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WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

Date post: 02-Apr-2016
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Workforce Development Courses - 2014 Fall Class Schedule
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Explore Class Schedule 2014 Fall Workforce Development Courses www.clcillinois.edu/wpdi Training, consulting and cutting-edge courses for businesses, professionals and the community.
Page 1: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

ExploreClass Schedule 2014 Fall Workforce Development Courses

www.clcillinois.edu/wpdiTraining, consulting and cutting-edge courses for

businesses, professionals and the community.

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Client Solutions

Continuing Professional Development

Illinois Small Business Development and International Trade Center

Judicial Services

Center for Personal Enrichment

Getting new knowledge and skills can reveal possibilities you never imagined for you or your business. Our courses and services will help you reach your potential.

Achieve Peak PerformanceOur Continuing Professional Development courses and workshops can help you, your staff and your organization get the knowledge and skills to succeed. Our short-term courses are ideal for quick skill mastery, whether you want to hone current skills or explore a new career field.

Solve Business ProblemsMany business problems can be solved by empowering employees with the right training. Client Solutions provides results-driven training and consulting to meet your organization’s specific training needs.

Grow Your BusinessOur Small Business Development and International Trade Center will help you build your business, here and abroad. Learn how by scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists.

Browse the fall schedule. Register for a class or schedule training for your staff. Explore your potential through ongoing training and professional development. Affordable and local – explore the College of Lake County.

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In addition to career development courses, we also offer non-credit courses for personal enrichment. If you aren’t receiving our schedules, call us at (847) 543-2615. We’ll add you to our mailing list.

Personal Enrichment Classes


Classes for 50+

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Classes for

Grades 1-12

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Class Schedule 2014 Fall non-credit courses


ExploreClass Schedule 2014 Fall Workforce Development Courses

www.clcillinois.edu/wpdiTraining, consulting and cutting-edge courses for

businesses, professionals and the community.

Explore Your Potential

Keep this schedule through December 2014. The information contained within is accurate as of July 2014, but is subject to change.

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ContentsProfessional Development CoursesAccounting and Math 1Administrative Assistant 1Aviation 18Business Skills 1Computer Skills 8Concealed Carry 22Customer Service 2Forklift Training 18Graphic Design and Multimedia Software 10Home Inspection 19Hospitality 21Human Resources 6Interpreting 11Leadership Development 3Mobile Marketing 5Online Courses 25Personal Success Program 24Presentation Skills 1Project Management Training 4Protective Services 22Real Estate 20Social Media Certificate 7Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) 6Truck Driver Training 19 Healthcare and NursingCertified Nursing Assistant 13CPR, AED Certification 15Dementia Care 14Mental Health First Aid 16Massage Therapy CE 16Personal Care Aide 14Pharmacy Technician 13Veterinary Assistant 12

Small Business Courses/WorkshopsAccounting and Finance 27Business Growth and Development 27International Trade 29Legal Aspects of Business Ownership 28Marketing and Sales 27Online Classes 30Social Media 28Start-up and Business Planning 27

DepartmentsClient SolutionsIllinois Small Business Development and International Trade CenterJudicial Services

Registration Information 31


For more information contact us at:

Workforce and Professional Development InstituteTechnology Building, Room T30219351 West Washington Street, Grayslake, IL 60030 (847) 543-2615www.clcillinois.edu/wpdi

Grayslake Campus19351 West Washington Street, Grayslake, Illinois 60030

Lakeshore Campus33 North Genesee Street, Waukegan, Illinois 60085

Southlake Campus1120 South Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061

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Prepare for new job opportunities

Continuing Professional Development

With the continually changing work environment, preparing yourself with new abilities or an alternative career is a smart strategy. We want to be your training partner to help you empower your career.

Career Training — From Aviation to Truck Driver Training


Business and Leadership Development

Computer Skills

Industry and Safety

Unsure of your next career move? Explore a new career by attending a free information session!

Fall 2014

Social Media Certificate Thursday, August 14 Grayslake Campus

Home Inspection Thursday, August 21 Southlake Campus, Vernon Hills

Professional Interpreter Wednesday, September 17 Grayslake Campus

Truck Driver Training Thursdays, Grayslake Campus August 21 September 18 October 16

Spring 2015

Real Estate Broker

Aviation – Instrument Rating Ground School

Personal Success Program

Pharmacy Technician

Veterinary Assistant


(847) 543-2615

[email protected]

All information sessions start at 6 p.m. Visit www.clcinfosessions.eventbrite.com to pre-register and for more information.

Page 5: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

Business Skills

NEW! THE EFFECTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTAs a seasoned administrative assistant, areyou looking for ways to revitalize your workand find a fresh perspective on all that has tobe done? Or are you new to the field and looking for practical ways to start at the top of your game? This program will provide you the fundamental tools so you can be successful.

The program is an instructor-led online courseto help administrative assistants deliver resultsin the real world. You will participate in highlyinteractive, live online sessions with yourinstructor and peers once a week for two hours.By meeting online, you minimize your timeaway from the office but still gain the benefitsof class discussion, group participation andinstructor interaction. Outside of the weeklysessions, there will be a variety of ways tocommunicate with the instructor and the groupto reinforce concepts.

You will learn:• Communications skills, including listening,

questioning and being more assertive.• How to increase your effectiveness in

recognizing and managing conflict, as well as dealing with difficult people.

• How to influence others even when youdon’t have authority over them.

• How your style works to your favor (andmight work against you).

• A five step model for getting things donewith less stress.

• Easy-to-use templates and tools to successfully deliver projects.

• Practical approaches to juggle all that’s on your plate.

This program qualifies for 10 CAPRecertification Points for CertifiedAdministrative Professionals.

4765 PPRO 29-800 OnlineMondays 5 sessionsOctober 6to November 31-3 p.m.$299 A. Kaufman

NEW! PRACTICAL MATH FOR THE WORKPLACEGain confidence by reviewing the math skillsrequired for the workplace! This course is foranyone interested in understanding andperforming common business activities such aspayroll, banking, invoicing and purchasing.Employees and managers alike will find thiscourse particularly beneficial in providing clearand understandable insight into the basicmathematical skills and processes needed toperform financial tasks. This course provides abasic foundation for understanding the practicalapplications of mathematics in commonworkplace activities.

Students will need to buy their own textbook:Schaum’s Outline-Basic BusinessMathematics, Second edition, Eugene Don,Ph.D, Joel Lerner, Ph.D., ISBN978-0-07-161158-9

4785 PPRO 30-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, September 26$145 UGotClass

NEW! ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE FOR NON-FINANCIAL MANAGERSEvery successful person in the workplace usesfinancial information to aid in effectivedecision making. This course explains thefinancial concepts and accounting processesused in most businesses and will providepractical techniques to increase youreffectiveness and enhance your career. Get afoundation by understanding the seven steps inthe accounting cycle and using financialinformation in decision making. Come awaywith the knowledge to analyze resourceallocation and evaluate financial performance.

4786 PPRO 31-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, September 26$195 UGotClass

All courses with UGotClass are instructor-led online courses that cannot be accessed through Blackboard. Please contact our office for accessinformation to the online course.

Call (847) 543-2615 or email [email protected].

POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS AND EFFECTIVE SPEAKINGNearly every job or business has an element ofspeaking, presentations or sales. This coursewill allow you to master all three and accelerateyour success in every aspect of your career.Learn everything from voice and speech basicslike proper breathing, diction and enunciation,all the way to specific presentation templatesand techniques. You will learn how toeffectively deliver a presentation to one personacross the table, in front of a small group in aboardroom, from the stage for a large audienceand to host webinars online. There are severalcritical factors that every speaker must masterand this class will teach you to deliver yourpresentations with ease and confidence.

4768 PPRO 49-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, September 26$195 UGotClass

Business Skills


Page 6: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

CUSTOMER SERVICE SERIESCustomer service is essential for businessand all work organizations. With the increaseof technology, human interaction withcustomers becomes all the more important.Whether it relates to retaining customers,serving your audience, or turning inquiriesfrom potential customers into sales, goodcustomer service is now one of the centralfactors in organizational success. Learn toimprove your customer service skills toenhance your career skill set, improveproductivityand increase your organization’ssuccess. You will also take away someextraordinary customer service techniquesyou won’t find anywhere else.

4764 PPRO 19-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, October 31$245 UGotClass

KEYS TO CUSTOMER SERVICELearning to build your customer service skillswill have a powerful impact on your careersuccess as well as success in other areas ofyour life. Through this course, you willdiscover the direct relationship between serviceskills and career achievement. You will becomeskilled at being an exceptional service provider.You can help your organization and your careerby translating your good service intentions intoa workable plan and gain knowledge of ways toconsistently deliver great service.

4762 PPRO 17-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, September 26$145 UGotClass

EXTRAORDINARY CUSTOMER SERVICETransform your customer service intosomething extraordinary. As a result, morerepeat business will improve your bottomline. Customer service separates you fromyour competition. Extraordinary customerservice comes from focusing on the fewessential elements that yield big results.Discover how easy it is to tweak yourcustomer service from the ordinary to theextraordinary. You’ll take away a customerservice plan that will help you focus on thekey elements that will get you started onyour pathway to success.

4763 PPRO 18-800 OnlineMonday, October 6 to Friday, October 31$145 UGotClass

MANAGEMENT SERIESEnhance your management skills through thisprogram for supervisors, managers andemerging leaders. Nothing creates successlike a solid foundation. Discover the keys foreffectively managing your employees. Findout how to create clear expectations, engageand motivate employees and increase youreffectiveness. Then learn how to improveyour management of time and productivity.Get tips and techniques you won’t getanywhere else for managing time andincreasing productivity. Finally, get the keysto managing different generations in yourworkplace. Discover what motivates eachgeneration at work, what incentives theyrespond to and what messages they value.

4761 PPRO 4-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, November 28$595 UGotClass

MANAGEMENT BOOT CAMPEnhance your management skills through thiscourse for supervisors, managers andemerging leaders. Nothing creates successlike a solid foundation. Discover the keys foreffectively managing your employees. Findout how to create clear expectations, engageand motivate employees and increase youreffectiveness through use of the DiSCpersonality profile (included). By the end ofthe course you will be managing like apro─quickly and with confidence.

4758 PPRO 1-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, September 26$295 UGotClass

TIME AND PRODUCTIVITY MANAGEMENTTime is even more valuable in this centurythan in the last. How effectively you manageyour time and productivity can affect yourbusiness and personal life in many ways.You’ll get tips and techniques you won’t getanywhere else for managing time andincreasing productivity. Whether you aremanaging your own time, or others’ time,come away with proven tips to put intopractice on Monday morning.

4759 PPRO 2-800 OnlineMonday, October 6to Friday, October 31$195 UGotClass

MANAGING GENERATIONS IN THE WORKPLACEGet an understanding of managing workersfrom different generations in the workplace.Discover what motivates each generation atwork, what incentives they respond to and whatmessages they value. Each generation hasdistinct expectations and styles of work.Generations X and Y are significantly differentthan the Boomer generation. Come explorethese unique generational characteristics thenidentify practical, how-to tips and techniquesfor managing Boomers, Gen Xers and GenYers in the workplace.

4760 PPRO 3-800 OnlineMonday, November 3to Friday, November 28$175 UGotClass

Business Skills

2 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

All courses with UGotClass are instructor-led online courses that cannot be accessedthrough Blackboard. Please contact our office for access information to the onlinecourse. Call (847) 543-2615 or email [email protected].

Management Series at a discount!

Page 7: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

SUPERVISORY AND LEADERSHIP (2-0) 2 HOURSEnsuring the efficiency of your team is the keyto your success and is your most importantresponsibility. Learn about effective delegation,performance management and writingperformance reviews. Discuss the specifics ofthe supervisor’s role and responsibilities andstrategies for improving your overalleffectiveness as a leader. After completing thisclass, you will be able to self-assess your owncompetencies, know what you need to do tomaximize your effectiveness as a supervisorand employ strategies to create productive andcooperative staff relationships. New andexperienced supervisors and managers will gainpractical, easy to understand and insightfulsupervisory methods.

4766 PPRO 47-800 OnlineTuesdaySeptember 2to Friday, October 24$395 UGotClass

BUSINESS COACHING (2-0) 2 HOURSMentoring and coaching are used frequently inorganizations to improve leadershipcompetencies and provide employee support,which benefits employer and employee.Develop skills in the development,implementation and support of coaching andmentoring programs in your workplace. Youwill earn a certificate and take home themuch-awaited toolkit you have been searchingfor to improve your employees’ performance.You will create the working environment thatyour employees will find truly rewarding.

4767 PPRO 48-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, October 31$295 UGotClass

Leadership Workshops

COMMUNICATING TO GET THE JOB DONE – WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24Be the catalyst for change in your workplace.Stop feeling the frustration of working in a teamprone to miscommunication, missed deadlinesand low productivity. By discovering your owninterpersonal style, you will learn ways to createmore efficient, productive and professionalinteractions with others in your organization.Participants will learn the four majorinterpersonal styles, including each style’spreferred communication approach, treatment oftime and the best strategies to encouragedecisions with each style. With this foundation,a new way to communicate will emerge thatwill lead to success for all involved.

MOTIVATING THROUGH CONFLICT –THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23When tension in the workplace is dealt witheffectively, it can be a positive and motivatingforce. However tension, like fire, can quicklyget out of control if not properly contained orresponded to appropriately. As such, conflictmanagement skills have become imperative intoday’s business environment. In thisinteractive workshop, you will learn the sourcesof tension and the fall back behaviors we revertto when stress becomes too great. You will gaininsight on how to effectively approach variousconflict situations, as well as how to restore andstrengthen relationships. You may know thebasic sources of conflict within yourorganization; now gain the skills to solve issuesand move forward through conflict in aproductive manner.

BUILDING A HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM –THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20Today’s global economy demands aprofessional interdependence that extendsbeyond your physical workplace. Puttingpeople in the same department or office doesnot automatically make them a team; that takesknowledge, practice and development. If youare looking for ways to motivate employees orcoworkers to share mutual purpose and achieveexceptional results, you must understand theneeds and behavioral styles of the individualson the team. You will learn to measure teameffectiveness and develop a teamwork actionplan for successful achievement of the team’sgoals. Your work is dependent on theperformance of others; this workshop will helpyou bring the best out of them and yourself.

