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April 2014 Outward bound

Date post: 22-Mar-2016
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Monthly newsletter of the Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club of Western Australia. Sponsors John Hughes, ARB, Goodchilds, DeRosa Autorepairs, Adventure Offroad Training
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We’re Outward Bound March/April 2014 Issue 329 Monthly newsletter of the Mitsubishi 4WD Owner’s Club of Western Australia Inc. 1985 Proudly sponsored by In This Edition 2014 AGM Meet the new Committee Honour Board Powerlines Trip Leader Training Environment Report Trip Coordination
Page 1: April 2014 Outward bound

We’re OutwardBound

March/April 2014Issue 329

Monthly newsletter of the M itsubishi 4WD O wner ’s Club of Western Austra l ia I nc. 1985

Proudly sponsored by

In This Edition

2014 AGMMeet the new Committee

Honour BoardPowerlines

Trip Leader TrainingEnvironment Report

Trip Coordination

Page 2: April 2014 Outward bound

Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Clubof Western

Australia Inc.PO Box 655

South Perth WA 6951

Meetings:1st Wed of each month except January

Manning Senior Citizens Centre3 Downey Drive


email: [email protected]

Publication issues:[email protected]

President:Peter Cole

Vice President:Craig PerrySecretary:John KingTreasurer:

Bridget McPherson

Editor:Martin ArcherEnvironment:

Stephen KalynuikWebMaster:

Michael GilbertTrip Coordinator:

Guy LehmannTraining Officer:

Richard KingMembership Officer:

Peter FryInsurance/Propoerty:

Glen BignellWA 4WD Assoc.Delegate:

Linda BickerdikeSocial Chairperson:

Pat O’Dowd

Page 3: April 2014 Outward bound

Listening to a report can sometimes be a bit like visiting a friend who has just returned from their holiday of a lifetime and then presents you with a day by day description of the holiday accompanied by hundreds and hundreds of photographs. You do want to know if they had a good time, you just don’t need to do the trip as a documentary presentation.

In preparing an annual report of any kind there are a number of elements that are usually considered in terms of what items to include, what to leave out, those elements that get a fleeting mention and things that get mentioned repeatedly.

However, the really important element to give the most attention to, is the audience. So, this Annual Report is intended to be incredibly interesting,

extremely informative, positively inspiring and above all – short ! From my experience as President for this past year and chairing our meetings, both general members meetings and committee meetings, I have realised that although there is a very polite level of interest in the proceedings, the real enjoyment of coming along to these meetings is to get to the supper as quickly as possible because that is where you get to do all the talking and that is where the real business of the club takes place.

Your Management Committee has deliberated over an incredibly challenging and changing year. While the overall size of the club has not increased by much from the previous year, we have however experienced a significant turnover within the membership list. The total number of memberships is currently 71 and a significant number of those members have less than five years experience with the club. It has been a challenge for the Management Committee to continue with a number of established practices and to integrate the freshness and enthusiasm of this changing membership profile.

We do have a large committee group, with both elected and appointed officers. It has been rewarding for me to be part of this vibrant (and very talkative) section of the club. The collaborative effort of all of these representatives to deliver an active yet stable environment for the club to function within, should be recognised as an outstanding achievement.

Several members of the committee have chosen not to continue serving beyond their “expiry date” and it is appropriate we recognise their contribution to the club, not only for the past two year terms but for all of their years on the committee.

Peter & Denise Belcher – serving an incredible 14 years on the committee between them.

Keith Parker – has served in a number of roles on the committee for a number of years

David Jones – Mr Beroca B, or as he prefers Mr Batman

Our appointed committee officers all have terms that expire each year, and they have toiled along without the benefit of special name tags like the elected committee have. They do work cheap but they deliver great benefits to the members.

President’s Annual Report

Page 4: April 2014 Outward bound




s R



Thanks to :

♣ Bruce and Judith Brinkley, John and Lyn Byworth, Neil Hewer, John Holbrook (the younger), Tracy Jones, Rob Nankiville, and Tony Weldon

There were number of changes during 2013 that contributed to another successful year for the club.

♣ Implementation of a new computer database for managing club events, club property and membership arrangements.

