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Warriors Fire And Ice by, Erin Hunter

Date post: 24-Feb-2016
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Warriors Fire And Ice by, Erin Hunter Liana Torlucci
Page 1: Warriors Fire And Ice by, Erin Hunter

WarriorsFire And Ice

by, Erin Hunter

Liana Torlucci

Page 2: Warriors Fire And Ice by, Erin Hunter


The genre of this book is fantasy. It’s fantasy because the cats are talking to each other but to a human they sound like they are meowing. We are not able to tell if meowing is a cats real way of talking to another cat so that classifies this book as under the genre of fantasy. Another thing that makes Fire and Ice fantasy is that there is a thing called the Moonstone and to become leader you lie by it and StarClan, the place you go when you die is said to put you to sleep. In your dream StarClan will grant you your nine lives and your new name to show that you are a leader

Page 3: Warriors Fire And Ice by, Erin Hunter


One of the settings in the book Fire and Ice is the Thunderpath. Huge monsters zoom across it making it very dangerous. Another one of the settings is the Thunderclan camp. The Thunderclan camp is where Thunderclan hunts, sleeps, eats, and are born. The other clan camps are Shadowclan camp, WindClan camp, and RiverClan camp. The most important setting in the book is Fourtrees. Fourtrees is where all of the clans get together and have a peaceful meeting where they discuss problems they have like finding cats from other clans hunting in there territory.

Page 4: Warriors Fire And Ice by, Erin Hunter


At the Gathering big changes are made. All clans are going to look for WindClan and they got RiverClan to stop hunting in WindClan’s territory. A couple of days after that ThunderClan’s leader, Bluestar told Fireheart and his friend Graystripe to look for WindClan. Once they found WindClan they had to bring them back into their territory. When they reach the border of RiverClan’s territory they realize that they have to cross it. When all of WindClan is in RiverClan’s territory a patrol sees them and won’t let them through without a fight!

Page 5: Warriors Fire And Ice by, Erin Hunter


Do you like thrilling books that when you think every thing is peaceful there is a surprise? Well then I’ve got a book for you! I think that you should read Fire and Ice. Fire and Ice has excitement, surprises, and a lot of cliff hangers! One second you are you are running to tell someone someone something and then your apprentice is lying on the Thunderpath looking like she’s dead and broke her leg. So what are you waiting for go and read Fire and Ice today!