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PRODUCT SPEC SHEET Zebra MK500 Micro Kiosk™ Zebra MK500 Micro Kiosk™ Affordable selfservice in every aisle Improve customer service, satisfaction and loyalty Improve customer service and the customer experience with the latest innovation in selfservice technology, MK500 Micro Kiosk. This compact, easytoinstall and affordable device allows retailers to put the power of selfservice in every aisle or department. So, no matter where in the store your customers might be, help is never more than a few steps away. Customers can check price and inventory, check the balance on a gift card, look up a loyalty point balance, determine the location of a product and call for assistance — all with the scan of a bar code or press of a button or touchpad. In addition, the MK500 easily connects to thirdparty small mobile printers, enabling retailers to build on the solution to enable more sophisticated and valuable services. For example, customers can print out recipes, gift registries and coupons for instore specials as well as personalized coupons based on a scan of the customer’s loyalty card. Improve associate productivity With the latest in selfservice technology at your customers’ fingertips, your associates no longer need to spend time on routine questions. Now, your associates have more time to spend with customers selling — and to tend to other businesscritical tasks. Associates can better cater to customer needs, delivering a level of personalized service that strengthens customer relationships and loyalty. And the ability to execute shelf replenishment, price audits and markdowns in a more efficient and timely fashion helps ensure that your customers find the right products with accurate pricing on the shelves of your store. Easy to install anywhere — and everywhere The welldesigned MK500 is nonintrusive and does not require precious sales floor real estate — the highly compact device fits almost anywhere in your environment, from aisle endcaps to shelves, poles and walls and is compliant with VESA mounting standards. Also, unique mechanical features are built into the frame, allowing retailers to easily mount custom signage around the MK500 to promote the presence and usage of the device. The flexible selfservice kiosk can be deployed easily and cost effectively over the wired or wireless LAN. WiFi 802.11a/b/g connectivity eliminates the time and cost required to run network cabling to each MK500, and allows retailers to move the MK500s as needed to better meet customer or seasonal needs. PoweroverEthernet eliminates the cost of installing power outlets for each MK500. Easy to use Whether your customers are scanning bar codes on items to complete a purchase or a loyalty card to calculate their FEATURES Choice of laser scanning or imaging technology Support for all the bar codes you need to capture today — and tomorrow • Zebra's signature laser scanning technology Delivers aggressive performance and accurate capture of all 1D bar codes — even damaged and poor quality; patented Liquid Polymer scan element is frictionless for superior durability and reliability • Zebra advanced imaging technology Laser style performance on 1D , 2D and PDF bar codes: patented illumination system enables omni directional scanning, increasing productivity by eliminating the need to align bar code and
  • 4/27/2015 MK500 Spec Sheet

    https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/interactivekiosks/mk500microkiosk/mk500_spec_sheet.html 1/5

    PRODUCT SPEC SHEETZebra MK500 Micro Kiosk™

    Zebra MK500 Micro Kiosk™Affordable selfservice in every aisle

    Improve customer service, satisfaction and loyaltyImprove customer service and the customer experience with the latest innovation in selfservice technology, MK500Micro Kiosk. This compact, easytoinstall and affordable device allows retailers to put the power of selfservice inevery aisle or department. So, no matter where in the store your customers might be, help is never more than a fewsteps away. Customers can check price and inventory, check the balance on a gift card, look up a loyalty pointbalance, determine the location of a product and call for assistance — all with the scan of a bar code or press of abutton or touchpad. In addition, the MK500 easily connects to thirdparty small mobile printers, enabling retailers to buildon the solution to enable more sophisticated and valuable services. For example, customers can print out recipes, giftregistries and coupons for instore specials as well as personalized coupons based on a scan of the customer’sloyalty card.

    Improve associate productivityWith the latest in selfservice technology at your customers’ fingertips, your associates no longer need to spend timeon routine questions. Now, your associates have more time to spend with customers selling — and to tend to otherbusinesscritical tasks. Associates can better cater to customer needs, delivering a level of personalized service thatstrengthens customer relationships and loyalty. And the ability to execute shelf replenishment, price audits andmarkdowns in a more efficient and timely fashion helps ensure that your customers find the right products withaccurate pricing on the shelves of your store.

    Easy to install anywhere — and everywhereThe welldesigned MK500 is nonintrusive and does not require precious sales floor real estate — the highly compactdevice fits almost anywhere in your environment, from aisle endcaps to shelves, poles and walls and is compliant withVESA mounting standards. Also, unique mechanical features are built into the frame, allowing retailers to easily mountcustom signage around the MK500 to promote the presence and usage of the device. The flexible selfservice kioskcan be deployed easily and cost effectively over the wired or wireless LAN. WiFi 802.11a/b/g connectivity eliminatesthe time and cost required to run network cabling to each MK500, and allows retailers to move the MK500s as neededto better meet customer or seasonal needs. PoweroverEthernet eliminates the cost of installing power outlets foreach MK500.