♣ Introduction of a new trip notice board, which among other benefits places a lot more focus at meetings onto club events

♣ Changes to club sponsorship arrangements moved us to electronic media for the club magazine which has proved to be a double bonus in attracting more sponsorship

Considerable thanks go to I.T. Officer Rob Nankiville, Trip Co-ordinator Guy Lehmann, and Webmaster Michael Gilbert for their special efforts to make these changes work for the benefit of all.

Ultimately though, the real measure of the success of the club year lies in the member participation rates. Is the club doing enough to provide members with interesting and enjoyable experiences and are the members supporting the efforts of those organising the events by attending in sufficient numbers to justify the event in the first place ?

With events such as the Churchmans Brook Environmental Day drawing 30 people for just a quick look at a new area, the Avon Valley Day Trip having a similar high attendance and of course the impressive number of almost 50 attending the Big Valley Weekend we do appear to be doing it pretty well as a club.

A lot has been said about the efforts of the Management Committee, there is however another group of members who have made an immense effort to provide the opportunity for all members to experience the benefits and the enjoyment that comes from club membership – and that is the Trip Leader group. This group of members is actually smaller than the Management Committee, although there is a considerable overlap in the list of names between the two groups, but the reality is that without the contribution and effort of Trip Leaders and Event Organisers our existence as a motoring club would all be for nought.

Trip Leaders for 2013 were:

Richard King, Malcolm Harrison, Glenn Bignell, Peter Belcher, Michael Gilbert, Bob McPherson, Bridget McPherson, Roger Freegard, Craig Perry, Bruce Brinkley. Pat O’Dowd, Guy Lehmann, Paul Ryan, Stephen Kalyniuk, Martin Archer, Judith Brinkley, and Denise Belcher

To all these trip leaders and their assistants who have, during this past year, taken the responsibility to organise and run a club event I offer, on behalf of all the members, a sincere thank you for your effort. You have all played a very substantial part in the success of the club year.

Page 5: April 2014 Outward bound


g N


In closing this report on the year 2013, I would like to make mention of the outstanding support I have received, as President, from an individual who I think should be listed as a “club treasure”. I refer to our Secretary John King.

John has provided me with guidance, counselling, frankness and sound advice whenever it has been needed. He did once actually allow me to arrange a meeting agenda, note I said “once”. Above all, he has provided all this with his unique sense of humour. In return I have agreed not to refer to him as an “old member”.

Thank you John.

This report was intended to be incredibly interesting, extremely informative, and positively inspiring, but above all it was meant to be short.

Peter Cole




Peter Cole President March 13 2 yrs March 2015

Craig Perry Vice President March 14 2 yrs March 2016

John King Secretary March 13 2 yrs March 2015

Bridget McPherson Treasurer March 14 2 yrs March 2016

Martin Archer Newsletter Editor March 13 2yrs March 2015

Linda Bickerdike WA 4WDA Delegate March 14 2yrs March 2016

Glenn Bignell Insurance and Property March 13 2yrs March 2015

Bruce Brinkley Track Care Delegate March 14 2 yrs March 2016

Peter Fry Membership Officer March 14 2 yrs March 2016

Michael Gilbert Web Master March 13 2yrs March 2015

Stephen Kalynuik Environment Officer March 13 2 yrs March 2015

Richard King Training Co-ordinator March 13 2 yrs March 2015

Guy Lehmann Trip and Events Co-ordinator March 13 2 yrs March 2015

Rob Nankiville I.T. Officer March 14 2yrs March 2016

Pat O’Dowd Social Convenor March 14 2yrs March 2016

Page 6: April 2014 Outward bound


s B


d t




g Management Committee Meeting – March 19th 2014

Appointments made by the Committee

At the recent Management Committee Meeting the following appointments were made according to the relevant articles in the Rules of Association and the Policies and Procedures of the Club:

Linda Bickerdike has been appointed by the Committee as our Delegate for the WA 4Wheel Drive Association, for the two year period ending with the 2016 AGM, in accordance with Part 10 (8) of the

Rules of Association.

Linda will take up the role from Keith Parker who served the Committee well as the delegate for the previous two years. Keith had agreed to continue to represent the Club beyond the AGM until a

suitable candidate was confirmed and we thank Keith for that commitment.

Also, the following appointments were made in accordance with the Policies and Procedures section 28 Appointment of Assistant and Other Officials:

John and Lyn Byworth were appointed as Raffle Organisers

Eddie Chalk was appointed as Assistant Environmental Officer

Congratulations and thanks to Linda, John, Lyn and Eddie for their willingness to act in those roles, all of which contribute a great deal to the effectiveness and success of our Club.

