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The branch for temp agencies is highly competitive withtoo many agencies that lack distinction and offer nonspecificservices. Research of the temp branch showsuniform images and similar services. Clients cannot tellwhich from which. Furthermore, the temp market isovercrowded and the demand for new employeesincreases. To stay ahead in the business agencies mustdistinguish themselves, this time with a clear image,defined by the organization’s identity and drive.







  • One place that sums up the old market approach is the temp boulevard, an endless chain of temp shops and agencies where no one stands out, and where potential clients cannot decide for one agency. Why pick one over the other if they are all alike? On the other hand a monotonous branch has the potential to make your mark, to stand out as a brand.

    Meanwhile the labor market has undergone drastic changes since the economy has picked up, creating a new demand for especially starters and young professionals, and making agencies look for the same candidates. The labor market has also shifted from jobs to people, putting the person ahead rather than the job at hand. The agenciesneed a different perspective, in services and in communi-cation. It is time for action.



    The branch for temp agencies is highly competitive with too many agencies that lack distinction and offer non-specific services. Research of the temp branch shows uniform images and similar services. Clients cannot tell which from which. Furthermore, the temp market is overcrowded and the demand for new employees increases. To stay ahead in the business agencies must distinguish themselves, this time with a clear image, defined by the organizations identity and drive.


    Vedior is one the largest temp organizations in the world, with over a hundred subsidiaries in the Netherlands where the agency has built up a solid reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for temp work. As full service HR organization Vedior offers besides temp work solutions for training, education, testing, HR advice and research. Also the organization presents itself as a devoted advisor and counselor with tailor-made flex work solutions.

    The ambition of Vedior does not stop there. Vedior wants to become a proactive service organization, a HR specialist that helps temp workers and companies to work differ-ently, to work more effective. To achieve these goals Vedior is set to rediscover itself, to create a new and fitting image, for itself and its stakeholders.



    For redefining its image Vedior together with Total Identity starts with the identity. For identity is not only about who you are, but also about who you want to be. Identity equals the desired image of the organization, a collective ambition to be more precise.

    The strategic business plans of Vedior serves as input for defining the ambition in several intensive sessions. This input is translated to the current and future themes and values that define Vedior and its market, and forms the strategic and creative base for the new Vedior profile.


    DeliverGiving me a job

    ImaginativeGiving me direction

    IntroduceGiving perspective



    Precondition Main value Added value




    ConnectOffering a tailor-made job

    AdviseSurprising with solution

    PullMaking me work differently

    DistinctHaving a better job

    TransformCreating new insights

    ChallengeMaking me think

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  • CONTEXT: THE CHANGING LABOR MARKET AND THE RISE OF A NEW GENERATION With a growing number of elderly people leaving the labor market and a decrease of young people entering flex work is one of the main issues in the temp market; an employers issue to be precise, since they need a work force that can be adapted to ever-changing circumstances and the capacity of companies.

    Vedior acknowledges this and wants to change its services accordingly. At the same time Vedior wants to add an HR dimension, for flexibility not only characterizes the employer but is also the trademark of a large group young employees between ages 18 tot 28: the so-called Generation Y.

    It is this generation that determines the future labor market, the age group that was mediated the most by temp agencies over the past decades. Understanding and attracting the Generation Y therefore determine success in the temp market.

    COMMUNICATION PERSPECTIVE: THE STORY OF GENERATION YGeneration Y is a self-conscious group of people also referred to as the multitaskers. They feel alive, are energetic and live life to the max. Choosing between options is not their thing: they want to see, experience and do everything. This energy also says something about how they want to work: holding a steady job is something of the past. What they really want is experiment, to discover their strengths, potential and ambition, while reinventing themselves in the process: a growing awareness of their personality.

    Vedior puts this into practice by making it clear who they are, what they can and want, while helping them to find balance. That leads to jobs tailor-made to them, to the way they live. So, its not about work, but about the chances, drive and ambition of young people: about their Lust for life.

    DIFFERENT GROUPS, SIMILAR AMBITIONS Young people under 18 are also an important target group for Vedior, since they are the flex workers of the future. And since the labor market is ageing rapidly, the age group of 28 years and older becomes interesting as well. Too much focus on the Generation Y might alienate this group from Vedior. The communication perspective aims there-fore on the young flex workers (if cannot wait to) and the older employee (do you remember).



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  • Roline de VosCommunicatieadviseur

    Telefoon 035 000 00 00Mobiel 06 12 34 56 [email protected]

    Thebe 221213 NV HilversumPostbus 21761200 CD HilversumTelefoon 035 646 71 00Fax 035 646 74 00www.vedior.nl


    A different corporate designIn line with the positive energy of Generation Y a corporate design was developed characterized by positive shapes, the cocky typeface Cocon and the life line. This element emphasizes the close connection between life and work, that it is not about or working or living, but about working and living all at once and in context with each other. It could be a motto right from the heart of Generation Y.


  • Waar ligtje kracht?Kombinnen entest jezelf

    Toe aaneen nieuweuitdaging?Kom binnenen bekijkde vacatures

    Koffie?Kom binnenvoor eenbakkie

    AdministrateurM/VHeb je een MBO- of PDB-diploma en enige jaren werkervaring? En kun je zelfstandig jaarrekeningen opstellen?

    Loop dan binnen!

    Wall panelsWall panels


    Window signs


  • OfficesLust for life has to be experienced. The temp agencies therefore are refurbished as stores where you can get a lot more than just jobs. In these stores you can find inspiration, test and develop yourself and you can check out different companies and branches. With the same ease you can buy a cup of coffee or buy a book. The pilot store is in Rotterdam, with a online store to boost the digital side of lust for life: see www.vediorlustforlife.nl.


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    30 kitesurfer and artist 30 young professional and DJ 30 dancer and student 45 all

  • Poster series


    Image communicationSo Lust for life is getting everything out of life with all your energy. But what about work? Of course this is an integral part of life itself: nothing more, nothing less. TV commercials, adverts, websites, instore communication and brochures bring the Lust for life mentality to life. We see young people living their life they see fit the energy is almost tangible. All images are shot on locations that matter to the main characters in the commercials. The result is authentic communication with a documentary feel.

    Poster series The commercials are thematic and aim to close the gap between the current and desired image. The proposition of the new Vedior is clarified in the rest of the commu-nication program: e.g. on TV we see a DJ and a text that says: 140 BPM, 24 hours a day. In other communica tions items it becomes clear that this text not only applies on him (the DJ), but also presents the way he wants to work and how Vedior contributes to achieve this ideal. The music for the commercials is Iggy Pops and David Bowies Lust for life. Besides these productions Total Identity also develops the business-to-business communication, the internal communication, labor market communication, and the PR of Vedior.


    TOTAL IDENTITYChallenging ambition

    AmsterdamP.O. Box 124801100 AL AmsterdamPedro de Medinalaan 91086 XK AmsterdamPhone +31 (0)20 750 95 00Fax +31 (0)20 750 95 01

    The HagueP.O. Box 2212501 CE The Hague Mauritskade 12514 HC The HaguePhone +31 (0) 70 311 05 30Fax +31 (0) 70 311 05 31

    [email protected]

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