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  • Who Else Wants A Profitable Local Business Consultant Practicein the

    next 48 hoursfor basically nothing?

    I will get straight to the point. This letter is for your eyes only. It is an invitation to you and a small group of Friends of the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE).

    As a friend all I ask is that you read this page point-by-point and I will show you why and how to start your own Local Business Consultant (LBC) Practice in the next 48 hours.

    Before we begin; first I want to make clear what the term Local Business means?

    A Local Business Owner is the Plumber, Car Dealer, Dentist, Painter, Building Contractor, Hair Salon, Pizza Place and even the Pool Cleaner and Dog Walker in the area were you live.

    In short it is everyone and everybody with a business that needs clients to make a living.


    All businesses make money in only ONE way.

    When you strip away all the fluff, in 99% of all cases, businesses make money in only ONE way:

    Buy LOW and sell HIGH

    Did you get that?

    I am not taking about buying share on the stock exchange.

    NO - I am talking about all businesseslet me explain. For the Pizza Restaurant to make enough money the owner needs to buy the raw material [everything that goes into the pizza] at a low enough price to eventually make a profit.

    He then ADD VALUE to the raw material by making a Pizza and then sell the Pizza at a price HIGHER than what all the raw material cost him.

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  • In short then buy [raw material] LOW sell (final product) HIGH

    It is the same with a accountant or lawyer: The lawyer buys his knowledge [university degree] at a low price and then sells his time & skills at a HIGH price.

    BUT more importantly, he also sells the time of his apprentice at a HIGHER price than the apprentice salary. [He buys the apprentice time with a low salary and sells it for a HIGH fee to clients]

    OkayI think you got it now right?

    Buy LOW and SELL high - that is the secret and how almost every business on the planet makes money.

    And that is exactly what smart Local Business Consultants (LBCs) do!

    LBCs make money in exactly the same way.

    They learn a in demand skill quickly - they then get access to tools few others have and then sell those tools and skills at a HIGH price to local business owners.

    Look: We are about to give you super smart tools and then teach you how to use them to help Business Owners in your area to get the ONE THING they urgently want.

    This one thing is SO important to them that they dont mind to open their wallets wide and pay for it.

    Do you want to test this?

    Ask any business owners if he or she wants more clients & leads and 9-out-of-10 times the answer will be YES, YES and YES!

    And this brings me to the reason for this letter to you today.

    Until recently local business owners advertised their products & services off-line with Flyers, Posters, Newspapers Ads, Yellow Pages, etc.

    But as you have probably have seen, it doesnt work anymore.

    Today buyers look for information online. They are constantly on their phones, on their Laptops, on Google, on Facebook, on Twittername it - they are everywhere in cyberspace.

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  • The fact is this:



    So, here is my question to youIf I show you how easy it is, and give you all the toolsare you ready to help these small business owners in exchange for a professional fee of say, anything from R2000 to R7000 and even R10 000 a pop ?

    YES? Great because I have brilliant news for you.

    All you have to do is read the next few paragraphs and I will show you how

    this works and what to do.

    When it comes to marketing in the 21st century the rules are totally different than what it was a few years ago.

    The process is also different because today consumers demand certain guarantees and responsibilities from manufacturers and suppliers.

    For the first time in history there are laws to protect the consumers against big and small companies something that was unthinkable 50 years ago.

    A decade ago there was an expression that said: The client is ALWAYS right. Back then it was only an expression - today it is law.

    Let me explain why this is so important and the opportunities it creates for YOU.

    Today we basically have two systems of marketing. You will recognize them easily with the examples below.

    1. Interruption Marketing

    This is when your favorite television program is interrupted with a TV ad.

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  • Interruption Marketing is when your phone rings and on the other side is an unknown person asking, hello how are you...? and then trying to sell you something while you are busy playing golf or spending time with your kids.

    Most people hate that, yet many companies still spend millions a year interrupting us every single day. Do you think it works? To be honestit doesntthat is why a new system was invented for the business owner and it is called permission marketing.

    2. Permission Marketing

    Permission Marketing is different. It is exactly what it says is. It is when consumers give companies explicit permission to send them product information and marketing material.

    For example: it is when you give permission to a Stamp Collectors Association to sent their newsletters to you every week with information on the latest collections for sale and stamp auctions in the country.

    Or it is when you give your favorite Butcher or Pizza Shop on the corner permission to send you their special offers every Friday morning for the upcoming weekend via email.

    Or Permission Marketing is when YOU ask an estate agent to keep you updated on the property listings in the area until you say STOP.

    Those how understand Permission Marketing understand that it goes hand in hand with building trust and building relationships with consumers.

    In short: Permission Marketing makes consumers feel special and it is usually done in 4 steps:

    1. Make a stranger a friend2. Make a friend a customer 3. Make a customer a loyal customer4. Make a loyal customer an ambassador [salesman]

    Now that you know how this works, ask yourself this question: How would YOU like to be treated?

    Would you prefer Interruption Marketing and get bombarded with phone-calls and junk mail every day?

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  • Or would you prefer Permission Marketing on your terms and be treated like a VIP by the companies who want your business?

    I hope you like the latter option because if you do, you feel like most of the buyers in this country.

    BUT HERE IS THE SAD REALITYThe reason why our local business owners dont treat us [buyers] in South Africa like VIPs is because they have no idea how to get started with Permission Marketing.

    And one of the reasons why most of them dont know how it works is because they HAVE NOT YET made the transition from off-line marketing to online-marketing.

    You see, we know this because Permission Marketing is mostly a system that only benefits those local business owners who understands the words: Online Footprint.

    And one of the secret benefits of online marketing [and thus Permission Marketing] is to build a list [community] of raving fans every quickly and very easily.

    Once a business has raving fans they become slightly famous and they go places, just like celebrities do in their careers.

    In short, it separates the winners from the losers and the rich from the poor.

    MY INVITATION TO YOU TODAY!Let me show you how this entire system works and how you can help Local Business Owners in South Africa to implement a Permission Marketing system so that they can build a Fan Base and a online footprint.

    I will show you how business owners can do this without a website, without knowing anything about online marketing and without having deep pockets AND without you going from door-to-door trying to sell something.

    Look: Going from door-to-door trying to promote or sell something is Interruption Marketing and we hate Interruption Marketing right?

    So NO, you will never have to do door-to-door selling because there is a much smarter and easier way.

    In fact, it will shock you when you see how easy this is.

    Let me share this one secret with you right here - right now:

    2016 Copyright : http://sa-chamber.co.za 5

  • All I will ask you to do is to send one single snail mail letter to a specific group of local business owners in your area.

    This letter is already written and I will give it to you. All you have to do is print it on your own new Local Business Consultant [LBC] letterhead.

    This one single act from you, if you do exactly as I ask, is ALL you will need to open the doors to The Kings Castle. This is something most business consultants and so-called marketing gurus can only dream off achieving. Only when you do this yourself you will understand what the term The Kings Castle means.

    Let me be bold and make a promise to you.

    There is a pretty good change that every single business owner who receive your letter and read it will most likely ask you to come around and pick up your cheque of R300, R400 or even more. You will decide how much you want; and it is easy enough to do it 3 or 4 times a day.

    In exchange for this cheque(s) you will simply deliver on your

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