Page 7: April 2014 Outward bound

(After the website hackings that put our I.T. department into overdrive last year, our Editor’s computer decided to go out in sympathy and crashed after the March meeting... hence the double report... but you’ll get the gist of the two nights.)

MARCH AGM: Election of Officers. Some positions have been filled unopposed.

Some continue as before and some will be verified..after the next Committee meeting.

Peter Cole continues as Club President

Craig Perry is new Vice President

Treasury finances are still juggled by Bridget

I.T. is a proven Rob Nankiville

With the announcement of Guy’s continuing as Trips and Events Coordinator we heard a bleat from his region in the seats... “Anyone? ..please?...save me!!”

Membership officer is now Peter Fry

4WD Association delegate is Linda Bickerdike.

Trackcare delegate is Bruce Brinkley

And our new skirt wearing, card carrying, Social Convener is Pat O’Dowd who volunteered when no one stood up to be counted. Good on you Pat! The fact he thought it to be simply organizing meeting night suppers is irrelevant! With his little boy charm he’ll have help very quickly. Or do a crash course in delegation!!

George Bickerdike, then Paul Ryan and lastly Rick Ellis took the floor at times to thank various Management and Committee Officers for a successful, active 2013 year.

The incoming established Committee members were called and introduced to the room.

MARCH CLUB MEETING:Brief but entertaining the President’s ‘State of the Nation’ Annual Club Report was delivered.(available for review in Outward Bound)... (maybe?).

There were 71 family members present on the night.

New members Stephen Delides and Candice Kocken were welcomed by outgoing Membership Officer David Jones.

George Bickerdike who has been traveling Australia with wife Linda for the past 2 years commented he’s been having difficulty at times finding a face he recognizes as there are now so many new members. Great to see.

AWARDS: Secretary John King enjoyed presenting to Pat O’Dowd, for the third time, the Piston Broke Award: This year’s was awarded on the basis of multiple options for nominations all during the Canning Stock Route (CSR) trip he led in 2013.

From unbelievable methods for packing supplies, to incredible methods of getting bogged, to even more incredibly ...being chased by a bull camel !! We do have a photo!!!

Pat loves life, is fun to be with, and definitely deserves the Award....again!

Life Member Sue Bromberger gave a brief history of our Club prior to announcing the Photo of the Year (POTY) Award won by Bruce Brinkley for his photo “through a Pajero windscreen...the sun, the dust and the gravel road. A trip through Avon Valley.”

Next was Club Member of the Year Award.

Peter Cole read out the points scored: Guy and Pat an equal 5th, 4th was Malcolm Harrison who’d stayed active even while he was traveling most of the year. Bob McPherson was 3rd.

Bridget McPherson 2nd and Judith Brinkley came a very startled first.

Life Member Tony Weldon then stood to introduce the Ian Lockhart Award. This is given to the member who has made the most Exceptional Contribution to the Club for 2013.

Nominated were Guy, a joint Bruce and Judith, and a winning Rob Nankiville...who was overseas and, at this point of proceedings, unable to accept it.

News behind Two Meetings March, April and AGM 2014

Award presented in April

Page 8: April 2014 Outward bound



g N




NEW SPONSORS were introduced by Michael.

Adventure Offroad Training: have been unofficial sponsors and a major influence on the safe running of our Club events for years. Richard Nicholls and Troy Shortland have been finally, officially, recognised as Sponsors for their input, their capabilities and lastly, their ongoing discounts on equipment and accessories supplied to the club members. Good to see.

Goodchild Enterprises: 6 Pusey Rd., Jandakot. Exceptional Battery and Solar System suppliers. Many members are already familiar with the benefits of dealing with this company and the breadth of knowledge they willingly impart. Not the least but apparently necessary admonition is their very low tech example of required advice to new users of solar panels “keep the shiny side up!!!”


Tims Thicket 1: Guy led the 2nd February event which was oversubscribed so...

Tims Thicket 2: was led by Peter Cole on 16th February.

Both trips required ‘fortunate’ timing.

Firstly tide times governed access around certain headlands....but made for interesting trips and executive decisions by Trip Leaders.

Secondly on the latter trip, there were three clubs in the same area of the beach.

