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Intelligence - .•It offers highly graphical dashboard style gauges, graphs and...

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  • Stunning and simpleenquiry and analysis for everyone

    Introducing QlikViewEvery solution Metaphorix delivers tocustomers is judged as a success based onthe impact it has on the efficient running ofthe business.

    Key to that success is making sure all userscan see the information they need, easilyand quickly then to analyse it in ways thatshow the real performance of their business,allowing them to make the right decisions.

    QlikView delivers this analysis.

    QlikView is the fastest-selling businessintelligence platform in the world. It utilises anew in-memory association technology thatmakes sophisticated analysis and reportingdramatically easier to deploy and use.

    Associations between data areautomatically mapped in QlikView andrespond instantly to user selections. Sincedata is kept in-memory, the response timeof any calculation is lightning fast, even onextremely large data sets analysed bymultiple concurrent users.

    Dashboards, analysis andreportingQlikView is all about simplicity.

    It extracts, transforms and loads data fromone or more data sources andconsolidates them into a single view.

    It allows rapid production of enquiriesusing function-rich wizards.

    It offers highly graphical dashboard stylegauges, graphs and tables.

    It delivers integrated reporting and printingthrough full integration with MS Office.

    FlexibilityQlikView holds thousands of dimensionsand any one of them can be the startingpoint of an analysis.

    For 20 years, organisations have focused on automating their business processesand deploying traditional business intelligence (BI) tools to access their data, toreport on performance and get the information they need to make proper businessdecisions.

    Sadly, many of these traditional tools fail to deliver because they are cumbersome,time-consuming to set up and maintain and too difficult to master for average users.QlikView breaks the mould by offering a truly user-friendly report generation toolthats easy to install and comes at a fraction of the cost of other BI solutions.


    Changes to application dimensions ormeasures are done in seconds, whichmakes it easy to respond quickly to thechanging BI needs of an organisation.

    End users benefit from not being trapped bypre-calculated hierarchical structures. Alldata is held in-memory and calculations aremade when requested, not pre-defined.

    Fast to deployQlikView is extremely easy and quick toinstall. Most QlikView customers are live indays rather than weeks, providing a rapidreturn on investment.

    Because of its colour coded, point-and-clickuser interface, QlikView is extremely intuitiveand easy-to-learn for any level of user.

    Easy to accessQlikViews sophisticated analysis isaccessible from anywhere. Users cananalyse business data on their desktop orvia a web browser.

    QlikView makes it easy to get the right viewof your data by offering hundreds of possiblechart and table types as standard selections.

  • For more information about our products and services, or to book your SIB, please call: 01675 432400, email us at:sales@metaphorix.co.uk or visit our website: www.metaphorix.co.uk

    Actionable analyticsQlikView allows users to perform what-ifscenario analysis or to do budgeting andplanning directly in QlikView.

    QlikView also permits the display of real-time data feeds for spotting trends infrequently changing data.

    UpdatesPotentially dealing with billions of datarecords for ad-hoc analysis means highdemands on the server.

    QlikView does incremental loads that makethe process up to 100 times faster. Thisdecreases load times from hours to minutes.

    A single version of the truthQlikView provides a detailed, alert-supported, real-time view of the informationinside your system.

    This guarantees that users always haveaccess to the latest analysis ensuring asingle version of the truth across the entireorganisation.

    Deployment optionsQlikView offers a variety of client deploymentoptions - Windows, Java or zero-footprintAJAX based clients.

    Employees, suppliers, distributors andcustomers can all connect to the QlikViewServer using a standard web browser.

    The QlikView AJAX client offers a dynamicweb interface. QlikView also offers anActiveX plug-in client for Microsoft Officeintegration.

    Off-line analysisFor the travelling workforce, the off-linecapabilities of QlikView are remarkable.

    After synchronising your QlikView data in theoffice, users have full access to portableanalysis and reporting, delivering detailedinformation to users on the road.

    The ProductUsing QlikView Using QlikView couldn't be simpler. If youwant to build a set of reports, known as anapplication, then you need a User licence.

    An application is a series of views of a singleset of data examples would be a salesapplication or an accounting application.

    Users can build any number of applicationsand have access to them all, any time theywish.

    For more limited use there is the concept ofa Document Viewer licence. This licenceallows a user to have access to a singleapplication.

    What that means is, should the same userneed access to more than one application,then that user would need more than oneDocument licence.

    Buying QlikView The purchase of QlikView involves buying aserver licence for the overall use of thesystem and then as many user andDocument licences as your usage demands.

    There are two types of server licence SmallBusiness Edition and the Enterprise Edition.

    The difference is the maximum number ofusers you can have on each 25 on theSmall Business one and unlimited users onthe Enterprise one.

    When you buy the Small Business Editionyou take a minimum of 5 Users and 25Document licences.

    When buying the Enterprise Edition, youtake a minimum of 10 Users and 100Document licences.

    So, defining who does what and who is ableto access what will be very important indetermining the final cost of QlikView for you.

    Seeing is BelievingWe feel so strongly that this product is rightfor our users that we are prepared to backthat up with a free seeing is believing trial(SIB).

    This SIB exercise takes your base data andmigrates it quickly into QlikView, offering youthe ability to test drive the product toappreciate its power.

    A fully functional first application can be upand running in a matter of hours.

    No cost, no obligation, no risk.

    Metaphorix Limited 3 Temple Court Temple Way Coleshill Birmingham B46 1HH

    The Power of QlikViewUsing the standard tools, its possible toquickly produce analysis and reports forevery part of your organisation.

    Executive Balanced Scorecard Performance Management Predictive Analysis What-if Analysis Activity-Based Management

    Finance & HR Financial Consolidation Reporting P&L Analysis by Division/Business Unit IFRS/GAAP/SOX Compliance Risk Management & Sustainability Report Workforce and Benefits Analysis

    Sales, Marketing, Service & Web Sales Planning Analysis Customer Analysis Campaign Performance Analysis Product Profitability/Price Waterfall Contact Centre/SR Performance

    Operations Production Planning & Scheduling Production Management Quality Management Six Sigma/Process Analysis Plant/Equipment Maintenance Analysis

    Supply Chain Demand Planning Procurement Analysis Supplier Performance Inventory and Warehouse Management Logistics & Fulfilment Analysis


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