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Date post: 13-Sep-2015
Author: sherry-malik
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Social, Digital & We Vary

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Social, Digital & We VaryAir Conditioners &Refrigerators

Overview Sales promotions are not just targeted at final consumers. They can be used to push products through the distribution system by incentives to the trade or to salespeople, as well as to pull products through to end users.Below The Line Advertisement BTL communication use media that are more niche focused.It can either be used for creating Brand Awareness & can also be targeted towards achieving higher sales for the company. BTL interaction gives the marketer the ability to tailor their messaging in a more personal manner to the audience.Creating Brand Awareness & Increasing SalesAir Conditioners


Various Types of BTL Advertisements

BTL Continued These could also include product demos and samplings at busy public places, like malls and market places or residential complexes. BTL also focuses on Direct Mails, Emails, SMS Marketing (Extremely preferable in Pakistani community)These techniques ensure recall of the brand while at the same time highlighting the features of the products.

Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social MediaWith the 3.35 Million Broadband&2.5 Million high speed internet(3G,4G) users.Internet will be big win for Electroluxs electronic products.

HOW?Increase in brand awareness by serving millions of impressions leading to consumer top of mind therefore increasing sales

Sales can also be increased by spending relatively lower than ATL, however reaching more targeted audience, which in Pakistan is 25 Million users.

Online orders is another way of targeting the right consumer through Facebook and website

Allowing Electrolux to offer better after sales services, with the consumer being served at their doorstep, hence increasing brand loyalty.

Main Reasons for Buying Electronics Online?Frequency of Online Buying Behaviour - ElectronicsCreating HypeSocial Media Strategy

Step 1: Collect DataStep 2: Gather Consumer InsightsStep 3: Form a strategy that compliments Step 1 & 2Step 4: Execution on decided platformsStep 5: Measure the performance of the campaign and refine it furtherStep 6: Deliver agreed Return on Investments 14