The good fortune was that we were in the front and the subsequent bogging of a vehicle behind us held up the whole entourage....giving plenty of options for lunch spots and optimum beach conditions. Wonder how Tail End Charlie from the tail end group faired in the churned up sand?


A photo of Stella Weldon and the Harrisons meeting up at Ellendale in Tasmania during February.

Where would we be without modern communications to allow travelling members to meet up at random spots all round Australia? Speaking of modern technology... next a video link with Rob & Julie Nankiville had been pre-arranged, set up by Michael, and screened for us. They were, as before mentioned, overseas. Arranged ostensibly for this segment.. it was actually arranged so Rob could receive his Ian Lockhart Award on the night.

A very surprised, and chuffed, winner.

OTHER EVENTS: Trip Leader Training report and certificates presented by Richard King.

Level 1 Basic (Induction) Training: Again Richard King.

It was good for new members to see how many of our already experienced members still attending this course to refresh on basic concepts of 4WDing.

ENVIRONMENT REPORT: Stephen Kalynuik’s report should get us all going again with MCBEG activities. Stephen met with two DPaW representatives at their new office in Crawley on Wednesday February 26th.

In Brief: There will be no government funding for grants for 2014.

Club funding will need to be sourced from Community and or Lottery West grants.

With reshuffle and relocation of DPaW offices, records of all Member volunteer hours required for approval of 2014 Park Passes for the Club was misplaced. Consequently Stephen has had to collate and resubmit this information. This data has since been provided but as yet Park Passes for 2014 are still pending.

MCBEG: The first Mitsubishi Club Byford Environment Group (MCBEG) day trip to Wungong Conservation Park will be 25 May 2014.

Following Stephen’s meeting: DPaW officers see the Club “as being in charge of dates and activities for the trips.” DPaW emphasised “it is not mandatory for DPaW to approve Environment trips to the Wungong Park nor the activities that the Club undertakes while on such trips.”

Three MCBEG trips in 2014 to take place. DPaW suggested the Club consider i/ doing a rubbish pick up along Admiral Road ii/ removal of Cotton Bush from the Wungong Park is always welcome iii/ Wungong Churchman’s area further removal of Boneseed.

MCLEG: Mitsubishi Club Leschenault Environment Group at the Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park (near Australind) for 2014 has been discussed by our Club officers at the February meeting and revolved around garnering support for environment related activity in this area with a new 4x4 club that has opened in the area around Bunbury. As a result of this, our Club’s involvement in the Leschenault Peninsula area in 2014 is still open for discussion by the Committee.


Page 9: April 2014 Outward bound

Now that ‘emergency and site familiarisation’ is standard, though presentations are distinctly varied, take it as read that from now on it is a permanent part of proceedings.

And so too is the President’s Welcome.

THINGS PEOPLE DO: New agenda item.. which will probably appear or disappear as presentations are available...similar to “Things that interest me” and “Where are they now”.

Know that anyone can volunteer to engage us with something interesting...just contact John King or Judith Brinkley.

Troy Shortland.. “eee orrr eeee orrrrr” ... well supported and enacted by....”mild scream”.... snake bite victim Keryn Shortland, demonstrated appropriate procedures and first aid for snake bite.

Control the scene

Control the emotions

Control victim movement = minimal

Only then is How to get the patient out.

Quickly apply bandage, firmly, not too tight, to affected area working up towards the head. Never down. Always leave digits clear so finger/toe nail colour (blood flow ) can be monitored.

Delegate someone to get a vehicle to move patient to treatment / safe area so they don’t exert muscles thus increasing venom circulation. Never make them walk.

Delegate someone to make the emergency phone call and establish GPS position if required.

Biro ? mark site of bite on outside of bandage for instant identification when patient arrives at hospital. Splint (or cuddle?) a child if necessary so they stay still.

Snake identification is not essential... just desirable. If in doubt, do not guess! ID is helpful but blood tests are done at hospital.

If you are alone..you simply have to do it all...but with as minimal movement as is possible!


Chopper retrieval range is 400km from Perth

Approx 3000 calls for snake bite per year.. Of these 200 - 500 receive antivenom

Some deaths are sudden but it is uncommon to die within the first 4 hours.

Possible factors that can affect timing are the anger of snake thus more venom, patient size, existing allergies, calmness of victim and speed of immobilisation and application of pressure bandage.

