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  • Description of document: US Mint Newsletter Mint Roundup, 2010-2014 Request date: 08-September-2014 Released date: 22-October-2014 Posted date: 01-December-2014 Source of document: Disclosure Officer

    United States Mint 801 9th Street, N.W., 8th Floor Washington, D.C. 20220

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    WASHINGTON , D.C . 20220

    October 22, 2014

    This is in response to your September 8, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for a copy of each issue of the Mint Roundup.

    Enclosed as responsive to your request are copies of the Mint Roundup. There are no reports for May, August, September, October, and December 2010 or for January 2011.

    Should you disagree with this FOIA determination, you may appeal this decision with 35 days from the date of this letter. Your appeal must be in writing, signed by you, and should be addressed to: Mr. Richard A. Peterson, Deputy Director, United States Mint, 801-9th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20220.


    ~ Kathleen Saunders-Mitchell Disclosure Officer



    To All United States Mint Employees:

    In our continuing effort to improve our internal communications and keep our employees informed, we are starting a new communications tool --- the "Monthly Mint Roundup." Our intent is to provide all

    United States Mint employees a brief summary of key issues and items from the various departments

    here at Headquarters. I intend to issue this monthly; our first issue is below. I hope you find this communications useful and informative.

    I ask managers/supervisors to ensure our employees who do not have access to computers are provided a copy of this email.

    Andy Brunhart Deputy Director

    United States Mint

    FY-10 (and beyond) Spending & Cost Saving

    Many of you no doubt listened to our President's State of The Union address to the nation this week.

    We have a national economic challenge.

    As a nation, we must carefully consider our expenditure and savings of funds. At the United States Mint

    we are and will continue to carefully review and consider our expenditure of funds as well as cost


    FY-11 Planning

    The Change Leadership Team met on January 26 in what we call a "Larger Session", which included our

    Union Presidents and many Division Directors from HQ and our Plants. We reviewed and

    discussed status and progress of the United States Mint reflected by our Mint-wide Metrics and FY-10

    Action Items. Of several challenges we face, we received an extensive briefing from Sales & Marketing

    regarding our declining Customer Satisfaction Index rating. Sales & Marketing indicated analysis is

    underway to identify the primary cause of the decline. Sales and Marketing did indicate the decline

    is not related to contractor performance in FY-10. Many questions were asked --- we are now waiting

    for the next level of analysis to be completed. The Larger Session also broke into groups and identified

    United States Mint Strengths and Weaknesses in the Enhanced Baldrige (google Baldrige Award criteria

    if you are interested) criteria in the areas of: Culture, Strategic Planning, Change, People, Leadership,

    Customer, and Delivery. The Larger Session produced a Mint Assessment of where we believe we are in

    each criteria. The results have been provided to all that attended. The chain of supervision will be

    cascading this information.

  • Office of Workforce Solutions

    -- The Rittenhouse Award Ceremony was held on January 271h · HQ, Fort Knox, and all Plants participated

    via VTC. Congratulations to our Rittenhouse Award recipients.

    -- ih National Contract negotiations continued from January 4-15.

    -- Recently the Treasury Department conducted an audit of our Human Resources and EEO

    programs. Some of you may have participated in focus groups that were held during this audit. The

    Treasury Department has issued their report, and we have several areas that were identified where

    improvements are needed. Currently the divisions within the Workforce Solutions Department are

    creating action plans to address the deficiencies and gaps identified in this audit. A new EEO standard

    for managers and supervisors is being implemented. While EEO has always been part of supervisors'

    and managers' performance plans, a new standard has been written to better define what is expected of

    each supervisor and manager as it relates to EEO. During February all managers and supervisors will be

    trained on this new standard and performance plans will be amended to include this new description of

    the EEO standard.

    Office of $1 Coin Programs

    -- Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando is conducting a pilot program utilizing Native American $1 Coins

    at 17 locations within EPCOT Center and the Magic Kingdom. Up to this point, 420,000 Native American

    $1 Coins have been distributed to "guests" as change in the parks. Public acceptance has been nearly

    universal. The pilot program is scheduled to continue until at least May. We and Disney are both

    working toward the goal of park-wide distribution of $1 coins after the pilot concludes. Total annual

    demand for $1 coins in the Disney World parks is estimated to be 55 to 60 million.

    Office of CFO

    -- The FY 2009 Financial Statement Audit was completed and received an 'unqualified opinion' (this is

    the technical accounting term that means we received a favorable report from our auditors). The FY

    2009 Annual report is available in hard copy and on the internet

    www.usmint.gov/downloads/about/annual report/2009Annua1Report.pdf. Corrective action plans for

    the small number of findings identified during the audit are being worked.

    -- The Mint's submission to the President's FY 2011 Budget submission has been made. The budget will

    be submitted by the President to Congress February 1. Even though the United States Mint does not

    receive an appropriation from Congress, legislation requires that we submit an annual budget to

    Congress outlining our expected revenues (the money we receive from selling our coins) and our

    expected expenses. More details will be provided about this topic after the official release of the

    President's Budget.

  • Informational Technology

    -- The United States Mint1s Asset Refresh program kicked off last June. In addition to new computers,

    customers will receive Microsoft Office 2007 and Internet Explorer 7 software. The IT Department began

    a test pilot of the new equipment last October. The test concluded in January. The next phase of the

    Asset Refresh program will consist of the replacement of all desktop computers for the four

    manufacturing facilities and Ft. Knox. The equipment replacements will begin at the end of February

    and take a couple months. The Refresh at Headquarters will start in April and conclude in about


    -- We continue to experience intermittent disruptions in Internet service following the transition to

    Treasury's new telecommunications service program, TNET. Our technical teams continue to address

    and resolve connectivity issues as they emerge. In parallel, the CIO has shared the Mint's

    concerns with IT counterparts in Treasury. The IT Department remains fully engaged with the TNET

    program office and is committed to ensure that Mint personnel have uninterrupted access to internet

    services going forward.

    -- The IT Department has a departmental action item to create and test an enterprise IT disaster

    recovery plan. This plan must be specific for each site, and must integrate as part of the Mint's overall

    COOP plan. IT disaster recovery planners from Headquarters and production facilities met in January to

    identify enterprise dependencies and recovery priorities and to assess the impact of new technologies

    on existing plans and processes. The Executive Steering Committee will soon be validating the plan's

    objectives, recovery priorities and timelines.

    Sales & Marketing

    -- We've begun to meet with representatives of Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services

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