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  • NuRelm, Inc. Evaluating Your Business WebsiteWhat Makes aWebsite Work? NuRelm E-Business Software [email protected] NuRelm, NuContent and Osmosis are trademarks of NuRelm, Inc. 2010 NuRelm, Inc. All Rights Reserved

  • What Well CoverAgenda:IntroductionsPart I, Foundation: The basics a website needs to have in place.Part II, The Grand Scheme: How does your website fit into the Web ecosystem?Part III, Examples: Examples of tools people are using and how they relate to your site.Part IV, Implementation: Put a plan in place that keeps your website alive even when your attention is spread thin.

  • Who We AreNuRelm's niche is providing user-driven, interactive websites that are easily editable by non-technical marketing department staff or small business owners.

  • What We Do

  • Why were presenting thisProvide real valuePresent topics that NuRelm understands, but NOT imply that we are the only choiceCreate useful discussions and relationships among attendeesWork with managers and business owners to help them use the Web to grow their businesses and boost sales.Every company chooses how to build a relationship with their community. We prefer to do so in ways that :

  • Part I: Foundations

  • General ThoughtsEverything hinges on having a good Web site.What makes a Web site good?How do I know when its good?How can I maintain a good site?

  • A Web Site is Good When It Has a good design, but design alone doesnt make it good.Has useful, interesting, concise, up-to-date content.Has useful functionality.Is structured such that everything is easy to find.Does not have any broken elements.Is easy to load, print, search.

  • Good DesignMake it professional:No bad midi music, clip art, waving flags, barking dogs, distracting backgrounds, animated lightning bolts, etc.

  • Many Web designers can only build static online brochures, so decide now if you want: Online portfolios, email forms, rotating testimonials, rotating imagery, opt-in newsletters, Flash animation, RSS, Podcasts, Blogs, search tools, content management, etc.Good Functionality

  • Good ContentSchedule site updates and stick to the scheduleDont let obviously old content stay on your siteCheck meta tagsPut someone in charge of your sites contentPut a process in place to review Web site contentWithout current content, few visitors will return to the site:

  • Good ContentDecide How to Maintain ContentOutsource content changesExpensive, slowMake changes via HTML toolRequires technical skillSlow, time consumingMake changes with content management toolFast, easySome form of content management is the only site update solution that works over time.

  • Good ContentContent Management: NuContentLog inGo to a pageClick on the Edit linkType changes

  • Good Site StructureAlong with main navigation, add organized links to crucial areas of the site on front page.Pull latest news, events, or other items from other areas of site to front page.Use good navigation structure.Put careful thought into site outline.Dont let the site get confusing.Make it Easy to Find The Good Stuff:

  • Content must stay currentKeep marketing the siteMonitor the results of your effortsPut Web processes in placeKeeping a good Web site is an ongoing effort that starts once the site is launched.The golden Web site ruleMaintaining a good Web site is an ongoing effort:

  • Part II: The Grand Scheme

  • How the Web is used todayConsumer ReviewsRead ArticlesShare VideosDownload MusicEmotional SupportVoice OpinionsDiscussionOnline ShoppingRead News StoriesWatch VideosDo BusinessKeep in TouchThe list goes on and on and on...A few reasons people use the Web:

    We love to INTERACT on the web

  • But What IS Online Marketing again?Step 1: Find Me! (alternate title: Looking For Love In All the Right Places)Big search enginesSocial networkingArticles / pressPaid listingsMembership organizationsLocal search listings

  • But What IS Online Marketing again?You must have a site that works and that does what a client wants, but once thats in place, GOOD CONTENT is what will usually bring them back. Social Media is a great way to provide good content on a regular basis.Step 2: Come Back! (alternate title: Hold Me)Good structureGOOD CONTENTGood functionality

  • But What IS Online Marketing again?You must have a site that works and that does what a client wants, but once thats in place, GOOD CONTENT is what will usually bring them back.Good structureGOOD CONTENTGood functionalityStep 3: Do What I Want! (alternate title oh, never mind)

  • Find Me: Search EnginesIndexing Search Engines (spiders) use software to search almost every site on the entire Internet, each has its own private algorithms for ranking sites.Subject Directories are categorized lists of Web sites built by humans, not software. Not nearly as big as spider-built search tools.

