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What do we do at DEC? · • Hydraulic and sanitary installations • Electrical installations •...

Date post:16-Apr-2020
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  • What do we do at DEC?

    Desarrollo de Espacios Comerciales SA de CV is a construction

    company specialized on lightweight construction, installations

    and finishes

    We primarly focus on designing, constructing and conditioning of

    spaces required by companies of different areas which are in a

    growing or expanding process:

    • Corporate offices

    • Industrial offices

    • Call/Contact Centers

    • Branch offices (banks, credit unions, etc.)

    • Franchises

    • Restaurants

    • Surgeries

    • Shops

    • Hotels

    Our participation in these developments involves counseling during the

    selection of spaces for rent or sale, the execution of any type of

    construction or installation work as well as any required technical

    support, until the property is ready for operation or opening to the


    We have the most qualified staff in every area of our job-sites, which

    allows us to offer a complete range of services according to the highest

    demands of quality.

  • • Architectural Projects

    • Executive Projects

    • Engineering Projects

    • Civil Work

    • Dividing walls made out of light materials (sheetrock, durock, block)

    • Ceilings

    • Floors

    • Wall finishes

    • Aluminium works

    • Forge

    • Carpentry

    • Hydraulic and sanitary installations

    • Electrical installations

    • Lighting

    • Special installations: Telephony, networks, CCTV, Audio, acess control, alarms, etc.

    We succeed in standing out in every project as a qualified and highly

    effective team, contributing to add value to these projects in order to

    turn them into profitable investments for our customers, which is

    reflected in long-term business relationships.

  • General Data

    Business Name

    Desarrollo de Espacios Comerciales S.A. de C.V.


    Plaza de Santa Teresita N° 134 Col. Plazas del Sol, 1era Secc. Querétaro, Qro. CP. 76099


    Office: (442) 213 00 50 Mobile: (442) 321 60 99

    Web Page


    Social Network

    Dec Desarrollos Comerciales


    Arq. Aaron Arvizu Rodriguez


    [email protected]


    20 years



    http://www.desarrolloscomerciales.mx/mailto:[email protected]

  • Some of our experiences: Developments Executed


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