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  • 1. The High Middle Ages
  • 2. Timeline:High Middle Ages1095-1099 First Crusade1141 Abelard convicted of heresy1147-1149 Second Crusade1179 death of Hildegard von Bingen1189-1192 Third Crusade1215 Magna Carta1264 English Parliament created
  • 3. Mini-RP Research Paper Remember that your paper is a machine. Its work is the presentation of your thesis. All facts, quotes, ideas are the working parts of the machine. Each one should havea purpose, do a job. They should all be meaningfully connected to each other, likean efficient machine, working together to present the thesis. A red S in your Mini-RP text means source citation needed here. Check the Research Paper grading rubric. Check the RP Workshop slides and other materials (like sample papers) onMyCR: Lessons > Guides & Reviews. Online resources: MyCR > Lessons > Research Paper Library MyCR > Library Resources > EBSCO MyCR > Resources > Useful websites Bring draft material to office hours.Hildegard von Bingen, c. 1180, receivingdivine inspiration for her compositions.
  • 4. So great was her wisdom that not only ordinary people but also kings and princessometimes sought and received her counsel when in difficulties.feminae valde eruditiae in liberali scientia
  • 5. What harmony can there be between scholars and maid-servants, between the scriptorium and the nursery?Why women are better suited to themonastic life:

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