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Water why worry?

Date post:01-Nov-2014
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Water and water security remains one of the most important sustainability topics on the agenda. Water efficiency measures by businesses can have a huge impact on the wider community as well as a company’s bottom line
  • 1. footprintforum Sustainable Responsible Business WATER: WHY WORRY? 10TH JUNE 2011
  • 2. Climate Change and Water footprintforum Sustainable Responsible Business Inder Poonaji Head of Safety, Health & Environment Sustainability
  • 3. Freshwater Total water available on earth: 1400 million km3 Sea water 97.5% 2.5% Locked up in polar icebergs and glaciers Freshwater on earth: 35 million km3 70%
  • 4. We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one. Jacques Cousteau
  • 5. Climate Change & Challenges for Water Management
  • 6. Stern Report on the Economics of climate change outlines the poten9al impacts of climate change as expressed through water at various degrees of temperature increase
  • 7. Social and Economic Dynamics
  • 8. Compounding factors Popula9on changes Consump9on paAerns Technological developments Urbanisa9on and land use change Climate mi9ga9on strategies Uncertainty and 9me horizons
  • 9. We never know the worth of water :ll the well is dry. Thomas Fuller (1732)
  • 10. Nestl approach
  • 11. Nestl W.A.T.E.R. commitments Work to achieve water efficiency across our operations Advocate for effective water policies and stewardship Treat effectively the water we discharge Engage with suppliers, especially those in agriculture Raise awareness of water access and conservation
  • 12. FDF Water Guide
  • 13. There is a suciency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed. Mahatma Gandhi
  • 14. footprintforum Sustainable Responsible Business
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