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Date post:29-Jun-2015
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Blogging is essential to lead generation, website traffic and - if done right - building a brand that lasts. Who knew blogging was so important? An effective business blog is vital to connect with potential customers, cultivate existing business relationships and, yes, drive traffic to your site. So why aren’t you doing it? Because you know it’s hard, and that without a workable strategic plan to share your knowledge with the world, your blog isn’t going to get off the ground, let alone reach many readers. This deck, with notes included, originates from a 90-minute course that covers the essentials of business blogging, and what it takes to turn blogging efforts into both a brand awareness and lead generation channel.
  • 1. Blogging for Business:Own Your Marketplace, Drive MoreTrafficOctober 2014www.traffic-prm.com1Brian [email protected]@traffic-prm.com

2. 2Blogging noun, | blg |1. act by which an individualpublishes commentary,opinions, thoughts andstories on a regular basis.2. a marketing tactic known togenerate leads.3. something that scares the%#*& out of marketers andbusiness owners. 3. #TrafficU3WHY BLOG?Entry PointsSEOSales SupportContent Driver 4. #TrafficU4OR 5. #TrafficUSmashing Blogging Myths5If you build it? 6. #TrafficUSmashing Blogging Myths6Two-thirds of Curatas 10KBusiness Blogging Club haveless than $100M in revenue 7. #TrafficUSmashing Blogging Myths7Blogging should becentral to your leadgeneration! 8. Blogging Success Factors1. Strategy2. Quality3. Production4. Distribution5. Analytics8 9. StrategyA Good Blogging Strategy is Really a Good ContentStrategy that Should:1. Speak to Your Buyer2. Map to Your Funnel3. Build Your Position9 10. #TrafficU10 AwarenessTOFU Interest Education ConsiderationMOFU Trigger ContentBOFU 11. #TrafficUStrategy11When thinking about yourcontent strategy, think aboutthe position in your industryor category you want to own then work to stake yourclaim 12. #TrafficUStrategy12Importance ofPhone CallsWritingInboundMarketing 13. QualityThink like a publisher Where does expertise live inside of yourorganization? MINE FOR IT 250-750 words 75 / 25 rule original vs curated Epic vs routine content13There is no substitute forcreating high-qualitycontent!!! 14. QualityVariety is the Spice of Good Blogging!1. Original Commentary2. Guest Posts3. Q&As4. Interviews5. Tutorials and How Tos6. Customer Stories7. Resources or Lists8. Cheatsheets, Checklists andTo Dos9. Videos10. Infographics14Use popular blogformats and types tokeep things fresh 15. ProductionDeveloping Your Blogging/Content Team Editor Internal SMEs Copywriters Designers Contributors SEO / Optimization Social Media Team15Blogging is not anactivity of one.There is no I inteam! 16. #TrafficUProduction16Frequency of publishing is vital! 17. #TrafficUDistribution17NewsletterSocial Media Guest Articles 18. #TrafficUAnalytics18Traffic Unique VisitorsUnique SessionsRetention &EngagementPageviewsSession Duration / Avg Time on Site# of Pages per VisitBounce Rate (Low)LeadGenerationNew Leads Generated (MQLs)Existing Leads TouchedLead ScoringSales ConversionsReturn on Investment % and $ of opportunities influenced% and $ of opportunities won 19. #TrafficUStructure19Source:WHAT you are built on isimportant for: Ease of use Optimization / SEO Control andOwnership 20. #TrafficU20Lets Talk!Brian [email protected]@traffic-prm.comwww.traffic-prm.com

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