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Interaction Design Human-computer Interaction

Date post: 30-Dec-2015
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Interaction Design Human-computer Interaction. JMA 464/564 MWF 12:00 – 12:50 College Hall 205. JMA 464/545 - Instructor. Dr. Bill Gibbs Associate Professor in Journalism & Multimedia Arts. Ph.D. in Instructional Systems from The Pennsylvania State University. Office 341 College Hall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • JMA 464/545 - InstructorDr. Bill Gibbs Associate Professor in Journalism & Multimedia Arts. Ph.D. in Instructional Systems from The Pennsylvania State University. Office 341 College HallOffice hours Mon., Wed. and Fri. 10:3012:00 and 1:00-2:00 and by appointmentPhone 412 - 396-1310E-mail [email protected]

  • JMA 464/545 - PurposeCourse about IxD & HCI Overview of IxD, HCI, UxD, and usability

    Review IxD, HCI, UxD methods and issues

  • JMA 464/545 Course goalsDevelop understanding of IxD, human computer-interaction (HCI) and user-centered design & development.

    Develop understanding of UxD, user-experience design.

    Discuss development processes and tools.

  • JMA 464/545 Course goalsExplain methods for IxD research & development.

    Demonstrate general principles underlying effective interaction design and navigation control.

    Use equipment and software to observe interaction.

  • JMA 464/545 Applications & ToolsThe course focuses on:Interaction/HCIUser observation

  • JMA 464/545 Applications & Tools In class we use a variety of tools to prototype interactions.

  • JMA 464/545 Applications & ToolsFor observations, we will use: Observer XT Arrington Research Eye-tracker TechSmith Morae Human Factors Facility

  • BEGIN TO OBSERVE EVERYDAY THINGShow might you improve them?

  • What might happen?

  • What might happen?Pull hood latch


  • What might happen?

  • What might happen?

    Is the coffee maker on or off?

    How do you fix it?

  • Returns Web-wide results, which confuses users

  • CNN now implements search in this way.

  • Mapping. Good or Bad?


  • Is this a better design?

  • Mapping example digital interfaceYouve been asked to develop App that controls electrical outlets in a home or building.Could organize like this- Menu drivenCould organize spatially direct relationship between outlet location and interface

  • Mapping direct relationship between the device design and how it functions.

  • Poor designs?Which bottle ?- Insulin

    Not sure what these mean? Cadillac carWhat do you think happens?Source: http://www.baddesigns.com/

  • People often take the path of least resistance.

    Try to figure out what the least resistant paths are before pouring concrete. Source: http://www.baddesigns.com/

  • People often take the path of least resistance. In a similar way, Amazon makes it easy to buy additional items.

  • Physical constraint

  • Physical constraintWhat happens here?Source: http://www.baddesigns.com/

  • Physical constraint not visibleWhat happens here?Source: http://www.baddesigns.com/

  • Logical constraint

  • Task: Return movie (DVD) to RedboxI think similar toConceptual model

  • Task: Return movie (DVD) to RedboxOk, drop it in but

  • Task: Return movie (DVD) to RedboxMust press Return A DVD firstWhat might be a better approach?

  • Task: Return movie (DVD) to RedboxWhy not a physical constraint instead of this? Return a DVD is activated when inserting DVD.

  • What might happen here?Source: http://goodexperience.com/tib/b/product_design/

  • Labels???If the switch is pointing to "Off", it's really "On", and vice versa. Source: http://goodexperience.com/tib/b/product_design/

  • Labels???The arrows relate to direction or how to use switch, not the final state of the switch.

    The words ON/OFF suggest the final state but they are positioned inversely to switch function.Source: http://goodexperience.com/tib/b/product_design/

  • Labels???A simpler design is better.

    The switch affords/suggests how to use it.

    Additional labels may add confusing information.

  • How do we design for different devices?By looking at examples in the physical world, we can become informed about how to design for:WebMobile devicesEtc.

  • Were use to this

  • What about this

  • What about this

  • What do these controls mean?And the controls

  • Design and use | QuestionsHow do people use different devices?What can observing their use tell us about how we should design and develop?How do different devices influence behavior?

  • Design and use | QuestionsHow do we design for the initial User Experience (UX)?How do we design for the entire User Experience (UX)?

  • Observe human-computer interactions

    Example 1: ObserverExample 2: ObserverExample 3: MoraeExample 5: EyeTrackExample 4:PostExample 6: CNN - EyeTrackExample 7: Student EyeTracks

    Example 8: ViewPoint Analysis

  • JMA 464/545 ReadingsInteraction Design: Beyond Human Computer Interaction by Rogers, Sharp, and Preece. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; 3rd Edition (2011) ISBN 978-0-470-66576-3

    Additional readings will be assigned throughout the semester and will include: Journals articles Web articles Book chapters

  • JMA 464/545 - AssignmentsPractice assignmentsInteraction design activitiesGroup critique & re-design of deviceProficiency tasks: Eye-tracking, Morae, Observer XT (Fisheye)Mini-application design, implementation, evaluationExamIxD Investigation (Graduate students only)

  • JMA 464/545 E-mailingE-mailing assignments/attachments. Must have your name E-mail address Title of assignment Label subject of e-mail

  • JMA 464/545 Class web site: http://www.jma.duq.edu/classes/gibbs/jma464-01/ Media site Rooms 205 & 345 Access

  • JMA 464/545 Before you goLog into computer

  • User Name and PasswordTo connect to our servers from within either of our two labs (205 or 345):Ctrl-Alt-DeleteUsername: Dori usernamePW: Dori password

  • User Name and PasswordLabs (205, 345) - login with your DORI username and password (i.e. the email part, up to the @ symbol).

    If you don't know your password, need to go to the computer help desk in the union.

    OR simply go to the "forgot your password" screen on DORI from any logged-in computer. (Here's the link:https://apps.duq.edu/webapps/multipass/).

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