Leadership Workshops


If you are looking for a high impact way to improve your performance and the performance ofthose around you, attend Continuing Professional Development’s Leadership Workshop series!

Ed Hendricks will be your presenter. He has over 20 years of experience in leadership and performance management, presentation skills and sales training. He has received nationalrecognition as a subject matter expert and leader in the training community.

All sessions include training materials you can use immediately at work. The workshops will be held at the Southlake Campus from 1-5 p.m. Each workshop costs $179.

Register online at www.clcevents.eventbrite.com.

Page 8: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL SERIES (2.5-0) 2.5 HOURSInterested in getting your ProjectManagement Professional (PMP®)certification? Completing these three classeswill provide you with the 35 professionaldevelopment units (PDUs) required to obtainyour PMP Certification and prepare you forthe PMP exam. With these dynamic courses,taught by Andy Kaufman, a certified PMP,trainer and author, you can make this theyear that you become a certified PMP.

4774 PPRO 88-001 Grayslake CampusSaturdays 5 SessionsSeptember 20, 27,October 11, 18and November 18:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.$1349 T333 A. Kaufman

ESSENTIALS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT (1-0) 1 HOURSDoes your organization struggle withdelivering projects on time and on budget?Would you like to help your teams worktogether to deliver projects more reliably?Perhaps you’re interested in pursuingcertification as a Project ManagementProfessional (PMP)? Join us for ourEssentials of Project Management Workshop.This two-day, hands-on session, led by acertified PMP, will give you practicalinsights on how to deliver your projects morereliably. In addition, you will qualify for 14PDUs toward your project managementcertification.

4769 PPRO 85-001 Grayslake CampusSaturdays 2 SessionsSeptember 20 and 278:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.$525 T333 A. Kaufman

ADVANCED PROJECT MANAGEMENT (1-0) 1 HOURSSeasoned project managers are asked tosuccessfully deliver despite increasingcomplexity. Our Advanced ProjectManagement workshop is designed to gobeyond the essentials of basic projectplanning. Based on the Project ManagementInstitute’s (PMI®) PMBOK® Guide, you willget in-depth instruction on more advancedtopics such as earned value, procurementmanagement, stakeholder relationshipmanagement, quality management and teamleadership. Taught by a certified ProjectManagement Professional (PMP®), you willget practical insights on advanced topics thatwill help experienced project managersimprove project outcomes.

4771 PPRO 86-001 Grayslake CampusSaturdays 2 SessionsOctober 11and October 188:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.$525 T333 A. Kaufman

PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL (PMP) EXAM PREP (0.5-0) 0.5 HOURSJoin us for this intensive, one-day session designed to get you on the path to achievingyour goal of becoming PMP certified. Whatshould you focus on? What are some tips tokeep in mind to help answer the toughquestions? You will leave this session witheverything you need to prepare for passingthe exam. Comprehensive study material isprovided including a hard copy of the ProjectManagement Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®

Guide), a top rated exam preparation book and CD that provide a simulated examtesting experience. The session is facilitatedby a certified PMP with experience helping people prepare and pass the certification exam worldwide.

4773 PPRO 87-001 Grayslake CampusSaturday, November 1 1 Session8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.$425 T333 A. Kaufman


PMP holders need to earn 60 professionaldevelopment units (PDUs) over three yearsto maintain the credential. Your certificationcycle starts the day you pass the PMPcertification exam and ends on the same datethree years later. If you are looking for aconvenient way to refresh your skills andearn PDUs, sign up for this special section ofthe class. You will earn 14 PDUs forEssentials of Project Management and 14PDUs for Advanced Project Management.The special sections for earning PDUs arelisted below:

4770 PPRO 85-101 Grayslake CampusSaturdays 2 SessionsSeptember 20and September 278:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.$279 T333 A. Kaufman

4772 PPRO 86-101 Grayslake CampusSaturdays 2 SessionsOctober 11and October 188:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.$279 T333 A. Kaufman

Project Management participants alsoenrolled in PCTR 70 Introduction toMicrosoft Project on page 10!

Project Management

4 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

Project Management Series at a discount!

Please note: Experience, education and exam requirements are needed to obtain PMP certification in addition to the project management education fulfilled by the three courses offered here. For more information, visit www.clcillinois.edu/professional/projmgmt.

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On July 9, 2013, Public Act 98-63, theFirearm Concealed Carry Act, became statelaw. Concealed carry has many implicationsfor Illinois businesses and workplacesrequiring owners and managers to considerworkplace policies in regard to the carryingof concealed weapons by employees andcustomers.

This workshop will help expand yourknowledge of the law by:

• Reviewing common misconceptions anduseful ideas when developing policies andtraining.

• Clarifying the specifications of the lawregarding “gun-free zones,” includingsignage requirements, parking lotexemptions and liability issues.

• Knowing what to do if a concealed carryviolation occurs.

• Discussing “best practices” based on caselaw from other states.

• Establishing strong ties with local lawenforcement to keep your workplace safeand limit liability.

Lead Instructor: Chief Jeff Chudwin(retired) is a nationally recognized lawenforcement legal expert, specializing inemergency response and firearms relatedmatters. He recently retired as chief of policefor the Village of Olympia Fields. Chudwinhas trained thousands of police officersacross the U.S. He is a lead instructor for a multitude of law enforcement disciplines,president of the Illinois Tactical OfficersAssociation and also writes for a number of law enforcement publications andprofessional journals.

The workshop will be held on Friday,October 24 at the Southlake Campus inVernon Hills, 8 a.m. to noon.

Cost: $125 (includes continental breakfast)

Register and pay online atwww.clcevents.eventbrite.com or call(847)543-2615 for more information.

NEW! MOBILE MARKETINGMore than half of U.S. consumers who’vemade purchases on their smartphones havedone so in response to mobile marketingmessages. Smartphone sales exceeded $420million in 2011. Analysts forecast these saleswill surpass $1 billion by the end of 2016.The way consumers are interacting withbrands and connecting to the world ischanging. Find out about location-basedmarketing, mobile payments, QR codes,applications and mobile coupons. You willlearn how mobile marketing can increaseyour capabilities to retain current customers and gain new ones.

4853 PPRO 50-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, September 26$195 UGotClass

NEW! CREATING CELL PHONE APPS FOR YOUR BUSINESSCell phone apps are the latest way smartbusinesses are reaching their customers.Smart organizations are investing in buildingcell phone apps for their businesses. We willprovide you with step-by-step instructions onhow non-technical users can build, deployand market smartphone applications acrossAndroid, iPhone and Blackberry platforms.The course is ideal for those who want tounderstand how smartphone applications canbe inexpensively built and also for technicalusers who want to understand how to quicklydeploy smartphone applications.

4854 PPRO 51-800 OnlineMonday, October 6to Friday, October 31$245 UGotClass

NEW! ADVANCED MOBILE MARKETINGCome get the knowledge to implement amobile marketing plan for your organization.Find out about proximity marketing, mobilemarketing metrics and developing a mobilemarketing campaign. Learn how to promoteyour app on the web, build a landing page foryour app and advanced tracking of yourapplication usage. Then take home ablueprint for creating guidelines andstandards for your mobile marketing effortand how to measure its success. You willleave this course with the knowledge toimplement a mobile marketing plan for yourorganization.

4855 PPRO 52-800 OnlineMonday, November 3to Friday, November 28$245 UGotClass

NEW! MOBILE MARKETING SERIESThe way consumers are interacting withbrands and connecting to the world ischanging because of mobile devices. Findout about location-based marketing, mobilepayments, QR codes, applications, proximitymarketing, mobile marketing metrics,developing a mobile marketing campaign andmobile coupons. You will learn how mobilemarketing can increase your capabilities toretain current customers and gain new ones.Get step-by-step instructions on hownon-technical users can build, deploy andmarket smartphone applications acrossAndroid, iPhone and Blackberry platforms.Finally, learn how to implement a mobilemarketing plan for your organization.

4856 PPRO 53-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, November 28$595 UGotClass

Mobile Marketing


All courses with UGotClass are instructor-led online courses that cannot be accessed through Blackboard. Please contact our office for accessinformation to the online course.

Call (847) 543-2615 or email [email protected].

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Increase your expertise and professionalvalue in the area of global supply chainmanagement. As a Certified Supply ChainProfessional (CSCP), you will master thenecessary tools to effectively manage globalsupply chain activities including suppliers,plans, distributors and customers around theworld. This program, offered in partnershipwith the Highlands Chapter of APICS, takesa broad view of operations to encompass theentire supply chain. The APICS CSCPdesignation is the most widely recognizededucational program for operations andsupply chain managers around the globe anddistinguishes you as an industry expert withspecialized, high level knowledge and skills.All books and materials are covered in thecost of the course and will be issued tostudents on the first night of class. CSCPexam fees are not included in the cost of thecourse.

4869 PPRO 14-001 Grayslake CampusMondays 12 SessionsSeptember 8to November 246-9:15 p.m.$1,999 T333 H. Schooler

FINDING AND HIRING THE RIGHT PERSONFinding the right person for the job can bedifficult. Understanding the job you need tofill, the skills needed to do the job and whereto look can make it easier to find the perfectcandidate. Once you find that person you’llneed to offer a competitive compensation andbenefits package. Learn how to write jobdescriptions, pay the right amount, develop abenefits package, source and recruit,interview, conduct background checks andwrite offers.

4754 PHRS 10-001 Grayslake CampusFriday, October 3 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$179 T323 K. Stevens

GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR EMPLOYEESOnce you’ve hired a new employee, whathappens next? A good on-boarding processand solid training and performancemanagement program will help ensure yournew employee starts off on the right foot andcontinues to be a solid contributor. Learnhow to make the first day and first week agood one, how to determine when training isneeded and how to run a solid performancemanagement program.

4755 PHRS 11-001 Grayslake CampusFriday, October 10 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$179 T323 K. Stevens

MAINTAINING YOUR WORKFORCE: UNDERSTANDING BENEFITS AND BEYONDFinding the right employee is only the firststep in managing the multiple employmentissues you will encounter. Learn about leavesfrom FMLA to vacation, how to avoiddiscrimination and keep pay fair and keyissues in offering health and retirementbenefits. You’ll also learn aboutterminations–voluntary, involuntary andreductions in force.

4756 PHRS 12-001 Grayslake CampusFriday, October 17 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$179 T323 K. Stevens

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS AND COMPLIANCEIN YOUR ORGANIZATIONUnderstanding legislation is the key tokeeping your HR practices and yourcompany in compliance with state andfederal laws. Learn how to determine if yourcompany is covered by various pieces oflegislation and keep compliant with key lawsand provisions not covered in other modulesincluding FLSA, ERISA, HIPAA, ADEA andUSERRA.

4757 PHRS 13-001 Grayslake CampusFriday, October 24 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$179 T323 K. Stevens

Supply ChainHuman Resources

6 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

Human Resources Series at a discount!

HUMAN RESOURCE SERIES (1-0) 1 HOURDevelop your skills and knowledge in order to make yourself a well-rounded job candidate ortake on additional responsibilities in your current role. If you are new to HR or need to get up tospeed quickly on the basics, this series will provide the information you need. It will also helpyou learn where you need to go when you need even more details and the “fine print” ofregulations. The four courses in this certificate cover the HR life cycle from recruiting to whatyou need to do after someone leaves the company. Topics covered include hiring, compensation,benefits, training, performance management and HR laws.

4753 PHRS 1-001 Grayslake CampusFridays October 3-24 4 Sessions8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$625 T323 K. Stevens

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If Facebook were a country, it would be the third biggest in the world.

– digitaltrends.com, 2013

Social media is not a trend; it representsthe present and future of businesscommunication. Large companies andsmall businesses alike need technicalprofessionals who can navigate thesocial media arena and properly markettheir products and services in a wholenew way. Social media professionals canbroaden a company’s scope of businessand keep them on the cutting edge ofcommunication with their customers.

The intended audience for this certificateprogram includes: marketingprofessionals, web designers anddevelopers, recent marketing graduatesseeking to add appeal to their resumesand anyone who desires to implementand manage social media effectively intheir workplace.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ANDINTERACTIVE CONTENT 1 HOUREngage your target audience by exploring thefoundations of traditional and onlinemarketing. You will be introduced to thescope of social media, the proper applicationof social platforms, the marketing strategiesfor interactive content, the content creationtechniques that generate engagement, and thebenefits of blogging. Learn how to develop asocial media and content marketingcampaign, to develop a keyword strategy, tocreate and manage an editorial calendar, andto design and launch a WordPress blog.

4780 PSME 10-001 Grayslake CampusTuesdays 6 Sessionsand ThursdaysSeptember 16 to October 26-9:15 p.m.$749 T338 M. Koertgen

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS 1 HOURGet acquainted with the powerful techniquesbusinesses use to establish an identity, gainexposure and build relationships using socialmedia. You will be introduced to theimportance of user demographics andexpectations, the influence of rules andalgorithms, and the significance of contentengagement. Students learn to setup andmaintain professional profiles on key socialplatforms (which include Facebook,LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest),how to capitalize on vital platform featuresand opportunities, how to employ content toearn engagement and gain exposure, and howto use social advertising to attract interest.

4781 PSME 11-001 Grayslake CampusTuesdays and Thursdays 6 SessionsOctober 14-306-9:15 p.m.$749 T338 M. Koertgen

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT 0.5 HOUREmploy solid management skills andanalytical procedures for an integratedmarketing campaign. Learn the strategic useof email campaigns, the demand andversatility of mobile marketing, the indelibleeffects of online reputations and the criticalrole of analytics. You will learn to amplifysocial marketing through integration, managean online reputation with proactivemonitoring and improve campaign results byevaluation analytics provided by toolsspecific to each social platform or onlineproperty.

4782 PSME 12-001 Grayslake CampusTuesdays 4 Sessionsand ThursdaysNovember 11-206-9:15 p.m.$499 T338 M. Koertgen

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WORKSHOP 0.5 HOURThis is the capstone of the Social MediaMarketing Series, emphasizing putting yourskills into practice. You will create aneffective campaign through social mediaincluding the planning, preparation andimplementation for an actual business. Byincorporating the most relevant social mediastrategies introduced during the series, youwill complete a campaign blueprint anddevelop the social and online propertiesessential to the campaign.

