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5 reasons to hire me

Date post:20-Mar-2017
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5 reasons to hire me

5 reasons to hire me

I am an interaction designer with passion, learning to be the best

I participate in projects and conferences related to human-computer interaction, user experience and idea development.

My main projects were:Fire alarm for hearing impaired peopleInteractive art project

I am a dedicated IT supporter

Performing general software and hardware support for office and consumer market.

I am an well-organized event planner

Since 2006, I planned, coordinated and executed a number of national and international events. I have worked directly with artists, sponsors and stakeholders.

My photography and Photoshop skills

I like shaping pictures in Photoshop with emphasizing an user experience.

Visit my photo gallery

I am multicultural person I speak several languages and I am able to get along with different cultures and societies.Cze!Salut!Hola!Hei!Hello!

With passion, creativeness and dedication, looking forward to introduce myself and my skills to you.

Ewa Kabza

Phone:0047 925 35 647

Email:[email protected]

LinkedIn profile:https://no.linkedin.com/in/ewakabza


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