1/2 the deaths are by brown snakes, remainder are tiger, taipan and death adder. Our local WA dugite = brown . Antivenom has very short shelf life. Only kept in major “teaching” hospitals.

Always consider snakebite for a person’s sudden collapse in snake country. Not always heart or head. The bite site is usually painless. It may have classical paired fang marks, but this is not the most common picture. Often there are just a few lacerations or scratches, and sometimes these may be painless or go unnoticed. Bruising, bleeding, and local swelling may be present, but significant local tissue destruction is uncommon in Australia.

And Always remember being out bush is a personal choice.

Page 10: April 2014 Outward bound

Accepting the risks is part of your activity.

After that demonstration, the usual heckling, and question time... the rest of the meeting was quite tame!

TRIP REPORTS: Troy stayed out the front to deliver absent Peter Nicol’s Powerlines Locked and Lifted from end of February (On the club website)

Trip scheduling has changed. Monthly Day Trip will be on the SECOND weekend of the month, to allow for 12 day trips, also time for trip reports to be compiled ready for the subsequent meeting... plus most long weekends are at ends of months.

Trip Leader is first point of contact NOT Trip coordinator !

Flyer and trip info for calendar goes to Trip Coordinator.

WARRIEDAR Meeting place changed from Gingers (getting crowded) to Chittering Roadhouse with larger parking space and meetup half an hour later.

ENVIRONMENT: Committee have decided to apply for “area adoption” status for MCLEG.

Upcoming MCBEG on 25th May will be in 3 groups. One to attack boneseed in Churchlands area. Second to attack Wungong cotton bush. 3rd group to do Admiral’s Road cleanup.

Apparently in Victoria DEPaW resorted to setting fire to a whole park in an attempt to burn boneseed and its thousands of seeds. It is a major problem to Australia.

FORUM: Peter Cole asked for feedback on the efficacy of the sound system. The equipment was on trial (courtesy of Peter Fry) from a potential supplier for us to evaluate. General consensus was it was effective and clear with minimal interference.

DEWARS TRACK Craig Parry reported on its temporary closure status..

This track giving a southern access from Two Rocks through to Wilbinga area was initially closed by a Wanneroo council officer without his completing an informed study of the area, or of the validity of claims of dangerous tracks, nor any consultation with the associations being affected by the closure eg Paramedics

who use it as a safe and fast evacuation route south, 4WD Association members who use it responsibly, Trackcare and qualified Trainers who use the area to train drivers in 4WD techniques and safety.

At a recent meeting the Wanneroo Council was addressed in turn by two local Business owners, Trackcare, the 4WD’ing Responsibly Group, the Younger 4WDers Group and the W.A. 4WD Association.

The Council was apprised of the number of legitimate users actually affected by the closure, plus the fact that these users, perform important community work through their 4WD connections.

12 Adoption Projects all signed off by DEPaW

14 Clubs who give time and vehicles cleaning up areas councils can’t get to.

The Council was also made aware of all the work devoted to establishing Track Classifications undertaken with DEPaW to sign and rate tracks for the benefit of all users.

Wanneroo Councils then raised the option of the possibility of this area being another Adoption area.? Closure of the track has been deferred for a further 2 weeks until more investigation is completed.

Troy, a member and paramedic commented that if Ranger presence was more obvious in the area especially on weekends, then perhaps that minority of drivers, those reckless and irresponsible, would be less likely to cause the problem initiating this closure request.

Craig said he will keep us updated.

On the whole an interesting two meetings.

Peter Cole brought the meeting to a close after usual raffles etc.

And remember Pat O’Dowd is the new man to see at Club Shop if you want any items.

Supper and home.... check the club calendar for info that had to be be omitted from these notes.

Page 11: April 2014 Outward bound


NOTES FROM THE TRIP CO-ORDINATORWe are about to change the way we schedule our DayTrips. Those Day Trips currently on the club google calendar will remain on their allotted dates, however future day trips will be scheduled for the SECOND weekend of each month.

This will enable us to have 12 day trips per year, regardless of activities planned for any long weekend, which usually occur at the end of a month. It is considered there will be a number of benefits for the club by making this change.

Alleviate the over-subscription to day trips and assist Trip Leaders by reducing the pressure to accommodate more vehicles

Trip Leaders can more easily communicate trip information at members meetings

The additional time between the actual trip and the next members meeting will enable trip reports to be more up to date. Previously some reports could be made five or six weeks after the trip.