4783 PSME 13-001 Grayslake CampusTuesdays andThursdaysNovember 25 to December 186-9:15 p.m.$399 T338 M. Koertgen

Social Media


Social Media Series at a discount!

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CERTIFICATE (3-0) 3 HOURSSocial media can broaden your company’s scope of business, keep you in contact with currentcustomers and reach potential new clients. From Facebook to Twitter, blogging, YouTube,LinkedIn and more, discover the new principles of communication that apply across allnetworks. This instructor-led program will clarify the rapidly changing landscape of socialmedia, Internet advertising and online marketing. You will learn how to use various mediaplatforms, develop and manage social media campaigns and analyze results. Don’t be the lastone to conquer social media.

4784 PSME 14-001 Grayslake CampusTuesdays and Thursdays, September 16 to December 18 19 Sessions6-9:15 p.m.$2,199 T338 M. Koertgen

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NEW! MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013: TRANSITION FROM MS OFFICE 2010/2007You’ve used Office 2007 or Office 2010 tocreate various types of business materialsfrom documents in Microsoft Word tospreadsheets in Excel to presentations inPowerPoint. Perhaps you use Outlook tomanage your calendar, contacts and email orAccess to manage inventory and troubletickets. This course builds upon thefoundational Microsoft Office 2007/2010knowledge. It focuses on the enhancedfeatures you’ll want to leverage to improvethe way you manage, organize, present anddistribute data and information. You’llexplore a variety of enhancements, such asWord’s ability to edit PDF files to the newFlash Fill functionality in Excel thatdramatically increases the speed at whichyou can add data to a spreadsheet. ThisMicrosoft Office 2013: Transition fromOffice 2010/2007 course will help you bridgethe gap from the version you already knowand love to the latest release of Microsoft’sleading productivity suite.

4726 PCTR 14-001 Grayslake CampusWednesday, October 15 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T339 B. Pistella

Now featuring Office 2013! Classes inWord, Excel and Access are listed below.

MICROSOFT WORD: LEVEL 1 0.5 HOUREffectively create, edit, format, save andprint letters, business documents and otherprofessional documents using MicrosoftWord. Modify the appearance of text, insertspecial characters and graphical objects,organize data in tables, proof and print aWord document. A textbook is required andmay be purchased in the CLC bookstoreprior to class.

NEW! WORD 20134724 PCTR 10-001 Grayslake CampusWednesday 1 SessionSeptember 249 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T339 B. Salita

MICROSOFT WORD: LEVEL 2 0.5 HOURExplore some of the more sophisticatedfeatures of word processing for increasedefficiency using Microsoft Word. Learnabout creating and using various documentstyles, customizing tables and charts,modifying pictures in a document, creatingcustomized graphic elements, insertingcontent using QuickParts and using the mailmerge function. A textbook is required andmay be purchased in the CLC bookstoreprior to class.Prerequisite: PCTR 10, Microsoft WordLevel 1 or equivalent knowledge.

NEW! WORD 20134725 PCTR 11-001 Grayslake CampusWednesday 1 SessionOctober 229 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T339 B. Salita

MICROSOFT EXCEL: LEVEL 1 0.5 HOURLearn to create a basic worksheet and modifythe contents and appearance. You willperform calculations, modify the appearanceof data within a worksheet, manage Excelworkbooks and print the contents. A textbookis required and is available for purchase inthe bookstore.

EXCEL 20104727 PCTR 15-001 Southlake CampusThursday, September 11 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V102 J. Besser

4728 PCTR 15-002 Grayslake CampusWednesday, October 1 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T338 C. Horwitz

4729 PCTR 15-003 Grayslake CampusTuesday, October 7- 2 SessionsThursday, October 96-10 p.m.$225 T338 A. Sarrazine

4730 PCTR 15-004 Southlake CampusThursday, November 20 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V102 B. Salita

NEW! EXCEL 20134731 PCTR 15-005 Grayslake CampusMonday, September 15 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T339 B. Pistella

4732 PCTR 15-006 Southlake CampusFriday, October 17 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V234 C. Horwitz

MICROSOFT EXCEL: LEVEL 2 0.5 HOURLearn how to work faster and moreproductively by using many of Excel’spowerful features. Organize worksheet andtable data using various techniques. Createand modify charts, work with graphicobjects, calculate with advanced formulas,sort and filter data and analyze data usingPivotTables, Slicers and PivotCharts. Atextbook is required and is available forpurchase in the bookstore. Prerequisite:Microsoft Excel Level 1 or equivalentknowledge and use of advanced formulas.

EXCEL 20104733 PCTR 16-001 Southlake CampusThursday, October 2 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V102 J. Besser

4734 PCTR 16-002 Grayslake CampusWednesday, October 22 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T338 C. Horwitz

4735 PCTR 16-003 Grayslake CampusTuesday, November 4 and Thursday,November 6 2 Sessions6-10 p.m.$225 T338 A. Sarrazine

NEW! EXCEL 20134736 PCTR 16-004 Southlake CampusFriday, November 7 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V234 B. Pistella

MICROSOFT EXCEL: LEVEL 3 0.5 HOURExplore tools that automate some commonExcel tasks. Learn to analyze, import andexport data and to collaborate with othersusing workbooks. You will structure thoseworkbooks using XML and integrate Exceldata with the web. A textbook is required andis available for purchase in the bookstore.Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel Level 2 orequivalent knowledge

EXCEL 20104737 PCTR 17-001 Southlake CampusThursday, October 16 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V102 J. Besser

4738 PCTR 17-002 Grayslake CampusWednesday, November 12 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T338 C. Horwitz

Computer Skills

8 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

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MICROSOFT ACCESS: LEVEL 1 0.5 HOURLearn the purpose of and terminologyassociated with a relational database andAccess objects with this powerful database.Learn to store, locate, print and automateaccess to any type of important information.Explore how to design a database and how tocreate, view and edit relational tables. Createand modify queries, forms and reports. Atextbook is required and is available forpurchase in the bookstore.

ACCESS 20104739 PCTR 20-001 Southlake CampusWednesday, September 17 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V102 B. Pistella

4740 PCTR 20-002 Grayslake CampusTuesday, November 11 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T338 B. Salita

NEW! ACCESS 20134741 PCTR 20-003 Grayslake CampusMonday, September 15 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T343 J. Besser

MICROSOFT ACCESS: LEVEL 2 0.5 HOURIncrease efficiency by sharing Access-storeddata with other applications. Improve andcustomize tables, queries, filter records andcreate custom and advanced forms and reports.Modify the design of a table to streamline dataentry and maintain data integrity. A textbook isrequired and is available for purchase in thebookstore. Prerequisite: Microsoft Access Level1 or equivalent knowledge.

ACCESS 20104742 PCTR 21-001 Southlake CampusWednesday, October 8 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V102 B. Pistella

NEW! ACCESS 20134743 PCTR 21-002 Grayslake CampusMonsday, October 13 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T339 J. Besser

MICROSOFT ACCESS: LEVEL 3 0.5 HOURMaster the advanced tools of Access softwareto restructure data into appropriate tables toensure data dependency and minimizeredundancy. Write advanced queries to analyzeand summarize data to create sophisticatedqueries, forms and reports. Learn to performgeneral database maintenance and write macrosto automate common tasks. A textbook isrequired and is available for purchase in thebookstore. Prerequisite: Microsoft Access Level2 or equivalent knowledge.

ACCESS 20104744 PCTR 22-001 Southlake CampusWednesday, October 29 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V102 B. Pistella

Computer Skills


Senior CitizensThe classes in this schedule are offered though our Continuing Education departmentand are intended for personal enrichment and/or career development. All in-district residents who are 60 years of age or older at the time of registration may enroll in vocational credit courses offered by continuing education at one-half the regular tuition rate, with all other fees remaining unchanged. The senior citizen tuition waiver does not apply to Continuing Education classes.

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Computer Skills

10 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

MICROSOFT POWERPOINT: LEVEL 1 0.5 HOURPowerPoint is an intuitive, powerfulpresentation graphics program that enables youto create dynamic, multimedia presentations fora variety of functions. You will create, designand deliver a presentation by learning to insertand modify a chart, inset tables and graphs, useclip art and animation to enhance yourpresentation. A textbook is required and may bepurchased in the bookstore.

POWERPOINT 20104745 PCTR 30-001 Grayslake CampusMonday 2 SessionsSeptember 29and Wednesday,October 16-10 p.m.$225 T338 A. Sarrazine

POWERPOINT 20104746 PCTR 30-002 Southlake CampusTuesday, October 7 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 V102 B. Salita

NEW! POWERPOINT 20134747 PCTR 30-003 Grayslake CampusMonday, October 27 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T338 A. Sarrazine

MICROSOFT PROJECT: LEVEL 1 0.5 HOURCreate a project plan file and enter projectinformation. Learn to create a workbreakdown structure by organizing andsetting task relationships, assign projectresources and finalize the project plan file. A textbook is required and is available forpurchase in the bookstore.

PROJECT 20104748 PCTR 70-001 Grayslake CampusFriday, October 31 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T338 J. Besser

Looking for other classes like Basic Computing Skills and iPad levels 1, 2 and 3? Visitwww.clcillinois.edu/personalenrichment.

GRAPHIC DESIGN BASICS 0.5 HOURCreated for the student with no formal designtraining, this class provides a quick and simpleway to learn how to create appealing designsfor print, web and other media. Learn the mostimportant design principles that determine howwe react to visual cues on a page or on acomputer screen. A straightforward approachwill help you learn basic design principles suchas composition, layout, proportions and colorsin a non-intimidating environment. Hands-onpractice and application with design pieces willbe included.

4752 PCTR 52-001 Grayslake CampusWednesdaysSeptember 17 and 24 2 Sessions6-10 p.m.$225 T338 E. Lopez

All Adobe classes are taught in CS6.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: LEVEL 1 0.5 HOURCreate and enhance graphics for marketingmaterials, newsletters, blogs and websites. Ifyou are a professional who wants to preparephotos for print or web, or enhance yourwork for the web or print, you will benefitfrom the skills learned in Photoshop. Youshould be familiar with the basic functions oftheir computer’s operating system such ascreating folders, launching programs andhave the basic skills such as copying andpasting objects, formatting text and savingfiles. A textbook is required and is availablefor purchase in the bookstore.

MAC4749 PCTR 40-001 Grayslake CampusMonday, September 15 2 Sessionsand Wednesday,September 176-10 p.m.$225 T323 D. Threats

PC4750 PCTR 40-002 Grayslake CampusFriday, October 10 1 Session9 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T338 J. Berek

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: LEVEL 2 0.5 HOURBuild on the techniques learned in PhotoshopLevel I by adding colors to the Swatchespalette, applying patterns and gradients byadding overlay layer styles. Use paintingtools, filters and blending modes to simulatedifferent media; create Smart Objects andedit images. You should be familiar with thebasic functions of your computer’s operatingsystem. A textbook is required and isavailable for purchase in the bookstore.Prerequisite: Adobe Photoshop Level 1 orequivalent knowledge.

MAC4751 PCTR 41-001 Grayslake CampusMonday, September 29 2 Sessionsand Wednesday,October 16-10 p.m.$225 T323 D. Threats

Looking for additional computer classes for Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver? Visitwww.ed2go.com/clc-pro for online options.

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Professional Interpreting

NEW! PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETER BASIC TRAININGEnhance your skills or begin your career as aprofessional interpreter. The focus of thiscourse is on critical concepts for interpreting inmedical, legal and community settings, basedon the “Equal Footing” Training developed byinstructor Saul Arteaga and Southern WisconsinInterpreting and Translation Services (SWITS).Equal Footing enables interpreters to meet theirresponsibility of placing Limited EnglishProficient (LEP) persons on an equal footingwith those who understand English. Courseparticipants will be empowered with a guide toprofessionally approach each communicativeevent by observing established strategies,protocols and codes of conduct.

Specific topics addressed will include thefundamentals and modes of interpreting andtranslating, the role of the interpreter and theCodes of Ethics proposed by the NationalCouncil on Interpreting in Health Care(NCIHC) and the International MedicalInterpreters Association (IMIA). Participantswill practice and implement interpreting

techniques in small groups, listen to andcritique recordings of interpreting scripts andrecord and critique their own renditions.

Students who complete all courserequirements will receive a certificate ofcompletion and will be prepared to sit for theIMIA national certification exam for medicalinterpreters.

*Note: While this course is open to speakersand interpreters in any language, theinstructor is bilingual in Spanish and English.Students will be responsible for their ownvocabulary development in preparation forany certification exams. The course will betaught in English and all students mustdemonstrate English language proficiency.Students will be required to purchase a bookon the first day of class at the cost of $45.

Prequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness demonstrated by one of thefollowing:• Test of English as a Foreign Language

(TOEFL), Computer-based: Score of 197 or above

• International English Language TestingSystem (IELTS): Score of 6.0 or above.

• U.S. college transcript (unofficial) showingcompletion of an associate degree or higher

• CLC’s Academic Proficiency Languagetest: Score of 153 or above

All documentation proving languageproficiency must be submitted to CLC viaemail [email protected] ordelivered in person to Room T317 at theGrayslake campus. CLC must receive thesedocuments no less than five business daysprior to the start date of any class.

4859 PLNG 20-001 Grayslake CampusSaturdays 5 SessionsOctober 11to November 88:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.$749 T334 S. Arteaga

Attend a FREE Professional Interpreter information session on Wednesday, September 17 at 6 p.m. at the GrayslakeCampus, Room T333. Register online atwww.clcinfosessions.eventbrite.com.

Professional Interpreting


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Veterinary Assistant

12 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

With pet ownership on the rise, the need forskilled Veterinary Assistants is in greatdemand. Working with veterinarians andveterinary technicians, veterinary assistantshelp provide medical care as well as facilitatepositive customer relationships. According tothe Bureau of Labor Statistics, employmentis expected to increase up 35 percentbetween 2006 and 2016. Potential employersinclude veterinary clinics, animal hospitals,governmental animal control facilities andpet adoption facilities.

VETERINARY ASSISTANT TRAINING 7 HOURSTake your love of animals and turn it into acareer. Learn to assist veterinarians andveterinary technicians as you providemedical care to sick and injured animals.This course includes 150 hours of study, 60of which are in a clinical externship setting.Learn how to help in the office as well aswith examinations, hospital procedures,surgical preparation, laboratory tests andcustomer relations. The program is providedby MK Education and is taught by veterinaryprofessionals who bring real-life experienceto the classroom.

