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WatSan Tools for Emergency Response

Date post: 24-Feb-2016
Author: elias
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WatSan Tools for Emergency Response. Tools for WatSan Response. WatSan staff and volunteers Emergency items/relief items WatSan Emergency Response Units (ERUs) WatSan Disaster Response Kits FACT/RDRT WatSan Delegates WatSan Mission Assistant. WatSan ER Equipment by Country. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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WatSan Tools for Emergency Response

WatSan Tools for Emergency Response

WatSan Tools for Emergency ResponseTools for WatSan ResponseWatSan staff and volunteersEmergency items/relief itemsWatSan Emergency Response Units (ERUs)WatSan Disaster Response KitsFACT/RDRTWatSan DelegatesWatSan Mission Assistant


NS WatSan ER Equipment

IFRC WatSan ER Equipment

Deployed in 2010

WatSan ER Equipment by CountryWater and Sanitation in Asia Pacific

AP NS WatSan Trained StaffDISASTER2.0005.00010.00015.00020.00040.000TARGET POPULATIONWATSAN KIT 2WATSAN KIT 5WATSAN KIT 10WATSAN ERU MODULE 15MSM ERU MODULE 20WATSAN ERU MODULE 40WatSan Emergency Response ToolsWatSan ERU Module 15Replaced the old Specialised Water ModuleDrinking water supply (225,000L/Day and 200,000L storage/day) and sanitation for health facilities and smaller populations (up to 15,000)5 Separate tap stand locations

Spanish RC, Austrian RC, French RC, German RC7WatSan MSM Module 20Basic Sanitation, hygiene promotion, vector control to 20,000 beneficiaries in emergenciesSquat plates, rapid latrines and moulds

Austrian RC, British RC, German RC, Spanish RC, Swedish RC8WatSan ERU Module 40Replaced the Treatment and Supply Mass Water ModuleProvide 600,000L/Day for 40,000 beneficiaries in emergency situationsTransport and distribution of drinking water (75,000L/Day to beneficiaries in dispersed areas)

Austrian RC, French RC, German RC, Swedish RC9Disaster Response TodayIncreased number of small/medium disasters less than 20,000 peopleIncreased number of floods (Asia)Asia 60% of global natural disastersTarget population dispersed and difficult to accessGap in response tools WatSan kits developedWatSan ERUs and kits to become more mobile10

WatSan Disaster Response kitsWatSan kitsWatSan kit 22.000 beneficiariesHousehold levelTwo alternatives:Chlorine tablets / sachets (incl. flocculants)Ceramic filterLatrine slabs1 hygiene promotion kitWatSan kit 55.000 beneficiariesCommunity levelWater treatment + storing + distribution equipmentLatrine slabs + rapid latrine2 hygiene promotion kitsWatSan kit 1010.000 beneficiariesCommunity levelWater treatment + storing + distribution equipmentLatrine slabs + rapid latrine4 hygiene promotion kitsWater SupplyHousehold water treatmentFiltersSanitationHygiene Promotion

What is in the Kits?Household Water Treatment (Kit 2)

ORWater Treatment Units (Kit 5 and kit 10)OR


SanPlat moulds All in one

SanPlat Mould Box http://www.sanplat.comRapid Latrine

Hygiene Promotion Box

Water Storage

Low Flow Water Dispenser

Vector Control



WatSan Relief ItemsChlorine TabletsJerry Cans (always together) 1 tablet 10-20LDistribution with hygiene promotionBucketsSoapMosquito nets