The Trip Co-ordinator role is the busiest one within the club, and of late it has become more difficult to handle due to the changing habits of members and visitors in how arrangements are made regarding nominations to attend a club event. This is a timely reminder of how everyone should make arrangements to attend a trip.

If you are not able to attend a meeting to put your name down for attendance on a trip, ask another member to put your name down on the list , or contact the specified Trip Leader to have your name recorded. If there is no Trip Leader designated on the calendar, then the only way of having your nomination recorded is to get your name on the list at a meeting.

Consider that there may be up to five trips active, and with potential attendance numbers totalling 60 to 80 people there is just too much email activity for the Trip Co-ordinator to have to cope with.

CONTACT THE TRIP LEADER if you have any queries, or if you want to make a booking or a cancellation.

Please DO NOT CONTACT THE TRIP CO-ORDINATOR to book a place on a trip, and also DO NOT CONTACT THE TRIP CO-ORDINATOR to make a cancellation.

Page 12: April 2014 Outward bound

As per usual the power lines trip proved to be very popular. At one stage the trip leader was not permitting any more vehicles to join in as we had 21 vehicles already on the list. Given the complexity of some sections of the trip, as well as the other traffic, a 21 car convoy could have seen us spread over a long distance with the 5 Watt radios struggling to communicate.

The end result was a total of 15 vehicles turning up on the day due to a few late withdrawals. Michael Gilbert learned the importance of split pins on castle nuts used in the steering components of a vehicle. For those that don’t know Mike’s front wheel fell off after the castle nut came loose at the trip

leader training the day before the power lines trip. He wisely advised us of his intention not to attend this trip

Craig Perry arrived in his new Nissan Patrol which was basically a standard petrol V8 with no underbody protection at all. The sound was every man’s dream and the opening of the bonnet saw a crowd gather around the front of the car. By the looks of it most were suggesting that Craig consider walking as a first option if the vehicle engine ceased to work for any reason. At least I know where my spark plugs are in the MK. I can’t get to them but at least I know where they are…..

Murray’s Delica had a case of “no spare parts itis” as there were no wheel bearings in Australia for his car. Sadly the he had to settle for the un-locked and very un-lifted Jackaroo which belonged to the Mrs. Don’t worry Murray we won’t tell anyone. Its only damage if she finds it right?

The departure time was adjusted to 8.30 due to a potentially long and hot day so after a sigh of relief by the trip leader as there was now a more manageable convoy and we all headed off with a mix of vehicles and a mix of driver experience.

As always with the power lines trip there are easy tracks and there are difficult tracks. Then there are the oh my goodness tracks.

The track was reasonably challenging and the group made good progress with a lunch break around 12 noon. Just to ensure that everyone was motivated to try some serious 4WDing the track into the lunch area was between a grade 4 and 5 with most vehicles having to

get some assistance to cross over some significant ruts.

There were some interesting angles achieved and all vehicles had the front wheel about 1m off the ground followed

Power lines Locked and Lifted Trip

Page 13: April 2014 Outward bound


rapidly by the back wheel being in the same predicament. Luckily Troy was there to help guide everyone through with the minimal amount of fuss.

Troy, deciding to test out the new FJ Cruiser decided to let Keryn drive down a particularly challenging section of the track. The only way to describe it is to see the picture. Troy was as cool as a cucumber but let’s just say my heart skipped a few beats and it wasn’t even my car.

To say it was hot would be an understatement. A short lunch break was in order with everyone agreeing that the car air conditioning was a much more inviting feeling that sweating under a tree. Apart from the trusty Jackaroo which had air conditioner problems.

During the lunch break a decision was made to back track to the more challenging part of the track so those with more capable vehicles had a chance to strut their stuff. Those lesser experienced drivers also had a chance to look at how to tackle some of the more difficult sections

of the track. It was a duel of the Nissans and the Toyotas with no vehicle the clear winner.

After some playing around it was back through the lunch area for some more wheel travel demonstrations and

then out of the track for air up and the trip home.

For those that missed the trip there were some valuable lessons gained due to those more experienced drivers parting with their knowledge to others. A very big thank you to all those that helped with the day.

