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Buzzer Cause & Effect2

Date post:01-Jul-2015
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Our Lady of Mercy's 3rd grade enjoyed writing cause and effect stories about Buzzer Bee.
  • 1. Cause & Effect withBuzzer Bee By Mercys 3rd Graders

2. Cause: Buzzer Bee was put too close to the American flag and blended in. 3. Effect: The students couldnt find him and they were very sad. 4. Cause: I took Buzzer Bee out to the trampoline. 5. Effect: He jumped so high he got caught in a tree. 6. Cause: It was snowing. 7. Effect: Buzzer Bee built a snowman. 8. Cause: We went to see the monuments in downtown Washington, D.C. 9. Effect: Buzzer Bee flew to the tippy top of the Washington Monument. 10. Cause: Buzzer Bee was learning about science. 11. Effect: Everything blew up because his partner put too much goo in the cup. 12. Cause: Buzzer Bee went on a hike with me. We enjoyed it until. 13. Effect: Buzzer Bee got bitten by a red ant. 14. Cause: I took Buzzer Bee to a Washington Capitals hockey game. 15. Effect: Buzzer Bee blended in with Alex Ovechkins jersey. 16. Cause: I kept Buzzer Bee in school. 17. Effect: Buzzer Bee learned how to do math. 18. Cause: I leave my markers out. 19. Effect: He becomes a rainbow bee. 20. Cause: If I show Buzzer Bee around my school. 21. Effect: Buzzer Bee will talk to the students in Pennsylvania and tell them about Mercy. 22. Cause: Buzzer Bee and I went skiing. Buzzer went off a jump and went high into outer space. 23. Effect: Oh my, is that a bee constellation? 24. Cause: I brought Buzzer Bee home. 25. Effect: My dog Tucker thought Buzzer Bee was a chew toy. Buzzer Bee got hurt. 26. Cause: I took Buzzer Bee to the Lincoln Memorial and he thought Lincoln was a pirate. 27. Effect: He flew up onto Lincolns arm and pretended to be a parrot. 28. Cause: I told Buzzer Bee that I wish I could fly. 29. Effect: He took me to flying school right away. 30. Cause: Buzzer Bee read the newspaper. 31. Effect: Buzzer Bee is black and white and read all over. 32. Cause: If I take Buzzer Bee to the paint store 33. Effect: He will be a rainbow Buzzer Bee. 34. Cause: Buzzer Bee drank a gallon of honey. 35. Effect: Buzzer Bee went around the world twice. 36. Cause: If I take Buzzer Bee home for a day 37. Effect: My brother might take him away. 38. Cause: Buzzer Bee thought there was pollen in my lunch box. 39. Effect: He went into my lunchbox. I didnt know he was in there, so I zipped it up. Buzzer Bee got stuck. When I got to school everybody was scared because my lunch box was buzzing! 40. Cause: Buzzer Bee watches how to ride a horse. 41. Effect: Buzzer Bee goes home and teaches kids how to ride a horse. 42. Cause: I brought Buzzer Bee outside for recess. 43. Effect: Buzzer Beegot dirty. 44. Cause: I took Buzzer Bee to play and I built a big Lego castle while Buzzer Bee was watching me. 45. Effect: When I finished with it, Buzzer Bee started playing in the castle with the Lego people. 46. Cause: Buzzer Bee went to Brownies with me. 47. Effect: He learned how to make a gingerbread house. 48. Cause: Buzzer Bee drinks too much coffee. 49. Effect: He has a buzz. 50. Cause: Bower Hill School sent us Buzzer Bee.Effect: We had a blast making up cause and effect stories.

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