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InSource 2017 IIoT Roadshow: The Future of HMI/SCADA and Industrial Cloud Platforms

Date post: 29-Jan-2018
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Wonderware Customer Roadshows 2017 The future of HMI/SCADA and Industrial Cloud Platforms Nick Santucci Solutions Architect, Software Business Schneider Electric.
  1. 1. Wonderware Customer Roadshows 2017 The future of HMI/SCADA and Industrial Cloud Platforms Nick Santucci Solutions Architect, Software Business Schneider Electric.
  2. 2. The largest Wonderware Software evolution for over 15 Years: We are redefining the boundaries of HMI & Supervisory. Empowering people, with cutting edge technology.
  3. 3. SCADA OMIHMI InTouch ME InTouch Panels InTouch HMI OrganizationalMaturity Application Size ReactiveConsistentAdaptive Machine Process Plant Site Enterprise Citect System Platform 2017 HMI/SCADA Portfolio Aligned the varied needs of a diverse market COTS Offers by Functionality, Scale and Reuse Tailored for Industry Fit
  4. 4. InTouch Machine Edition
  5. 5. Portability InTouch Machine Edition At the Edge Mobility Interoperability
  6. 6. Complete HMI Package InTouch Machine Edition Powerful Functionality
  7. 7. Improves efficiency when designing and maintaining applications. Evolving list of data sources supported, including: TwinCAT (Beckhoff) CodeSys (3S) RSLogix 5000 Family (Rockwell) Allend-Bradley PLC5, SLC500 (Rockwell) AutomationDirect Koyo (AD) AutomationDirect PAC 3000 (AD) Schneider Unity Modbus (Schneider-Electric) Siemens TIA InTouch Machine Edition Tag Integration
  8. 8. Connect to remote runtime stations from the Development Station through any valid TCP/IP link, such as Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet (IEC 802.11), Internet, Dial-Up connection. Download the local application to the target station; Import the application from the target station; Install or upgrade the System Files; License remotely; and Start or Stop the application remotely. Implement changes on the screens from the development station and download them as soon as the changes are saved (On-line Remote Configuration). Development Station Runtime Stations Built-in Security InTouch Machine Edition Remote Management
  9. 9. Debug the application running in the remote target stations from the development station. Monitor tags, Force tags or execute Expressions remotely. Monitor events and log the protocol communication remotely. Remote Database Spy Remote LogWin Development Station Runtime Stations TCP/IP or Serial Built-in Security InTouch Machine Edition Remote Troubleshooting
  10. 10. Native support for debugging tools integrated in the development environment Add break points to scripts Simply move the mouse over variables to monitor their current value Monitor variables Watch the sequence of execution Analyze the status of each runtime task Improved Database Spy InTouch Machine Edition Comprehensive Debugging Tools
  11. 11. Machine builders can now seamlessly migrate to ITME Import Wizard for FactoryTalk ME/SE (Add-On) Benefits - Minimize cost of migration from FactoryTalk to InTouch Machine Edition by automatically converting FactoryTalk ME/SE - Leverage ITME native features like HTML5 Thin Clients , after converting application Tags Graphical HMI Displays, Objects, animations Commands Expressions Alarms Communication Interface InTouch Machine Edition FactoryTalk Application Conversion
  12. 12. InTouch Machine Edition Platform Integration Best in class solution integrating local HMIs with central SCADA system, increasing productivity and quality Seamless IDE integration ArchestrA Galaxy Repository Automatic point mapping Event-driven value communication Synchronized Alarm Status Native support for WW Historian Remote Management and Deployment
  13. 13. ITME Demo Show Time!