Please note that the clinical externship willmost likely take place during normalbusiness hours and successful completion ofthe externship is required to graduate.Externship dates will be given in the firstmonth of class to ensure ample time toinform employers of your training, if needed,as time off from work may be requireddepending on your schedule.

Course Prerequisites and Special NotesA high school diploma or GED is required.Students must be fluent English speakers andable to read, write and comprehend Englishat a high school level.


in addition, because of the inherentrequirements of the profession, students musthave the following minimum abilities sufficientfor safe and successful practice of veterinaryduties: psychomotor skills (eye-handcoordination and finger dexterity), visual acuity(normal or corrected) and the ability to lift 30pounds in the clinical setting.

Students must complete a background check atan approved provider in order to participate inthe clinical externship portion of the program.Prior felony convictions may preventparticipation in the program. The fee for thisservice is NOT included in the course fee.

Students may be required to meet specific healthrequirements and drug testing prior to placementin the clinical portion of the course. This is basedon the requirements of the externship site andwill be determined at placement. Any fees tomeet health requirements are NOT included inthe course fee.

4867 PVET 1-001 Grayslake CampusTuesdays 24 Sessionsand ThursdaysAugust 28to December 18*6-9:45 p.m.$2,199 T332 MK Education*No class on Tuesday, September 2.

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Health Care

Are you a nurse, massage therapist or socialworker who is currently working and needsCEs for licensure? Or are you a health careprofessional who needs to update your skillsets to obtain employment? Are youinterested in entering the health care field tobecome a personal care assistant, veterinaryassistant or pharmacy technician and obtainemployment? Whether you need to maintain,obtain or enter the health care profession, thecourses listed under health care will help youachieve your career goals. For moreinformation, call (847) 543-2615.

Pharmacy TechnicianPHARMACY TECHNICIAN TRAINING 7 HOURSCLC’s professional Pharmacy TechnicianProgram will put you on the path to a newcareer. The 105 hours of classroominstruction are designed to teach you thefundamentals and practical skills needed toprepare you for entry level work in apharmacy setting. The program is providedby MK Education and is taught by pharmacyprofessionals who bring real-life experienceto the classroom.

Program requirements: High school diplomaor GED, adequate knowledge of 9th and 10thgrade math (algebra), proficient in English(verbal and written communication skills), no prior criminal record, 18 years old (someexceptions), hand to eye coordination andfinger agility.

NOTE: All pharmacy technicians must benationally certified. This course will prepareyou for both national certification exams.

4835 VALH 95-001 Grayslake CampusMondays 28 Sessionsand WednesdaysSeptember 3 to December 10*6-9:45 p.m.$1,499 T332 MK Education*No class on Wednesday, November 26.

4836 VALH 95-002 Southlake CampusSaturdays 14 SessionsSeptember 6to December 13*8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.$1,499 R228 MK Education*No class on Saturday, November 29.

Nursing EducationCNA RE-CERTIFICATION (1-0) 1 HOURDesigned for those who have alreadycompleted the Certified Nurse Assistant courseand who have successfully completed theIllinois Nurse Aide Examination, but who nolonger are listed on the Illinois Nurse AideRegistry. You must first contact the IllinoisDepartment of Public Health (IDPH) at (217)785-5133 to request a recertification packet.

• Health requirements: You must have acurrent 1-Step TB test prior to the first dayof class. The course will providere-certification of the 21 skills and offer areview for the state examination.

• Background Check and FingerprintingProcess

• To participate, you must undergo a UCIAcriminal background check. Fingerprintsneed to be done yearly. If your fingerprintson the registry are older than one year, thenfingerprinting will be required prior to thefirst day of class.

• You will need to fill complete theHealthcare Worker Disclosure andAuthorization Form. Forms are available for download atwww.clcillinois.edu/programs/nur/options/cna or you can call (847) 543-2615 to request the form to be mailed to you.

• Once the Healthcare Worker Disclosure andAuthorization Form is completed, the formmust be submitted to the CLC NursingEducation Office. It can be returned threedifferent ways:

• In person to Room D208 or in the dropbox outside D208 if the office is closed

• Emailed to [email protected]• Faxed to (847) 223-9524

• Allow a minimum of 48 hours for yourform to be processed.

• After processing the Healthcare WorkerDisclosure and Authorization Form, youwill be contacted by phone or CLC email tocomplete the Livescan fingerprint process.

• The Livescan form will be available forpick up in the Nursing Education Office(D208) at the Grayslake campus or canbe emailed to your CLC studentaddress. Please note that email may notbe a secure source of sendinginformation.

For detailed course information, visitwww.clcillinois.edu/professional/nursingCEs.

Note: Please call our office for aninformation packet at (847) 543-2615.

4844 VALH 10-001 Grayslake CampusMonday and TuesdaySeptember 29-30 2 Sessions9 a.m. to 2 p.m.$379 CLC D223 P. Zora

4851 VALH 10-002 Southlake CampusMonday and WednesdayNovember 3-5 2 Sessions5-10 p.m.$379 R006 S. Kadera

Pharmacy TechnicianNursing Education


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PERSONAL CARE AIDE 1.5 HOURSContinuing Professional Development isoffering the perfect opportunity to gain thebasic skills needed to begin a new career orto confidently provide companionship or carefor an elderly or disabled family member orfriend. These skills include:

• Person-centered communication techniques• Basic hygiene and infection control• Assistance with personal care tasks• Housekeeping, cooking and nutrition• Use of adaptive equipment such as lifts,

wheelchairs, walkers and grab bars• Recognizing and responding to an

emergency• Understanding legal requirements and

limitations• HeartSaver CPR, First Aid and awareness

of blood-borne pathogens

This course exceeds training requirements ofthe Illinois Department of Public Health.Classes will be held in a hands-on skills laband skills will be assessed by a competencyevaluation. Upon completion, students willreceive a vocational certificate and anAmerican Heart Association CPR and FirstAid card good for two years.

A text book and a materials kit are requiredand are available in the CLC bookstore.

Students are required to complete a criminalbackground check.

4834 VALH 12-001 Grayslake CampusSaturdaysOctober 11, 18 and 25 3 Sessions8 a.m. to 5 p.m.$299 D226 P. Zora

All courses with UGotClass are instructor-led online courses that cannot be accessed through Blackboard. Please contact our office for accessinformation to the online course. Call (847) 543-2615 or email [email protected].

SPANISH FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALSAre you frustrated by the communicationgaps that can occur between you and yourSpanish-speaking patients? If you answeredyes, this Spanish class, designed specificallyfor healthcare professionals, will help youbridge that gap. You will practice the basic,practical language skills needed to effectivelycommunicate with your Spanish-speakingpatients and their families. You will learn thebasics of the language, gain an understandingof the culture and know how to ask thequestions crucial to quality healthcare.Whether you speak some Spanish and need arefresher or speak no Spanish, you willcomplete the course with the skills you willneed to effectively communicate with yourSpanish-speaking patients.

4848 PALH 4-800 OnlineMonday, October 6to Friday, October 31$145 Online UGotClass

SPANISH FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS IIIf you understand basic Spanish, or if you havesuccessfully completed Spanish for MedicalProfessionals, this class will expand yourknowledge of the Spanish language. You willlearn about the near future, present progressive,the command or imperative tenses, directobjects, increase your medical vocabulary andpractice interviewing patients, taking healthhistory, diagnosing, giving instructions andprescribing medication. You will improve yourcommunication skills with your Spanish-speaking patients and conquer the frustratingcommunication gaps that can occur.

4849 PALH 30-800 OnlineSaturday, November 1to Friday, November 28$145 Online UGotClass

DEMENTIA CARE-ONLINEAs baby boomers age, the 21st centuryworkforce is challenged to care for anexponentially growing population of personswith dementia. You will gain essentialknowledge and understanding aboutneurological diseases that affect cognitionand memory and practical application ofeffective skills for supporting persons withdementia. Nearly all disciplines benefit fromexpertise in dementia care, as do families ofpersons with dementia. You will come awaywith increased knowledge in how to care forpersons with dementia. Expertise in thisgrowing area of human services alsoenhances your resume.

4852 VALH 15-800 OnlineTuesday, September 2to Friday, October 24$495 Online UGotClass

NEW! CARING FOR THE PATIENT OR LOVED ONE WITH DEMENTIAThe number of aging adults with Alzheimer’sand other forms of dementia is skyrocketing.If you are caring for a loved one, or you are aprofessional who works with dementiapatients and their families, you will find thiscourse useful. Gain the insight and skills tocare for and effectively work with thedifferent types of dementia and understandthe ways it affects a patient. Learn how toadvocate for your loved one or your clients.This activity is eligible for 3.0 CEUs forsocial workers.

4839 PWEL 2-001 Southlake CampusTuesday, October 7 1 Session6:30-9:30 p.m.$65 V340 M. Hirsch

Nursing Education

14 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

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CPR Training


CPR Training

HEARTSAVER CPR WITH ADULT, CHILD AND INFANT TRAININGThis course is designed for the general publicand is not intended for health careprofessionals or health care students. This isan ideal course for day care providers,teachers and anyone interested in taking aCPR course. This is an American HeartAssociation course. Certification is good fortwo years.

4787 PALH 6-001 Grayslake CampusWednesday, October 8 1 Session7-9 p.m.$55 T334 S. Frankson

4788 PALH 6-002 Grayslake CampusSaturday, November 15 1 Session9-11 a.m.$55 T323 S. Frankson

CPR REFRESHER: BLS HEALTH CARE PROVIDERThis course is designed to provide a widevariety of health care professionals the abilityto recognize several life-threateningemergencies, provide CPR, use an AED andrelieve choking in a safe, timely and effectivemanner. The course is intended for certifiedor noncertified, licensed or nonlicensedhealth care professionals. Current AHA BLSHealth Care Provider certification card isrequired to attend this course.

4789 PALH 7-001 Grayslake CampusSaturday, August 16 1 Session1-3 p.m.$55 T323 S. Frankson

4790 PALH 7-002 Grayslake CampusSaturday, August 30 1 Session9-11 a.m.$55 T323 S. Frankson

4791 PALH 7-003 Grayslake CampusWednesday 1 SessionSeptember 106-8 p.m.$55 T323 S. Frankson

4792 PALH 7-004 Grayslake CampusSaturday, October 11 1 Session9-11 a.m.$55 T323 S. Frankson

4793 PALH 7-005 Southlake CampusSaturday, November 1 1 Session1-3 p.m.$55 R230 S. Frankson

4794 PALH 7-006 Grayslake CampusSaturday, December 13 1 Session1-3 p.m.$55 T323 S. Frankson

CPR BASIC: BLS HEALTH CARE PROVIDERThe BLS Health Care Provider course isdesigned to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognizeseveral life-threatening emergencies, provideCPR, use an AED and relieve choking in asafe, timely and effective manner. The courseis intended for certified or noncertified,licensed or nonlicensed health careprofessionals.

4795 PALH 8-001 Grayslake CampusSaturday, August 16 1 Session9-11:30 a.m.$65 T323 S. Frankson

4796 PALH 8-002 Grayslake CampusSaturday, August 23 1 Session9-11:30 a.m.$65 T323 S. Frankson

4797 PALH 8-003 Grayslake CampusSaturday, August 23 1 Session1-3:30 p.m.$65 T323 S. Frankson

4798 PALH 8-004 Grayslake CampusFriday, August 29 1 Session3-5:30 p.m.$65 T323 S. Frankson

4799 PALH 8-005 Grayslake CampusSaturday, September 6 1 Session9-11:30 a.m.$65 T323 S. Frankson

4800 PALH 8-006 Grayslake CampusFriday, September 12 1 Session3-5:30 p.m.$65 T323 S. Frankson

4801 PALH 8-007 Grayslake CampusThursday, October 2 1 Session6:30-9 p.m.$65 T333 S. Frankson

4802 PALH 8-008 Southlake CampusSaturday, November 1 1 Session9-11:30 a.m.$65 R230 S. Frankson

4803 PALH 8-009 Grayslake CampusFriday, December 5 1 Session3-5:30 p.m.$65 T323 S. Frankson

4804 PALH 8-010 Grayslake CampusSaturday, December 13 1 Session9-11:30 a.m.$65 T323 S. Frankson

ADVANCED CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT(ACLS)The ACLS course is designed for medicalproviders such as physicians, nurses,mid-levels, emergency medical technicians,paramedics, respiratory therapists and otherprofessionals whose daily occupationrequires them to either direct or participate inthe resuscitation of a patient.

At the conclusion of the program,participants will be able to:

• Recognize the adult in peri-arrest and/or atrisk of cardiopulmonary arrest

• Demonstrate the cognitive and psychomotorskills necessary for resuscitating andstabilizing the adult in respiratory failure,shock or cardiopulmonary arrest

• Demonstrate the use of the various airwayand oxygen adjuncts and methods foroptimum ventilation and airway control

• Identify normal vs. abnormal cardiacrhythms and the appropriate pharmacologicand electrical therapies

• State the indications and dosages ofmedications used in cardiopulmonary arrestand the effects on the cardiovascular system

• Perform techniques to obtain vascularaccess via intraosseous cannulation usingEZIO and perform advanced skills in theassessment and treatment ofcardiopulmonary arrest.

Materials are included in the course fee andwill be provided prior to class. Students willbe expected to come to class having read thematerials. Prerequisite: Valid Health CareProvider CPR card.

4858 PALH 65-001 Grayslake CampusFriday, October 10 2 Sessions5-9 p.m. ANDSaturday, October 118 a.m. to 5 p.m.$225 T332 S. Frankson

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Massage Therapy

16 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

NEW! MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AIDJust as CPR helps you assist an individualhaving a heart attack, even if you have noclinical training, Mental Health First Aidhelps you assist someone experiencing amental health-related crisis. In the MentalHealth First Aid course, you learn riskfactors and warning signs for mental healthand addiction concerns, strategies for how tohelp someone in both crisis and non-crisissituations and where to turn for help withmental illnesses.