Page 14: April 2014 Outward bound



nTrip Leader Training Day 22nd February 2014. Trainers: Richard King, Richard Nicholls. Trainees: Rob Nankiville, Rick Lazar, Bob & Bridget McPherson, Michael Gilbert, Peter Nichol, David Jones,Brett Anderson, Stephen Kalynuik, Bruce & Judith Brinkley,

The period up until the delayed departure from the Caltex meeting point at 10.30am was well used by Richard King as he began the “talking part” of the training day. He gave us a run through of basics, trip leader procedures and routines, and just what can be expected...and unexpected...and how to cope.

We were able to ask questions and clarify points. We were waiting for webmaster Michael to appear and his rescuer Richard Nichols. Michael’s car had finally decided it needed some more TLC after his Tasmanian jaunt. It developed a mechanical problem only walking distance from the meetup and needed rescuing. Once again a demonstration

of the advantages of being in a club. One is never left on the side of the road waiting for a repair vehicle while a club member is near. They arrived so we moved off to Wungong Regional Park for the practical. First lesson fluffed was in the sounding off in vehicle numbering and we were still only driving up the bitumen. Second lesson learned was to make sure tyre pressures are checked before you leave home !! Brinkley’s had to air up not air down for the rocky roads within the park. One of their tyres was only 11.5psi. The group was separated into two and Leaders and Charlies ‘volunteered’. Two routes taken in opposite directions within the park and ‘procedures’ were implemented. Leads and/ or Charlies rotated through the group . For some it’s probably no big deal to be out in front as a trip leader but for others it can be daunting. So to have friendly supportive “followers” the self consciousness of giving instructions etc reduces...especially

Page 15: April 2014 Outward bound

after repeated opportunities...and the good natured harassment that goes on within the club. Being in front, no tail lights to follow, brings with it a different awareness of the surrounds and conditions of tracks. Airstrip for lunch. Stephen and helpers hadn’t appeared..they were doing their own learning curve of where jack points are etc etc when a tyre needs changing. More razzing!

Wungong...Those who have been to the environment days there would be cheered by the height and health of the trees planted on those days. Looking good.

Did have an incident where a car drove up, parked in almost full view, no licence plates, and proceeded to dump some rubbish. A word was had with them, photos taken, and they quickly moved off.

It was an enjoyable informative day.

Another step to familiarization of roles within the club.

Page 16: April 2014 Outward bound

Mitsubishi 4WD Owner’s Club of Western AustraliaInc. 1986

Honour BoardPresident Ian Lockhart Award

1988 Ian Lockhart Arthur Pearce / Keith Fleming1989 Ray Edwards Ray Edwards/Pam Fleming?1990 Ray Edwards Ray Edwards1991 Stuart Baldock ?Reg Hill/Pam Fleming1992 Robin Silver Judith McKeown1993 Geoff McKeown Dorothy Hill 1994 Lindsay Hill Terry Kitchen/Mervyn Ward?1995 Terry Kitchen Bill Harvey/David Whitaker1996 Terry Kitchen David Whitaker 1997 John Bromberger Gregg Wilcox1998 Reg Hill Tony Weldon1999 Mervyn Ward Maxine Gosney2000 Mervyn Ward Peter Baker2001 Peter Baker Lester Cousins2002 John King John McKay2003 John King Terry Keesing2004 John King Lester Cousins2005 Rick Ellis Wes Sutton2006 Rick Ellis Paul Ryan2007 Paul Ryan Martin & Karen Archer2008 Paul Ryan Tony Weldon2009 Paul Ryan Neil Hewer2010 Paul Ryan Trevor Theunissen2011 Martin Archer John King2012 Martin Archer Michael Gilbert2013 Peter Cole Rob Nankerville

Club Member of the Year Award2010 Paul Ryan2011 Tony Weldon2012 Guy Lehmann2013 Judith Brinkley

Page 17: April 2014 Outward bound

Environment Officer Report and current environment trip plans for 2014

The Club will continue with its commitment to volunteering Club member’s time to be involved with activities that the Clubs’ Environment Officer plans in conjunction with officers of the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW).

The Clubs’ Environment Officer meet with two DPaW representatives at their new office in Crawley on Wednesday February 26th. During that meeting several important items were discussed and they were as follows:

1. The minister who is responsible for DPaW has determined that DPaW will not have any money to provide for grants in 2014. Therefore to obtain funding for its environmental work the Club will need to apply for Community and or Lottery West grants.