  • Find Me: Search EnginesRankings generated by each search engines proprietary algorithmsBasics: Good page titles, descriptions, structure, readability (your web developer should know what these mean)Items that will make the difference: Good content, lots of good links to your siteLinks from other sites to your site are critical to building good organic results. People wont link to you if your content is bad. So, good content is critical!What are organic results and how do I beef mine up?

  • Find Me: Search EnginesFrom a 2007 article on www.infovis-wiki.netOk, this is weird, but ...

    Smileys = WebsitesFingers = LinksBig = High PageRank

    Got it?

  • DefinitionSocial media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media supports the human need for social interaction, using Internet- and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many).

    -Wikipedia, 2009

  • Components of Social Media Social media can be said to have three components:Concept (art, information, or meme your content)Media (physical, electronic, or verbal)Social interface (intimate direct, community engagement, social viral, electronic broadcast or syndication, or other physical media such as print)The passenger (your content)The road (the internet)The vehicle (media choices)

  • Find Me: Social MediaTo be honest, I don't even know what ALL of these are. But I know the big ones. Grab an AddThis button from www.addthis.comDo you have kids? Ask them about these sites.

  • Communication: The Old DaysTraditional Media

  • Communication: TodayTraditional MediaElectronic Social Media

  • Your Web Traffic Strategy: OverviewThe passenger (your content)Social NetworkingSocial BookmarkingRSS FeedsBlog ContributionsMicrobloggingLocal Search DirectoriesOrganic SearchSearch DirectoriesBlog or WebsitePaid Search

  • Part III: Examples

  • Social Media ExamplesThe types of Social media we will discuss:BlogsRSS feedsMicrobloggingSocial networkingSocial bookmarking

  • Blogs: What are they?Short for weblogOnline journal entriesOne author, multiple participantsFrequently updated and intended for general public consumptionIdeal for large or small businesses w/ a lot of good content that will set them apart

  • Blogs: ProsGreat for viral marketingBoosts SEOEasy / inexpensive to buildNo technical knowledge to maintainCan reach target marketsEasily searchable/archivingEstablishing expertise in a fieldProviding pertinent information that other sites may link toDriving traffic to your site through blog marketing

  • Blogs: ConsRegular UpkeepTime consumingProfessional writing skillsHard to build an audienceLots of research required

  • Blogs: Example

  • Blogs: Next StepsHosted or part of your site?Pick the software (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, MySpace, more)Plan, write, plan, write, Use Feedburner (a blog is an RSS feed)

  • Blogs- Tips and TricksSubmit your blog to sites like Metafilter, Bloggpedia, and Blogged. These will help people in those communities find content on your blog and it will help create incoming links.Advertise your blog like you do your existing products.Track the statistics of your blog.If you have an established business, consider having a professional customizing the blog's design for branding purposes. Wordpress makes it very easy to do this.Try to keep the material updated weekly.

  • RSS: What is it?Also known as Really Simple Syndication, an RSS reader is a tool that pulls information from multiple Web sites and displays it in a central location, ideal for:Important AlertsWeather BulletinsStock QuotesRetail salesTips of the Day

    News sectionsBlog updatesDiscussion forum postsEventsNew product releases

  • RSS: What does it do?

  • RSS: An example

  • RSS: ProsEasy integrationRSS readers are easy to useCould boost SEOIncreases returning visitorsAutomatic upkeepRelatively cheap to integrateProvides one more way for people to find you

  • RSS: ConsYou havent done this yet on your site!

  • RSS: Suggested Next StepsTurn your news section into an RSS feedUse Feedburner:Our Web-based tools help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web.Helps you publish, distribute, and track your feedsIts free

  • MicrobloggingDefinition: A form of multimedia blogging that allows users to send brief text updates, either to be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can be chosen by the user. These messages can be submitted by a variety of means, including text messaging, instant m

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