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Endless possibilities seminar 2011 report

Date post: 25-Dec-2014
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Endless possibilities seminar 2011 report
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Endless Possibilities Career Success Initiative Seminar 2 April 2011 REPORT
  • 1. Endless Possibilities Career Success Initiative Seminar 2 April 2011 [ REPORT
  • 2. Overview Highlights Mati Mukonoweshuro Preparing for the Workplace Good employees have a positive work ethic. They are faithful subordinates and colleagues. They are well groomed and focused. Creating multiple income streams will make you successful in life. Rabison Shumba Seven Things That Will Make You Stand Out in an Interview and the Workplace Great people are innovative, excellent and unique. They seek knowledge and act on it. They nature healthy relationships. They are purpose- driven, discipline-directed, goal-oriented and legacy minded. Dr. Tawafadzwa Makoni Business Mentorship and Coaching Successful people dream and pursue their dreams. They pursue relationships with people who have gone further than they have and people who will nurture them to fulfil their destinies. Background Between February and November 2010, Endless Possibilities held a series of workshops and an apprenticeship competition for students with disabilities at the University of Zimbabwe. During the apprenticeship competition, students competed in teams in doing such tasks as creating a curriculum vitae, going through a mock job interview and drafting a business plan. Students demonstrated high levels of knowledgeableness of the requisite knowledge and skills for completing each task, however, lacked a solid grounding on the intricacies of work and business in the real world. Purpose The purpose of the seminar was to prepare students with disabilities for employment and running businesses. Attendance A total of 37 students attended the seminar from the University of Zimbabwe (26), Mutare Polytechnic College (6), Midlands State University (4) and 1 former student from Mutare. One or two members of staff accompanied each group of students. The talk show and diner was supported by Edmore s family (6) and Mr. Mike Hamilton from MHPR Public Relations Consultants. Summary All the presenters were vibrant and robust. They all challenged the students to go out and create their own success rather than to look down upon themselves and look to someone else to make them successful. Precious and Edmore encouraged students to believe in themselves as they were being interviewed by Gary Thompson.
  • 3. Financial Report Budget Item Amount (US$) Expenses Administration (communication, stationary, Photocopying, e.t.c.) 245.00 Accommodation 480.00 Catering 1,660.00 Deco 200.00 Transport Refunds 260.00 Shuttling 135.00 Guests Allowances 80.00 TOTAL 3,060.00 Funds Received Econet Wireless 2000.00 Imara Edwards 200.00 Isaac Jeche 60.00 TOTAL 2,260.00 Balance Due Expenses 3,060.00 Funds Received 2,260.00 TOTAL 800.00 Expenses amounted to $3,060.00. Funds received totalled $2,260.00. In addition, we received 2 complementary bus tickets valued at $140.00 from Path Finder. Catering accounted for over 50% of the as adjusting catering orders was difficult, hence the food supplied was enough to feed 90 people. All work was done on a voluntary basis. The balance due ($800.00) has paid for using a loan of equivalent value from the founder. Highlights Gary Thompson Selling Yourself Believe in yourself. Advantage your disadvantage. No one has an advantage over you. Be enthusiastic. Grab the opportunity. Maximise on it. Use it wisely. Gabriel Chipara Personal Management Set yourself goals and time-frames for your them, and then focus on achieving them. Do not allow anything to divert you from your goal. Evan Mawarire Breaking Forth to Endless Possibilities Know how to position yourself for endless possibilities learn to discern the season and take appropriate action like an ant; to understand your uniqueness and create a living from it like a rock rabbit; and to develop your abilities and see and grab the opportunity that will put you to flight like a locust.
  • 4. The Way Forward Highlights Bill Duthie Starting a Business from Scratch To succeed in your business you need to set yourself a target, work hard, build strong relationships and persevere in spite of your circumstances. About Us The main objective of Endless Possibilities is to promote an increased level of self-sufficiency among people with disabilities in Zimbabwe. Accordingly, Endless Possibilities promotes the education, economic independence, independent living and social integration of people with disabilities. Contact Us For more information about us, fell free to contact us: Edmore Masendeke founder +263 773 656 732 [email protected] [email protected] Kelvin Mutize administrator +263 772 115 438 [email protected] [email protected] Sharon Washaya project officer +263 712 741 761 +263 775 420 465 [email protected] The Way Forward Endless Possibilities intends to organise a series of workshops for Mutare and Gweru based students between May and August 2011. Endless Possibilities intends to involve Harare, Mutare and Gweru based students in its apprenticeship competition in September and October 2011. Endless Possibilities intends to host another CSI seminar in April 2012. Upcoming Events Activity Objectives Apprentice Competition August to November 2011 Develop students business, communication, research, presentation and networking skills; expose students to real- life work situations; and showcase students abilities. UZ Freshman Induction Workshop August 2011 Facilitate the smooth transition of new students when they commence their studies at the university. The Ultimate Experience (Kariba Power Station Tour) Encourage students to be BIG THINKERS! Career Success Initiative Seminar April 2012 Equip college and university students from all over Zimbabwe for the successful entry into and continuation in employment and business. 2011 Endless Possibilities