  14. 14. InTouch HMI
  15. 15. Award-winning worlds favorite HMI Renowned ease of use Powerful graphic capabilities Integration with System Platform Out-of-the-box ready-to-use library of symbols Increased effectiveness leveraging Situational Awareness Secure remote access from any device, anytime, anywhere Protecting your engineering investment through continuous R&D and unrivaled migration path Co-existence with InTouch OMI InTouch HMI 30 Years of Leadership
  16. 16. Application Templates
  17. 17. Citect SCADA
  18. 18. Some history Flexibility Powerful CiCode engine Scalability Clustering, Advanced I/O System Connectivity 150+ Citect drivers Direct comms. to major PLCs: Schneider, AB, GE, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, etc. Industry Standards: OPC, BACNET, IEC 61850, IEC 104, SNMPv2, Modbus, Modbus/TCP, DNP3 Citect SCADA Benefits & Features
  19. 19. People & Processes (Workflow) Asset OptimizationPerformance & Big Data Analysis Operator Training & Simulation Cloud Based Offerings Operations Consistency Enterprise Standardisation Situational Awareness Centralized Control Wonderware System Platform and First Class Citizens (SCADA) Citect SCADA Extending Operational Value
  20. 20. Blistering performance, new functionality, many enhancements, scalable as ever! Alarm performance Resource footprint Simple upgrades back to v5.21 Citect as a Windows Service .NET extensibility via Cicode Dynamic associations Integrated Equipment graphics Multi-project backup & restore Page 22 Across-the-board performance improvements over v7.20+ Focus on flows & upgrades for easy use & maintenance Extensibility, interoperability & mobility Unlock even more operational value Citect SCADA Benefits & Features
  21. 21. Wonderware System Platform 2017 & InTouch OMI Preview System Platform 2017 Operations Management Interface Operations Management Platform
  22. 22. Maintain Standards Element Styles Engineering Efficiency Template Locking 2014 2014 R2 Alarm Standards Symbol Wizards Out of the Box content Format Styles Auto Complete Life Cycle IT Compliance 0 IDE Workflow IT Connection Points SA Symbols Alarm Symbols Alarm Border Animation Alarm Aggregation Alarm Shelving Complexity Robustness Alarm Plant State based SA Trends Attribute Unification Non Interactive User ALMDB Integrated Sec Scalability Virtual Appliance Virtualization Technologies Device Linkage Online Upgrade SMC Improvements Wonderware System Platform 2017 Features Timeline
  23. 23. Engineering Efficiency Out of the Box content Life Cycle IT Compliance Object Wizards Standard Builder HTML 5, Map WPF support Resolution Independent Screen Profiles Layouts Domain Objects Navigation Dashboard Faceplates Clients Zero install Simplification Object Wizard Assembler WSWYG Editors Footprint reduction Runtime Technology Updates Multi Touch Multi Threaded X faster Then InTouch Apps, Apps, Apps Native Multi Screen Admin Privileges Simple Licensing Electronic Licensing Sky Line UI RT Co Existence IT Wonderware System Platform 2017 Features Timeline
  24. 24. Wonderware System Platform 2017 Investment Protection InTouch for System Platform System Platform 2017 AppServer Historical Storage InTouch OMI Wonderware Historian Device Integration AppServer System Platform Application Tools Tools Tools OI Server InTouch for System Platform System Platform 2017
  25. 25. Wonderware System Platform 2017 Situational Awareness
  26. 26. Object Wizards Symbols Faceplates Symbol Wizards Common Graphics Application Framework Layouts Dashboard Faceplate Dashboard Symbols Wonderware System Platform 2017 Situational Awareness
  27. 27. SIMPLER More approachable than ever Out of the Box Content & Design Simplified Assembly Experience Wonderware System Platform 2017 & InTouch OMI - Simpler Symbol Wizards Object Wizards Style Library Application Framework
  28. 28. VIDEO
  29. 29. Who? What? Where? InTouch OMI - Contemporary User Interactions/Devices
