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Leisure and lifestyle

Date post: 20-Jan-2015
Author: ma-sri-aksorn
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Vocabs of leisure- life style with question and answer for basic conversation.
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Leisure and Life Style Free time, hobbies and sports
  • 1. Free time, hobbies and sports

2. Free Time Activities that you do and make you feel relaxed in free time; recess, evening, weekend or holiday. 3. Free Time Draw pictures / Painting 4. Free Time Dance / Sing Karaoke 5. Free Time Read a book/magazine 6. Free Time Listen to music 7. Free Time Surfing Internet 8. Free Time Gardening 9. o I like to draw a picture. o I like to sing karaoke. o Yes, I do. o No, I dont. I like to. 10. Hobbies; play instruments Play the guitar Play the piano 11. Hobbies; cooking or baking 12. Hobbies; hand craft 13. o My hobby is. o My hobbies are. 14. Sports Activities for exercise for your good health or relax after work. 15. Sports; swimming 16. Sports; athletes 17. Sports; gymnastic 18. Sports; tennis 19. Sports; football 20. Sports; boxing 21. o I play football / basketball / tennis o I do yoga / aerobics o Yes, I do. o No, I dont. I like to.