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Issues on Media Ppt Final

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Powerpoint presentation on our report, Issues on Media,..


Media for Modern Society Communication Media -plays a major role in information, cultural promotion and formation. -Its role intensifies as a result of technological process, the extent and diversity of the news these forms of media transmit and the influence they exert on public opinion.

Technological Processes Diversity of News



Cultural Promotion

Influence exert on Public


Through the Media-oppressed and under developed

people can be helped and be changed -can be an enormous factor to speed up development in the Third World -messages are easy to grasp


THE PRESS the news-gathering business generally, or all the people involved in gathering and reporting on the news, especially journalists working on newspapers Includes printed words, drawings, and pictures which facilitates better comprehension and gives a word a deeper impact

The Presscontinued Christians have the right to be presented a press which observes events in a broader light and contributes to a valid judgment of things via a broader perspective

THE FILM Also known as motion pictures or movies: considered as a medium for recording events, a form of entertainment, or an art form conveys powerful message of human values and conflicts, broaden horizons and deepens visions much more than the traditional theater is capable of

Film/Movies can respond to a number of expectationsIt can come in the form of a .





The Filmcontinued It convey powerful messages of human values and conflicts, broadens horizons and deepens visions much more than the traditional theatre is capable of. The predominant film product today is raw sex without love, and crass violence without redemptive value

Radio and Television Radio - Transmission of programs for thepublic by radio broadcast. Examples of Radio Medias are:

Television - is a widely usedtelecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images, accompanied by sound. It came from the Greek word tele far Latin word visio sight

Examples of Television Medias

Radio & Television.contd enlarge and supersede the press in the threefold service of information, education and entertainment

ADVERTISING is a form of communication used to influence individuals to purchase products or services or support political candidates or ideas. Frequently it communicates a message that includes the name of the product or service and how that product or service could potentially benefit the consumer.

Examples of Advertising Medias

Print Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Examples of Advertising Medias

Idea Advertising

Person Advertising

Importance of Advertisingoffers real social benefits encourages widest distribution of products

People: instruments of communication existsolely to stimulate peoples appetites which can be satisfied later by acquisition of the things that have been advertised

Values promoted by Mass advertising-youthfulness -sexual attraction -romance -prestige -affluence -power

Mass Media and Manipulation Supreme law for mass media is respect for thefreedom of the communicating partners

Manipulation- any unethical or vulgar act whichdiminishes the freedom of these partners

Plain Falsification is more evident while themethods of partial information, overemphasis in one aspect while ignoring important factors, distorting proportions and so on are not easily detected.

Frequently: trouble lies with manipulators who are unaware that they are being manipulated or that they are manipulating others. Serious threats to human integrity is the constant exposure to scenes of excessive cruelty


Selective Discretionselecting w/ freedom to make one s decision according to his/her own choice & judgment.

Critical Spirit- Bring them all to the test and then keep what is good in them and avoid the bad, whatever kind (1 Thes.5:20).

Ascetic Frugalitypracticing self-discipline w/ a view to spiritual improvement.

FREEDOM & TRUTHGenuine Freedom- freedom for the other people s

freedom to love and to discern what builds up and what can only disrupt communion.

Harvey Coxs suggestion for evangelization :1. a prudent limitation of those for the Good News; 2. Christians should unite with all people of goodwill to break the monopolies of the mass media; 3. a holistic education that lends itself to the virtue of discernment and constructive critique;

4. the churches have to develop a

dialogical style that utilizes the mass media which are most accessible to the community; and 5. the use of the mass media through the church so that the latter can be a sounding board for those who do not have voice in society

MORALITY OF MEDIA Solidarity- the consequence of genuine and proper communication and free circulation of ideas that further knowledge and respect for others. - Passivity versus Vigilance

OBLIGATIONS OFJournalists- to serve the truth and not obstruct the dissemination of information

OBLIGATIONS OFcontd. Civil Authorities- to ensure that public morality and social progress are not gravely endangered through misuse of the media - to punish any violation on the rights of individuals to their reputation and privacy - to give timely and reliable reports


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