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10 Reasons to Hire STEM

Date post:12-Nov-2014
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Top 10 Reasons your organization should be seeking and hiring STEM capable students and candidates
  • 2. 10 ACTIVE LEARNERS STEM capable students are adept and nding and using new information to solve work challenges.
  • 3. 9 INNOVATION STEM capable professionals have been identied as the driving factor in the Democratization of Invention since the 1950s.
  • 4. 8 COMPLEX PROBLEM SOLVING STEM capable students excel in deductive, inductive and mathematical reasoning.
  • 5. 7 DIVERSITY Only 24% of workers in STEM elds are Women - yet women regularly outscore men in many STEM disciplines like Biology, Statistics, and Decision Science
  • 6. 6 THE BEST CANDIDATES STEM capable job candidates are the best in every candidate pool, including non-STEM focused jobs. In fact, STEM capable workers make more than their non-STEM peers regardless of occupation type.
  • 7. 5 IN DEMAND The Competition is erce. Even during the burst-bubble economics of the last decade, demand for STEM talent continued to rise in nearly all industries.
  • 8. 4 FEDERAL INVESTMENT The Federal government is investing billions each year in STEM education and workforce initiatives. $3.8 Billion in 2013 and projected $4.2 Billion in 2014
  • 9. 3 STEM IDENTITY STEM education programs are now starting in elementary school and continuing through graduation. Many schools are converting previous vocational curriculum into integrated STEM curriculum with hire math and science standards along with pre-engineering.
  • 10. 2 STEM IS COOL From the technicians behind the Winter Games to the automation masters of Cirque du Soleil, modern movies, and music.... STEM is being revealed as the path to great careers and the driving power behind Sports, Technology, Entertainment, and Music
  • 11. 1 LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL STEM talent rises to the top! 43% of STEM capable workers that start in STEM careers transition to leadership within 10 years.
  • 12. NEED A STEM PROGRAM? Let us help you kickstart your STEM recruitment program. TODAY TM www.stemjobs.com
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