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IPCC Annual Report Financial · PDF fileIPCC Annual Report & Financial Accounts 2013....

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  • IPCC

    Annual Report





  • Message from the IPCC Committee of Management

    The Irish Peatland Conservation Councils(IPCC) mission is toconserve a representative por-tion of the peatlandsof Ireland for future generations to enjoy.We run the nationalSave the Bogs Campaign, we ownfour peatland nature reserves in Kildare,Meath and Waterford and wemanage the Bog ofAllen Nature Centre,which is open to visitors and schoolgroups. We providean extensive informa-tion service on ourweb site atwww.ipcc.ie. IPCChave five members ofstaff and is sup-ported by 100 volun-teers. Four thousandindividuals subscribeto our campaign.CHY6829

    We are delighted topresent the AnnualReport and FinancialAccounts of the IrishPeatland ConservationCouncil for 2013.

    In this year we boughtGirley Bog in Co.Meath, delivered anaward winning biodiversity awarenessprogramme calledBIOBOG and hosted aGathering of Dutchpeatland conservationists tomark the 30th Jubileeyear of the DutchFoundation for Conservation of IrishBogs.

    Our success is due tothe support of ourdonors, volunteersand staff. Thank youall so very much.

    Committee of Management IPCC:Jo Denyer, Rachel Kavanagh,Martin Kelly, Ruth McGrath, Miles Newman,Catherine OConnell, Sean OFarrell andJennifer Roche

    Highlightsof 2013* Purchase of Girley

    Bog * Peatland Passport

    Published* Dutch Foundation

    30th AnniversaryEvent

    * Government publish PeatlandStrategy

    * BIOBOG - Biodiversity Awareness in theBog of Allen


    ley B


    , C










  • Conserving Peatlands in Ireland

    Lodge Bog: an importantinvestigation was undertaken on the ecohydrology of LodgeBog in liaison with LauraGregory from UniversityCollege Dublin and ateam from Royal Holloway College of theUniversity of London.The study found thatthere is a central areawithin Lodge Bog thathas very shallow slopes,where water low in nutrients collects nearto the surface yearround and where activebog growth could bemaintained. Peat coresfrom the bog found thepeat depth in Lodge bogto be 688cm.

    Fenor Bog: IPCC gave atalk on Fenor Bog to theWaterford WetlandsMeeting in Dunhill andwe met on site with RitaByrne as part of our on-going management ofthis nature reserve.

    Girley Bog: IPCC purchased 8.5ha ofGirley Bog NHA in Co.Meath. The project received 50% fundingfrom the Dutch Foundation for Conservation of IrishBogs. IPCC support-ers donated the other50%. This purchasehas removed the lastturf cutter from GirleyBog. The whole sitecan now be managedfor nature conservation. GirleyBog is one of themost easterly raisedbogs in Ireland. Al-though the site hasbeen cut, drained,planted and burned inthe past it has an ex-traordinary abundance of Sphagnum mossesand a central corearea which can be restored and conserved throughthe co-operation of allthe owners of this

    site. These includeCoillte, National Parksand Wildlife Service, private individuals,Native WoodlandTrust and the IPCC.There is a nationalloop walk surroundingGirley Bog which is a wonderful attractionto walkers and naturelovers alike. IPCC aredelighted to have ashare in this beautifulsite and look forwardto repairing the damage done to it inthe past.

    Loop 51

    Girley Bog Loop

    Trailhead 51










    Lullymore West Bog inCo. Kildare had the bestbutterfly year ever with atotal of 1210 butterfliescounted from 18 differentspecies over the 6 monthsof monitoring. Werecorded two endangeredspecies the Wall Brownbutterfly (Lasiommatamegera) and the MarshFritillary (Euphydryas aurinia) flying on the siteduring the summer.


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    Land purchased in Girley Bog

    CoringLodge Bog

    Marsh Fritillary


  • Monitoring Peatlands in Ireland

    During 2013, IPCC responded to 11 site issues documented inthe table inset. Wemade submissions to 13policy documents (seetable inset). Furtherjoint submissions weremade as part of our representation on theEnvironmental Pillar including the NationalStrategy for Educationfor Sustainable Development, the RuralDevelopment Plan 2014-2020, the EPA research into GasFracking and the PillarPolicy on the AarhusConvention. The releaseat the year end of theDraft Peatland Strat-egy for Ireland by thePeatlands Council was ahighlight. IPCC participated in the de-velopment of theStrategy commentingon each draft produced.

