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Five Reasons Why Huge Should Hire Me

Date post:08-Mar-2016
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To: Huge, From: OSCAR G.
  • HUGE

  • HUGEfresh meat!

    01 In 2012, I reached a big milestone,As Tulanes motto says, Not for ones self, but for ones own.New Orleans, you crazy city, Ill never forget you,How much Ive learned and grown here; all the memories, too.

    As a newly hatched college graduate, Im practically a work virgin by employment standards. Fresh out of archi-tecture school, Ive had recent access to the most cutting edge pieces of technology including universal plotters, 2D laser cutters, 3D printers, and digital modeling techniques. Im a precious commodity until I expire in 2013 when the next round of college graduates are released into the world. Until then, take advantage of me and the opportunity to be a valuable resource to you. I want to be able to say you popped my employment cherry, and it was HUGE.

  • HUGE

    *1, 781,000 to be exact.

  • HUGE


    eye see what youre going for

    Layout, graphics, and staging too,Id be a great illustrator or visual designer for you.Colors, texture, and typography,When choosing your next new hire, consider going with me!

    Originally trained as an architect, Im taught to see in all dimensions - physical and virtual, in print or 3D. This allows me to bring other peoples visions to life in as many was as possible. From sketches to storyboards to Photoshop post processing, I have a good handle on all phases of the visual design process. My meticulous eye for size, proportion, and the overall look and feel of imagery, make me the ideal candidate for any of the visual design positions at HUGE.

  • HUGE

  • 03


    Mans best friend, how it brings us much bliss!When theyre not around, their company we greatly miss.Hugging, kissing, petting these loyal canines we do love.They fill our hearts with joy, and love us like sweet angels from above.

    Animals in the office are really great. And the truth is, only the coolest and most hip work places have such a laid back attitude towards sharing the workplace with creatures from another species (aliens included). I love the fact that HUGE supports a pet-friendly environment. I never seem to get attacked by enough doggie kisses and friendly cuddles wherever theres dogs. What can I say? Bitches love me.

  • HUGE

  • HUGE

    04 Laughing, playing, or telling a funny story,I televate the mood, and make sure things are hunky dory.Singing, dancing, or wearing a costume,Always eager to spread the love and joy in the room.

    HUGE is a dynamic family with hundreds of different personalities, and thats what I love about this agency. The thriving office culture fosters great relationships both inside and outside the office. Id be a great addition to the crew and certainly prove to be an interesting component to add to the mix. I look forward to get to know all of you and hope to share lots of good times (and many beers) with everyone.

    all that & a bag of chips

  • HUGE

  • HUGE


    More than anything, I have ideas. Ive always been a creative, conceptual thinker and problem solver itching to put the things in my head to good use. At HUGE, Id get the chance to do that - to talk about my ideas, sketch them all over those nifty dry erase walls, and implement them with a team of creative strategists. Id learn a lot at HUGE, and I hope that I could help teach you guys a thing or two as well. Collaborating together. Creating together. Making things you we love.

    At HUGE, imagine the difference I would make,With me not there yet, theres just so much at stake.Id bring enthusiasm, creativity, and ideas too,I cant wait to get the chance to work with all of you!

    me + HUGE = Y

  • HUGE

  • Oscar Garcia850.346.2470

    [email protected]@tulane.edu



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