When you take this course, you learn how toapply the Mental Health First Aid action planin a variety of situations, including whensomeone is experiencing:• Panic attacks• Suicidal thoughts or behaviors• Nonsuicidal self-injury• Acute psychosis (e.g., hallucinations or

delusions)• Overdose or withdrawal from alcohol or

drug use• Reaction to a traumatic event

By practicing through role plays, scenariosand activities, it is easier to apply these skillsin a real-life situation.

The adult Mental Health First Aid course isappropriate for anyone 18 years and older.Materials are included in the course fee andwill be provided in class. This activity iseligible for CEUs for social workers andCPDUs for teachers.

4857 PALH 64-001 Grayslake CampusSaturday, October 18 1 Session8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.$99 T323 C. Waxman

Continuing Educaton Vocational CreditsNote: Continuing Education VocationalCredits do not apply to any degree or certificate program offered at the collegein the academic divisions. Vocational credits will not be added to a student’s academic credit hours or included in theGPA. Students receive a grade of P (Pass)or N (No Pass). Call the department at(847) 543-2615 for additional information.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education

The College of Lake County is approved bythe National Certification Board forTherapeutic Massage and Bodywork(NCBTMB) as an approved continuingeducation provider. Courses are intended forlicensed massage therapists, certified bodyworker or esthetician. Provider #451802-11.

Plan ahead; don’t forget your massage licenseexpires on December 31, 2014.

For instructor bios, visitwww.clcillinois.edu/professional/massagebios.

Massage TherapyCRANIAL SACRALMASSAGE 2 1 HOURThe Cranial Sacral 2 workshop is a deeperexploration of the concepts and applicationof Cranial Sacral Therapy. You will learn tomobilize the major bones of the cranium aswell as the sacrum and coccyx. Anexploration of the mid-tide will also beincluded. These new dimensions deal directlywith the function of the nervous system andadd a deep level of release to its function.This enhances your work as a massagetherapist exponentially. Eligible for 14 CEsfor licensed massage therapists.

4843 VALH 85-001 Southlake CampusSaturdaysOctober 11 and 18 2 Sessions8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.$299 R230 D. Fazio

POSTPARTUM MASSAGEThis workshop is appropriate for massagetherapists who have had some experience aspractitioners and want to support women at acritical time in their lives. You will learn theBouncing Back from Baby SM sequence,which integrates neuromuscular therapy andmyofascial release. The curriculum includestraining in assisting the return of the pelvis topre-pregnancy alignment by working musclesattached to the pelvis. Pelvic stabilizationtechniques and measurement-takingprocedures will be learned. Language forempathetic support will be discussed. Thisclass will be taught at the CLC massagetherapy clinic at the Southlake Campus.Massage tables will be provided by thecollege. Students must bring their own sheets(two sets) plus chest drape, blanket and facecradle covers, massage oil/lotion. Studentsshould wear comfortable clothing suitable forgiving massage. Eligible for 14 CEs tolicensed massage therapists.

4877 VALH 85-002 Southlake CampusTuesday and ThursdayNovember 11-13 2 Sessions8 a.m. to 4 p.m.$350 V336 S. Winick

NEW! PROPRIOCEPTIVE NEUROMUSCULAR FACILITATION (PNF)You can eliminate or significantly reducepain and increase the range of motion of yourmassage patients by using this modified PNFmethod. You will learn how to evaluate clientneeds, develop a plan for treatment and usethese special techniques to alleviate pain.Using the techniques taught you will becomea more effective therapist. This class will betaught at the CLC massage therapy clinic atthe Southlake Campus. Massage tables willbe provided by the college. Eligible for 17CEs to licensed massage therapists.

4885 VALH 85-003 Southlake CampusThursday, October 24-9 p.m. 3 SessonsAND Friday, October 39 a.m.-5 p.m.AND Saturday, October 49 a.m.-2 p.m.$269 R230 J. Lee

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Massage Therapy


REIKI LEVEL 1: REIKI CHANNELLearn to channel life force energies as you takethe first step in understanding and using thehealing energy of Reiki. You will learnstandardized protocols for treating clients aswell as the history and philosophy of workingwith Reiki. Reiki is being incorporated intohospital treatment plans across the country asmedical and non-medical personnel have cometo recognize its ability to reduce stress andexpedite healing. Additionally, thanks tomodern technology, scientific data nowcorroborates mountains of anecdotal evidence.

Reiki is ideal for healthcare professionals andmassage therapists. Eligible for 6 CEs tolicensed massage therapists. The class will betaught in CLC’s Massage Clinic. Allmaterials are included in the class fee. Classsize is limited to eight, so register early.

4846 PALH 72-001 Southlake CampusFriday, October 24 1 Session10 a.m. to 5 p.m.$150 R230 H. McCutcheon

NEW! REIKI LEVEL 2: PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATIONYou can build upon the skills you learned in Reiki Level 1, and after completing this class you will be certified to practice Reikiprofessionally. You will receive a secondattunement to increase the flow of energyand be introduced to and practice usingsacred Reiki symbols to enhance all facets of Reiki work. This includes new healingtechniques and protocols for distant andsurrogate transmission of Reiki and a briefoverview of the use of healing crystals.Practical, business-building strategies formassage therapists and energy practitionerswill be discussed. Text and materials areincluded. Eligible for 6 CEs to licensedmassage therapists.Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1

4850 PALH 73-001 Southlake CampusFriday, November 14 1 Session10 a.m. to 5 p.m.$250 R230 H. McCutcheon

NEW! BAMBOO MASSAGEThis unique new therapy uses warm bamboopieces of different shapes and sizes allowingthe therapist to work deeper and moreeffectively without the added stress to their ownhands, wrists, arms and shoulders. The warmbamboo also helps promote circulation, relievestress and tension while providing a deep senseof relaxation. Warm oil is added to allow for asmoother glide and varying levels of pressure.Therapists will learn to integrate the bamboopieces into their bodywork sessions. Studentsmust bring their own sheets (1 set) plus chestdrape, blanket & face cradle covers, massageoil/lotion. Eligible for 8CEs to licensedmassage therapists

4843 VALH 85-004 Southlake CampusTuesday November 4 1 Session8 a.m. to 5 p.m.$199 V336 S. Barg

INTRODUCTION TO AROMATHERAPYBreathe deep, relax and enjoy aromaticscents as you are introduced to the use ofaromatherapy for a healthy home and body.You will learn the history and use ofaromatherapy, as well as how to use essentialoils that are safe topically andenvironmentally. Discover the ten mostcommon and effective essential oils and oilblends that can be used on a daily basis. Thisinteractive workshop includes experientiallearning so you can experience the benefitsof aromatherapy first hand. Wear comfortableclothes and bring a sheet for the hands-onportion of the class. Eligible for 3 CEs tolicensed massage therapists.

4845 PALH 83-001 Grayslake CampusThursday, October 2 1 Session6-9 p.m.$65 T323 S. Canga-Arguelles

NEW! AROMATHERAPY: HERBS AND OILS FOR WEIGHT LOSSGain a new perspective as you explore theprinciples of Chinese medicine as it relates tohealthy diet, lifestyle and weight loss. Simpletools and techniques using essential oils andherbs will be discussed to assist with weightloss and maintaining a healthy weight andlifestyle. Eligible for 2 CEs for licensedmassage therapists.

4838 PALH 87-001 Grayslake CampusThursday, October 16 1 Session7-9 p.m.$55 T323 S. Canga-Arguelles

NEW! INTRODUCTION TO HOMEOPATHYHomeopathy is a safe, gentle and naturalsystem of healing that works with your bodyto relieve symptoms, restore itself andimprove your overall health. Homeopathicmedicine views symptoms of illness asnormal responses of the body as it attemptsto regain health. Many common illnesses andinjuries can be quickly and easily treatedwith homeopathy at home. Learn how toincorporate homeopathy into your massagepractice.Eligible for 3 CEs to licensedmassage therapists.

4840 PWEL 5-001 Southlake CampusThursday, October 9 1 Session6:30-9:30 p.m.$65 R230 D. Fazio

NEW! INTRODUCTION TO CHAKRAS: AN EXPERIMENTAL WORKSHOPWhat does your energy field say about you?Time to find out! Learn how you interact withyour world at the most basic level and explorethe ways modern science and Western medicineare validating and incorporating ancient energyhealing modalities. You will complete aself-evaluation of your own energetic healthand experience your own energy fields andthose of a partner in a paired exercise. Eligiblefor 2.5 CEs to licensed massage therapists.

4842 PWEL 7-001 Grayslake CampusSaturday, October 25 1 Session9 a.m. to 12 p.m.$65 T333 H. McCutcheon

NEW! EXPLORING BACH FLOWER REMEDIESBach flower remedies are extreme dilutionsof flower material developed by EdwardBach, an English homeopath, in the 1930s.Bach believed that dew found on flowerpetals retains the healing properties of thatplant. The remedies are intended primarilyfor emotional and spiritual conditions,including but not limited to depression,anxiety, insomnia and stress. Eligible for 3CEs to licensed massage therapists.

4841 PWEL 6-001 Southlake CampusThursday, November 6 1 Session6:30-9:30 p.m.$65 R230 D. Fazio

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Start a career path that’s really taking off!

Private Pilot Ground School is the first stepto becoming a pilot and gaining theknowledge needed to begin a career in theaviation industry. In addition to preparingyou for the FAA Private Pilot knowledge testin your quest for pilot certification, thiscourse will also provide you with skills foroperating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVsor “drones”), a career path showing signs ofsignificant growth.

The Federal Aviation Administrationestimates that as many as 7,500 commercialunmanned aerial vehicles could be flying innational airspace within a few years. Theunmanned aircraft industry hopes that therewill be 100,000 people with drone-relatedjobs by 2025 (Time, 2013).

NEW FORMAT! PRIVATE PILOT GROUND SCHOOL 3 HOURSBe prepared for your first flight. This courseis designed to fulfill FAA regulations to meetthe private pilot certification requirementCFR 61. Upon completion of this course,students will be prepared for the FAA PrivatePilot knowledge test. Students whosuccessfully pass the FAA test will also havethe option of referral to a certified flightschool in pursuit of a Private PilotCertificate. A textbook is required and willbe available for purchase in the CLCbookstore.

Course content includes:• Careers in Aviation• FAA Regulations• Weather• Radio communications and navigation• Flight Safety• Aircraft components• Aerodynamics• Airspace and airport logistics• Emergency procedures

Instructor Skip Goss is an aviation industryprofessional who has more than two decadesof experience in training pilots of allbackgrounds and skill levels. He is an FAAcertificated airline transport pilot and flightinstructor. As a testament to his knowledgeand experience, he was selected andauthorized as an FAA Designated PilotExaminer in 2007.

4833 PTEC 70-001 Grayslake CampusWednesdays 12 SessionsSeptember 24to December 176:30-9:30 p.m.$499 T333 S. Goss

Forklift Training

FORKLIFT OPERATOR TRAININGForklift operator training providesparticipants with knowledge and skills tooperate a powered industrial truck (forklift)in a safe and professional manner. Trainingcombines formal classroom instruction,practical hands-on training and evaluation ofworkplace performance. Training is held atEquipment Depot, 1014 Progress Drive inGrayslake.

4829 PSFT 30-001 Equipment DepotTuesday, September 16 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$135 EQDP J. Colangelo

4830 PSFT 30-002 Equipment DepotTuesday, October 21 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$135 EQDP J. Colangelo

4831 PSFT 30-003 Equipment DepotTuesday, November 18 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$135 EQDP J. Colangelo

4832 PSFT 30-004 Equipment DepotTuesday, December 16 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$135 EQDP J. Colangelo

AviationForklift Training

18 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

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Truck Driver TrainingHome Inspection


Truck Driver Training

TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING (CDL) 10 HOURSThis 160-hour basic training course preparesyou for a career as a commercial truck driver.The course will provide you the knowledgeand skills to prepare for the state-issuedCommercial Drivers License (CDL) exams,including the permit test, pre-trip inspectiontest, skills tests and road tests. You will learnCDL laws, use of controls, safe drivingtechniques and defensive driving. The courseincludes classroom instruction andbehind-the-wheel training. Students will takepractices tests designed to prepare them forthe CDL permit exam.

Prerequisites: Students must have a validIllinois Drivers License Class “D” or above.They may not have committed a serioustraffic violation in a commercial motorvehicle within the past 12 months. Studentsmust provide a copy of their Motor VehicleReport (MVR) from the Secretary of State’soffice prior to enrollment. Students must nothave any physical limitation that affects theirdriving ability and have use of all theirlimbs, both eyes, corrected or not and not belegally deaf. Students currently on bond orparole are not eligible for the program.Because all CDL testing is conducted inEnglish, students must be able to speak, read,write and understand English.

4805 PCDL 1-001 Grayslake CampusMonday-Friday 20 SessionsSeptember 8to October 37:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.$4,100 T334 J. Clark

4806 PCDL 1-002 Grayslake CampusMonday-Friday 20 SessionsOctober 6-317:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.$4,100 T334 J. Clark

4807 PCDL 1-003 Grayslake CampusMonday-Friday 20 SessionsNovember 3to December 2*7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.$4,100 T334 J. Clark*No class November 27 and 28.

Home Inspection

Attend a FREE Home Inspectioninformation session on Thursday, August 21 at 6 p.m. at the Southlake Campus, Room V336. Register online atwww.clcinfosessions.eventbrite.com.

HOME INSPECTION 4 HOURSAs of January 2003, Illinois home inspectorsmust be licensed. This pre-licensing course isapproved by the Department of Banks andReal Estate and covers the major elements ofhome inspection. Successfully completingthis 60-hour course allows individuals to takethe Illinois state exam. Students should beaware that to open their own HomeInspection business, there are additional coststo consider such as insurance and equipment.The state requires all 60 hours of instruction.For additional information, please call (847)543-2615. Prerequisite: This course isintended for people who have some workingknowledge of the building trades.

4779 PRLE 40-001 Southlake CampusTuesdays 16 Sessionsand Thursdays.September 30to November 206-10 p.m.$799 R024 T. Fisher

Get on the road to a better career!You can begin a new career as a professional truck driver. The U. S. Department of Laborstates that the field continues to grow. The need for professional drivers is anticipated to growto over 100,000 by 2014. The economic implications will not only impact the local economybut the nation. Gain the knowledge and skills to prepare for and pass the state issuedCommercial Drivers License (CDL-A) exams.