2. With the reshuffle and move of the Department, DPaW’s record keeping regarding the Clubs volunteer hours has gone awry and they need back dated volunteer hour records from the club in order to issue new Park Passes. It was stated by DPaW that after this data had been received the club can look forward to being re-issued with Park passes for 2014. (This data has since been provided to DPaW’s Community Engagement officer Lisa Brand by the Club’s environment officer however the issue of Park Passes for 2014 still pending).

3. DPaW officers stated that they see the Club as being “in charge” of determining dates and activ-ities for the trips and where possible DPaW officers will attend the trips, however DPAW officers emphasized that the Club should understand that it is not mandatory for DPaW to approve En-vironment trips to the Wungong Park nor the activities that the Club undertakes while on such trips. The Club was reassured that one of the two officers that have been involved in this work in the past will make every effort to come along on any such trips but if they cannot make it then the trip should go ahead regardless.

Discussion regarding three McBEG trips in 2014 to took place. It was suggested by DPaW that on one of these trips the Club consider doing a rubbish pick up along Admiral Road and that re-moval of Cotton Bush from the Wungong Park is always welcome and finally that another trip to the Wungong Churchman’s area for removal of Boneseed would be greatly appreciated by the Department.

Since the February 26 meeting with DPaW the Clubs Trip Coordinator and Environment Officer in conjunction with the DPaW Park officers responsible for the area have been agreed that the first Mitsubishi Club Byford Environment Group (McBEG) day trip to Wungong Conservation Park will be held on 25 May 2014. Advertisement for this trip will occur at the next Club meeting and on the clubs web site.

The Club is now registered with Keep Australia Beautiful as having Adopted A Spot (Wungong Conservation Park) . As a result today we have 120 SIZE 9 ORANGE GLOVES, 120 SIZE 10 ORANGE GLOVES, 200 PLASTIC ROADSIDE LITTER COLLECTION BAGS, A Disposable Sharps container and a Welcome to Adopt a Spot letter from Keep Australia Beautiful

Mitsubishi Club Leschenault Environment Group (McLEG) activity at the Leschenault peninsula conservation park and surrounds for 2014 has been discussed by club officers at the February meeting and revolved around garnering support for environment related activity in this area from a new 4x4 club that has opened in the area around Bunbury. As a result of this The Clubs involvement in the Leschenault peninsula area in 2014 is still open for discussion by the Committee.

Stephen Kalynuik

Environment Officer

Page 18: April 2014 Outward bound

Mitsubishi Club Byford Environment Group (McBEG)Date: Sunday 25 May 2014

Time: 09:00 for a 09:30 departure

We plan to finish work by 3pm and go for a 4WD drive through the park to the homestead site to see what’s been happening there

Main activity: Rubbish pick up

Weeding of prior seedlings planted on airstripBlock off illegal access to the park.

What to Bring: Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea

(N.B: No BBQ facilities on this trip)Water to drink

Wet weather gear if it is rainingLeather gloves for rubbish pick upGarden hoe, rake if you have them

First Aid KitRecovery Gear

CB Radio - In car preferable but Hand held if not

We will provide: Rubbish bags and some implements to pick up rubbish

Drag chains if we are dragging logs

Nice to have:Trailers; If you have a trailer that you could bring on the day, can you please call me

at 0420 561 135 – we only need two or three trailers but note that if you bring one, you probably won’t be going on the drive through the park at the end of the day as you probably don’t want to drag it along.


Page 20: April 2014 Outward bound


Good condition with King size main bed, with mattress protector and EMP underlay.

Full length side awnings as well as the mini front door shade.

Main awning (2.5 x 4m) with three sides, wheel skirt and enviro matting for ground.

Underbed awning for additional sleeping area.80 litre water tank, electric water pump, water gauge, 90 litre 3 way smart fridge/freezer.

18Kg and 4 Kg gas bottles to 2 burner stove.

Bed lights and LED galley light. Boot light and outside light.

Huge 1340 litre boot with LED light and tropical fan for fridge.

Optima spiral cell deep cycle battery with Redarc Booster DC-DC charger.

Electric brakes, 3 Dunlop Grand Trek AT22 LT 265/60R18 Tyres 6 stud, suit Prado or Hilux.Treg hitch.

This is one of the best off road campers available having given us many enjoyable days of comfortable camping.


Roger and Jan

[email protected]