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©2011 GovDelivery 22 tips to Increase Fans, Followers and Subscribers Steve Ressler Founder &...

Date post: 12-Jan-2016
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©2011 GovDelivery 22 tips to Increase Fans, Followers and Subscribers Steve Ressler Founder & President, GovLoop Kathryn Hambleton New Media Strategist , U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Joseph Porcelli Director, GovDelivery Professional Services June 16 th , 2011
  • AgendaHow to Increase Fans, Followers and Subscribers Steve Ressler, Founder & President, GovLoopTips from HHS on increasing Fans, Followers and Subscribers Kathryn Hambleton, New Media Strategist, U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesGovDelivery Professional Services Joseph Porcelli, Director, GovDelivery Professional ServicesDuration: 1 Hour*

  • *

  • At Work, Where Do People Go to:Ask a question about their projectFind out about other similar projects in governmentGet career advice or mentorshipGet best practices about a specific technology or projectIn past, simply asked peers at work or people you already knewHow do you expand the network to solve government problems


  • What isMISSION: Connect Government to Improve GovernmentSolve government problemsFind and contribute best practicesLearn about the latest solutions?Research the latest trendsConnect with Peers*

  • 2 Questions I Think AboutHow to Grow GovLoop Reach & EngageReach More People (More Active Members)Increase Engagement (More Activity)Solve more problems every day*

  • My Last Year of ResearchStudied How Others Increased Audience & EngagementFor-profit communities (Dogster, ITToolbox, Sermo, change.org)For-profit vendors (GroupOn, Hubspot, Priceline,)Non-profit campaigns (Causes, Charity: Water, NeighborsForNeighbors)Political sector (Presidential and local elections)Government (Federal, State, Local)*

  • What Ive LearnedIts REALLY REALLY HardTheres a talent/skillTheres a methodology and rigorDifference between Doing it and Doing it WellLots of optimization opportunities Hard to be consistent

    Great communication key to driving real results for organizations


  • What are Your Goals?What are the Goals of Your Agency Communication?REACH and ENGAGE MORE CITIZENS to solve Problems Government Engagement FunnelReach large number of stakeholders Build on-going relationships with themProvide clear, timely, actionable informationStakeholders take action with your information*



    = RESULTS(get flu shot, fill out census, apply for job)

    Results met now = bigger base = more results later*

  • Private Sector, Non-Profits, Politicians use $ Metrics* Online revenue per usable email address for a non-profit is $3.36 - $27.56. Source: Convio Benchmarking Study The value of an email address to a knowledgeable marketer is $118. -Stan Rapp, former CEO of McCann Relationship Marketing A Facebook fan is worth $3.60 per year.Source: Vitrue

  • Why Audience Size Measures for Government*

  • 500,000 Subscribers 20% Open 100,000 Read your message 5% Take Action 5,000 Extra Flu ShotsA Little Math Flu Shot*

  • So How Do You Increase Audience and Engagement?Heres my 22 Tips

  • Part 1: Sign-Up Tips

  • Big Sign-Up Box*

  • Email Overlay*

  • Da Vinci Code*

  • FB Page Embed*

  • Facebook Ads to Your Citizens*

  • In-Person Promotion*

  • Optimize FB Landing Page*

  • Follow Others to Be Followed*

  • Paper Sign-up sheets*

  • Optimize Outside Home Page*

  • Part 2: Content/Engagement Tricks

  • Regular FrequencyFacebook 1 to 4X a dayTwitter 3 to 10X a dayEmail Range from daily, weekly ** Key is consistency actual numbers vary by agency and type of content ** *

  • Dessert to Broccoli*

  • Pictures on FB*

  • Use Special Events*

  • Have Fun*

  • Agency Cross-Promo*

  • Use Multiple, Real People*

  • Tell Stories*

  • Cross-Promote*

  • Ecards*

  • Petition/Campaigns*

  • Part 3: Call to Action

  • Just Ask*

  • Make it Simple*

  • Ask Multiple Times*

  • Reference LinksHow to Build Govt Facebook Page http://www.govloop.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-build-an-awesome 16 Excellent Govt FB Pages http://www.govloop.com/profiles/blogs/16-exceptional-govt-facebook Twitter - http://govengage.com/2011/03/28/how-to-build-a-govt-twitter-profile-and-drive-followers-and-engagement-2/*

