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LED Lighting Slide 2 2 Agenda Introductions Introductions Lighting Definitions Lighting Definitions LEDs Benefits LEDs Benefits LED Luminaire Construction LED Luminaire Construction Evaluating an LED System Evaluating an LED System Crouse Hinds LED Products Crouse Hinds LED Products System Reliability System Reliability Summary Summary Slide 3 3 Lighting Definitions Delivered lumens light output delivered after effects of optical losses, heat, etc.. Delivered lumens light output delivered after effects of optical losses, heat, etc.. Luminaire Efficacy Luminaire Efficacy Fixture lm/watt including optics, thermal, driver losses Lumen Maintenance Lumen Maintenance The ability to retain light output over a specified period of time. Most LED packages rated at 70% lumen maintenance at 60K hours (L70) 60% lumen maintenance at 4K hours (175W MH) A well designed LED luminaire can deliver equal or better foot candles or Lux to the work surface equating to higher overall system efficacy Slide 4 4 Light Source Comparison Light Type Data Sheet lm/W Usable* lm/W Lifetime (hrs) Incandescent1710-173k Halogen2012-2010k T12 fluorescent6045-5020k Metal halide70 60k High-pressure sodium91 Slide 5 5 Lumen Maintenance and System Life Lighting design should consider the mean (average) delivered lumens when determining lighting requirements. Slide 6 6 LED Benefits Long Life Light Source Long Life Light Source Highly reliable solid state device LEDs rarely fail catastrophicallyLEDs rarely fail catastrophically Life based on maintained lumensLife based on maintained lumens Excellent lumen maintenance > 70% sustained lumens at 60K hours> 70% sustained lumens at 60K hours Requires a good engineering designRequires a good engineering design Eliminates frequent lamp replacement Typical HID 7K to 15KTypical HID 7K to 15K LEDs can provide more useable light over a long period of time reducing maintenance cost & increasing workplace safety through proper lighting levels Slide 7 7 LED Benefits Energy Efficient Energy Efficient Up to 50% energy savings compared to some conventional lighting technologies 100W LED system can replace a 175W Metal Halide system100W LED system can replace a 175W Metal Halide system End users will realize a lower cost of ownership through reduced maintenance and energy savings Slide 8 8 LED Benefits Durable Light Source Durable Light Source Contain no filaments or glass Not susceptible to vibration Directional & point light source Directional & point light source Minimizes wasted light Improves fixture efficacy Allows for innovative lighting fixtures LED Slide 9 9 LED Benefits Instant Start Instant Start Requires no warm up No loss of light at cold temperature Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly Contains no mercury Energy efficient Eliminate disposal issues ROHS / LEED Compliant Slide 10 10 Where to Consider LED Use LED where appropriate Use LED where appropriate Where maintenance is frequent, costly or challenging Where there is a need to reduce energy Areas requiring better visibility Areas requiring instant-on illumination LEED / ROHS Compliancy Marine-Port-Pier The value added benefits of lower cost of ownership, Green Lighting, & better lighting will offset the initial cost impact of an LED system. Slide 11 LED Family of Lighting 11 Egress Vaporguard Slide 12 Champ VMV LED Class I, Division 2 LED Luminaire Slide 13 13 Markets / Applications Class I, Division 2 locations Platforms and Refineries Chemical and Petrochemical Plants Mining Outdoor & Indoor Industrial Locations Class II, Div 1 Grain Mills, Sugar processing Pharmaceutical Ideal Application Areas requiring safe, reliable lighting Areas requiring continuous illumination throughout the day Areas requiring instant illumination Areas where access to re-lamping is difficult or costly Slide 14 14 Key Features & Benefits Performance Performance 100,000 hour performance & 60,000 hours rated life Maintains 70% lumen output through 60,000 hoursMaintains 70% lumen output through 60,000 hours Eliminates need for frequent lamp replacementEliminates need for frequent lamp replacement Energy efficient Replaces many 100W to 250W HIDReplaces many 100W to 250W HID 50 to 60% Energy savings typical50 to 60% Energy savings typical Instant illumination and restrike Better visibility with crisp white light Construction Construction Easy installation uses existing Champ Mounting Modular & compact design for ease of upgrade or service Durable and vibration-resistant Led light source Slide 15 15 Champ LED Construction Uses existing Champ Mounting modules Facilitates easy retrofit to existing Champ VMV, DMV, LMV (2) High performance/efficient LED power supplies provide regulated current to LED arrays Heatsink engineered to effectively remove heat from the LED and the driver increasing system reliability Slide 16 16 Champ LED Construction LED housing assembly is designed to allow for future upgrade or replacement. (6) High power multi die LED