Training provided by Eagle Training Services. Job placement assistance provided!

For more information, visit www.clcillinois.edu/professional/truckdriver or call (847) 543-2615.

Attend a FREE Truck Driver Training information session on Thursday evenings, August 21, September 18 or October 16 at 6 p.m. at the Grayslake campus, Room T334.Register online at www.clcinfosessions.eventbrite.com.

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BROKER PRE-LICENSING TOPICS 5 HOURSThis course, with the Broker Pre-LicensingApplied Principles course (PRLE 3), fulfillsthe new education requirements for obtainingan Illinois Real Estate Broker license. Youare required to attend all sessions, whichinclude: introduction to the license law andreal property; basics of agency, seller andbuyer relationships and counseling; local,state and federal laws effecting real estate;brokerage, marketing and advertising; marketanalysis and appraisal; financing, contracts,independent contractor and employee status,occupational disciplines and businessplanning. A textbook is required and should be purchased at the CLC bookstore prior to class.

4776 PRLE 2-001 Southlake CampusThursdays 15 Sessionsand TuesdaysSeptember 11 to October 145:30-10 p.m.ANDSaturdaysSeptember 13 to October 118 a.m. to 2 p.m.$699 V232 W. Paprocki

BROKER PRE-LICENSING TOPICS-HOME STUDY (5-0) 5 HOURSHome study is an option for completing 75hours of the broker pre-licensing curriculum(course code PRLE 02). Students who selectthis option must complete and submitassignments that fulfill the class timerequirement. The course is self-paced andstudents correspond with the instructorthrough email and phone as needed. Thisallows students the freedom to complete theapproved classes without having to attendregular class meetings. Home study studentsare required to come to the Grayslakecampus only to take the final exam.

4775 PRLE 2-981 Home StudyMonday, August 25to Friday, October 17$699 W. Paprocki

4777 PRLE 2-982 Home StudyMonday, October 20to Friday, December 12$699 W. Paprocki

BROKER PRE-LICENSING APPLIED PRINCIPLES 1 HOURThis course, with the Broker Pre-LicensingTopics course (PRLE 2), fulfills the neweducation requirements for obtaining anIllinois Real Estate Broker license. Thisinteractive course includes role play,situations, case studies and demonstrationexamples. You are required to attend allsessions, which include: listing presentations,buyer representations, agency disclosures,purchase agreements, handling offers, negotiating, market analysis,closing costs, escrow money, fair housing and anti-trust. A textbook is required andshould be purchased at the CLC bookstoreprior to class.

4778 PRLE 3-001 Southlake CampusThursday and Tuesday 3 SessionsOctober 16 and October 215:30-10 p.m.ANDSaturday, October 188 a.m. to 2 p.m.$199 V232 W. Paprocki

Real Estate

20 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

Prepare to be a real estate agent!CLC is approved by the Real Estate Bureau, part of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Students must meet allthe requirements to be able to take the Broker’s or Managing Broker’s Examination given by the Stateof Illinois.

Broker RequirementsPRLE 2 and PRLE 3 fulfill the required broker pre-licensing exam course requirements.Attendance for all class hours and a passing score of 75 percent or better on the final exams are required, as mandated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.In addition to meeting the course requirements, an applicant for the State of Illinois licensingexamination must be a high school graduate (or GED recipient) and 21 years of age, or 18years of age and have two years of college course work. For more information on state requirements, please review www.idfpr.com/DPR/RE/realmain.asp.

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HospitalityEvent Planning



BEVERAGE AND ALCOHOL SELLERS AND SERVERS EDUCATIONAL TRAININGProtect your liquor license and reduce yourrisk as an alcohol server. Liquor licenseowners, alcohol sellers and servers learn howto determine servability of patrons, thephysical and psychological effects of alcohol,local ordinances of alcohol consumption anddriving, Blood Alcohol Concentration anddetermination of proper IDs. BASSET iscertified by the Illinois Liquor ControlCommission and is required by the LakeCounty Commission and various othermunicipalities for facilities licensed to serveand sell alcohol. The course does NOTprepare individuals to be bartenders.Certificates: Effective December 1, 2010,requests from past and current students toreplace a BASSET “Certificates ofCompletion” will be honored for up to threeyears from the class date.

4720 PHOS 1-001 Grayslake CampusSaturday, September 13 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$49 T323 C. Parr

4721 PHOS 1-002 Grayslake CampusMonday, October 6 1 Session6-10 p.m.$49 T334 C. Parr

4722 PHOS 1-003 Grayslake CampusSaturday, November 8 1 Session8 a.m. to 12 p.m.$49 T323 A. DeMarco

4723 PHOS 1-004 Grayslake CampusMonday, December 8 1 Session6-10 p.m.$49 T323 A. DeMarco

NEW! FOOD SAFETY CERTIFICATION/RE-CERTIFICATIONBased on the most recent food safetyregulations, this course will prepare to you tobe certified or re-certified through the IllinoisDepartment of Public Health. You will coverall major sanitation points, including howfood becomes unsafe, proper precautions,personal hygiene, food contamination,regulations and inspection standards. Prior toclass, it is highly recommended to read the

entire textbook. The nationally recognizedServSafe exam is given at the end of theclass and upon successful completion, youare eligible to apply for the Food ServiceSanitation Manager Certification license. Atextbook for this class is required and can bepurchased at the CLC bookstore.

4866 PHOS 5-001 Grayslake CampusWednesday, September 24 1 Session8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.$99 T333 J. Alvarez

Event Planning

FUNDAMENTALS OF MEETING AND EVENTMANAGEMENT 2 HOURSLearn strategies to develop meetings andspecial events. You will be introduced to themany considerations involved in planning anevent. You will learn how to conduct a needsanalysis, balance multiple presentationformats, develop conference spaceschematics, create a program planning andevent timeline, develop a budget, andunderstand the basics of marketing andpromotion.

4892 PHOS 10-001 Grayslake CampusMondays 12 Sessionsand Wednesdays October 6-November 126-9:15 p.m. $299 T323 C. Harris

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Concealed Carry Licensing

On July 9, 2013, Public Act 98-63, theFirearm Concealed Carry Act, becameIllinois state law. The State of Illinois nowissues concealed carry permits to complywith U.S. constitutional mandates. Thiscourse will satisfy the legal trainingrequirements for eligible residents who wishto apply for permission to carry a concealedfirearm. In this course, firearm knowledge,safety and personal protection areemphasized in order to gain the appropriatemindset and skills needed for responsiblyexercising the right to carry. This trainingprogram includes live fire range qualificationas well as the required classroom hours,which will thoroughly cover the directivesand restrictions outlined in the new law.

Requirements and Course InformationParticipants in this class must be at least 21years of age and if a resident of the State ofIllinois be eligible to possess a valid FOIDcard. Those who own a 9mm or a 38 specialwill use their personal weapon and providetheir own ammunition as part of their rangeexercises. Based on availability, participantswho do NOT own a handgun may be able torent a weapon at a small additional fee inorder to complete the range qualification.Students interested in this option shoulddiscuss availability with the instructor on thefirst night of class. Range qualification willtake place at a shooting range.

This course will meet four nights, includingrange time on the final night or Saturday andSunday, with range time on Sundayafternoon. All participants will be required to

qualify on the range and will attendclassroom topics covering state and federallaws relating to the ownership, storage, carryand transportation of a firearm as well asweapons handling as defined in the statuteand administrative rules.

The College of Lake County is aweapons-free location.

Students are prohibited by law from bringingfirearms to campus. This includes allbuildings and parking lots. Students shouldnot bring their firearms on campus or toclass. Weapons should only be brought to thefinal class meeting, which is held at ashooting range.

The 12 and 8-hour training classes are listedas department consent.

Proof of prior training MUST be receivedbefore a student can register for eithersection. Call (847) 543-2615 for moreinformation.

Prior TrainingFor participants with no prior training or who would like to refresh previously learned skills, the 16-hour training programis required. For participants with priortraining, please refer to chart atwww.clcillinois.edu/professional/concealedcarry to see what training is accepted by theCollege of Lake County and the appropriatenights to attend class. Up to eight hours totalof prior training can be accepted.

CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE TRAINING – 16 HOUR COURSEThis course will satisfy the legal trainingrequirements for eligible residents who wishto apply for permission to carry a concealed firearm. All participants will be required toqualify on the range and will attendclassroom topics covering state and federallaws relating to the ownership, storage, carryand transportation of a firearm as well asweapons handling as defined in the statuteand administrative rules. Students shouldNOT to bring their firearms to class.Weapons should only be brought to the finalclass meeting, which takes place at ashooting range.

4822 PPSI 30-001 Grayslake CampusSaturday, September 27 3 Sessions8 a.m. to 5 p.m.ANDSunday, September 2811 a.m. to 3 p.m. AND5-9 p.m.$299 T334 R. Tapkowski

4823 PPSI 30-002 Grayslake CampusMonday-Thursday 4 SessionsNovember 17-206-10 p.m.$299 T334 R. Tapkowski

Concealed Carry

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CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE TRAINING – 12 HOUR COURSEThis class is only for those students whohave completed four hours of previoustraining approved by the Illinois State Police.Any previously completed training must beauthenticated by the College of Lake Countyprior to a student attending class. Alldocumentation or certificates provingcompleted prior training must be submittedto CLC via email [email protected] ordelivered in person to Room T317 at theGrayslake campus. CLC must receive thesedocuments no less than five business daysprior to the start date of any class.

4824 PPSI 31-001 Grayslake CampusSaturday, September 27 3 Sessions1-5 p.m.AND Sunday, September 2811 a.m. to 3 p.m.AND 5-9 p.m.$249 T334 R. Tapkowski

4825 PPSI 31-002 Grayslake CampusTuesday-Thursday 2 SessionsNovember 18-206-10 p.m.$249 T334 R. Tapkowski

CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE TRAINING – 8 HOUR COURSEThis class is only for those students whohave completed eight hours of previoustraining approved by the Illinois State Police.Any previously completed training must beauthenticated by the College of Lake Countyprior to a student attending class. Alldocumentation or certificates provingcompleted prior training must be submittedto CLC via email [email protected] ordelivered in person to Room T317 at theGrayslake campus. CLC must receive thesedocuments no less than five business daysprior to the start date of any class.

4826 PPSI 32-001 Grayslake CampusSunday, September 28 1 Session11 a.m. to 3 p.m.AND 5-9 p.m$199 T334 R. Tapkowski

4828 PPSI 32-002 Grayslake CampusWednesday, 2 SessionsNovember 19 andThursday, November 206-10 p.m.$199 T334 R. Tapkowski

Protective Services

COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER 3 HOURSThis five-day course is designed with inputfrom police departments in our region. Thiscourse prepares students for a position in apolice department as a Community ServiceOfficer (CSO). This non-sworn positionaugments police departments with uniformedcivilian personnel authorized to operatepolice vehicles. Some of the duties couldinclude issuing parking tickets, trafficcontrol, handling motor vehicle accidents andanimal complaints.Note: To be employed as a CSO individualsmust meet department standards which mayinclude: 21 years or older, high schooldiploma, have a valid Illinois driver licensewith a clean driving record, have no criminalhistory, pass a department written exam andinterview. Criteria for employment are set byindividual law enforcement agencies.

4808 PCJI 1-001 Grayslake CampusSaturdays 5 SessionsOctober 18to November 158 a.m. to 5 p.m.$349 T332 C. Parr

SECURITY OFFICER BASIC TRAINING 1.5 HOURSAre you interested in finding a career in thesecurity field as an unarmed security guardor would you like to enhance your presentjob skills? Security officer basic training willprepare new security officers andexperienced employees for employment witha certified agency under the Illinois PrivateDetective, Private Security and Private AlarmAct. This course covers the security code ofethics, public and human relations, IllinoisCriminal code, fire and accident prevention,patrol procedures, liabilities, report writing,use of force, fire and safety equipment andsearch and seizure procedures.

4814 PPSI 5-001 Grayslake CampusMonday-FridaySeptember 15-19 5 Sessions6-10 p.m.$199 T334 R. Tapkowski

4815 PPSI 5-002 Grayslake CampusMonday-ThursdayDecember 1-4 4 Sessions10 a.m. to 3 p.m.$199 T334 R. Tapkowski

SECURITY OFFICER FIREARM TRAINING 1.5 HOURSThis course is for individuals who havecompleted the 20-hour security officer basictraining. Course topics include legal use offirearms, liability while armed, firearmssafety and maintenance, range proceduresand range qualifying. A written test, firingrange practice and final qualification followclassroom instruction. A current IllinoisFirearm Identification Card (FOID) ismandatory to receive firearms training.Prerequisite: Security Officer Basic Trainingcourse or proof of equivalent training.

4816 PPSI 6-001 Grayslake CampusMonday-FridayOctober 20-24 5 Sessions6-10 p.m.$249 T334 R. Tapkowski

PRIVATE INVESTIGATION 1.5 HOURSDiscover the art of investigation and learnwhat it takes to begin your career as a“private eye.” Obtain the skills andknowledge needed to go to work for a privatedetective agency by exploring the topics ofsurveillance, interrogation, evidence analysisand report writing. Prepare for theinvestigations you will be likely to take onincluding missing persons, civil disputes,retail theft, arson, terrorist threats and more.Gain a deeper understanding of the legalitiesinvolved in this field by studying theterminology and application of the IllinoisCriminal Code and the mandates of theIllinois Department of Financial andProfessional Regulation. The instructor’sown experiences through a 30-year career inlaw enforcement and as a P.I. providestudents with real-life case studies andtrusted expertise. This 20-hour course willcertify you for employment with a licensedagency in the State of Illinois, but will NOTprepare you to take the Illinois PrivateDetective License exam.

4817 PPSI 20-001 Grayslake CampusMonday-FridaySeptember 29 to October 3 5 Sessions6-10 p.m.$249 T334 R. Tapkowski

Protective Services


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The Personal Success Program (PSP) offers a variety of vocational courses to meet theneeds of students 18 years and older withmild to moderate cognitive impairment. Theprogram’s focus is on gaining vocationalskills to acquire entry-level employment.

Each class is led by a content expert who hasexperience teaching people with disabilities.A special education teacher will be present inmost classes to provide additional support.The curriculum is designed to be delivered ata level and pace that is appropriate to theneeds of each student.

