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Enterprise and Innovation

Date post:10-Mar-2016
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Business pitch.
  • Promotional material for bands/artists and venues

  • Mission Statement We aim to make the business approachable in order to attract young, less experienced customers. Our customers will feel relaxed, have fun, be conAident towards us and genuinely enjoy their experience. We aim to be environmentally friendly by using sustainable materials and technologies.

  • Customers Venues Bands

  • Ollie Moss

  • Unique Selling Point Affordable package deal aimed at new bands None of our competitors offered any affordable deals. Allows new bands to set up within the music industry for a competitive price.

  • Promotional Method 1 We will advertise our business in The Leeds Guide and 3 other West Yorkshire magazines, including the venues line-up Alyers.

  • Promo%onal Method 2

    We will attend Leeds Festival each year and network with potential customers at the introducing stage. We will hand out free bags, leaAlets and stickers to get established.

  • Promo%onal Method 3

    A yearly calendar that will be sent out to existing customers to show that we still value their custom. This will encourage customer loyalty as we will be there Airst choice for any new design work.

  • Resources Studio equipment: Desks, chairs, a comfortable area for clients (sofa, lighting) - 2400 Technical equipment: 2 iMacs, Digital SLR Camera, Scanner, Printer - 3400 Software: Adobe Creative Suite CS4, Quark Express - 1000 Transport: Both already have personal cars; a budget for petrol will be taken into consideration. - 1500

  • Summary We are very determined and passionate about our business. We will be successful or we will be successful.

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