 1.226; *17.277; *55.161Church History in (error of) 16.85; 19.119Conclusion: 2.89; 16.84,351Ethiopian Eunuch: *17.211Gentiles in: *17.329; 60.51Introduction: *14.9,65Israels Idolatry: *17.23Jerusalem Conference: 2.29; 19.275Jerusalem Decrees: *48.351Matthias, Choice of:14.112,204; 16.280; 18.170,329National Character of: 39.147Not in Accord with: 74.75Paul and Apollos: *21.39; *74.129

    Before Agrippa: *22.361

    Escorted to Caesarea: *22.59Festus, + and: *22.245Judged Before Felix: *22.143

    Pauls Association with the Twelve: 11.128; 16.81; *20.31Culmination of + Kingdom Ministry: *22.515Defense to the Jews: *21.443European Ministry: 20.108Final Testimony to the Sanhedrin: *21.533First Stage of + Journey to Rome: *22.469Independent Ministry Resumed: *21.273Last Jerusalem Ministry: *21.331Priestly Ministry Ends: *21.155

    Pentecostal Proclamation: *14.203,269Position in Canon: 16.353Preface: 1.89Purpose of: 1.91; *57.186; *58.43Religious Side of Kingdom: 39.69Sauls Initial Ministries: *17.357Scope: 7.209; *10.179; *13.19; 14.9Separation of Paul: 1.333Severances in: *49.5Simon of Samaria: *17.159Structure: *13.19; 49.5Survey: 1.161Topics Outside the Scope of: 75.21Transition Economy: 17.336; 18.208Transitional: 36.113; 57.52Tripartite Ministry of the Twelve: *14.107Various Expectations of ~ Era: *26.179; *57.50,89

    Adam (See: Human) *8.6; 30.321; *34.276; 36.170; ~, Human, Humanity: 91:148 [ 62.47; 65.118All in ~ Will Die, Not: 32.53All Were In Christ Before Being In: 82.250Conciliation, ~ and: 4.106Christ and: 4.2,110; 5.100; 19.148; 31.143; 32.53,59; 86.56Christ not Seed of: 16.183 Clothes, ~s First: 45.151Covering of Skins: 5.46Creation of: 20.118; *43.267Days of ~, The: 95.154Death, Adamic: 6.143; 16.247Disobedience: 30.321Estrangement Through ~Reconciliation in Christ: *27.234Fall of: 4.107; 14.148; 15.200; 16.32; 17.70,136; 36.102;First and the Last: 72.251 [ *67.95First Head of Humanity: 74.32Forming of: *44.69 *91.195Hebrew, ~ in: 36.38Immortal In Christ, Mortal In: 82.252In ~ All Are Dying: *22.35In ~ In Christ: *74.27,65,138; 83.250Last: 16.182; 21.220; 32.59; 60.181; 69.76Offense, ~s First: 16.29; *45.47,111; 52.207One Man ~, The: 91.183Replaced by the Son of Mankind: 73.100

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  • Adam Volumes 1 95 Ahitophel


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