    IPCC made submissions to the following Policies and Surveys in 20131. Bog of Allen Wind Farm2. Donegal Heritage Plan 2014-20193. Galway City Biodiversity Plan 2013-20234. Kerry Development Plan 2015-20215. Kildare Heritage Plan 2014-20196. Laois Heritage Plan 2013-20187. Louth Renewable Energy Plan8. National Uplands Working Group - Submission on Rural Development

    Programme for Ireland (2014-2020)9. Peatland Strategy for Ireland Draft Documents10. Raised Bog SAC Management Plan Draft Documents 11. Renewable Energy Export Policy & Development Framework12. Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Peatlands Strategy13. Westmeath Biodiversity Action Plan 2014-2020

    Site Name, County Issue IPCC Action/OutcomeBoolynaknockaun, Clare Wind Farm Response to scoping

    document, information sentBunnyconnellan, Mayo 2 Wind Farms Appealed to An Bord

    Pleanala, adjacent to NHA/SACDrummin, Carlow Pylons Objection to County Council,

    impact on bogFartrin, Cavan Road Entrance Planning Refused, impact on

    raised bogFenor, Waterford Building Objection to Country Council,

    impact on hydrology of fen NHAKilbarry, Waterford Hydrological Study Sent information to consultantKnockalough, Finisklin & Windfarm Objection to An Bord Laughil, Galway Pleanala, adjacent to SAC/NHAKnockranny, Galway Wind Farm Objection to County Council

    adjacent to SACLaois County Wind Farm Information sent to citizen Milestone, Tipperary Wind Farm Response to scoping

    document, information sentTullynamore, Leitrim Wind Farm Objection, proximity to SAC


    Peatland Strategies published by the Irish Government for public consultation

  • Peatland Awareness, Education and Training

    The Bog of Allen Na-ture Centre is a portalfor IPCCs awareness, education and trainingprogrammes. Throughoutreach education programmes we im-pact on a national au-dience.

    The highlights of theyear included:

    1. BioBog:Biodiversity Awareness in the Bog

    of Allen. IPCC receivedthe top award fromthe Department ofArts Heritage and theGaeltacht for BIOBOG.This project involveddeveloping a Discoverand Learn schools programme, the Lullymore BiodiversityTrail and installing interpretive signs atBiodiversity hot spotswithin the Bog ofAllen. A movie aboutthe Biodiversity Walkwas uploaded towww.ipcc.ie.

    2. The Gathering ofDutch Peatland Conservationists:Under the banner ofthe Gathering IPCC organised a community open dayat the Bog of Allen Nature Centre forDutch and Irish peat-land conservationists.20 overseas visitorsattended the day tomark the 30th anniversary of the

    foundation of our sister organisation inthe Netherlands. Akeynote address byProf Matthijs Schoutenwas hugely popular.

    3. Peatland Passport for Ireland: a tourisminitiative of the IPCC.The Peatland Passportbrings together 17 different peatlandsacross the island of Ireland for visitors toenjoy. The back boneof the passport is the network of centresand peatland educators who havejoined together to


    Visitors on the Lullymore Biodiversity Trail with Leonie Tijsma

    Members of the Dutch Foundation for Conservation ofIrish Bogs with IPCC staff on their 30th Anniversary

  • collaborate on devel-oping great peatland experiences at eachsite to visit in thepassport. With thesupport of the Envi-ronmental Protection Agency,IPCC organised a peat-land educators confer-ence to launch thePeatland Passport andto network on ideas andmethods to educateabout peatlands.

    4. Bog of Allen Nature Centre Visi-tor Attraction: IPCC welcomed 2,500 visitors and 39 groupsincluding schools tothe nature centre dur-ing the year. We or-ganised 6 events for biodiversity week, culture night and heritage week. Onceagain we hired KateMacnamara to meetand greet visitors tothe centre in the summer months.IPCCs education

    programme for the Discover Primary Science and Mathswas filmed and uploaded to thewww.primaryscience.iewhile the visitor centre experience was filmedand uploaded to the Leinster Leader Newspaper web site(www.leinsterleader.ie). We ran a number ofsuccessful courses forvarious groups on topics including LichenIdentification, raisedbog ecotopes, Sphagnum restorationtechniques, bread making in a skillet potand Raised bog man-agement. We held 3camps for local children, one nightcourse for adults andone teacher trainingcourse for primaryschool teachers.

    5. Outreach Education: This areaof IPCCs work continues to growfrom strength thanks

    to the hard work ofNuala Madigan. Duringthe year IPCC delivered 50 work-shops to schools aspart of the SEAI andHeritage in Schoolsprogrammes and wemet local groups inTyrrellspass Bog, Ballynahone Bog andMerlin Woods for biodiversity walks, Wemounted exhibitionstands around thecountry most notablyat the Ploughing Championships, theLullymore Heritageand Discovery Parkand the Native Species Weekend in Dublin Zooand in Fota Zoo. We delivered 12 events inliaison with Local Authorities and we published a Community Biodiversity SurveyLeaflet. We delivered 6events with Stop FoodWaste and worked onthe development of education resources.

    Peatland Awareness

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