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Healthcare Media Mixology: Mobile + Media + Health

Date post:20-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. Mobile + Media + Health #MediaMix @KantarMediaHC
  2. 2. Mobile is changing access to healthcare information Consumers Over half the adult population (~139 MM) own smartphones or tablets 55% smartphone 35% tabletOf these: 54% use for health-related activity 15% read magazines on devicePhysicians 78% use smartphone for professional purposes 51% use tablet for professional purposes 45% use both5 of 10 receive medical journals via mobile device 6 of 10 search/read article archivesSources: Kantar Media 2013 MARS Consumer Health studies September 2013 Physician Sources & Interactions, Oct ober 2013 Physician Mobile Device Usage studieswww.KantarMedia-healthcare.com
  3. 3. What does the mobile health consumer look like? 55% female 48% 18-34 (vs 34% of total online population) 47% parents (vs 38% of total online population) More actively engaged in their health: 7.2 MM have asked for specific branded medication from their doctor Smartphone users 36% more likely than general population All mobile users 24% more likely than general populationSources: 2013 MARS Consumer Health studies www.KantarMediaNA.com 2013 Kantar Media3
  4. 4. Top consumer health mobile app typesFitnessDiet/NutritionSympton checkerTablet SmartphoneHealth testing/trackingLocate pharmacy/clinic/ER 0%10%20%30%40%Sources: 2013 MARS Consumer Health studieswww.KantarMedia-healthcare.com 2013 Kantar Media4
  5. 5. Smartphone and tablet usage for healthcare research differs between 18-49 and 50+ consumers 68%18-4950+ 40%Own SmartphoneMore likely to:72%39%Own TabletOwn Smartphone58%% used device for health activities in last 30 days45%24%Own Tablet61%Track exercise/workout scheduleLook up first aid/emergency informationTrack exercise/workout scheduleLook for health/wellness info at homeTrack meals/calories consumedLook for health/wellness info at homeLook up drug at doctors or pharmacyTrack exercise/workout scheduleSources: 2013 MARS Consumer Health studies www.KantarMediaNA.com 2013 Kantar Media5
  6. 6. Mobile IS Social Social networking is a reason for accessing the internet among 2/3 of smartphone or tablet owners while just over 1/3 among desktop /laptop only owners*and Social IS HealthThe number of adults using their phones to look up health-related information has doubled since 2011* MARS Core Study - 41 million (2013), 19 million (2011)Smartphone and tablet users are over 2x more likely than PC-only users to visit and/or join health and wellness groups on social networking sites** Theyre contentcreators.They: Post comments to health forums or blogs Update wikis or a personal health website/blog Create or upload videos Update others on their status**Sources: 2013 MARS Consumer Health studies www.KantarMediaNA.com 2013 Kantar Media6
  7. 7. Physicians top mobile activities Among device users smartphonetabletMaintain contact info88%Receive medical news80%Calendar83%Receive general news79%Text colleagues78%Webinars, online educ, CME74%Drug reference78%View video72%Receive general news77%Search/read archives of articles71%Receive medical news76%Document/image storage/sharing68%Email colleagues76%Research treatments/procedures67%Take static images64%Email colleagues65%Diagnostic reference55%Drug reference62%Take video images48%Diagnostic reference62%Sources: Kantar Media - Physician Mobile Device Usage study, October 2013www.KantarMedia-healthcare.com 2013 Kantar Media7
  8. 8. Doctors and mobile apps Types of apps installed SmartphoneTabletDrug reference Medical calculatorDiagnostic reference Medical journal app Physician/social networking Access for E.M.R/E.H.R. 0%25%50%75%Sources: Kantar Media - Physician Mobile Device Usage study, October 2013www.KantarMedia-healthcare.com 2013 Kantar Media8
  9. 9. Doctor-Patient communication Doctors are increasingly connecting with patients via mobile 28% email their patients24% text with patients Of those that email/text patients on a mobile device half share links with patients 2.5x more than doctors on average Twice as many e-prescribeSources: Kantar Media - Physician Mobile Device Usage study, October 2013www.KantarMedia-healthcare.com 2013 Kantar Media
  10. 10. Physicians & Mobile Segmentation shows differences in mobile adoption and usage old handsopen adoptersnot interestedaverageDrug reference91%94%69%84%Research treatments and procedures77%79%39%61%Search/read article archives72%80%38%58%Receive medical journals70%70%24%46%EMR/EHR57%56%19%36%E-prescribe51%36%12%27%Remote patient monitoring42%32%10%20%Old hands: See more patients, write more prescriptions Proportionally more in 35-44 year old range Sources: Kantar Media - Physician Mobile Device Usage study, October 2013www.KantarMedia-healthcare.com 2013 Kantar Media10
  11. 11. Mobile + Media + Health #MediaMix @KantarMediaHC
