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World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

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World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Slide 2 Vision and Mission Vision All girls and young women are valued and take action to change the world. Mission To enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. Slide 3 About WAGGGS The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) is the largest voluntary movement dedicated to girls and young women in the world 145 Member Organizations (MOs), with 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world Five WAGGGS regions Africa, Arab, Asia Pacific, Europe and Western Hemisphere Four World Centres: Our Chalet in Switzerland, Pax Lodge in the UK and Our Cabana in Mexico and Sangam in India The World Centres are residential training centres where girls and young women develop skills through international programmes and friendships Slide 4 About WAGGGS The World Conference and the World Board provide the direction and framework for WAGGGS activities WAGGGS and its MOs educate, take action and speak out on topics such as environmental sustainability, equality and empowerment, poverty and ending violence against girls and women. We also work towards encouraging youth participation, female leadership and increasing awareness on the value of non-formal education. WAGGGS develops programmes and resources to support this work at the global, regional, national and community level, based on the needs of our MOs. Slide 5 WAGGGS programmes and initiatives Millennium Development Goal programme - Global Action Theme, Together we can change our world Global advocacy campaign Stop the violence speak out for girls rights WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) Coaching and Mentoring Centenary World Thinking Day Slide 6 WAGGGS opportunities World Centre events and seminars Community leadership and advocacy events, challenge and adventure, self- development, international friendship, resident and community programme volunteer WAGGGS regional and global events and seminars World Conference and Regional Conferences for MOs and representatives, fund development, leadership development and PR and advocacy training External events Commission on the Status of Women, UN climate change conferences (COPs), Rio+20 Slide 7 WAGGGS resources and support 1.Training Guidelines 2.Training/workshops 3.Country visits 4.Mutual Aid 5.Members Area 6.Websites Slide 8 Together we can change our world GAT is an educational and advocacy programme, which develops awareness, and supports action at community, national and international level by WAGGGS, Member Organizations, and Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals. Global Action Theme (GAT) Slide 9 The GAT story so far More than 60,000 GAT badges distributed 16 languages 257 young women delegates at YWWF 2010 and 2011 Two badge curricula on climate change and biodiversity with FAO 22 GAT champions MOUs with FAO, UNICEF, UNEP, UN WOMEN, Millennium Campaign Over 100 youth delegates at CSW, COPs, World Youth Conference Strategic partnership resource 2010 Training on MDGs, partnerships, fund development, advocacy at World Centres, leadership seminars, Regional and World Conferences WTDs on four MDGs so far with more than 500,000 website hits Slide 10 Implementing GAT GAT Toolkit GAT badge curriculum and guidelines Strategic partnerships resource Annual MDG themed World Thinking Day activity pack and website GAT projects Mutual Aid, Olave Awards, Centenary projects, FAO mini grants Slide 11 Stop the violence campaign Global advocacy campaign Consultation with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts showed violence against girls and young women was a concern for them More than 7500 voices added on the campaign counter www.stoptheviolencecampaign. com www.stoptheviolencecampaign. com Badge curriculum with UN Women 20 pilot MOs 10 April 2012 national campaign launched Report on where it is safest to be a girl with Plan International Survey on girls perception and experiences of violence Slide 12 What you can do to stop the violence Add your voice to the campaign counter Get other people to add their voices Join the advocacy network Raise awareness about the issues within the Movement and externally Do an activity with your units/groups or in your community and tell us about it Take part in the 16 days campaign in November Develop a campaign action plan, to run the campaign in your country Send a young woman to an international event as an advocacy delegate Influence decision-makers using WAGGGS statements and research Organize advocacy training for national board/leaders Slide 13 WAGGGS Leadership WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme, Helen Storrow seminars, Juliette Low seminars Leadership toolkits and guidelines WLDP e-learning platform WLDP facilitators training Coaching and Mentoring approach Slide 14 Centenary 2010 Plant 2011 Grow 2012 Share Slide 15 Centenary 103 MOs have taken part in a centenary activities 257 young women from 94 MOs have participated in the YWWFs 30,000 centenary activity packs have been downloaded World Centres have celebrated each year Regional and World Conferences were themed on the centenary 138 Centenary Ambassadors Centenary merchandise Slide 16 Centenary around the world Ireland Centenary celebration day for 6,000 people and the centenary logo was beamed onto the moon Sri Lanka - A rally for 3,500 people on empowering girls and young women Korea Plant, Grow, Share camp for 10,500 campers from 20 countries Slide 17 Centenary 2012 Share Girls World Forum is the final instalment in the US in July 2012. 2012 centenary activity pack 10 April 2012 Share the Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting story Share your voice to stop violence Global Action to happen at the end of 2012 will be announced on centenary web pages Slide 18 New marketing campaign www.girlsimaginemore.com Slide 19 World Thinking Day 22 February themed around different MDGs each year 2012 MDG 3 Environmental sustainability 2013 MDGs 4+5 Reducing child mortality and improving maternal health 2014 MDG 2 Universal primary education 2015 MDG 8 Peace and partnerships Slide 20 World Thinking Day 2012 we can save our planet Activity pack Fun, educational activities Fundraising ideas Speaking out Website www.worldthinkingday.org www.worldthinkingday.org Survey to collect girls views on environment to take to COP 17 and Rio +20 Collect 201,200 actions to save our planet Collected more than 200,000 environmental actions so far Slide 21 World Centres Pax Lodge, UK London location, history of Girl Guiding, Get Away and educational events Our Chalet, Switzerland Adelboden, spectacular mountain setting, challenge and adventure, environmental leadership Our Cabana, Mexico Cuernavaca, safe and supported environment, cultural learning Sangam, India Pune, safe and supported environment, community leadership and cultural learning, community programme 5 th World Centre pilot project Africa based World Centre experiences at Member Organization training centres Slide 22 World Centres opportunities Seminars and events Day and evening programmes Group guests, individual guests, bed and breakfast, day visitors Coeducational Some bilingual programme Programme synergy with MO programmes Volunteering - guest services, marketing and communications Community partnerships, community programmes Slide 23 WAGGGS regional and global events WLDP Japan October 2012 Juliette Low Seminar October/November 2012 WLDP Denmark February 2013 Helen Storrow March 2013 World Centres events and seminars throughout the year Slide 24 External events Rio+20 Earth Summit July 2012 COP 18 (UN climate change conference) November/December 2012 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) March 2013 Slide 25 WAGGGS Online Members Area News and event information Resources such as programmes, communication material, templates Case studies and tips from best practice work Networking with partners, MOs and volunteers Project team online collaboration Slide 26 WAGGGS online Website - www.wagggs.orgwww.wagggs.org The latest news from around the world WAGGGS/World Centres event information Resources such as programmes, communication material, templates Facebook www.facebook.com/wagggswww.facebook.com/wagggs Twitter @wagggs_world Utube www.youtube.com/user/WAGGGS2008 www.youtube.com/user/WAGGGS2008 Flickr www.flickr.com/photos/wagggswww.flickr.com/photos/wagggs Slide 27 Thank you

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