All students must register through theContinuing Professional Developmentdepartment. Call the Customer Service Centerfor information at (847) 543-2615 or visitwww.clcillinois.edu/professional/personalsuccessprogram. for more information and a Fall2014 registration form.

NEW FORMAT! CAREEREXPLORATIONExplore the world of work with such topicsas getting and keeping a job, employmentreadiness, time management skills, gettingalong with co-workers and supervisors, teambuilding, career exploration, job searchingtechniques, completing applications, resumeand interviewing skills. This course isdesigned for students who have the goal ofobtaining paid community employment.

4860 PPSP 1-001 Grayslake CampusThursdays 13 SessionsSeptember 18to December 18*12:30-2:30 p.m.$425 T338 G. Johnson*No class Thursday, November 27.

COMPUTER SKILLS IThis course is designed to introduce studentsto the essential computer skills needed tosuccessfully secure and keep a job in themodern workplace. In this hands-on class,you will learn basic workplace computerskills including how to create and savefolders and files, printing, sending andreceiving emails and creating basicdocuments, letters, memos and spreadsheetsusing Microsoft software. Students will alsolearn Internet safety and security andidentification of internal and externalpersonal computer components.

4861 PPSP 10-001 Southlake CampusTuesdays 13 SessionsSeptember 16 to December 16*12:30-2:30 p.m.$425 V234 P. Palmersheim*No class Tuesday, November 25.

CHILDCARE SKILLS: DEVELOPMENT ANDPERSONALITY TRAITSWould you like to prepare for a job in achildcare center? Learn the types of personalityand character traits that are important in caringfor children from infancy to pre-school age.Having a better understanding of the children inyour care will prepare you to understand eachdevelopment stage. Learn how to preparenutritional meals and snacks, safety andsanitation guidelines and how to applydevelopmental and age-appropriate behaviorreinforcements.

4862 PPSP 12-001 Grayslake CampusWednesdays 13 SessionsSeptember 17 to December 17*12:30-2:30 p.m.$425 T323 G. Johnson*No class Wednesday, November 26.

INTRODUCTION TO NATURAL FOODSAn extension of the PSP Food Service skillsprogram, this course will teach students aboutthe growing consumer demand of naturalfoods in restaurants, grocery stores and localfarmers’ markets. The class will reinforcebasic food safety and food handling skills,introduce students to the nutritional benefitsof natural foods and provide hands-onexperiences in food production andpreparation.

4863 PPSP 16-001 Grayslake CampusWednesdays 13 SessionsSeptember 17 to December 17*10 a.m. to 12 p.m.$425 T323 G. Johnson*No class Wednesday, November 26.

PET CARE IAre you a cat or dog lover? By taking the PetCare 1 course, you will learn how yourability in caring for animals can turn into asuccessful career. Gain a betterunderstanding of pet health, development andnutritional needs. Learn training techniquesto promote good behavior and obedience andlearn fun activities to enjoy with pets. Also,discover the great number of jobopportunities that exist in the pet careindustry. This class is designed to preparestudents for entry-level employment in petcare. Some of the jobs that students mightconsider upon completion include: dogbather/groomer assistant, dog walker, petsitter or employment at a pet store or animalshelter.

4864 PPSP 20-001 Southlake CampusTuesdays 13 SessionsSeptember 16to December 16*10 a.m. to 12 p.m.$425 V328 A. Wienckowski*No class Tuesday, November 25.

NEW FORMAT! RETAIL SKILLS 1 – CUSTOMER SERVICE, SALES AND MERCHANDISINGNo matter what your interests are, there is apotential job for you in the retail industry.From video games and electronics to fashion,sports and food, our area has an abundanceof exciting retail stores that need newemployees all year round. By taking RetailSkills 1, students will learn some of the keyelements that stores look for in new hires.Students will learn about providing excellentcustomer service, working in a team andresolving problems on the job. They will beintroduced to the concepts of sales andmerchandising, inventory management andthe typical store layouts and organizationalstructures of major U.S. retail companies.Students will also be introduced to cashieringskills using a cashiering simulation programand cash registers.

4865 PPSP 25-001 Grayslake CampusThursdays 13 SessionsSeptember 18to December 18*10 a.m. to 12 p.m.$425 T338 G. Johnson*No class Thursday, November 27.

Personal Success Program

24 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2615

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See page 2 for additional UGotClass Online classesfor those seeking specific business skills.

Visit www.ed2go.com/clc for more information or to find a specific course.

For registration details or to learn more call(847) 543-2615 or visit www.clcillinois.edu/professional/onlineclasses.

Online courses provided by

Most courses start at just $115!

Instructor-ledPatient, experienced professionals lead instruction.

Learn from the comfort of your computer.

• Hundreds of engaging courses• Most courses meet for 6 weeks (12 lessons)• Classes start every month• Start as low as $115

Self-paced Tutorials Course work is completed independently based on your schedule.

Work when you want,where you want.• Hundreds of self-paced courses• Start when you want• Self-directed courses – you set the pace• Range from $99 – 399

Continuing ProfessionalDevelopment offers a variety of online coursesincluding:

Online learning anytime, anywhere... just a click away!

Computer Applications

Database Management

Web Programming

Graphic and Multimedia Design

Business Communications

Management and Leadership

Health and Wellness

Teaching and Education

Two online options: Hundreds of engaging courses

Online Classes

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26 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2033

Let the experts guide you to success.

Start, stay and grow a strong business domestically and globallywith the support of the Illinois Small Business Development and International Trade Center.

Services include:

Free, confidential, one-on-one business advising in English or Spanish with area experts

Assistance developing business plans and financial statements

Aid forming strategic marketing plans

Support securing loans with local lenders and service providers

Interactive, low-cost workshops

One-on-one strategic export counseling

Customized market and trade research

Foreign market access and matchmaking programs

Export transaction and regulatory assistance

Schedule a free, one-on-one counseling session with one of our small business advisors or with our International TradeSpecialist.


(847) 543-2033

[email protected]

“I chose the Illinois SBDC/ITCfor guidance and the ability to meet with people who have already gone through the process of starting a business. The Illinois SBDC/ITC is a great team of experts rooting for me and at my side!”

— Peter Keres, Aristaeus

Illinois Small Business Development and International Trade Center

The Illinois SBDC International Trade Center is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small BusinessAdministration, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and the College of Lake County. All SBA programsare extended to the public on a nondiscrimination basis. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will bemade if requested at least two weeks in advance. Please contact us at (847) 543-2033 or TDD: (847) 223-0134.

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Start-Up and Business PlanningSTARTING YOUR BUSINESS IN ILLINOISStarting a business in Illinois isn’t as simple aspressing a button. There are laws, regulationsand reports a company must abide by andproduce. We will discuss important aspects ofbusiness ownership and receive handouts thatinclude information on agencies to contact.Don’t be sorry, be safe. Learn what is requiredto start a business in Illinois.

4516 TBSM 10-001 Grayslake CampusTuesday, September 16 1 Session6:30-8:30 p.m.$25 T326 J. Osmond

4517 TBSM 10-002 Grayslake CampusTuesday, November 18 1 Session6:30-8:30 p.m.$25 T326 J. Osmond

START STRONG BUSINESS BOOT CAMPThis accelerated small business boot campwill explore business fundamentals needed tostart and run a new business. Evaluate yourbusiness idea including personal objectives,business feasibility, market potential andfinancial strength. This class will provide theresources, support and motivation to provethat a dream of business success is withinreach. Individualized counseling by acertified business advisor is included withthis class to address specific concerns andchallenges.

TBSM 2-600 is a hybrid section thatcombines work in the classroom as well ason the Internet.

4523 TBSM 2-600 Grayslake CampusTuesdays 4 SessionsSeptember 23to October 146:30-8:30 p.m.$150 T326 J. Osmond

Business Growth and Development

NEW! GROW STRONG BOOT CAMPThis four-week workshop is for businessowners who want to develop a stronger foundation. We will work together to providea plan that will take your business to the next level of success. Topics include businessplanning to accelerate growth, expandingyour business team, financial strategy andbuilding a targeted marketing plan. Thisworkshop will require access to a computerto complete the assignments between in-class sessions.

TBSM 25-600 is a hybrid section that combines work in the classroom as well as on the Internet.

4557 TBSM 25-600 Grayslake CampusTuesdays 4 SessionsOctober 21to November 116:30-8:30 p.m.$150 T326 J. Osmond

Marketing and SalesNEW! REPUTATION MARKETING AND THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESSIn the socially connected world of the newmillennium, reputation marketing is the mostimportant new component you can add toyour marketing/social media mix. Thereviews and ratings left online have moreinfluence than business owners realize; theycan make or break your ability to attract newclients! Learn key tips and tools fordeveloping a strategy to manage your onlinereputation to ensure the success of yourbusiness.

4878 TBSM 57-001 Grayslake CampusThursday, October 2 1 Session7-9:30 p.m.

$35 T326 B. Baehne

Accounting and FinanceINTRODUCTION TO QUICKBOOKSThis class is designed for users who haveless than six months’ experience workingwith QuickBooks. Topics include setup ofnew files, processing banking, accountsreceivable and accounts payable transactions,reconciliation of bank and credit cardaccounts and running basic financial reports.

Prerequisites: Able to use MicrosoftWindows products.

4520 TBSM 20-001 Grayslake CampusWednesday 1 SessionSeptember 248 a.m. to 5 p.m.$150 T338 B. Ritzwoller

4521 TBSM 20-002 Grayslake CampusWednesdays 3 SessionsOctober 22to November 56:30-9 p.m.$150 T338 B. Ritzwoller

INTERMEDIATE QUICKBOOKSLearn how to analyze financial data to betterunderstand your business; create andcustomize reports; track and pay sales tax.Learn payroll functions such as setting uppayroll information and schedules, payrolltracking and processing payment of payrolltaxes.

Prerequisites: Introduction to QuickBooks orequivalent knowledge.

4522 TBSM 21-001 Grayslake CampusWednesdayNovember 12 1 Session6:30-9:30 p.m.$100 T338 B. Ritzwoller

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Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGThis class is a great introduction to thefundamentals of the social media landscapeand social media strategy. It coversdemographics, plan development, contentstrategy, keyword search and more.

4546 TBSM 36-001 Southlake CampusWednesday, October 7 1 Session1-4 p.m.$50 V328 C. Hilbert

SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENTLearn best practices to create a social brandfor your business, create communities andattract influencers. This class also covershow to use social media to manage yourcustomer service and how to read andinterpret very useful analytics.

4547 TBSM 37-001 Southlake CampusTuesday, October 14 1 Session1-4 p.m.$50 V328 C. Hilbert

SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMSWhat is the best platform for your specificbusiness? This class offers an overview ofthe critical features of Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, Pinterest and social advertising.

4548 TBSM 38-001 Southlake CampusTuesday, October 21 1 Session1-4 p.m.$50 V328 C. Hilbert

SOCIAL MEDIA LOCALLearn how to put your business on the mapwith Google Local. Whether you’re an automechanic or a family-owned store withmultiple city-wide shops, Google Local canhelp get your business found.

4549 TBSM 39-001 Southlake CampusTuesday, October 28 1 Session1-4 p.m.$50 V328 C. Hilbert

Legal Aspects of Business OwnershipHOW THE PROS VALUE YOUR BUSINESS:WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW!Discover how you can increase the value ofyour business by learning how professionalsdetermine its value. Knowing what yourbusiness is worth is important when makingfinancial decisions such as whether to buy orsell. Take this class to understand the valueof your business and the factors that drive it.

4524 TBSM 44-001 Southlake CampusTuesday, September 30 1 Session6:30-8 p.m.$25 V336 K. Knapp

GROWING YOUR BUSINESS / KEEPING YOUR MONEYSeries of 7 topics that can affect any busines.Sign up for one session or all! To start abusiness takes guts and money; to keep itgoing, growing and prospering takesadditional talents and resources. Joinbusiness attorneys in a roundtable setting todiscuss various aspects of your business thatare impacted by the law and how you canprotect your business. Take home the “howto” to start, run and grow your businesswhile saving time, trouble and money.

Register and attend five sessions andreceive a free one-hour session with one of your instructors.

FORMATION OF BUSINESSWhich type of business entity should youestablish? An S-Corporation? A limitedliability company? This session will explorethe advantages and disadvantages of variousbusiness entities such as corporations, limitedliability companies, partnership and otherforms of conducting business.

4550 TBSM 46-001 Southlake CampusWednesday 1 SessionSeptember 106:30-8 p.m.$15 V232 Ginsburg/Saunders

28 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2033

Small Business Workshops


Register for the series of four sessions and save!

If you want to know why social media matters to your small business, this boot camp willanswer your questions and set you on the path to success. Starting with an introduction to basicsocial media concepts, you will learn the tools to guide your business. Social media platformssuch as Facebook, LindedIn, Twitter and Pinterest will be discussed as well as Google Local inorder to help you embrace social media as a key part of your success strategy. This workshopseries is intended for those with little to no experience with social media.

4545 TBSM 35-001 Southlake CampusTuesdays, October 7-28 4 Sessions1-4 p.m.$175 V328 C. Hilbert

Page 33: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

Small Business Workshops


PLANNING FOR CONTINUITYWhat happens to your business once you areno longer able to work or wish to retire?What happens if co-owners (partners)disagree? We will discuss agreements withpartners and other methods of setting thefoundation for the continuity of yourbusiness. This class is a must if your businesshas more than one owner.

4551 TBSM 46-002 Southlake CampusWednesday 1 SessionSeptember 246:30-8 p.m.$15 V232 Ginsburg/Saunders

EMPLOYEE VS. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORDo you plan to hire employees or intend toengage independent contractors? We willdiscuss the different rules and regulationsregarding classification of workers asemployees vs. independent contractors anddiscuss the different agreements you shouldhave in place. We will also briefly discussemployee benefit plans.

4552 TBSM 46-003 Southlake CampusWednesday, October 8 1 Session6:30-8 p.m.$15 V232 Ginsburg/Saunders

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYDoes your business have confidentialinformation, a trade name or have proprietaryways of doing business? We will discussvarious intellectual property rights andmethods a business should employ to protectthose rights and their value to the business.

