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1 PATH Testbed Resources for Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Karl Hedrick Director,...

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  • 1 PATH Testbed Resources for Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Karl Hedrick Director, California PATH
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  • 2 Univ. of California, Berkeley College of Engr. Inst. of Transportation Studies California PATH UCB Engineering Depts Civil Computer Science Electrical Industrial Engineering/ Operations Research Mechanical Other Schools & Depts at UCB Public Policy City & Regional Planning Economics Optometry Other Universities UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside, Claremont Graduate Schools, UC Santa Barbara, USC, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, Texas A&M
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  • 3 Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS : Using modern computer, communications, sensor and control technologies to improve transportation system operations
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  • 4 PATH Research: Program Areas Advanced Transportation Management and Information Systems (ATMIS) Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems (AVCSS) R&D Labs and Testbeds Statewide (incl. Real-world Environments) Center for Commercialization of ITS Technology at UC Berkeley
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  • Improving mobility: today, tomorrow, and the day after Pravin Varaiya
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  • 7 Preface The incorporation of IT at all levels of the transportation system can greatly enhance productivity Examples from Los Angeles illustrate opportunities to improve freeway system management and assist travelers Automation offers dramatic, long-term, opportunities Exploiting these requires a strong partnership between state, industry, and academia
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  • 8 Improving performance today: the PeMS system PeMS collects and stores data captured by loop detectors in the States freeways in a central database. PeMS also obtains and stores CHP-published incident data The central database is currently located on the UC Berkeley campus, but it can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet Data are sent from the TMCs to UC Berkeley over the Caltrans wide area network (WAN)
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  • 9 Improving performance tomorrow: Automated Highway Systems Potential for doubling or tripling highway capacity per lane Ancillary benefits follow in safety, driver comfort/convenience, and energy/emissions Initial applications are likely to be on heavy vehicles (buses, trucks), but the BIG benefits come with light-duty vehicles Automated cars can capture public imagination Were working on deployment staging scenarios
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  • 10 Infrastructure and Vehicles at PATH Traffic Management Testbeds Berkeley Highway Laboratory U.C. Irvine ATMS Testbed Vehicle Test Tracks Richmond Field Station Crows Landing I-15 HOV Lanes, San Diego Experimental Vehicles Passenger cars Heavy trucks Transit buses
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  • 11 Berkeley Highway Laboratory Instrumentation above I-80, Emeryville Inductive Loop Data Collection Continuous Video Feeds Wireless Communications Micro Traffic Flow Analysis
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  • 12 ATMS Testbed (U.C. Irvine) Connected to Caltrans Orange County freeway operations center, cities of Anaheim and Irvine Field testing of technology and software applications Network simulation and control Linked to Cal (IT)
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  • 13 Richmond Field Station 400 m test track equipped with magnetic markers for low-speed tests Laboratory/shop space with tools and lifts for equipping vehicles
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  • 14 Crows Landing Test Track Testing on taxiway and runways of former Naval airfield south of Patterson, CA 2 km of magnets installed, high speed testing
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  • 15 I-15 HOV Lanes, San Diego Available for testing only on evenings and weekends, when lanes are closed to public 12 km, two lanes equipped with magnetic markers, high-speed testing Limited office and shop space at south end Availability subject to Caltrans cooperation
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  • 16 Passenger Cars Eight 1996-7 Buick LeSabres equipped for automated driving One 2000 Ford Taurus instrumented for naturalistic driving data collection Three 1989 Lincoln Town Cars for supporting experiments
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  • 17 Heavy Trucks (Class-8 Big Rigs) One Freightliner already equipped and tested for automated driving Three new Freightliner Century-Class trucks being equipped for Demo 2003
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  • 18 Other Test and Demo Vehicles 3 New Flyer transit buses to be equipped for automated driving for Demo 2003 3 Samtrans buses instrumented for forward collision warning testing 2 snowplows equipped for driver guidance assistance and one rotary snowblower being equipped for automated operation
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  • 19 CCIT Center for Commercialization of ITS Technologies
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  • 20 Center Focus Bring the best minds together to do follow up R&D, testing and evaluation of ITS Collaboration between Researchers, Industry Professionals and practitioners Accelerate the commercial deployment of transportation products and services Solve transportation problems using new products and services Facilitate Traffic Data dissemination Focus researcher and industry efforts to ITS
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  • 21 Applied Research Moving Research to Deployment Prototype Development & Preliminary Testing Real-world System Testing & Refinement (TESTBEDS) DEPLOYMENT & COMMERCIALIZATION (CCIT)
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  • 22 CCIT Programs Traveler Information Traffic Data Collection and dissemination Vehicle Information and Control In-vehicle information systems Transportation Management Systems Performance management New System Concepts In-vehicle technologies for transit & Carsharing,..
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