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Vehicle Information System

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Live monitoring provides a real-time view of your key fleet information, as well as rapid access to the relevant activity for the current day including the current location and speed, the engine status, driver status, door status (open/closed), temperature, fuel level, etc. Speed checks of vehicles, accurate location, refreshment breaks and halt for refueling by drivers can be tracked as they occur.
  • A vehicle telematics system introducing Columbus 2011
  • Enhancing Your Understanding Where What How We have all the information you ever needed
  • Where do you go Track & Save
  • Tracking with live updates You dont have to worry about issues like location of vehicle & over speeding. If you need help with a status report or driver behavior report, look no further. Use columbus to kick-off your fleet management solution and remotely control all your vehicles. (youre viewing one right now!)
  • Organize data with reports Too much information? Organize and analyze data with the help of different reports. You can analyze each trip with distance covered, maximum speed and average speed in the given time.
  • What is your vehicle health Analyze, monitor, and diagnose your vehicle
  • Its not just about the performance, but safety HOW SAFE ARE YOU.
  • Safety at your finger tips Get alerts on low tire pressure Fuel Sensor, Door Ajar, Seat Belt, Engine Temperature and Tire Pressure Monitor brings a simple health analysis of your vehicle.
  • Security in whatever you do Set boundaries and get alerts . Immobilizer, Geo-Fence, Panic Button, Anti-theft and Dallas Keys brings in total security for your vehicle.
  • How does it work View your slides from anywhere!
  • Access Anywhere The position acquired from GPS/GLONASS Satellites Vehicle date send through GPRS mobile networks.
  • Collaboration The Vehicle data reaches the columbus server, from where its passed down to the end-users and smart algorithm. The Smart Algorithm process the data and checks for over speeding or driver behavior and alerts the end users and the vehicle.
  • Our Clients
  • Their Industry Construction Company with fleet of vehicles for marketing. IT Company with fleet of vehicles for transporting employees. Hotel Group for taking their guests for tour/taxi services. Automobile Showroom for tracking productivity of their demo cars. Call taxi company for monitoring the mileage and fuel usage of cabs driven by drivers. Schools/Colleges for tracking and monitoring students travelling in the bus.
  • Automotive Electronics Industry Specific How about applications? Be ahead of time with technically advanced products.
  • Be ahead of time!!! Columbus 2012
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