  • If having any challenges, reach outHave a Team that works on:Training (digital communication to social media)Strategy (assessment and action plan)Execution (help actually do the work)Have helped:Increase sensitive collaboration between federal agenciesHelp mobile workers share tips and updates in real timeHelp an agency build an online community with the publicRecruit citizens to help shovel neighbors in need


  • Steve ResslerFounder, [email protected]@GovLoopReach out*

  • GovDelivery Delivers Real Value for Agencies*Effectiveness Reach More PeopleDramatically increase the number of people you reach directlyEfficiency Automate Complex CommunicationsStreamline communication across email, SMS, social media and other channelsEngagement Create Mission ValueDrive users to the online and offline activities that create the most value for the public and your agency.GovDelivery maximizes direct connections with the public through digital communications. We accomplish that in three ways:

  • GovDelivery Professional ServicesGovDelivery Professional Services supports governmentorganizations that want to incorporate multi-channelcommunication and engagement strategies deeper into theorganizations mission in order to:Expand program awarenessAccelerate adoption of online servicesSupport citizen engagementImprove citizen servicesReduce service delivery costsComplement and support existing staffing


  • GovDelivery Professional ServicesServices Overview:

    Strategic Assessment and Planning: Establish an organizational baseline based on objectives, current technologies, and best practice benchmarks. Envision the future, establish tracking metrics, and deliver an actionable road map.Training: Empower teams with knowledge, confidence, best practices, policies, and skills to optimize communication and engagement efforts.Execution: Provide capacity to launch or accelerate key online initiatives with dedicated project management and support and deploy targeted digital communications to support offline initiatives.


  • Professional Services - Strategy PackagesPackages:Digital Communication and Engagement AssessmentDigital Communication and Engagement Strategic PlanCommunity Engagement Assessment and Strategic Plan

    Deliverables: Written report with prioritized recommendations based on impact, levelof effort, and return on investment. Report to include benchmarksagainst best practices of organizations with similar missions and sizeActionable roadmap and framework for tracking post-implementationResults90-day review of progress and strategic recommendations


  • Professional Services -Training PackagesTraining Packages:How to Use Social Media to Jeopardize Your JobEffectively building audience and engagement with Email, Facebook, and TwitterHow-To Optimize Communications to Decrease Costs & Increase RevenueBuilding and Sustaining Online Community EngagementSocial Media Security Awareness How to Use it Safely and SecurelyCustomized trainings Deliverables: 90-minute webinars 60-minute onsite presentationOn-site half-day training40-hour phone support, Skype, Adobe Connect, or email support pack


  • Professional Services - Execution PackagesExecution Packages:Outreach AccelerationDigital ConversionRevenue Optimizer (for organizations with revenue opportunities) Community Management Execution PackagesWorld Class Administration on DemandCustom Policy DevelopmentProgram and Pilot Launch Execution PackagesDeliverables: Short-term project production (5 hours per week)Part-time staffing (20 hours per week)Full-time digital producers and community managers (40 hours per week)*

  • Professional Services Team -AccomplishmentsConnected 40,000+ government employees to solve problemsOrganized cross-agency campaign with Center for Disease Control (CDC) sending 58 million messages at height of H1N1 flu which helped convince citizens to get immunizationsGrew State of Indiana direct connections to over 833,000 subscribers across 78 state agencies (13% of state population) while saving nearly $250,000 in its first six MonthsLed digital communications and engagement for a presidential convention, a $6 billion national legislative campaign, and multiple major metropolitan cities.Developed and managed a citizen-facing social network for Boston Police Department to increase program awareness and adoption while reducing crime.Recognized thought-leaders delivering presentations and trainings at more than 200 conferences on topics of digital communication and improving engagement through social media including NAGC, NAGW, OECD, MIT, and GSA Web Manager University.




  • GovDelivery - Director of Professional ServicesJoseph PorchelliDirector, GovDelivery and GovLoopProfessional Services

    (857) [email protected]@JosephPorcelli