  30. 30. MORE FLEXIBLE Experience tailored to any device SIMPLER More approachable than ever Out of the Box Content & Design Simplified Assembly Experience Data Driven Generation Contemporary User Interface Wonderware System Platform 2017 & InTouch OMI - Flexibility Symbol Wizards Object Wizards Style Library Application Framework
  31. 31. VIDEO
  32. 32. InTouch OMI - IT/OT Convergence OEE Batch MORE EMI HMI MESEAM ERP Mapping/GIS IM/VOIP MORE CRM PLCAlarm Mgmt.Schematics SOPs Vision SystemsChat Workflow Reports Energy Mgmt. E-mail Manuals Logbook 3D Modeling Quality Simulation TrendsInventory Analysis DowntimeHistorian OTIT
  33. 33. MORE FLEXIBLE Experience tailored to any device SIMPLER More approachable than ever Out of the Box Content & Design Simplified Assembly Experience IT/OT Convergence PlatformData Driven Generation Contemporary User Interface EXPANDED SCOPE Access to applications in context Wonderware System Platform 2017 & InTouch OMI - Expanded Symbol Wizards Object Wizards Style Library Application Framework
  34. 34. VIDEO
  35. 35. OI Servers Wonderware Operations Integration Servers
  36. 36. Wonderware Operations Integration Servers - Benefits
  37. 37. Wonderware Operations Integration Servers - Editions PaConfidential On a Single Node Standard Professional Server Types Supervisory Supervisory Drivers Supported All Supervisory All Supervisory I/O per Instance Device Specific Device Specific Network Redundancy Read-Only Option Secured Connectivity Hardware Consolidation Reduce Architecture Costs Single Node Scalability Load Distribution Increased Throughput Maximize Uptime Single Protocol Multi-Version Auto-Build Allen-Bradley Automation Direct Bosch Beckhoff Eaton GE InTouch Mach. Ed. MQTT Mitsubishi OPC-UA Omron Opto22 Modbus / Modicon Siemens SNMP TI Wago Wonderware
  38. 38. Allen-Bradley Automation Direct Bacnet Beckhoff Bosch Rexroth Eaton GE Mitsubishi Modbus Opto22 Wago 2015-Q3 Allen-Bradley Siemens 2016-Q1 Allen-Bradley GE Modbus Siemens Prior Automation Direct BACnet (Update) Beckhoff (Update) Mitsubishi (Update) InTouch Machine Edition MQTT (Internet of Things) Modbus Omron OPC-UA Client SNMP Texas Instruments Wonderware Gateway 2016-Q2 Our OI Servers are IOT ready! ABCIP (w Auto-Build) Web Services OI Gateway (Updates) **Licensing: New centralized license support 2017-Q1
  39. 39. Engineering Efficiency
  40. 40. Selected OI Servers enhanced with Project Building capabilities
  41. 41. Simple Structures Contained Structures User-Defined Add-On Instructions
  42. 42. Complete PLC map ~7,000 references 0 configuration Start to finish in 5 minutes!
  43. 43. Wonderware Prometheus
  44. 44. Standards Development At the control layer At the supervisory layer More repeatable, reliable, and sustainable solutions Enforcement & Propagation of Standards Including combining control AND supervisory components into a single experience Consistency Across Platforms/Sites Multiple control devices (types of devices & vendors) Multiple supervisory systems Wonderware Prometheus - Goals
  45. 45. Think of it this wayyou know when you have an automation project in your facility, you end up having someone configure or program one or more PLCs or controllers? Wonderware Prometheus What is it?
  46. 46. And then that person, or someone else, has to program the supervisory system toooften creating the same data definitions that were just created in the controller Think of it this wayyou know when you have an automation project in your facility, you end up having someone configure or program one or more PLCs or controllers? Wonderware Prometheus What is it?
  47. 47. Well, the goal of Prometheus is to simplify this in a BIG WAY. We believe that people should only have to do the work once, and it should be able to keep both systems in sync! And support multiple users! Wonderware Prometheus What is it?