  12. 12. Taking Advantage of the Tablet Revolution Innovation Begins to Emerge for Magazine Apps Tablet magazine content is moving away from print replica Readers are being moved to enhanced interactive experiencesINTERACTIVE GRAPHICS, EMBEDDED VIDEOS, WELL-FASHIONED NAVIGATION TOOLS As digital editorial products have evolved, ad formats and strategies are also changing However, much of the advertising has still not been fully optimized for tablet technology
  13. 13. Paving the Way on Tablet Advertising Insights Kantar Medias ApproachMeasuring all ads in 70 consumer magazine iPad apps Brand, Parent, Product Category Interactive features in the adsData analysis Jan-Sept 2012 versus Jan-Sept 2013 47,248 tablet ad units of which 961 were healthcare Corresponding Print editions
  14. 14. Key Findings1. Healthcare category is underweighted in Tablet as compared to Print 2.0% share of all tablet units versus 4.5% share of all print units2. Tablet ad units up 13% YTD OTC segment +20% Pharma segment +0%3. 15% fewer Brands placing ads in tablets YTD (89 vs. 105) One-half of this decline attributable to Brands that eliminated Print advertising in 20134. Print-to-Tablet conversion rate is 5x higher for OTC than Pharma 5. Only one healthcare Brand has used any interactive features in its tablet ads
  15. 15. Mobile + Media + Health #MediaMix @KantarMediaHC
  16. 16. Mobile Effectiveness: From Creative to Commerce NOVEMBER 13, [email protected]
  18. 18. Our mobile data comes from three sourcesAd Effectiveness Database Norms based on ad effectiveness research conducted in the campaign footprintMobile Behavioral Panel Trends in observed consumer behavior based on our mobile panelSurvey-Based Research Consumer research conducted via survey, primarily sourced from online panels
  19. 19. IDENTIFYING MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES FORMOBILE Mobile devices are ubiquitous in consumers lives, but their value as a marketing medium is highest at certain touchpoints
  20. 20. Mobile shopping habits are varied and widespread Mobile shoppers engage in multiple activities; most are transactional in nature. PC shopping is more heavily oriented around research and consideration.FOUND STORE INFORMATIONCHECKED THE STATUS OF AN ORDERCOMPARED PRICESCHECKED TO SEE IF AN ITEM IS IN-STOCK AT A SPECIFIC STOREREVIEWED A PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONLOOKED UP SHIPPING INFORMATIONMADE A PURCHASELOOKED AT PRODUCT REVIEWSLOOKED FOR COUPONSRead as: 37% of mobile shoppers (consumers using a mobile phone or tablet to shop) looked for couponsSource: MBDs Retail Shopper Survey, April, 2013. Path to Purchase Survey, August, 2013. Q: Which of the following shopping related activities have you performed on your mobile device in the past 3 months? Please select all that apply. Asked of recent mobile shoppers, (N=580)
  21. 21. There is a time for mobile shopping Mobile shopping activity indexes higher on the weekends and at either end of the day when consumers are out and about (or on the couch!)RETAIL VISIT DISTRIBUTION BY DAY OF WEEKRETAIL VISIT DISTRIBUTION BY TIME OF DAYRead as: 16.1% of mobile shopping visits take place on Sunday compared with 13.1% of PC shopping visits.24 21 1913.113.6191915.114.214.812.714 14.114.1 13.815.3 12.7 10 8SunMon221716.416.124TuesWedThursFriSat MOBILE97Early AM Late AM (Early PM Late PM Evening Overnight (4-8) (8-12) (12-4) (4-8) (8-12) (12-4) PCSource: Observed from MBDs behavioral panel of metered panels of digital consumers between Jan and July, 2013. Mobile behavior is not normalized to the mobile internet population. Mobile data should be interpreted as directional and proportional. Both shoppers and retailers are defined by visitation to one of the selected 10 retail merchant properties.
  22. 22. But there isnt really any one place we shop everywhere we use our mobile devices Smartphone shoppers shop from a variety of locations/context, while most tablet shoppers primarily engage from home. DISTRIBUTION OF MOBILE SHOPPING LOCATIONS / CONTEXT 2%At Home5% 8%9%In a Store 36%10%Commuting Restaurant / Coffee ShopSMART PHONEOut of Town13%5%WaitingOther6% 5%TABLET4% 68%14%15%Read as: 15% of mobile smart phone shoppers cited in a store as a place where they did their mobile shopping.Source: MBDs Path to Purchase Survey, August, 2013. Q: From which of the following locations did you most use your smart phone / tablet to look for information on [the product you were shopping for]? (Asked of recent mobile shoppers , N=544)
  23. 23. Mobile Shoppers have a Distinctive Profile Mobile shoppers are more likely to consume tech, media, travel, leisure and lifestyle content. Other content categories like news, weather, finance, navigation, productivity dont demonstrate this mobile bias.BARGAIN HUNTERSMUSIC ENTHUSIASTSTRAVEL ENTHUSIASTSMOVIE ENTHUSI
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