arrays provide instant on and full illumination Impact resistant glass lens. No globe or guard required Slide 17 17 Champ Assembly LED lamp sub-assembly LED Power supply assembly The modular construction of the LED Champ was designed to facilitate future maintenance requirements Slide 18 18 Key Features & Benefits Realize a lower cost of ownership through reduced maintenance and lower cost of operation! Reliable performance in any environment Designed for Hazardous Locations Gas, Dust and Fiber Ambient suitability for -40 to 55C Low temperature starting - 30 C T5 temperature rating Safely operates in the most hazardous environments Type 4X, marine outdoor locations, IP66 rated Bright and white and green all over Low energy consumption Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances Slide 19 19 VMV LED Series VMV5LVMV7LVMV9L Suggested Replacement Metal Halide100W150W-175W200W HPS70W-100W150W Mercury175W250W Induction85W165W Typical MountingUp to 10ft10 to 18ft18ft to 25ft Input Watts7098 Delivered Lumens377857066340 Lamp comparisons are based on average foot-candles when measured using Photopic Photometry Slide 20 20 Light distribution comparison Compared to 175W MH, The VMV7L provides more effective light on the target work area with a 50% energy savings Better avg. foot-candles Slide 21 21 Lighting Comparison Compared to 100W HPS, The VMV5L provides more effective light on the target work area with a 40% energy savings Slide 22 22 Support Tools Lighting layout services Economic analysis ROI calculator Customer Success Slide 23 23 Lighting Layout Slide 24 24 Room Renderings Slide 25 25 ROI Input Slide 26 26 ROI Summary Slide 27 27 Eastman Chemical Customer Trial Slide 28 28 Dominion Power Install Customer Install 250 + units Slide 29 29 OXYCHEM Install Customer Install 120 + units Slide 30 30 EVLED Class I Div 1 Users will realize a lower cost of ownership through reduced maintenance and lower cost of operation! Features & Benefits Features & Benefits Long Life; up to 60K hours Energy efficient (< 40Watts) Instant Illumination Cold temperature operation (-30C) Environmentally friendly Safety Safety T6 temperature rating at 55C Slide 31 31 Plattsburgh WWTP Slide 32 32 LED Lantern Class I Div 1 Users will realize increase workplace flexibility with portable lighting solutions Enhance safety and productivity Enhance safety and productivity 12 hours on time Induction charging system First Responders, HazMat Team Five LED light patterns On/offOn/off FlashingFlashing RotatingRotating SOS mode front and rear flash blue SOS simultaneouslySOS mode front and rear flash blue SOS simultaneously Slide 33 33 LED Exit Signs Ex-Lite Series Hazardous locations Class I div 2, Class II div 2 Class 1 Zone 1 Specification grade luminaire CCH UX Series Value Line Exit luminaire Industrial & commercial applications Wet location rated Optional hazardous location Class I div 2 Slide 34 34 Markets / Applications Class I, Division 2 locations Class I, Division 2 locations Platforms and Refineries Chemical and Petrochemical Plants Mining Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Plants Pharmaceutical Outdoor & Indoor Industrial Locations For the targeted illumination of: For the targeted illumination of: Tanks Instrument panels Switch racks Storage areas Pathways Security areas Slide 35 35 Customer Benefits: 150W Incandescent Equivalent 150W Incandescent Equivalent 30X Longer Life 60K Hours 30X Longer Life 60K Hours 75% more energy efficient (25Watts) 75% more energy efficient (25Watts) Pays for itself in 2 years or less Pays for itself in 2 years or less Maintenance Free Reduced Energy Consumption Modular design for retrofit applications Modular design for retrofit applications LED Vaporgard Coming August 2010 LED Vaporgard LED Vaporgard NEC / CEC (Pending June 2010) NEC / CEC (Pending June 2010) Class I Div 2/Zone 2, Class II/Zone 22 IEC Ex/ATEX (Pending July 2010) IEC Ex/ATEX (Pending July 2010) Ex II 2 G D IP66 Ex nA T5 (-30 to 40C) Slide 36 36 N2LPS LED Light Pak Durable and marine rated LED lamp head assemblies with watertight glands provide protection against water ingress, corrosion, and impact Steel bracket design offers superior protection against impact External self test/diagnostic status indicator provides up to date unit status reduces costly labor Gasketed and sealed Krydon power supply assembly Standard battery disconnect switch prevents battery discharge when servicing an area High temperature rated Ni-Cad battery for operation in ambient temperatures (0C to 55C) Slide 37 Obstruction Lighting Technology & Innovation Slide 38 38 Key Features & Benefits LET US DO THE WORK ! System Integration System Integration Lighting Products Controls Technical Support Cutting Edge Products Cutting Edge Products LED Obstruction LED Visual Signal Cooper Crouse Hinds offers complete systems and customized packages, providing application based solutions that meet customer need Slide 39 THANK YOU! ? 39

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