  48. 48. Manage 1000s of complex relationships in real time across disparate components Manages communication and Standards between controllers & HMI Wonderware Prometheus Common Configuration
  49. 49. Project Prometheus Universal Automation Configuration
  50. 50. Common set of standards for all platforms Simplified reuse for standards adoption Support for high variability with Options Assemble components with Intelligent Connectors All-in-one templates with HMI data, control code, hardware configuration, and more Version management and tamper detection Automated Tests built into application Wonderware Prometheus Managing change, staying validated
  51. 51. Deploy XML Runtime Bulk edit Import/Export API UnityProLoader Schneider Unity Pro API S7Loader Siemens SIMATIC AI RSLoader Rockwell RSLogix5000 Prometheus Wonderware Configurable views Version management Wiki Templates Instances Deployment API SCXLoader Schneider ClearSCADA SSH PiLoader Raspberry Pi Linux Engine API GRAccess Wonderware System Platform Wonderware Prometheus Architecture
  52. 52. Worlds first - multi-vendor vertical configuration Fully leverages each vendors native editor End-to-End Lifecycle Management for single site to multi-site Ensures 100% Integrity when making changes across PLCs, RTUs or HMIs in real-time. Prometheus Universal Automation Configuration
  53. 53. Wonderware Online InStudio Define/ Improve Design Build Test Deploy Use Mission Critical
  54. 54. Pa x50 Preinstalled/Preconfigured Global Collaboration
  55. 55. Wonderware Online InSight
  56. 56. Based on the Wonderware Historian yet so much more! Restructured and re-architected to run natively in the cloud, available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription, with a financially backed SLA of %99.9 Powered up with new desktop and mobile clients to easily visualize, analyze and act on alerted plant KPIs, equipment and process data and events. Wonderware Online InSight
  57. 57. Page 64Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | e cases OEM Vendors that want to enable both themselves and their own customers to monitor the performance and behavior of their assets out-of-the-box. Business Analysts that want to identify production patterns or outliers and discover areas of improvement or cost reduction. Management teams that want summary data from key performance indicators on overall plant-wide or multi-regional production and performance targets. Production teams that need to monitor work order execution, target KPIs on product output, performance and quality. Line Supervisors that need to measure and analyze asset performance, downtime and target product specifications. Field engineers that need remote monitoring of field assets without heavy infrastructure Maintenance engineers that need to track asset maintenance, parts inventory and work order status. Use Cases
  58. 58. Page 65Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Wonderware Online InSight Flexible Clients
  59. 59. Page 66Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | All Schneider Electric and Wonderware software* Wonderware Online InSight - Architecture
  60. 60. Page 67Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  61. 61. Page 68Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | intelligent search
  62. 62. Page 69Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | data anomaly newsfeed
  63. 63. Wonderware Online InSight Anomaly Detection
  64. 64. Page 71Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  65. 65. Page 72Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | configurable keywords variety of charts
  66. 66. Page 73Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | auto-generated dashboard
  67. 67. Page 74Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | analog, discrete, string, time-in-state values
  68. 68. Page 75Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  69. 69. Page 76Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | configurable Y-axis
  70. 70. Page 77Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | stacked charts
  71. 71. Page 78Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  72. 72. Page 79Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Pan & Zoom chart navigation
  73. 73. Page 80Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | zoom selection
  74. 74. Page 81Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  75. 75. Page 82Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  76. 76. Page 83Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | easy to: share, embed, export, mobilize, collaborate.
  77. 77. Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Already on the first day of the trial we found immense value with Wonderware Online InSight" Its like voodoo, it just works Initially we thought we would give it just to the night-shift operators, but within days the supervisor wanted it, the device calibration contractor wanted it, the maintenance team wanted it This software reminds me of Apple. Your product sure makes me popular! Wonderware Online InSight - Anecdotes
  78. 78. Wonderware Online SmartGlance
  79. 79. Page 86Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | plot up to six (6) tags toggle tags on/off
  80. 80. Page 87Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | favorites pareto-charts time range
  81. 81. Page 88Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  82. 82. Page 89Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | single location to view all active alerts across reports Configurable push notifications
  83. 83. Wonderware customer data at scale
  84. 84. Trust, but verify. Safe Solid Secure Proof points. HTTPS://TRUST.WONDERWARE.COM Financially backed %99.9 SLA Cybersecurity, High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), Redundancy, Defense-in-Depth Architecture, elastic scale, global reach, global support Standing on the shoulders of giants
  85. 85. All data transmission and storage are secured with encryption. Data flow is outbound only from the network. Continuous monitoring, audits and improvements standard out-of-the-box. Runs on the Wonderware secure cloud industrial service deployed on Microsoft Azure data centers world-wide. Best-in-class practices in industrial cloud market. Deeply experienced with NERC/CIP, NIST, ISA/IEC 62443 standards for industrial control systems. Safe, Solid, Secure. https://trust.wonderware.com
  86. 86. Were ready. Youre ready. Easy to try Easy to deploy Easy to buy Proof points. Complete self-service experience Standing free-trial for everyone. 5 seconds to sign-up; 5 mins to WOW!
  87. 87. Page 94Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Wonderware Online sign up now! @Wonderware Asset maintenance technicians and control room operators focus on domain expertise. EMPOWERED PEOPLE Condition and preventive maintenance of assets increases their lifetime value. OPTIMIZED ASSETS Predictive models and industry specific business logic closes the loop & optimizes efficiencies. EFFICIENT OPERATIONS https://online.wonderware.com
  88. 88. THANK YOU