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Date post: 24-Mar-2016
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City profile of Lyon
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City profile for Lyon
Page 1: URBACT Lyon

City profile for Lyon

Page 2: URBACT Lyon

30 collective gardens…

Lyon municipalities has developed a policy that aim to support gardening practices offering associations or groups of inhabitants to share and take care of gardens with “no fertilizers” and in a collective way. In this project, the “Réseau Santé” gardeners invite members, schools or visitors passing by to discover medicinal herbs and vegetables.

Page 3: URBACT Lyon

Pré Santy inclusion garden…

The Pré Santy is a vegetable garden aiming first at improving social inclusion in a difficult social logging area in the South of Lyon. The gardening activities is at first more a pretext than an aim but it is constitues an interesting cases promoting sustainable food among underprivileged population: the garden requires a reasonable piece of land but it is large enough to enable 20 families to experience eating vegetables they produce from time to time and to organize more than 20 neighbourhood events around self-grown food per years…

Page 4: URBACT Lyon

Street markets…

The 65 streets markets in Lyon are an opportunity to talk about food issues: origine of products, quality and taste. On these occasions, young Chefs are invited to cook new recipes from vegetable they found on the market…

Page 5: URBACT Lyon

Lyon Fair and Sustainable City label…

Lyon “Fair and responsible” was set up in 2010 in order to create a community of sustainable practices among the trade people in town. The label is characterised by transparency of selection criteria, progressive improvement process for those not yet eligible. The cooperation happens in club of exchange between entities awarded with the label. The aim is to labelled 400 business or associations toward 2014

Page 6: URBACT Lyon

Halle La Martinière…

The old original covered market “La Martinière” will soon be restored to become the healthy, fresh and local food market downtown. The consortium that was chosen is composed by producers’ cooperatives and proposes an original business model half way between low scale food purchase groups and large scale supermarkets…

Page 7: URBACT Lyon

Social and Solidarity grocery shop…

The original grocery “La passerelle” is a social business that fosters a mix of the population working on two types of clients: 'beneficiaries' accessing mainly food charity stock and 'solidarity clients' attracted by organic food sold at fair but full market price to them. Both evolve in the same space the one providing better margin to the shop that are reinvested in giving to the other a discount on organic and fresh food.

Page 8: URBACT Lyon

Zone Verte…

“Zone verte” is an advanced model of restaurant using only fresh organic local food, with a Chef improvising from what is available from the associated farmers. The eco-integrated approach range from furniture design composed of wood table and trays to the educative approach of the owner. Nevertheless this advanced model experiences is lacking from clients as advanced as it is…