    Easy to useWhether your customers are scanning bar codes on items to complete a purchase or a loyalty card to calculate their

    FEATURESChoice of laserscanning orimagingtechnologySupport for all the barcodes you need tocapture today — andtomorrow

    • Zebra'ssignature laserscanningtechnologyDelivers aggressiveperformance andaccurate capture ofall 1D bar codes —even damaged andpoor quality; patentedLiquid Polymer scanelement is frictionlessfor superior durabilityand reliability

    • ZebraadvancedimagingtechnologyLaser styleperformance on 1D ,2D and PDF barcodes: patentedillumination systemenables omnidirectional scanning,increasing productivityby eliminating theneed to align barcode and

  • 4/27/2015 MK500 Spec Sheet

    https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/interactivekiosks/mk500microkiosk/mk500_spec_sheet.html 2/5

    frequent shopper discount or check for personalized specials, Zebra's signature patented scanning technology helpsensure firsttime everytime scanning success. Omnidirectional scanning eliminates the need to precisely align the barcode with the scanner. And the high performance architecture combines with a color touchscreen and threeprogrammable buttons to enable the deployment of highly intuitive interactive applications that are fun and easy to use,ensuring that anyone of any age will feel comfortable using the device.

    Rapid return on investment (ROI)Not only is the MK500 affordable, it provides many benefits that deliver an outstanding and fast ROI. This single toolcan be used by associates and customers alike — associates can utilize the MK500 to answer questions rapidly andaccurately for those customers who may not be comfortable utilizing the technology. And the fullyfeatured imagermodel enables the capture of 1D and 2D bar codes, providing a superior lifecycle — so there is no need to upgrade toexpand support for new bar code symbologies. The ability to build on this solution with thirdparty peripherals furtherexpands the lifecycle and increases the value of this retail solution. Compatibility with Zebra's Mobility ServicesPlatform (MSP) enables centralized and remote deployment and daytoday monitoring, substantially reducing ITmanagement time and cost. And with Zebra's Service from the Start Gold program, you’ll enjoy fromthemanufacturerexpertise and advance device replacement to truly minimize device downtime.

    For more information on how the MK500 can help drive customerservice, sales and associate productivity up in your retail organization,access our global contact directory at www.zebra.com/contact or visitwww.zebra.com/mk500

    With the MK500, employees are more effective and productive. A quick scan of the bar code on an employee badgeprovides access to a wealth of information and time saving features — from the ability to access the companydirectory and page a supervisor or product expert to the ability to view task lists as well as the weekly schedule, punchin and out, and more — all without ever leaving the sales floor.


    Comprehensivenetworkingoptions: IEEE802.11a/b/g andPoweroverEthernetsupportProvides the flexibilityto easily connect toyour wireless or wiredLAN

    Compact 5.6 in.x 5.1 in. formfactor with aslim 1.7in./4.2cmprofileEasy to deployvirtually anywhere inthe store — from aisleendcaps to shelves,poles and walls

    Compliant withVESA standardmountingSupport for standardVESA bracketsenables easymounting of theMK500 on shelves,walls and other storelocations

    Marketing andsignageflexibilityEasy to attach andchange signage;allows retailers todraw attention to thepresence of theMK500 as well asprovide customerfacing information

    3.5 in. colorQVGA touchscreen plusthreeprogrammablebuttonsEnables deploymentof easytouse andvery intuitiveinteractiveapplications



  • 4/27/2015 MK500 Spec Sheet

    https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/interactivekiosks/mk500microkiosk/mk500_spec_sheet.html 3/5

    With the MK500, customer assistance is never more than a few steps away. A quick scan of the bar code on a loyaltycard enables shoppers to check personalized specials and discounts — or notify store associates that they havearrived to pick up an order that was placed on line. Customers can check price and inventory as well as locate specificitems. And fun conteststyle marketing campaigns can help drive customers into the store to scan the bar code ondirect mailers to see if they have won a prize.