4553 TBSM 46-004 Southlake CampusWednesday, October 22 1 Session6:30-8 p.m.$15 V232 Ginsburg/Saunders

THIRD-PARTY AGREEMENTSThis session will explore relationships yourbusiness has with vendors, customers andlenders and the various agreements with eachof them. We will also briefly discussimport/export issues.

4554 TBSM 46-005 Southlake CampusWednesday 1 SessionNovember 56:30-8 p.m.$15 V232 Ginsburg/Saunders

GROWING AND SELLING YOUR BUSINESSLearn ways to grow your business throughexpansions, acquisitions, licensing andfranchise. We will also discuss the processesof preparing your business for sale or otherform of transition; letters of intent,non-competition agreements andconfidentiality agreements.

4555 TBSM 46-006 Southlake CampusWednesday 1 SessionNovember 196:30-8 p.m.$15 V232 Ginsburg/Saunders

ASSET PROTECTION AND ESTATE PLANNINGWe will discuss estate planning and businessplanning issues to help the business ownerprotect his or her assets, including the use oftrusts, limited liability companies and othervehicles.

4556 TBSM 46-007 Southlake CampusWednesday 1 SessionDecember 36:30-8 p.m.$15 V232 Ginsburg/Saunders

International TradeNEW! GLOBAL MARKET RESEARCH ANDFINDING INTERNATIONAL BUYERSFinding the right buyers for your productsand services are the keys to success inexporting. Through this course, you willlearn about the many free and low-costglobal market research tools to help youtarget the best international marketopportunities. Use these tools to learn yourproduct’s potential in a given market, wherethe best prospects exist for success and tofind qualified foreign buyers for yourbusiness. Once you have these tools, you canopen for business on a global scale!

4879 TBSM 31-001 Southlake CampusThursday, November 6 1 Session8–9:30 a.m.$15 V328 D. Nagel

NEW! EXPORT BASICSExplore how exporting can grow yourbusiness and learn how to establish an exportprogram. Topics include types of exportcustomers, necessary external serviceproviders, export documentation, riskmanagement/cargo insurance, exportcompliance and international methods ofpayment options. Be proactive and take stepsto grow your business through exporting orlearn how to better manage your exportoperation.

4875 TBSM 32-001 Southlake CampusTuesday, October 7 1 Session9-11:30 a.m.$25 V328 R. Frantz

NEW! EXPORT FINANCING /INTERNATIONAL METHODS OF PAYMENTLearn about government-based exportfinancing, international methods of paymentsand mitigating credit risk with internationalreceivable insurance. Special focus will begiven to programs offered by the U.S.EX-IM bank and the SBA programs. Youwill learn how it works, time involved thataffects your cash flow and what it will cost.

4876 TBSM 33-001 Southlake CampusThursday, October 9 1 Session9-11:30 a.m.$25 V328 R. Frantz

New! IL Concealed Carry Act – Considerations for Your Business,Employees and Customers Workshop –see page 5 for details.

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Small Business Online Workshops

30 QUESTIONS? CALL (847) 543-2033

Illinois SBDC InternationalTrade Center offers onlineclasses for the new to theexperienced business ownerincluding:

Entrepreneur Readiness

Business Start-up

Business Planning

Strategic Planning

Cash Flow


These online classes are self-pacedlearning modules and cannot beaccessed through Blackboard.

To register or for more information,visit www.clcillinois.edu/sbdc-itc orcall (847) 543-2033.

Classes are provided by SmallBusiness Spoken Here.

START STRONG SERIESThis series of four workshops will identifythe steps you need to take to start yourbusiness on a firm foundation.

Enroll in an individual workshop ortake the series and save. Series cost $175, a$225 value.

ARE YOU READY?Assess your entrepreneurial readiness.Estimated time to complete: two hours.Cost: $50

STARTING YOUR BUSINESS IN ILLINOISLearn what rules and regulations are requiredto start a business. Estimated time tocomplete: one hour.Cost: $25

BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS TEAMWho should be on your team? Estimatedtime to complete: four hours.Cost: $75

BUSINESS PLANNING MADE EASYBuild your roadmap to success. Write yourown business plan. Estimated time tocomplete: eight hours.Cost: $75

GROW STRONG SERIESThis series of four workshops provides a plan that will take your business to the next level of success.

Enroll in an individual workshop or take the series and save. Series cost $200, a $240 value.

STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR SMALL BUSINESSDevelop a plan that can propel your businessto higher levels of success. Estimated time tocomplete: eight hours.Cost: $100

CASH FLOW — LIFEBLOOD OF YOURBUSINESSIt is a simple fact that Cash is King!Estimated time to complete: one hour.Cost: $50

MARKETING FOR SUCCESSDevelop and implement a multi-facetedmarketing plan. Estimated time to complete:three hours.Cost: $50

MAXIMIZE YOUR RELATIONSHIPSBuilding successful relationships are vital toyour success. Estimated time to complete:one hour.Cost: $40

Online Workshops for the Small Business Owner

Page 35: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

Steps to Apply, Register and Pay

1. Submit a Continuing Education Admission Form• New students and students who have not attended classes in two

years must submit a Student Admission Form in one of two ways:INTERNET: www.clcillinois.edu/applycontedIN PERSON: At the Admissions and Records Office,Room B101 on the Grayslake campus

2. Obtain CLC ID Number and Create myLogin• Allow two working days to process your admission form.

You will receive your CLC student ID number in the mail or by email if you provided one on your admission form.

• With your CLC ID Number go to www.clcillinois.edu/newlogin tocreate your login for the my CLC Student Portal. Follow theprompts to complete the process.

3. Register for Classes by Internet at www.clcillinois.edu/register• Click on myCLC student portal • Click on “Search for Classes”• Specify the semester and then a subject, to view the

classes available• When you find a specific open class section you want,

click “Select Class” to add to your Shopping Cart.• Click on “Shopping Cart” check the box next to your

selected class and click “Enroll.”• When you add or drop a class, check for a 'success'

or 'error' message.

4. Where to Register In Person• Grayslake Campus – 19351 West Washington Street, Grayslake• Lakeshore Campus – 111 North Genesee Street, Waukegan• Southlake Campus – 1120 South Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills

On-site Registration HoursMonday-Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Fridays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.Online Registration is available 24/7

5. Pay Tuition and Fees-Continuing Education• Payment of tuition and fees is required prior to the start

date of your class regardless of the registration date.• Login to myStudentCenter select view, pay or set up

an installment payment plan.• Students will not be dropped from continuing education classes

for nonpayment.• It is your responsibility to formally withdraw within

the refund period or you will be obligated to pay.Note: Financial aid is not available for continuing education classes.

6. Billing and Financial Obligation• Billing Statements: A billing statement will be sent on unpaid

accounts. However, it is the students’ responsibility to meet their payment deadlines regardless of when they receive a bill. Payment is due prior to the first day of the class regardless of when the student enrolled in the class.

• Financial Obligation: Students must officially withdraw by the refund dates listed in the class schedule to cancel theirfinancial obligation. To locate your refund deadline(s), signonto myCLC and click on the academic calendar deadlines iconnext to the class within your term schedule under Academics.

Withdrawals• Students who do not plan to complete an enrolled class are

responsible for officially dropping the class online. Tuition and fee refunds will be issued to eligible students based uponthe effective date of withdrawal, which is recorded in the system at the time the student drops the class.

• Students who stop attending class, but do not officially drop,will remain responsible for all tuition/fees for the class. It is not sufficient to tell an instructor or counselor that you want to drop a class. You must complete the drop/withdrawal actionyourself. The official deadline for dropping or for withdrawingare defined individually for each class.

• Students who withdraw from certificate programs or seriesoffered by Continuing Professional Development prior to thefirst day of class will receive a 100 percent refund. Refunds forwithdrawals after the first day of class will be applied by CPDminus the cost of any materials consumed or returned in lessthan new condition.

Refund Schedule• To check the deadline dates, log on to myCLC and choose

“My Class Schedule.” When your schedule appears, click onthe calendar icon next to the class and the deadline dates willbe displayed. These dates are also displayed in the schedule of classes.

• If you are not sure of the deadlines, please check with theOffice of Admissions and Records at (847) 543-2061.

• Semester-long classes:Withdrawal on or before start of class = 100 percent refundWithdrawal before 15 percent of class time

passes = 100 percent refundWithdrawal after 15 percent of class days pass = no refund

• One-day and “Series” Classes:Withdrawal the day before class = 100 percent refundWithdrawal on or after day of class = no refund

For more information about payments, call (847) 543-2085.

Senior CitizensThe classes in this schedule are offered though the continuing education department and are intended for personal enrichment and/orcareer development. All in-district residents who are 65 of age or olderat the time of registration may enroll in vocational credit courses offeredby continuing education at one-half the regular tuition rate, with allother fees remaining unchanged. The senior citizen tuition waiver doesnot apply to Continuing Education classes.

Campus Maps and General Information

Visit www.clcillinois.edu/aboutor call (847) 543-2615.

Pre-registration is required for all classes.Classes fill quickly so register early!

• Client Solutions–customized training(847) 543-2615www.clcillinois.edu/solutions

• Continuing Professional Development–open enrollment courses(847) 543-2615www.clcillinois.edu/professional

• Judicial Services–community services(847) 543-2185 (courses)(847) 543-2100 (volunteering)www.clcillinois.edu/judicial

• Illinois Small Business Development andInternational Trade Center–Small Business (847) 543-2033www.clcillinois.edu/sbdc-itc 31

Page 36: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

Save lives with defensive driving

Judicial Services offers opportunities to improve your future and the future of your community through courses, workshops and volunteer opportunities.

Partnering with the 19th Judicial Circuit Court for over 20 years, Judicial Services offers the National Safety Council’s award-winning Defensive Driving Courses including the “Alive at 25” program.

Christine Burke of Lake Barrington enrolled in our Defensive Driving Course. While driving less than a week later, she used a lesson from the course to narrowly avoid getting smashed broadside by a car that ran a red light.

Burke said that she hesitated at the intersection, recalling a tip she learned in the defensive driving course called “delayed acceleration” waiting two or three seconds before entering an intersection if yours is the first car there. She credits this decision with saving her life.

“I just missed being killed by about three seconds.”— Christine Burke praising CLC’s defensive driving course.


(847) 543-2185 (courses)

(847) 543-2100 (volunteering)

[email protected]

Judicial Services

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(847) 543-2615

[email protected]

“ Empower your career with WPDI! One of the best places to invest in your career is right here in our backyard, at the College of Lake County. Beyond the expert insights you’ll get from the instructors, there’s also great networking with people from some of the best companies in the area. Invest in your career for less money and minimal time away.”

— Andy Kaufman, speaker, author, executive coach and president of Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development, Inc.

Invest in your team

Client Solutions

Bring powerful, results-driven training and consulting programs to your organization and show your employees that you’re serious about their futures and professional growth. Empower your team and achieve organizational goals and objectives through customized training delivered by Client Solutions.

Client Solutions also offers national training options through Global Corporate College (GCC). As one of the founding members of the GCC, the College of Lake County offers corporations the delivery of consistent training across multiple locations – nationwide and worldwide.

Page 38: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

EXPLORE new courses, training and services

from the Workforce and Professional Development Institute

The Workforce and Professional Development Institute can help you explore your potential. Getting new knowledge and skills can reveal possibilities you never imagined for you or your business. Our courses, training and services will help you reach your potential.

New CoursesMobile Marketing Series – OnlineLeverage new technologies to maximize your business’ potential. Course details on page 5.

Microsoft Office 2013: Transition from MS Office 2010/2007This course will help you bridge the gap from the version you already know and love to the latest release of Microsoft’s leading productivity suite. Course details on page 8.

Professional InterpreterEnhance your skills or begin your career as a professional interpreter. Course details on page 11.

Reputation Marketing and the Success of Your BusinessDesigned for the small business owner, learn key tips and tools for developing an online strategy to manage your reputation and ensure the success of your business. Course details on page 27.

TrainingCustomized SolutionsDoes your company have a unique training need? Client Solutions brings powerful, results-driven training to your organization. The training solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. Visit www.clcillinois.edu/solutions or call (847) 543-2615 to learn more.

Page 39: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

Career PossibilitiesLooking for a new career? Want to enhance your existing skills? Continuing Professional Development offers a variety of options. Free information sessions on a variety of topics are offered throughout the year. To view a complete list, visit www.clcinfosessions.eventbrite.com. Explore your options.

Community AwarenessJudicial Services offers training in partnership with the 19th Judicial Circuit Court. The defensive driving classes provide opportunities to update your driving skills and learn the latest laws. Turn to page 32 for information.

ServicesSmall Business OwnersLet the experts guide you to success. Confidential one-on-one business advising and low-cost workshops are available to start and grow your small business. Turn to page 26 for information.

Stay Local. Grow Global.Explore new business markets. The IL Small Business Development and International Trade Center can guide you and your business to expand into the global marketplace. Turn to page 26 for information.

Professional CoachingWhether you need advice on your career and capabilities, or you need to provide coaching to your staff, Client Solutions has the answer. Professional coaching is available in a variety of topics and disciplines. Visit www.clcillinois.edu/solutions or call (847) 543-2615 to learn more.

The College of Lake County’s Workforce and Professional Development Institute delivers training, consulting and cutting-edge courses for businesses, professionals and the community.

Page 40: WPDI Fall 2014 Schedule

Looking for Personal Enrichment and Leisure Courses?

Visit www.clcillinois.edu/personalenrichment

College of Lake County Board of Trustees

Richard A. AndersonPhilip J. Carrigan, Ph.D., SecretaryJeanne T. Goshgarian, Vice ChairmanWilliam M. Griffin, Ed.D.Amanda D. Howland, M.A., M.S.Ed., J.D., ChairmanBarbara D. OilschlagerLynda C. PaulAnnabella Tidei, Student Trustee

President, Jerry W. Weber, Ph.D.

Save this schedule through December 2014

Illinois Concealed Carry Act – Considerations for Your Business, Employees and CustomersFriday, October 24Details on page 5

Leadership Series: Southlake Campus in Vernon HillsCommunicating to Get the Job DoneWednesday, September 24 Details on page 3

Motivating through ConflictThursday, October 23

Building a High Performance TeamThursday, November 20

To register, visit www.clcevents.eventbrite.com or call (847) 543-2615.



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