    MK500 Specifications

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICSDimensions: 5.6 in. H x 5.1 in. W x 1.7

    in. D 14.2cm H x 12.8cm Wx 4.2cm D

    Weight: 0.71 lbs/0.320 kg

    Display: Size: 3.5 in. /8.9cmdiagonal Resolution: 320 x240 pixels (QVGA)Resistive Touch Screen:Standard

    Power: DC power: 24V, 625mAPoE: PoweroverEthernet802.3af

    Buttons: 3 programmable buttons


    Micro SD card slot; USBhost

    USER ENVIRONMENTOperatingTemperature:

    32F° to 104°F/0° to 40°C


    4°F to 158°F/20°C to70°C

    Humidity: 5% to 85% (noncondensing)


    Tolerant to typical artificialindoor and natural outdoor(direct sunlight) lightingconditions. Fluorescent,Incandescent, MercuryVapor, Sodium Vapor,LED1: 450 Ft Candles(4,844 Lux) Sunlight: 8000Ft Candles (86,111 Lux)

    CE.NET 5.0Standard operatingsystem reducesapplicationdevelopment time

    XScale™ 520MHz processor;64MBFlash/64MBRAM; Micro SDslotHigh performancearchitecture providessupport for the mostdemandingapplications

    Integratedsupport for:InternetExplorer 6.0;Zebra PocketBrowser; VisualStudio .Net2005; SMDK forC, .NET andJavaEnables rapid andcosteffectivedevelopment ofsophisticatedapplications

    Ease of useIntuitive aimingpattern enables easyscanning of barcodes

    Compatiblewith Zebra'sMobilitySoftwarePlatform (MSP)Ability to remotelystage, provision,monitor andtroubleshoot devicesdramatically simplifiesand reduces thecosts associated withdeployment as well asdaytodaymanagement

    Mini USBExpandable — caneasily build on thissolution by addingthirdparty USBperipherals, includingprinters, magnetic

  • 4/27/2015 MK500 Spec Sheet

    https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/interactivekiosks/mk500microkiosk/mk500_spec_sheet.html 4/5

    Data Ports: Mini USB  1.1 (2.0Compliant) Client/Host;Ethernet RJ45

    Audio: Speaker: Two integratedstereo speakers

    Scanner: Scan Engine Options:Laser version for captureof 1D codesImager version forcapture of 1D, 2D andPDF417 codes

    1D LaserScannerDecodeCapability:

    1D Symbologies:Code 39, Code 128, EAN8, EAN13, UPCEAN128,UPCA, UPCE, UPC/EANSupplementals (disabledin demo browserapplication), GS1 DataBar,Chinese 2 of 5, Code 93,Discrete 2 of 5, Interleaved2 of 5 (including ITF14 andITF 2 of 5), Codabar, ISBT12

    2D ImagerDecodeCapability:

    1D Symbologies:Code 39, Code 128, EAN8, EAN13, UPCEAN128,UPCA, UPCE, UPC/EANSupplementals (disabledin demo browserapplication), GS1 DataBar,Chinese 2 of 5, Code 93,Discrete 2 of 5, Interleaved2 of 5 (including ITF14 andITF 2 of 5), Codabar, ISBT128

    2D Symbologies:PDF417, QR, Aztec,DataMatrix, MaxiCode




    Windows CE.NET 5.0

    Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0Zebra Pocket Browser

    Flash Memory: 64MB


    Communications: WLAN:802.11a  up to 54 Mbps802.11b  up to 11 Mbps802.11g  up to 54 MbpsEthernet: 10/100 MbEthernet (802.3)


    Web Kiosk Software Suitewith Source Code;AirBEAM Smart; RapidDeployment Client; MSP


    The MK500 ships withPocket Browser. For areferenceimplementation withsample source code, seethe Web Kiosk SoftwareSuite.For C/C++ developers,the MK500 providessupport for applicationdevelopment usingMicrosoft’s eMbeddedVisual C++ 4.0 SP3.For C# / VisualBasic.NETdevelopers, the MK500provides support forapplication developmentusing Microsoft’s VisualStudio.SDK componentsrequired to support thedevelopmentenvironments listedabove are available fromZebra's web site.


    Conforms to the VESA75mm mounting standardfor attachment of thirdparty, offtheshelfmounting solutions — (4)M4 x 8.1 mm insertsprovided


    UL609501/CSA C22.2 No.609501, EN609501/IEC609501

    Laser Safety: CEN 608251,IEC 608251, 21CFR1040.10, CDRHClass II, IEC Class 2

    EMI/RFI: EN 301 4891, EN 30148917,EN 55022, FCCPart 15 Class B, ICES 003Class B, EN 55024, EN6100032, EN 6100033,AS/NZS 4268:2008,Japan VCCI

    1  LED lighting with high AC ripple content canimpact scanning performance

    stripe readers,keyboards and more

    Multimediasupport withstereospeakersEnables high qualityaudio and video forhighly visualadvancedapplications

  • 4/27/2015 MK500 Spec Sheet

    https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/interactivekiosks/mk500microkiosk/mk500_spec_sheet.html 5/5

    MK500 Micro Kiosk Affordable selfservice in every aisle™

    Part number PSSMK500A. Printed in USA 04/15. ©2015 ZIH Corp. ZEBRA, the Zebra head graphic and Zebra Technologies logo are trademarks ofZIH Corp, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.